The biggest highlight of my trip to San Diego Comic Con (yes, even bigger than the corn tamales at The Cheesecake Factory) was meeting the fans (Dark Matter and Stargate), at the panel and then one on one on the floor.  I met up with my former Stargate cohort Jenny Stiven and her family, David and Tiffany who I first met back on November 2, 2010 when they won a visit to the set of SGU (, blog regulars Lisa Yimm, Screwball, and Jeanine during the cast signings, Tom and Erin from, and longtime blog lurker and dog enthusiast Beth!  And, of course, there was blog regular Jim Lawson who came bearing gifts: Key lime Oreos – which got me to thinking…When was the last time I did a Weird Food Purchase of the Day video?

Akemi, in particular, really enjoyed them as you can see.

Some SDCCC Dark Matter goodies…

July 13, 2015: The Return Of The Weird Food Purchase Of The Day!  Key Lime Oreos!  Dark Matter Interview Links!
Roger Cross, Jodelle Ferland, and Anthon Lemke walk the red carpet before the EW party.


Roger Cross and Anthony Lemke chat with Yael Tygiel:


Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, Roger Cross, and Melissa O’Neil chat with kyooltube:


Talking with GeekWorldRadio:


A sneak peek from Dark Matter Episode 107 that was screened for the panel:


The Dark Matter episode 105 post-mortem.  I sit down for my weekly chat with TheTVJunkies’ Bridget Liszewski to discuss THREE’s motivations, that mysterious key card, and what’s in store for Episode 106 (hint: FIVE! FIVE!  And more FIVE!).

23 thoughts on “July 13, 2015: The Return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day! Key Lime Oreos! Dark Matter interview links!

  1. Question for the mailbag: is Dark Matter coming to New York Comic Con? Please pretty please?? Sunday is the BEST day to come. 🙂

  2. Those cookies don’t look like they would be good. And if Akemi’s reaction is anything to go by, they aren’t. Also, “congealed dish soap” doesn’t sound that good. You probably don’t want to have a back up job writing advertising copy! 🙂

    Those videos look interesting, but it’s late tonight so I’ll check them out tomorrow.

    Thanks so much everyone for your kind words from yesterday about Bart. Today was tough starting out, but I feel a bit better tonight.

    @Ponytail (from last night’s post): I agree about the blog community here. In fact I think I’ve said before one of the greatest and most amazing things about Joe’s blog is that it is much more than just a very interesting update on a TV production. Not only has he graciously shared so much of his life that he, Akemi, and the dogs seem like family, he has created a wonderful and caring community of posters that seem almost like family as well. A remarkable thing, really.

    Now, pardon me while I get all sniffly again.. 🙂

  3. @Ponytail – re: Bart’s name. Lovebirds of both sexes look absolutely identical. The only reliable way to tell the difference is to have them DNA tested. Well, there is one other way. I had assumed (for convenience, I suppose) that when I got Bart that she was male, with no other information to go on.

    Then, one Summer when she was about 2 or 3, (s)he became particularly cranky and moody. The normally cuddly bird didn’t even want to be handled and was spending a lot of time at the bottom of the cage. Then one day, I came home and there was an egg (not fertilized, obviously) on the bottom of the cage. Me: “Um, that’s not right…” 🙂 She laid one other one right after that as they usually come in at least two, but that was all for the rest of her life. I managed to usually set her conditions right so she didn’t get too hormonal after that. She always seemed very “nesty” though, such as always looking for paper to chew and trying to create a nest at the bottom of her cage. I expect she would have made a very devoted mother.

    So, it turned out Bart was a girl after all, but she already knew her name as Bart and responded to that, so I wasn’t about the change it. Then, I just told people it was short for “Bartina”. 🙂

  4. Those cookies do not look good, but I am very hungry for key lime pie now.

    Sorry you are getting sick. Next time, don’t breathe while on the plane.

    You are really bringing out the talents of Lawren. I don’t think he was given the opportunity to shine on Stargate as brightly as he is now on Dark Matter. His work is very impressive.

    @ gforce – Too bad you and Bart could not have raised a couple little babies. I don’t understand how she could just lay an egg and there not be a baby bird in there. But then, I’m not too bright. 😉

    Joe why did you say this would be your last con?

