As most of you know, I created and started developing Dark Matter back when I was working on Stargate: Atlantis.  The hope was to roll into Dark Matter whenever Stargate ended…which turned out to be a little later than I’d originally expected.  Throw in a year to script and launch the Dark Horse Comics series, the inevitable/interminable wait for the financing to come together on the way to an eventual green light, and we’re talking roughly eight years.  Yes, eight years of waiting but, in that time, eight years of fleshing out the big picture arcs, the characters, their backstories, the moments, and a slew of surprising twists and turns.

There’s nothing I hate more than watching a show that clearly doesn’t have a plan. One thing I promised viewers from the get-go is that we had a plan, a long term (five season) arc that included narrative elements, big and small.  We know where we’re going and, if you come along for the ride, we promise not to keep you hanging.  You will be rewarded with answers – and some of those answers are coming fast and furious from Episodes 106 onwards, culminating in an OMG! finale that will have you jumping out of your seats.

We’ve been afforded the freedom and respect to tell the story we want to tell and this has allowed us to seed the narrative with clues, some subtle and some pretty damn glaring, to future revelations.  I’m always delighted by the post-episode online responses, especially those that catch perceived hints in the story or criticize baffling inconsistencies in the characters.  There was one exchange on an online forum that had one viewer (let’s call her Viewer A) fixate on a seemingly inconsequential exchange in Episode 3.  She was convinced that the inflection of the delivery, the looks exchanged, suggested something more.  Another viewer (Viewer B) dismissed the theory; told her she was reading something into a line that wasn’t there.  Well, all I can say is – Viewer A, before the end of this season, prepare to tell Viewer B: “I told you so!”.

Setups and payoffs!  Setups and payoffs!

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

How come our crew only recovered some cash, weapons, an entertainment android, and a woman in stasis from the mystery room?  After all, back in Episode 101, didn’t FIVE refer to the fact that it held “secrets”?  What secrets?!

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Why is ONE so out of place amongst the rest of the crew?  And, if he’s not the real Jace Corso, what the hell is he doing on the ship?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Why did TWO’s wound magically heal following her ill-fated excursion aboard The Far Horizon?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

How did Hrothgar’s weapons – and pendant – end up on The Raza?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

How did FIVE get out of that airlock?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

What is with the Android and her odd behavior?  She appeared jealous of entertainment bot Wendy and androids shouldn’t feel jealousy.  Why would someone program her with emotions?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Who was THREE’s old crew that abandoned him on that planet?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

What was going through FIVE’s head when she gave Sarah’s stasis pod that curious look at the end of last episode?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Who is Cyrus King?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Who is that creepy old man?  (Oops.  Sorry.  That one’s upcoming.)

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Who wiped their memories?  And why?

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

Who the hell is Titch?

We’ve got answers for you, a whole whack of ’em coming over the course of these last six episodes.  Plus many. MANY more – in addition to more questions and surprises – in the seasons to come.  As we await word of a pick-up, we’ve already got our second season game plan and character acts – and if you thought our first season offered up some shockers (see end of episodes 101, 103, 105, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, and 113!) just wait until you see what we’e got in store for you in season 2, leading up to mind-boggling finale that will rival even our first season finale (which, I’m sure you’ll agree after watching it, may seem nigh impossible!).

At the risk of getting way, way ahead of myself – season 3’s arc will be Sci Fi Epic and culminate in a closing episode that will blow the doors off everything that has come before.  Which will lead into season 4’s I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening arc that we’ll cap off with an ender that will crash the forums.  Then, all roads – not to mention every arc we’ve set up since the beginning of the show – lead to season 5 where all the pieces of our intricately composed puzzle finally fall into place in dramatically satisfying fashion.  And we’re left with a series finale for the ages.

All this will be yours and more!

Unless some terrible fate befalls me in which case…never mind.

But, hey, let’s back up a bit to the next episode of Dark Matter, Episode 108. What’s in store?

Well, this –

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

And this –

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

And this –

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

And this!

July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups And Payoffs!

22 thoughts on “July 30, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups and Payoffs!

  1. As for One, I’m thinking he’s a Galactic Authority undercover agent. Some folks said he’s got to be Hrothgar based on the pendant, but that would be deceptively simple.

  2. My husband and I are so hooked on DM. Still trying to Tweet and watch but I miss so much, just gives me the opportunity to watch it again 🙂
    So Joe, on another note, would you be a guest judge on FaceOff if asked????

  3. Oh, the anticipation. I would absolutely love to follow this crew for five fulfilling years. I’ve been a scifi addict since the age of twelve (long, LONG time ago) and Dark Matter was the fix I needed.

  4. July 29, 2015: Dark Matter – Setups and Payoffs!
    July 30, 2015 by Joseph Mallozzi
    FYI…the date of the blog post needs to be corrected.

  5. “What was going through FIVE’s head when she gave Sarah’s stasis pod that curious look at the end of last episode?”

