A buddy of mine is clearing out his place and came across a slew of Stargate swag – keychains, coasters, golf trophies.  He did a little research and was amazed by the value fans have placed on similar unique items.  Out of curiosity, I decided to check out some of the more readily accessible boxes in my crawlspace and came across these interesting pieces –

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

The Stargate: Atlantis phone.  At one point, it used to work.  Maybe it still does – provided I can find the charger.  I remember it used to power up and down with a Kawoosh!

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

I’ve never been a hat guy so these three haven’t seen much action.

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

Stargate: SG-1 compact?  Sure!  Why not?

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

A rundown of some of the Stargate props/artifacts available back in 2010.  What were they?  No idea.  The book is still in its sealed plastic.

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

Now this is a pretty cool weighty duo.  Perfect for those Stargate-themed parties!

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

Now THIS is pretty nifty.  It’s the media package that went out prior to the Stargate: Universe release.  Press the button on the front cover and the chevrons light up!

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

The book offers a series overview in addition to character breakdowns.

September 19, 2015: Stargate Memories!

And, of course, tucked in the back are dvd’s of our three part opener: Air I, II and III.  I remember something similar being released for Stargate: Atlantis that included a mini water-filled aquarium of sorts.  I have that somewhere.  I think.

I suppose I could put these up on eBay and make a couple of hundred dollars.  OR I could reward you long time fans with a few giveaways.  What do you think?

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  1. I’m 100% sure your loyal following would greatly appreciate a few giveaways!

  2. I recommend giveaways. Definitely giveaways. Everybody loves giveaways, especially the receivers! And eBay is very ‘last decade’. The 2010’s is the era of the blog giveaways!

  3. Honestly, you should parlay a swap of SG swag for a place to live in Toronto. Very nifty goodies, though. I am sure there are a few fans worthy of such awesomeness. A UFC style last man standing cage match perhaps to determine the winner?

  4. Gonna have to say, “Give away!!!!!!” sounds great. Love that franchise! I own all but the last 2 seasons of SG-1, and all of SGA and SGU!!! I love shows with characters that are fleshed out so well, they feel like friends and family. Can’t wait to hear how you give those away!!!!! The book still sealed piques my curiosity! Could be nothing but empty pages in between. lol

  5. Giveaways, of course! If I were so lucky, I’d pass them on to local con organizers for door prizes.

  6. Joe,

    A rundown???? You never opened your Propworx Auction catalog #1?? (It would be a trip down memory lane for you I am sure) shame on you!!!

    The catalogs were essentially coffee table books of all the prop and costumes sold at the auctions. They did three auctions total, online bids are welcome via Live Auctioneers. I was present as volunteer for the first one to help showcase the props and answer questions. The second & third one was online. The third catalog was in .pdf form only…

    Its was a massive, twice-in-a-lifetime auction of authentic Stargate props, costumes, and production art. I was like kid in candy store there carrying around Mitchel’s Avalon Sword and the X-699. The auction was held at the ” Experience Music Project Science Fiction Museum (http://www.empmuseum.org) in Seattle, WA in Sept of 2010.

    I even know they bought few pieces for the museum themselves, I am hoping to go back someday see they still there since its only few hours from my home town! I know the X-699 (BFG) was purchased by the museum as well as some great items that went for big money!

    I was assigned as lead copy editor for the second (Blue Book) by Alec Peters (CEO, Propworx) since there were some many mistakes in the first copy (and I gave him crap for it) it was one those… “You think you could do better job?” Well duh! Ya! “Ok your the new editor it goes to print in less than month! So it became one those be careful what you ask for kinda deals, but I loved being part of SG history!

    I am authorized re-seller of them and I have sold a bunch of these over years and still keep them on hand for anyone who wants them! They went like hotcakes at this years Chicago Creation con (sold out my whole stack in less than 3 hours)… Do not worry I have re-stocked! Soooo if anyone wants a set of them I do have them on my site… http://www.stitchsloft.com/loft/propworx-live-auction-catalogs/

    Joe, I be MORE than happy to send you a copy of the second one so you have matching set! Autographed on page 10 by the lead editor too =)~ So let me know?

  7. After much consideration and mulling (about a microsecond) I think I would have to go with giveaway pretty please with sugar on it 🙂

  8. Giveaways.

    I especially like the look of that kawoosh phone.

    Though, you probably should consider keeping some of it, I mean you never know when you are going to need a compact.

