September 15, 2015: Snow Monkeys Surprise!  Dark Matter Season 2 Takes Shape!

September 15, 2015: Snow Monkeys Surprise!  Dark Matter Season 2 Takes Shape!

Yeaaaah!   The young NFL Fantasy Football season is off to a rollicking start with an atypical week 1 win for my Snow Monkeys.    The highlights included stellar performances by WR1 DeAndre Hopkins, RB1 Jeremy Hill, the top-ranked Panthers D, and QB Andrew Luck who may have played below expectations but still managed to rack up a respectable 22 points in a winning cause.

With a 1-0 record and the #1 waiver wire pick (Come to poppa, James Jones!) the fearsome Snow Monkeys appear primed to make a championship run!  Check out the gory details…

September 15, 2015: Snow Monkeys Surprise!  Dark Matter Season 2 Takes Shape!

So, how did YOUR fantasy teams do in week 1?

In what you’ll no doubt consider comparatively less exciting news, I also found time – between researching free agent players and considering my week 2 lineup – to convene with the rest of the writers to continue our discussions on Dark Matter’s second season.  Familiar names (Titch, Alexander Rook, The General, Jace Corso) were being bandied about alongside some unfamiliar though no-doubt-destined-to-be-just-as-memorable names (Nyx, Arax, Devon, Reynaud, Chief Inspector Kierken).

The directors’ schedule will start to solidify in the coming weeks with, again, some names familiar and unfamiliar (and familiar for other familiar shows ;)).

 Conference call tomorrow to discuss that 16-point season 1 post-mortem after which it’s smooooooooooooth sailing!

21 thoughts on “September 15, 2015: Snow Monkeys surprise! Dark Matter season 2 takes shape!

  1. I’m still trying to convince SyFy to put together a Stargate alum wrestling show. Can’t you just see it – Teal’c vs Ronon, Dr. McKay vs Dr. Zalenka, Nicholas Rush vs Everybody.

  2. Hi, Joe…miss me? I miss you!


    Hopefully I’ll get my act together and start joining in again. Just been a bit overwhelmed lately and not in the mood to read more than a sentence or two. I really don’t know how people keep track of everything on the internet…I get overwhelmed just by my e-mail and my handful of pals on FB. 😛 That…plus I want to avoid spoilers for next year. 😉


  3. Have you given any thought to guest stars? If not, in what part of the development of the show does that happen?

  4. Hi Joe

    Congrats on your week 1 win!
    While heeding my doctors home rest orders, I’ve decided to re-watch Stargate SG1. I’m up to the second season and I’ve spotted Roger Cross twice now, once in each season. So you’ve got two Stargate alumni in the cast!
    Here’s hoping for a week 2 win.


  5. Your fantasy football makes absolutely no sense to me. You might as well be talking a foreign language. Just don’t get it.

  6. What are the 16-points that get discussed in the season 1 post-mortem?

    Looking forward to who these characters will be – Nyx, Arax, Devon, Reynaud, Chief Inspector Kierken 😄

  7. Congrats to the Snow Monkeys!

    No fantasy football for me, although I did advise my son when he played FF, but I rapidly learned that he had better picks than me anyway…something to do with more spare time on his hands. I’ve been barely able to keep up with my favorite team (making a sad face for Terrell Suggs being out for the season 🙁 ), let alone follow the whole of the NFL.

    Maybe after my travel dies down (ha!) and David goes off to college, but there’ll probably be new projects to fill the void…kind of like never having enough closet space.

    I’ll be excited to hear more behind the scenes accounts for season two. Maybe I can contribute a bottle of scotch/whiskey to the Dark Matter Whiskey Club in celebration of the season two pickup…maybe something a little less peaty than the Ardbeg. I’ll have to look around and see what I can come up with.

  8. Congratulations Joe! I won too… My stars included Tony Romo and Julio Jones. I also have Marshawn Lynch and Mark Ingram. I had agonised all week between Bishop Sankey, Emanuel Sanders, Davante Adams and Larry Fitzgerald. Should have played Sankey. Have rectified now.

    Glad things are going well with Season 2.

    I’m on annual leave, so naturally I get sick with a cold. Enough typing now… Byeeee

    Cheers, Chev

  9. @JeffW Being a Colorado Mountain girl I definitely enjoy a nip every now again. But I tied the Ardbeg Uigeadail. one night when I was at a gathering with my science team. Ended up ‘immediately’ running back over to our bartender for a Jameson Gold.

    By the way: Did you ever finish that Cozy you were building? Have any photo’s/vids of your progress along the way?? Would luv to check it out!

  10. @Drea:

    Yep, Ardbeg can be an acquired taste…I also like Lime Chutney, so maybe that says something about my proclivities.

    The Cozy MKIV project is on hold until my son goes off to college in two years. I put it on hold four years ago to help prepare first my daughter and now my son for college. It is presently about 35% complete (the main fuselage is complete with the bulkheads and exterior glassing in place) and the next steps are the strakes, turtleback, canard, rudders, and main wings.

    I did have a website that detailed it, but it went offline when my webhosting company moved from windows to apache servers. I have it backed up, but I haven’t taken the time to translate it to apache hosting and reboot the site…that’ll come when I restart the Cozy project in a couple of years. I might be able to transfer some of the build pictures to Flickr, but give me a few weeks to do so; life is pretty full until early October.

  11. Wait a minute. I’ve been thinking that picture of Lulu in costume looks a lot like Maximus. But… isn’t that a picture of Maximus??? That’s not Lulu, is it? That’s Maximus…?

  12. @Ponytail ….. Ya know I was thinking the same thing myself when I first noticed the posting yesterday. Ah but what can I say, eh? We are dealing with Dark Matter these days so nothing and no one is as it seems. Mah-wah-ha-ha!!!

    *Dark Matter* ~Trust No one!!~ …… Nope!, not even Akemi! … or maybe it was really JOE pretending to be Akemi posting a cute pic on her blog
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm???????????? 😀

  13. speaking of Joe…… he’s never missed a days blog posting. Uh-oh! I hope the GA didn’t capture him when he went to bust the RAZA crew out of prison. :-O

  14. Congrats on your win, and also for presaging the Rise of the Snow Monkeys; I wouldn’t be surprised if snow monkeys are talking, driving VW buses and migrating to Australia to surf year round. You seem to have an in with our future spa lovin’ overlords, put in a good word for me.

    I’ve been awol, lows in the cloud; I mean a cold, whopper that is still malingering.

  15. Go Snow Monkeys. Fantasy Football is another thing I will never be able to wrap my head around.

    Raynaud? As in Raynaud’s phenomenon. I bet their personality will be downright chilly.

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