September 20, 2015: The Bitter Taste Of Defeat!  And Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Porchetta!

What a difference a week makes.  Seven days ago, my Snow Monkeys were riding high, celebrating their first win of the young fantasy football season.  Today, they’re on the verge of tasting their first loss – unless, of course, the Packers D totally nuts down Marshawn Lynch AND Andrew Luck has the 6-TD game of his life tomorrow night.

September 20, 2015: The Bitter Taste Of Defeat!  And Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Porchetta!

On the bright side, Sunday football host Robert Cooper roasted up a delicious crispy-skin porchetta to help take my mind off my Snow Monkey’s sub-par effort.

September 20, 2015: The Bitter Taste Of Defeat!  And Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Porchetta!

Defeat may have been bitter, but this pork roast was savory, sweet, salty, succulent and crunchy!

In better news, it looks like we finally got a place in Toronto.  Sight unseen, but the pics look promising.  Well-located, dog-friendly, with a balcony I’ll never step out onto but my dogs will surely make great use of, especially this winter when the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees and the two block walk to the green space may as well be two miles.

Thanks to all who offered some great suggestions regarding what I should do with the Stargate swag I featured in yesterday’s blog post.  Ultimately, I think that rather than offer them up for auction, I’d like to give everyone a chance to win the individual items…and show off their Stargate knowledge.  So watch this blog for more details on how you can win by answering some skill-testing Stargate-related questions!

Big week upcoming.  My sister is coming to visit – and I’ll be heading to Los Angeles for a couple of days.  Got some interesting meetings lined up.  And more than a few interesting restaurants as well!

22 thoughts on “September 20, 2015: The bitter taste of defeat! And sweet, sweet taste of porchetta!

  1. I’m not 100% caught up with the blogs yet but I was just thinking of Kelly Hurt (aka Anne Teldy) today. It’s been 3 years since she went through the Stargate onto other adventures. Wanted to reach out and say I was thinking of her today.

  2. Have you tried those green pad grass thingies for the dogs, for cold winter days? Sorry. Don’t know what they’re called!

    Glad you guys got an apartment. Good luck in the LA meetings.

    Curious about the questions you’ll be asking for the giveaways. With my crap memory I’ll know the answers when I read them. 🙂

  3. Good to hear that you guys got an apartment now! Excited about the Stargate quiz! I think my 11 year old daughter would be better at the quiz than me though, she has a better memory than me for these things 😛

  4. how ’bout them cowboys 🙂
    but romo got hurt 🙁
    well that was a fun season while it lasted 🙁

    glad you found a place 🙂
    cooper’s pork roast looks yummy 🙂

  5. Glad you got a place in Toronto. I hear that the winter out there is not supposed to be too bad this year. El Nino is supposed to give us a nice mild winter. Fingers crossed.

  6. ooooooh! that porchetta looks delicious! Glad ya found a place Joe. Knew it would all work out eventually. 🙂

    Hi Hilda! Good to see ya back on the blog! xo

  7. Hi Joe
    Green Bay;s defence was pretty good. Green bay WON 27-17!! As long as Luck can pull of that 6 TD game you want it should be smooooth sailing.


  8. It was a porky weekend all round!

    On Saturday my neighbour invited us around for some Chinese pork while we watched the Rugby World Cup (The South Africa vs. Japan game was AMAZING! I hope Akemi is proud!) (@dasndanger: Are you watching?). On Sunday I slow-roasted a leg of pork for lunch. Probably not up to Mr Cooper’s standard but still pretty good.

  9. @glowyzoey — I forget what they’re called but I remember a guy pitching them on an episode of Shark Tank, some sort of artificial grass you can buy and use for your dogs in your apartment, then just dispose of it afterwards…

    1. @glowyzoey & @scott BLECH. Artificial grass stuff? I have a client who uses them and I have to hold my breath every time I have to clean it of poop and then if she is gone any more than 2-3 days I have to actually take it out to clean it. I feel like taking a shower afterwards. It makes the house smell horribly. I have been very gently trying to get her to just use plain pee pads. She works all day and really can’t afford to hire a pet sitter like me for potty visits midday (she uses me for vacation pet sits). The pee pads would work great and they would be very easy to train them to use them. Then she could just bag them up every day. She is using them to line the grass pan and under the grass pan because the pee soaks through the liner. She has two so she lets one air dry after cleaning while the other she puts in the liner. Cleaning them doesn’t get the awful smell out of them. I even tried a product I use on rugs for my clients that is awesome getting stains and odors out of their rugs when their dog has an accident. I used it on this stuff and it did not do a thing. Love the dogs; hate the product.

  10. There used to be a charcuterie (which I spelled correctly the first try!) nearby that would sell warm slices of porchetta to go on Fridays and Saturdays. Thanks for bringing back that very tasty memory.

  11. Mr. Cooper is the one with the pizza oven, right? He’s a great cook!

    Great news on the apartment! I hope it’s everything you’d hoped for. Are you going to put any kind of guards around the balcony? Your pugs might be trustworthy but I bet my cats would zoom over the edge.

    Yes, a give away would be fun. I’d love one of the caps. It would be fun to wear out and see who comments. There are Stargate fans in the most unlikely places.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  12. PBmom: I think about Kelly and Cheryl a lot. They were such sweet souls. Miss them too.

  13. Deeply saddened by your loss Joe……But the Snow Monkey’s shall bounce back right? Glad you got a dog friendly place to stay!
    Gonna have to binge SG-1. While I have an incredible memory, it does not apply to tv shows,movies or books. That’s why I can watch them over and over, they are always new to me. lol This could be rough. Imma gonna win somthin! 🙂

  14. That porchetta looks amazing! Well done Rob.

    I’d appreciate the chance to show off some of my Stargate knowledge. I just hope it’s still fresh after all these years.

    Congratulations on the Toronto digs, and enjoy your trip to LA.

  15. Hi Joe

    Good thing I’m up to season 5 on the SG-1 re-watch. I miss that show.


  16. I’m sure the apartment will work out fine. Remember, it’s you guys that make a home, not the building. Wherever you are, I’m sure it will be a wonderful place.

    I have no idea about the football, but that pork does look delicious!

    Looking forward to the contest for the memorabilia!

  17. @pbmom Yeah, I’d never buy any of that stuff myself. Seems like a waste of money to me, but I guess anyone will do anything for a buck these days…

  18. I won my second game! Apologies to Tony Romo. I have a Quarterback curse… They all get injured… Badly… Please pray for Joe Flacco.

    Rob looks well… I miss him… Hope he writes some more in the second season.

    Cheers, Chev

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