August 24, 2015: Looking Ahead To Episodes 12 And 13; Looking Back On Episode 11!

When I was first told that the last two episodes of the season would run as a double-header finale, I didn’t like the idea.  We’d fashioned each episode to end with a huge, more often than not, WTF?! moment that would keep viewers buzzing until the following week’s instalment.  In my mind, the BIG WTF?! moment that ends Episode 112 deserved a week of agonizing and theorizing…but, in retrospect, I’m sure you viewers will greatly appreciate NOT having to wait an entire week after what goes down (quite literally) in those closing seconds.

August 24, 2015: Looking Ahead To Episodes 12 And 13; Looking Back On Episode 11!

Speaking of Episode 112, head on over to EW for an exclusive clip feature the man with all TWO’s secrets, Alexander Rook, played by Wil Wheaton:

August 24, 2015: Looking Ahead To Episodes 12 And 13; Looking Back On Episode 11!

So what can we look forward to in these last two episodes?  Well, I chatted with TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski for our weekly episode post-mortem and shape-of-things-to-come discussion:

The title of the article says it all: “LOOKING AHEAD TO A SHOCKING FINALE”.  LOTS of teasers, big and small, in here!

August 24, 2015: Looking Ahead To Episodes 12 And 13; Looking Back On Episode 11!

Meanwhile, the reaction to Episode 11 continues to be positive…

Over at

“Dark Matter is the best science fiction thriller/mystery on television. Those who love the show will now have to agonize over SyFy not letting its viewing audience know if the show is coming back for a second season. Until we learn the fate of the series, Dark Matter can be found, for two more episodes at least, on SyFy Fridays.”


“Only two more episodes left in this season, folks.*Biting nails*”

Hey!  Check this out!  Dark Matter made Mediametric’s list of this summer’s top ten most popular shows online!  Here are the stats:

August 24, 2015: Looking Ahead To Episodes 12 And 13; Looking Back On Episode 11!


17 thoughts on “August 24, 2015: Looking ahead to Episodes 12 and 13; looking back on Episode 11!

  1. Hey There My Awesome Fellow DM Fans!

    Wanna help Dark Matter get the viewer ratings it needs to secure its remaining 4 seasons order and prevent Joe from having a mid life crisis
    on his BIG Five -Ohhh b-day this year!? 😀

    This week encourage others to auto-tune their tv dials to Scify TV this Friday August 28th 2015!!

    For those of you with personal social media accounts, Please copy & paste:

    Jonesing for a fix of some absolutely delicious #SciFi? Catch Will Wheton on #DarkMatter Fri 8/28, 9 pm et on @SyFy!

    Hope everyone’s have a beautiful wk so far!

  2. Sorry you guys! Typo’d Wheaton above ( forgot the ‘a’)

    Here’s the copy/paste again w/ correction:

    Jonesing for a fix of some absolutely delicious #SciFi? Catch Will Wheaton on #DarkMatter Fri 8/28 9 pm et on @SyFy!

  3. Why does Syfy make everybody wait so long to see if there will be another season of DM? Or Killjoys or Defiance for that matter. Come on guys, make up your minds!

  4. Two hours of Dark Matter on Friday! What could be better? Another freakin’ season, of course. I’m looking forward to these two episodes. Curious to see how the intrepid crew of the Raza deals with what is sure to be more than a few challenges. Will they all survive? Will TWO end up hugging THREE? Will ONE show off some wicked new abilities? Will SIX and FIVE have ‘The Talk’ that all parents dread? Will more heads roll courtesy of FOUR’s sword play? What lies will our favorite android be telling the crew? Did anyone notice that wee little explosion on that planet? Can’t wait to find out the answers and be dealt some more questions.

    It seems like only yesterday I picked up the Dark Matter graphic novels and was introduced to this wonderful new scifi universe. And thanks to Joe’s blog the announcement of the TV series, the anticipation we had seeing the sets built, the introduction of the cast, the excitement of seeing the pilot episode. Boy, did the time fly by. Here’s hoping for more Dark Matter.

  5. Congrats on the Mediametric rating, but I’m puzzled. What do the percentages represent? 23% of the mentions were positive? 12% of the articles shared mentioned DM?

    I followed the link, but no further info at Mediametric’s web page.

