July 27, 2015: Dark Matter Secrets!  Bts Pics!
BTS on Dark Matter Episode 107: Searching the mystery room.

So, in Episode 107, the crew gained entrance to the mystery room and we finally found out what it held.

Or did we?

Sure, we found weapons, cash, an entertainment model android and a woman in stasis, but something doesn’t quite line up here.  Remember back in Episode 101 when FIVE was talking to SIX about “the door”.  The dialogue went something like this…

FIVE: A big metal door.  And they keep it locked, always.

SIX: Why?  What’s inside?

FIVE: Secrets.

Secrets?  Hmmm.  There was nothing particularly secretive about the cash or guns. The entertainment model android?  Not really.  The woman in stasis?  Possibly. But, back in Episode 101, FIVE used the plural, “secrets”.

Looked like there were a few locked boxes in that room.  I wonder…

Oh, hey, check it out.  Wendy stunt double (Jennifer Murray) gets blasted by Bubba:

Down and right back up!  Thanks as always to Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead for crafting and overseeing the action.

As we move past the halfway mark of season one, we begin to unearth answers, backstories, and surprises.  And Episode 108 will offer up more than a few.  In preparation, check out some of the behind the scenes pics…

July 27, 2015: Dark Matter Secrets!  Bts Pics!

July 27, 2015: Dark Matter Secrets!  Bts Pics!

July 27, 2015: Dark Matter Secrets!  Bts Pics!

July 27, 2015: Dark Matter Secrets!  Bts Pics!

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12 thoughts on “July 27, 2015: Dark Matter secrets! BTS pics!

  1. Yes, I remember FIVE’s comment well and was thinking as I watched it that there is certainly much more in that room that what we saw. Ha! I knew it – more boxes! It’s always boxes within boxes on this show. I love it. I’m still kind of hoping the rumoured lizard people are in there somewhere, but I know I’m probably going to be disappointed.

    Or, am I? 🙂

  2. As I like to run conspiracy theories in my head, I’m guessing/hoping/betting that the key Five showed Android is, well, key to unlocking these other secrets. A device that can access pockets of sub-dimensional space, which I’m taking to mean pocket universes, could mean literally unlimited storage from within that relatively small room.

    To use some popular scifi shows in an analogy, it would be akin to a Stargate wormhole portaling to a TARDIS-like extradimensional space. There could be entire planets’ worth of stuff hiding away outside of normal spacetime! I’m even wondering if our crew, or most of them, aren’t clones and the originals are holed up in some other universe until their doppelgangers are captured and/or killed.

    Will someone utter the phrase, “It’s bigger on the inside” as a wink at the audience?

  3. Behind The Scene!!!!!!???
    Geeez. Could you just say it? I’m old…der than you.

  4. With doors that big, that room has to hold something really big like another space shuttle or something. It looks like a vault. Is gold valuable in space? The back wall looks fake. Is the shuttle behind there? Is everything in there props, or is your production conveniently storing real stuff in there?

  5. Ah, yes, Episode 107 in which THREE shows himself to be slightly less dickish than his previously dickiful self.

    I wonder what the crew does to occupy their time between ‘events’. Perhaps they play Jenga. Or Bananagrams. SIX loves Bananagrams. FIVE enjoys Mousetrap. FOUR plays Solitaire. THREE pretends he doesn’t like retro Space Invaders. TWO cheats at Monopoly. ONE aggressively plays Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

    Also, I think FOUR writes poetry. Mini-haikus, he calls them. Because a regular 5-7-5 format would use up his daily allotment of words in just one poem, he prefers the 1-2-1. I imagine his current work includes:

    Be still



    And of course the charming

    Your Head

    He’s got talent!

    One final thing…don’t ever try peanut butter and jelly soda. It is so very just not right.

  6. I’m finally catching up on all the episodes, and loved the last one! The androids battling it out more on an emotional level rather than physical was a kick.

    At this point I’m not trying to figure out anything, I’m just along for the ride. It’s more fun this way. I love letting the show reveal new twists and turns every episode. It really keeps you on your toes! And the sets are astounding!

    The one thing I do find a little tough is that the character names are still numbers. I understand that’s a key element of the show, but I miss the inflections of emotion that saying a characters name can convey. There had to be at least 20 ways to just say “Rodney” in SGA, that expressed everything from anger, concern to panic, that don’t seem to be verbally expressed with the DM characters so far. Or maybe I’m missing something.

    But I truly love the show! I’m in the dilemma of I can’t wait for Friday each week, but knowing it’s going to be ending much too soon. I just hope that SyFy sees the value of the show, and gives it another season. I also can’t wait to buy the DVD.

    Today I booked a tent cabin in Yosemite for September. I need to chill out for a weekend, which looks like I’ll be doing literally since the cabin doesn’t have any heat. Although I’ve been told it’s not that cold at night in mid September. Still, I’m bringing a sleeping bag, possibly two, or three. I’m a wimp. I love the fall, and Yosemite is my favorite place on the planet, not that I’ve seen much of the planet. But it’s truly a special place, and I can’t recommend it enough.

    And I hope Lulu is ok. I’ve been worried about her, and you and Akemi.

  7. paloosa: Glad you’re feeling better! I’ve never been to Yosemite. It’s on my bucket list though. Hope you have a good time!

    I knew they’d find more “stuff” but I thought it would more straight forward. Silly me…. 🙂 You left a lot of wiggle room for future plots!

    Can’t wait for Friday. Hubby and I like the show but my son loves it! I can’t think of a better compliment than him saying ” I like DM better than Firefly.” I’ve never heard him say that before about any show.

    Is anyone watching Defiance? I 😆 at the end of Friday’s show.

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