  5. Enjoyed the Yael interview! As a kid I ate my fair share of chocolate Oreos, dunked in milk — whole, fat-filled cow’s milk. They were yummy. Today, my tastes have changed. I prefer the new Yoplait whipped Greek yogurt.

    Anthony mentioned you have a full 5 yrs of Dark Matter mapped out! Yes!

    And I also agree with Ponytail and gforce, “…I’ve said before one of the greatest and most amazing things about Joe’s blog is that it is much more than just a very interesting update on a TV production. Not only has he graciously shared so much of his life that he, Akemi, and the dogs seem like family, he has created a wonderful and caring community of posters that seem almost like family as well…”

    This blog is a highlight of my day and I appreciate the effort taken to keep it going. When will we be doing cast & crew guest visits?


  6. YAY!!!! Weird food purchase!!! Did you try them without dipping them?? That is a little disappointing, I love key lime pie. Maybe it needed to be dipped in chocolate instead???

  7. Great review on the cookies and sorry about getting Akemi all choked up while eating them. I wonder if the green Colonel Sanders you encountered in the Gaslamp district had eaten some as well 😉 I slipped up and didn’t get your autograph so hope you can make it down to Southern California again soon!

  8. “That tastes really unnatural.” HAHAHAHAHAHA! I don’t think the almond milk helped. It probably made the key lime flavor taste more weird.

    ArcticGoddess – Joe answered that question in detail over the course of a week (one each day). He was very thorough.

  9. Joe, I meant to add – I hope your voice is feeling better and it’s not a cold or something.

  10. But key lime pie is great!!! And it is NOT light green!! It is a light yellow,THAT is the natural color. I live in South Florida and we do Key Lime down here!! Great stuff!!

  11. I wanted to thank Joe and everyone again for all of your kind words. It’s been rough, but all the wonderful support here has really helped.

    @gforce: I’m so very sorry about Bart. She was family, and I’ve always believed that love runs deeply and equally for all family members, no matter what kind. She was lucky to have you as her dad.

  12. Too bad about your flight flu! Did you see the proposed airline seating? More people will get sick if this goes through. Just imagine the screaming kids in front of you, facing you the whole trip. I really hope it’s a flop and doesn’t catch on in the States.

    My son buys those odd Oreos. (last time it was Smore flavor) I like the originals because the other flavors are just sandwich cookies.

    Gforce: Those pictures of Bart are beautiful! My favorite is of her preening. My hubby favored the close up profile picture. Hope you’re feeling better today.

  13. @Tam Dixon: If those seats start showing up on airplanes here, it’s when I start taking the train.

    I am feeling a bit better today. As the memories of Sunday fade, they’re being replaced with all the happier memories from the last 14 years. Going through all those pictures has helped a lot too, to remember her at her best rather than when she looked her worst. People will tell me, “That’s a beautiful picture of Bart!”, but of course I’ve always considered that ANY picture with Bart in it was by default beautiful. 🙂 i may be biased, though.

  14. i’ve pretty much given up on oreos, the overall quality has gone downhill, IMHO. especially with cookies which fall apart too easily. i think the wal-mart brand is better. now having said that, we (brother & i ) did try the s’mores ones not long ago & to quote my brother: “they’re not horrible.”

    hope you feel better soon. it might be a case of the con crud, usually not too serious & gets better with the usual rest & drinking of fluids (not alcohol). i got it after anime-expo in 2009 & my brother hassled me about it. then he got it after dragon-con that year, so i gave him a taste of his own medicine back. thankfully we managed to avoid it after dragon-con 2010.

  15. I missed a day…again. 🙁 Akemi cracked me up with her reaction to the chemical cookie! LOL!


  16. Key Lime Oreos… hmmm. I love Key Lime Pie. Was in a Big C BKK saw a variety of Oreo flavors I had never seen before in the US. Will have to try them next time in town. (anything but durian)

    Jodelle (spell check no like) looks smashing in her summer attire. Did she come to the cast call with that hair color? Is it for her character or a fashion choice, just curious?

  17. Aw, maybe the Key Lime Oreos just need to be paired with some pistachio ice cream or honey lemon tea. The strawberry oreos are pretty addictive.

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