It is with great pleasure that I announce our very first Dark Matter fan Q&A! Those of you who followed this blog back in the Stargate days know how it works. But for you late-arrivals…

You have the better part of a week to submit your questions for our special guest. Just post them right in this blog’s comment section.  Once we’re done, I’ll forward them to our guest who will turn around answers at their earliest convenience after which I’ll post the whole as a dedicated blog entry.

So, who’s up first?  Well, I can think of no better candidate than one of the show’s most divisive characters – love him or hate him or love-hate him – THREE!

August 8, 2015: Our First Dark Matter Cast Q&a!

Yes, Anthony Lemke wants to hear from YOU!

Got something to ask him?  Well then start posting those questions!

So, what’d everyone think of Dark Matter Episode 109?  What was your favorite moment?  FIVE/SIX at the vent?  THREE/Android infirmary?  The Akita turn?  Or Charlotte’s Web?

Others weigh in:

“Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the action on the show, but I appreciate that it’s balanced with the scenes showcasing the crew’s different relationships. With an ensemble cast such as this one, it’s easy to highlight one or two crewmembers and push the rest to the side, but Dark Matter shines light all of the members of the Raza and that makes it a better show.”

” He’s putting together pieces of an unfinished puzzle and one thing I’ve learned about Dark Matter is that clues usually come with a healthy dose of misdirection. Nothing’s ever quite as it seems.”×09-if-three-was-reading-got-hed-still-be-waiting-for-book-six-and-crying/

“I liked the brief take on Two and Three’s deduction with who realistically could have been the “bad guy” and wiped their memories, but the more they pinpoint it absolutely having to be one of the crew members I find it’s painfully obvious it was either the android (since she was purposefully not mentioned) or someone we haven’t met yet that’s either still on the ship or got off to avoid suspicion.”

And, while we’re on the subject of reviewers I share and retweet…

I won!  I won!

31 thoughts on “August 8, 2015: Our first Dark Matter cast Q&A!

  1. OMG! You won stuff! That looks cool and congrats.

    I’ll have to think of some questions for Anthony, I think he’s a great actor and I love the character of THREE. My first question would be, how much of Anthony is in THREE, and if he enjoys portraying the character as much as it appears.

    I loved ep 9, and in fact thought maybe in the top 3 episodes so far. Every bit of dialogue, every scene was gripping and even more important was very relevant to the overall storyline and theme of the show. Congrats again, it was just great.

  2. Congratulations Joseph Mallozzi!!! Gotta rewatch Friday’s ep, missed too much Tweeting.

  3. Congratulations on your EPIC win! 😀

    I enjoyed the Charlotte’s Web reference, and managed to get it even without the book-reveal later. Speaking of the later “montage” bit, I actually reached for my remote after the line “I made you an emperor”, expecting that to be the end. And then.. It carried on!!!!! :O

  4. Congrats on your win, Joe!

    Love it, the first Q&A with Anthony Lemke
    Three rocks!
    What was your favourite ad-libbed line?
    What do you feel was the scene that best portrayed Three as who he really is?

  5. I went to bed last night worried about the fate of our crew. Perhaps more from the standpoint of a season 2 renewal announcement but also next week’s episode teaser. Nukes in space. Always to be feared when delivered in the dry, no BFD demeanor of our resident android. Zoie Palmer is one of the most convincing androids in all of scifidom.

    ONE. That rascal ONE. He’s making me nervous. I would be able to turn my back on just about any one else on the Raza’s crew at this point. But ONE? Not so much.

    Thanks for not making these people one dimensional (which could have been pretty easy to do given the story’s premise). I appreciate the fact they’re all pretty darned smart. Each in their own way, of course. And boy you were so right to emphasize just the right measure of humor. Goes a long way to making them real.

    I did miss the periscope last night but after watching both airings and keeping up with Twitter I was exhausted. And worried about the crew.

    For Mr. Lemke:

    Before your audition, how was the character of THREE laid out for you? What was it about the character that eventually led to your accepting the role? You’ve done a splendid job with the emotional complexities of THREE. And you’re pretty good and twirling that there sidearm. Looking forward to the remainder of this season with hopes for more.

  6. I would have to say that my favorite part of the episode was the Three/Android scene in the infirmary. It was nice to see him actually taking the time to talk to her for more than 2 minutes. I also enjoyed the interactions between Five and Six.

  7. Congrats on the win, Joe! 🙂

    Question for Anthony (who may remember me as the geek with the glowing Terrasphere at the Friday cast signing at Comic-Con): What led you to change careers from law to acting, and what’s been the best thing so far about making the switch?

    (And hello to Akemi, and head scritches for the dogs–hope Lulu’s feeling better soon!)