    It’s looks like that, that make me think FIVE is an android also.

    And now that you mention it….
    “Why did TWO’s wound magically heal following her ill-fated excursion aboard The Far Horizon?”

    TWO is probably an android too.

    “Unless some terrible fate befalls me in which case…never mind.”

    But you know what they say Joe, TSMGO.

  6. Joe! I’m leaving for Tokyo tomorrow! A week there followed by a week in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. I’ll keep you posted and will be consulting your blog entries for the best chocolate shops 🙂

  7. Hoped for positive update on Lulu.. 🙁 But at least she is feeling a little better. Sorry about your trip. 🙁

    I am now mostly caught up with the blog, couldn’t read til I caught up on shows to avoid spoilers and behind on episodes for various family issues. 🙁

    Obviously enjoying it a lot. Any idea on when they’ll tell you if season 2 is a go?

  8. Personally, I’m just waiting for one of those long lost BABYLON stations to show up! *With* TODD!!

  9. My biggest disappointment with the show is that it’s airing in the summer – life is so crazy here from Memorial Day to Labor Day that it’s hard for me to get totally absorbed in anything because, by the end of the day, I’m so emotionally and mentally worn out that all I want to do is eat a big meal and sleep it off, like a sated lion on the Serengeti.

    Otherwise, it’s been great! I love the reveals and the intrigue, I just need to pay a little more attention to the details so that I can pick up on the clues a bit better.

    AND I should start posting a bit earlier, too, so that I don’t run out of steam mid-post and cut things short so that I can hit the hay. 😛


  10. So, for Titch, I think that is fake Joe Corso. I think he had a good childhood and grew up becoming a cop or some sort of agent, and then went undercover, changed his face and all. Then got his memory cleaned. Maybe he will be contacted by his handler soon?

  11. “…a slew of surprising twists and turns.”

    You bet !
    I hope that the fifth season finale will not be a young boy waking-up of a nap in the park after his baseball game with his friends telling: ‘WOW! THAT was a hell of a dream…”
    I am sure you are wise enough to not do that to us!
    I totally agree with you, it is not rare that we see when writers have a plan and when they are creating episodes only to fill a x 20 episodes new season orderred by the network !
    (for me, one example of that : Lost imho)

  12. Any lab results back for Lulu? I’ve been reading about Boxer Colitis. Notice, it recommends feeding pumpkin. I think you mentioned giving them pumpkin before? Anyway, fingers crossed, salt over shoulder, and prayers said for a good prognosis. Is she feeling any better?

    Can’t wait for tonight’s show!

    Ponytail: 😆

  13. “a seemingly inconsequential exchange in Episode 3” – hmm what could that be?

    While watching I noticed that Four was wearing a blaster instead of a sword and I wondered why. But then it seemed necessary for the confrontation later in the episode where the sword would not have been useful at all.

    … I don’t have any other ideas, what could it be?

  14. I wonder if Dark Matter will set a DVR series high for Episode 7 Joe. Episode 7 got 1.93 million and a 0.5 in the 18-49 with Live+3 viewers included. This of course is the Ruby Rose episode. I wonder what the Live+7 will show, I’m kinda excited to see. Because you were basically getting around 2 million with Live+7 prior, so getting this with Live+3 is interesting!

  15. I was thrilled to see my artwork covering much of the transfer-transit room! And a room that plays such a big roll in this episode.

  16. @ Naeemah

    When I re-watched ep 3, there was one exchange that popped out at me:

    TWO: You just get back in one piece. We can’t do this without you.
    ANDROID: Well…. _you_ can.
    ONE squints looking as if he’s surprised, looks at two, then back at the Android.

    That scene has both the looks and inflections… my money is on that being it! But what does it mean?

  17. I love the other guy playing One (Dan Jeannotte). Could we have a switch where he plays One from now on? The original One actor is the weakest and least interesting of the characters.

  18. I cannot tel if your post is down right mean with it’s teasers or enticing. I love the little things that are in the eps that, the moments to sort of stick out and then when you are watching another ep, scratch at the back of you head. Already i am wanting to do a re-watch to catch the things I’ve missed, and to reaffirm some of the things I think. Mostly I am just really enjoying the ride while watching the show. If SyFy doesn’t pick Dark Matter up for next season, they have lost it.

  19. “Why is ONE so out of place amongst the rest of the crew?”

    The thing is, he wasn’t. Two and Six also reacted viscerally to the reveal at the end of Episode One/beginning of Episode Two, with Two even telling the Android not to call her Portia, so that didn’t suggest he hadn’t really been Jace Corso. And despite the comments about him having no fighting skills, this was never borne out whenever he was actually in a firefight, such as Episodes Two and Nine, where he was as competent with a gun as the others. He had some good moves in his fight with Two at the beginning of Episode One despite ultimately losing (but who wouldn’t?), and he got the drop on Three in Episodes Three and Thirteen. So to be perfectly honest the idea that he was out of place was told and not shown.

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