  9. Well, I am a kind person so I would be willing to let you mail me anything you want to. Just because I am so nice and just to help you clear out your crawl space. Because I am nice….no other reason. Excuse me while I get a cloth to wipe all the drool.off my screen. Did I mention that I just love your blog and have been a faithful regular reader for over seven years?

  10. You should be a hat guy and wear a baseball style cap every now and then. You’d look really cute in one. 😛

  11. I am trying to get rid of things, so if you gift, I’m good already. In fact, I have a collection of stargate stamps. I actually thought of
    a. selling them on ebay
    b. just using them

    Using them seems a shame.. (it has a sheet each of Jack, Daniel, Gen Davis and Teyla). So if one of you want them, glad to share.

  12. you know, since you’re asking… Got any Atlantis laptop decals hanging around..? Better yet, any SG sew-on patches! – Otherwise, ANYTHING “SG” would be cool! – “Surprise” me! – I’m an Earth Girl, I’m easy!

  13. You’re going to make someone’s day when they receive a piece of SG memorabilia in the post, so it’s got to be giveaways! 😎

  14. G’day

    I vote for giveaways. I would do almost anything for that SG-1 cap. I love caps. I collect them.

  15. An auction to benefit a charity (like Sanctuary for kids) would certainly be preferable. But since I do not have the money for such an auction, I would love giveaways. 🙂

  16. I had a terrible day so it’s rather heartening to read about you possibly gifting things to fans. I hope everyone has fun with the giveaway.

  17. These bring back some great memories for sure, but shouldn’t you keep some of it for yourself as a memento? After all, I’d like to think that at some point, Syfy would bring back Stargate with a new 4th series after Universe. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching reboots and remakes of past series, it’s that the new people who take over can’t seem to quite capture the same quality and imagination that the original production team was able to pull off.

    I mean, who knows. Maybe in 5 or 10 years, SG will be back on television again, as it should be, and hopefully you and Paul will be back in control again. (We all saw what happened to Star Trek and Abrams, so it makes me hope Berman and Braga may someday return as well, whenever CBS finally decides to greenlight another Trek television series.)

    One can always hope…

  18. Definitely giveaways. Gifting is an excellent thing to do (and ebay is a pain in the ass…).

    Not me though, I have sooooo much excellent crap I am beginning to look like a hoarder. I have one Stargagte prop, a piece of the Egyptian walls from the ships. It looks very cool with the rest of my Egyptian bricabrac. And some pins and patches in my scifi stuff. I’d love to be thought of, but am not in need.

  19. Well, I already have several SGU “Team Rush” t-shirts, a SG-1 cast t-shirt, a SG-1 uniform patch, a set of 4 Stargate coasters, the entire outfit that Rush wore as the Justice of the Peace who performed the wedding ceremony in episode Cloverdale (minus the boots) and a Rush coffee cup, so I think I’m good. 🙂

  20. Joe, I would be up for donating a set books to a blog “give a-away” if you would like to come up with SG quiz contest of some kind? =)~

    Reuben, you can always find great replicas stuff at affordable prices! If you like set book my friend send me a message we can always work something out!

    Ganymede, you do know I have all that on my site too! The real stuff is hard to come by anymore unless you find collector selling off items or someone hording stuff like Mr. Mallozzi has been over the years, but not sure I be willing to part with some that swag… A couple of those items I have tried to get many times over years and lost, so I would love shot at couple them myself. I do have most the hats and even got my hands on the original MOVIE crew hat few years back!

  21. Just started watching SGU again on Prime. So some SGU give aways would be great. I think selling on E-bay would be bad form, and I know how you Canadians hate that.

  22. I think it would be terrific if you donated some of your items to the Stargate track at Dragon Con, the annual SciFi/Fantasy convention held in Atlanta, Georgia every Labor Day weekend. Each year, the Stargate track has the most successful auction of all the tracks to raise money for that year’s charity. This year, over $100,000 will be donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation – Georgia Market from Dragon Con 2015. Paul McGillion was the auctioneer at this year’s Stargate auction. Callie Kelley is currently the volunteer that works the most with the Stargate auction.