  8. Three is the boy from the farm!!! Why else would he be crying over Charlotte’s Web? No character is what he seems. I love how deep this is getting. So Anthony, if you could be any other character who would you be? What is your favorite scifi movie from childhood? Mine was Star Wars Empire Strikes Back! What profession would you have chosen if you weren’t an actor? I’m a teacher (just got my first full year gig teaching 6th grade science/social studies). If I could, I would bring dogs into schools to help children read out loud. Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. Joe-this series is AWESOME! This is my FAVORITE show this summer. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  9. @Jen Draves: I thought right from that scene at the barn that “Titch” was THREE. I think something terrible happened to him at some point to turn him to a life of crime.

  10. Wooo whoa! I love THREE! Some questions for Anthony:

    – Where would you like to see THREE’s character go/do in season 2?
    – Who do you personally think wiped the crews memories?
    – Who is your favorite co-star and why?
    – Have you played any practical jokes on set yet?
    – What would be your dream role?
    – Do you handle your own legal matters?

  11. Q for Anthony Lemke… Will you still have time for the series The Good Witch or is there a scheduling conflict that will prevent you from working on The Good Witch?

  12. My question for Anthony is…How much of the character 3 is brought to life by your actual personality?….you play 3 to perfection! Always keeping it comical.
    Keep it up!

  13. Is it ok to ask questions if I am new?
    How many questions can I ask?
    I kid, I kid.
    So, 3rd of all, I will say I am pleased immensely with my new favorite sci-fi show. Like all the ones I have loved in the past; I get to laugh, cry, be nervous, get goosebumps, and a slew of other emotions that’s too long to list. I love a good team that has some issues to resolve. Bravo!(standing clap)

    Do you think your character is relatable to Han Solo or perhaps another person in sci-fi?
    As a child did you ever dream you would be in television, and if you did was this the genre you imagined, if not how does the show gauge to your aspirations?

  14. As for my favorite moment I’d have to say 3 convincing android to not reboot! Even though it seemed like he was being selfish in his reasoning, I like to think 3 cares a great deal for her. I also really liked 4’s fight scenes! If I didn’t see him laughing the last episode I would thought he was the android.

  15. Hey Joe, well done on scoring that comic win. So nice to see you are still the geek of the writer/producer/show runner world.

    I never would have guessed Charlotte’s Web as the classic you were hinting at those many days and weeks ago. So, did anyone guess?

    Ah, I see you are reading Stephen King. I have been reading his stuff since one of his very first books, Night Shift, all those many years ago. I am currently reading Revival. After that, “The Left Hand of Darkness”, by Ursula LeGuine, a favorite of mine.

    Questions for Anthony Lemke:
    – Are you a cat person or a dog person?
    – Born and raised in Ottawa, huh? Nepean, I bet. I lived in Barrhaven for 5 years. I loved it there, except the hot and humid summers. Have you and your family ever been west of Ontario? Alberta bound, perhaps? I’ve asked Joe Mallozzi to do a road trip across Canada, but he prefers to fly. If you, or Joe ever get out to Alberta, I’d love to show you around. We are more than just Cattle and Oil.
    – What would we be surprised to learn about you?

  16. Congratulations on the win!

    Questions for Mr. Anthony Lemke:

    First thing first: Spoilers! Can I get some spoilers? Of course not. Ok next.

    One & Three: Love their hate/love relationship and back-and-forth banter! It’s the most interesting relationship in the show IMHO. Not a direct question but what can you tell me about this relationship and where it is headed. Any big reveals coming up that will impact this relationship further? Any insight into how Three really views/feels about One? Will Three find out the truth about One anytime soon?

    I love Three! He’s so much fun to watch. Is he as much fun to play as he is to watch?

    Your favorite episode so far?

    Your favorite scene so far?

    In your opinion, the biggest reveal this season is in which episode?

    What would you like to see Three do in Season 2? Anything you would particularly like him to do, say or experience?

    Thank you very much for your time! 🙂

  17. Which scene did I like best? Tough question because all of those scene were excellent.

    The Akita turn was the most unexpected, but since Four figured out that Akita-san was complicit in the Emperor’s death, there was no way he could ever trust him again. His death was inevitable. But it is still sad that Four felt compelled to kill the man who was more of a father to him than his actual father.

    I liked Five/Six restoring their relationship in that scene at the vent.

    But my favorites were the Three scenes this week; especially Three and the Android. I didn’t pick up on the Charlotte’s Web/farm connection Jen Draves noticed, but I think her observation is spot-on.

    I have a bad feeling that Two knows something about the death of One’s wife. Possibly quite a lot about it. And there is no way that Three killed her – it’s not his style.

  18. Yay! Cast Q&A, one of my favorite bits of this blog! Of course I enjoy all of everything else on this blog, the doggie & other pet updates, the drama, the behind the scenes making of a TV show, the writing tips and the weird food purchase videos, the camaraderie and support …. All much loved.

    Anthony questions ahead!
    1. What specific event or thought made you turn from being an attorney to being an actor?
    2. Joe tells us you often ad-lib. Why? Do you think a scene or the dialog is somehow lacking? Or that your additions help the scene or story?
    3. Do you have any pets? If yes, please elaborate in detail. If not – why not?
    4. Do you like the character of Three? Were he a real person, could he be a friend?
    5. How did your auditions for Three go? Were they taped, if yes, can we view them?
    6. Is this the first role you’ve had that enjoys such madcap, enthusiastic and loyal fans? What do you think about us fans?