  6. Okay … I know, I know! Don’t say it! ….
    I typo’d his first name too! Yes, I know Its Wil Wheaton and hopefully ‘you’ all know it as well and will correct the typos before you post! (The result of trying to type after only 2 hrs sleep and 2 snifters of Remi Martin. Albeit what can I say, eh? Apparently I have ‘Two’ on mee brain!)

    Here’s what I ended up posting for my NS101 users this wk:

    Got a craving for some absolutely delicious #SciFi? Catch Wil Wheaton on #DarkMatter Friday 8/28 9 pm et on @SyFy!

    On a different note: Got a question for all of you.

    We all loved it when we got to see our favorite cast members break out of character and do something completely unexpected. i.e: Three in tears reading Charlotte’s Web & Android deliberately telling a lie.

    So who is your favorite character, thus so far? And what would be the most hilarious, unexpected, thing you can imagine them doing during an episode?

  7. @What do the percentages represent?

    They’re pretty much irrelevant to any shows renewal and are largely just a fun way to see how much chatter there is about a show. For example Killjoys is higher on the list despite Dark Matter doing better in the ratings on Syfy than Killjoys overall this season. Aquarius for example is one of the lowest rated(Of all time) network shows ever renewed, and is still quite high there.

  8. @Drea Crysel

    Great idea, but I don’t think Joe will have much of a problem once the ball starts rolling and he gets his second season. I too am hoping he gets his five seasons, but what about a movie too? lol

  9. I for one, appreciate not having to wait. I’m really looking forward to the double episode this week.

    Are we going to see a good old fashioned space battle this season? I’ve been patiently waiting. The drama and character moments rock! But sometimes you just need to see a huge ship explode in the cold death of space. (Not that things really explode in space, because science. But you get my drift.)

  10. I’m happy for a double episode. I promise to be suitably shocked at the WTF moment in between.. I’m very impressed with Wil’s performance. I can’t wait… Bring on Saturday 😊

    Hashtag Dark Matter on finale day!! 😊 See you all on Twitter.

    Cheers, Chev

  11. @JimfromJersey – Same thing. The series has been enjoyable for me so far, especially with the lightheartedness and humor Joe managed to inject into the dialogue, but through the 11 episodes that have aired, the series has lacked what I’ve been looking forward to all along — space battles.

    DM is much better than the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, which was a complete disaster in my opinion, too focused on being a drama and soap opera, rather than a family sci-fi show. DM is also less dark than SGU, but at least for the moment, if I had to do a comparison, I’d have to say that if Star Trek, SG1 and SGA were a 10/10, and SGU was a 6/10, then Dark Matter would be a 7/10.

    I don’t need to see massive action and lens flares and explosions left-right-and-center like in the J.J. Abrams reinvention of Star Trek, but at the same time, Dark Matter is set in space — you’d think there would have to be episodes where the crew actually gets into a battle with other ships. And a battle isn’t just a 10-second shot of one ship firing 1 single shot or missile at another ship, like what happened in Episode 2 of DM, which you did say Joe, was your favorite moment of that episode.

    Joe, you have to know what I’m talking about. I know that this is a new series, but … take Atlantis for example. Even though most of the episodes took place on the ground, whether inside Atlantis itself or on a distant planet, every 4-5 eps, there would be a space episode with ships shooting at each other. Maybe this sort of plays into the problem with the lack of aliens in this first season, plus the need to speed up the story because of only having 13 episodes instead of 20 or 26.

    Character development is all well and good, but I want DM to have more classic sci-fi moments with space fights. So far, it’s been more of a “revenge, betrayal and secrets” storyline focused on each character individually, as opposed to dealing with the survival aspect of being in space and enemy ships/corporations being all over the place.

    Maybe Joe can take some of what I’m saying and incorporate it into the second season… adding aliens and a lot more space scenes like what we saw in Stargate, to give it more of a Trek/SG type of feel. I mean, I understand that there have to be a certain number of non-VFX-excessive episodes to balance the cost of the episodes where there is a lot of VFX included, but… sigh… maybe I’m just dying here in the drought of no Trek/SG series airing on television and wanting another space tv series that emulates those that came before it…

  12. Joe, has your superman ace partner Jay Firestone been looking around for another network in case SyFy losses it’s mind and does not renew Dark Matter? Even Stargate SG1 started on another channel didn’t it?

  13. I enjoyed seeing the two episodes in one night. I’d like two episodes every Friday night for 13 weeks. 🙂

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