  23. Hello Joe,

    When would you audition actors for roles throughout the season. I am travelling the states and Canada early next year and was wandering if perhaps there might be a possibility to audition for roles on dark matter. Regards

  24. Damn, you finally make me crawl out from under my sun-bleached rock situated somewhere in the Groot Karoo.
    Hi Joe, It’s me, DeeinSouthAfrica.
    Long time no speak. You look great. Freebee plezz 🙂
    Loving your new series here in South Africa.
    If you feel like visiting somewhere half a planet away for great food, please come to Cape Town. All sorts of restaurants win all sorts of awards and you haven’t tasted anything yet. Siestog!
    Bye! (Rock thumps down in a cloud of fine light orange dust)

  25. Hey, Joey – didja hear, didja hear??! Japan beat South Africa in their first clash at the Rugby World Cup in England! Sure, it’s only the first round of matches, but do you realize the significance of that win??! Japan, on average, has much smaller players than the huge Afrikaners that dominate South African rugby. Also, Japan is on ranked at #13, whereas SA is ranked at #3. Truly a David slaying Goliath moment. Those little guys in red were over the moon with joy and pride! Give Akemi a big victory kiss for me! 😀

    No tongues. 😉


  26. Hi @Ponytail! Got back from my KSC event a bit earlier than thought. Left ya a message a little while ago at the bottom of Sept 18th blog entry 🙂

    Joe, cool swag! I’m not personally a memorabilia collector, but am sure you will make quite a few collectors mucho! mucho! happy! 🙂

    BTW: if you can hold off on giving away that sealed SG ‘artifacts book’, till January and would be willing to throw in one 4 issue set of the DM comic book as a grand prize, I have an idea for a contest that could easily draw in enough new DM viewers, -> prior to the start of S2, that would pretty much guarantee SF renews ya for a season 3!

    ( And Yes!, I am that confident what you & Paul likely have planned for S2 will hold viewers attention throughout the whole season!) xo

    It’d be an easily do-able contest and am betting the fans would reeeeeeeeeally have a whole lotta fun participating!!!

    Am going to email the details to JayFirestone 1st, because I think? it would need prodigy and/or SF approval. He could then forward to you once he reads it
    ( if he gives it a thumbs up?. Though I truly cant imagine any reason why he wouldn’t. -> Even if the contest doesn’t bring in the huge volume of new viewers I think it might, there is no big financial or time investment involved, other than you giving away one 4 issue set of the DM comic and no matter what the turn out for it is, you will get some new viewers for DM S2 outta the deal.)


  27. Definitely use them for giveaways, You don’t want to trouble yourself with the hassel of ebay.

  28. While free is always good, I’d suggest some form of auction(perhaps not through eBay) to which you can donate the proceeds from to some sort of pug rescue place there in Vancouver in memory of Max and Jelly. I think a lot of us long time blog regulars would be quite happy to give towards something of that nature in memoriam of two of your best friends that we also got to know and love over the last couple thousand blog posts.

    Or you just do some more DM quizzes next season like you did for the season finale this year. That was a lot of fun to try and guess and figure out what you had up your sleeve.

    The only one of those SG items I wouldn’t want would be the auction catalog. I’ve already got two, one of which is still sealed, like yours. The other one I used when I went to the auction up in Seattle that Stitch was talking about earlier. I went because I have friends that live nearby that I could stay with and I wanted to see all the props. He’s right, too, he WAS like a kid in a candy store! He was running around everywhere, showing things on the live camera during the webcast, showing how things worked and lit up, and just having a blast. I also met that guy David who won the set visit to SGU. It was a true joy to see all that stuff first hand. Probably the next best thing to a set tour, which is something I never got to put together, and regret. They did have the big meeting table and Hammond’s desk, chair, and bookcase there, which was great to see and touch. Amazing stuff to behold, all with such attention to detail, once in a lifetime and well worth the trip.

    There weren’t that many of us there in attendance for the auction, but when they held the second live event in LA, we all showed up there, too! It was funny seeing a lot of the same people there! I’m not any kind of super-fan or high roller, so I only ended up buying one item at each of their live events. But those items are exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve since purchased a few more SG franchise knick-knacks since then and am quite happy with my meager screen-used SG collection.

    Whatever you decide to do with those items, I’m sure we SG, and now DM, fans and blog regulars will be fine with. We’re just happy you’re putting out great TV for us to watch.

    -Mike A.

  29. Oh they look awesome…. Is Ivon moving? He still has all the film for the special features. I think MGM should buy that for future DVDs… Extra extras…. I like the idea of a giveaway… I don’t ever win anything… Ok I did once at a convention so mostly ever. I like the coasters and DVDs.

    Cheers, Chev

  30. In case you can’t find a charger for that phone, a mini-USB cable will do (note, Mini, not the newer Micro). It’s a V3, I should still have mine somewhere. Great little phone.

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