    Just know, I pegged you and your Three from the start as my favorite of the crew and you have not disappointed. I’m lov’in the complexity and depth of Three which you bring to life. Huzzah!

    Thanks Anthony for taking the time to read and answer,
    Carol (2 cats)

  19. My favorite part of this epi was Four actually having a full conversation with his mentor. We got to know the character for the first time. Very unfortunate that he had to kill him in the end. I loved Three crying over Charlotte’s Web. The hypocrisy of Two is making me like/trust her less and less. Loved the Five-Six vent apology scene. We need to spend more time with the Android. Perhaps I’m the only one, but I think she should pick a name for herself.

  20. I am loving this show more each week. When it began I thought One would become my favorite character but as I get to know Three more, his bad ass side tempered by his sweet side, I think I’ve found my replacement for Jack O’Neill.

    Question for Anthony:

    Joe posted before about the amount of food Three seems to always have in his hand. Was that idea as a running joke yours and if it was, did you have to lobby the writers for its inclusion or just start throwing it in on your own?

    And as a side note, Three can raid my food storage any time. (But he’d have to get past my foodie Chihuahua first)

  21. Hahaha. That win was epic.

    While I loved the Charlotte’s Web reference and patted myself on the back for getting it, I liked the analysis of who was responsible for the memory wipe and the discussion of the Android’s “weird” behavior that she is self aware of. It’s like she’s solving her own puzzle.

    I confess that I’m pretty sure my favorite on the show is Three. I want to know if Anthony Lemke thinks Three now sort of views his shipmates as family. Dysfunctional, but a family? And if he thinks Three’s a clone😂😉?

    Thanks for an entertaining show.

  22. Question for Anthony:

    1) Back in episode 5, your character Three turn down Two after she came to him for ‘fun’. I was wondering what you thought three’s motive was? Did Three turn her down because he was scared of the virus or did Three figure out what Two’s motives were when she was having ‘fun’, (motives being control).

    2) Six perviously stated to Five in her dream state in the barn that (in summary) everyone has a past, some are good and some are bad, but something happen in there past to make them come onboard the Raza. My question is what do you think that something was for Three?

  23. Congratulations on winning. I posted my thoughts about the episode on the previous entry. Questions for Anthony? Oh my. Let me sleep on it and see if anything intelligent can be formed from this brain. I have to leave to let a dog out before official bedtime for the night. It will only be a 15 minute drive, but more like 45 minute to an hour for the round-trip. I have to shrink my service area. I drive more than pet sit. Need to go splash some cold water on my face. Maybe ice. Yeah, ice should work better.

  24. Hi Anthony,
    I’ve loved Three from the start and it’s just getting better! So thanks to you and Joseph for creating this amazing character that is such a joy to watch.

    As an actor, when you come across something you really don’t want to play, either because you feel it’s out of character or for other reasons, how do you deal with it? Do you try to make it work no matter what or go and speak to the writers /producers?

    Also, who do you think Three would be most likely be friends with from the crew? I feel with One it’s so one-sided (pun not intented but welcome) 😉

  25. Three is my favorite character! I like the badass he tosses off, and his rough attitude adds to the crew dynamic.

    As for a question? My question(s) is:

    1. What would be your dire strait for Three (and maybe a crew-member) to get out of?

    2. What is Threes favorite gun? He has so many…

    Thanks for the awesome show!

  26. This TWD comic win is good mojo; luck is with you so buy that Powerball ticket stat.

    I’m still recovering from summer travels. I’ve had ice cream melt in my tote bag a hamster pee on my pillow but other than some GPS headaches the summer tripping was fun. Except now everyone I know is cranky as Summer flies away.

  27. Hi Joe… I posted theses questions yesterday, however I did it through the subscription area of the WordPress app and accidentally posted on PBMom’s repost of your blog… So here’s my questions for Anthony….

    Hi Joe

    Questions for Anthony – Hi I’m webgurl 😊

    1. Joe says you were a lawyer. What kind of law did you practice? Does it help with acting?

    2. What’s your favourite emoji?

    3. When you were crying reading charlotte’s web, how did you get to that point emotionally. can you cry on cue?

    4. What’s your best advice to someone at a crossroads in their career?

    5. Does THREE still have more secrets to reveal?

    6. Did the initial fan reaction to THREE surprise you or were you more excited knowing the emotional scenes in upcoming episodes that might change people’s minds?

    7. Have you ever visited Australia? We have sharks and fan conventions.

    8. What’s your favourite prop on Dark Matter?

    I hope to see you in Dark Matter for many seasons to come… Love THREE. 😊

    Cheers, webgurl

    Ps . What’s your nickname?

  28. MY Favorite character!!!! Thanks for Live Tweeting during the show. I love the interaction and I love how Three is a tough guy but has a soft heart.

    Have you given any thought to what you would like your fans to be known as?

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