June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!


Watch the premiere!


10 p.m. on SyFy (U.S.)

7 p.m. PST, 10 p.m. EST on Space Channel (Canada)

And here is our updated global premiere rundown.  New and improved!  Now with added Portugal!

June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

The cast, crew, and EP Vanessa Piazza and I (@BaronDestructo) will be live tweeting the event – both east and west coast feeds.  Follow the #DarkMatter hashtag.  Join us!

A final teaser promo from Space Channel: “Technically, she’s an android”…


“Here is Why Dark Matter, SyFy’s New Space Opera, Could Be TV’s Next Big Hit”:


June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

Ships!  Ships!  Ships!  io9 offers up a sneak peek at our corporate ships:


Something To Fill That Firefly-Shaped Hole In Your Heart:


3 Things You Should Know:


On bringing back the “fun scifi” with Dark Matter:


June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke dish on Dark Matter:


Roger Cross talks Dark Matter:


Truth & Consequences: Anthony Lemke talks about playing the rogue, Star WarsSpace 1999 and his favorite episode…


June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

The One, Two, Three interview:


On tonight’s launch:


Collider’s thoughts on the premiere:


Everything you need to know about Dark Matter going into tonight’s premiere:


My chat with Blastr:


June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres!  Interviews!  Reviews!  Articles!

The Seattle Time’s TV Picks for June 12th:


Teasing the premiere:



***Post your spoiler-free Dark Matter-related questions in the comments section and I’ll answer them in tomorrow’s dedicated “Dark Matter Q&A” blog entry!  U.K. and international post-premiere Q&A’s to follow!***

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular ponytail!

76 thoughts on “June 12, 2015: Dark Matter Premieres! Interviews! Reviews! Articles!

  1. After watching the preview “Technically, she’s an android” . I need to ask did you know that isn’t the first time Zoie has lost an appendage while playing a character? Well the countdown clock says 3hr 16min 31sec. until lift off. Good Luck! Everything I have read is you have a huge hit on your hands!!

  2. Really looking forward to Dark Matter. It sounds like there is a healthy appetite for good science fiction at the moment. Whatever happened to that big visual effects laden trailer? Did I miss it or is it still in the works?

  3. I’m almost on Dark Matter overload with all those links. Just kidding, that’s not possible. Am I ready? I have the TV on already “warming up” – for the next 2 and half hours!

    I’m so excited for this – all this waiting comes down to this. I’m going to try to follow along on Twitter, but I have to say I’ll probably only be checking it during the commercials. I want to savour every sweet Dark Matter moment without distraction!

  4. 1 hour to go, this is exciting! I’ve come up with a question, what were into figuring out the different types of weapons/shields/armor each ship has? 😀

  5. I will be watching #Dark matter…..the comic book series was good the T.V. series should be better…….

  6. Getting excited here on the East Coast, 25 minutes to go! Good luck everyone!

  7. And of course like the last two seasons of sga and the only seasons of sgu the atmosphere is dark can not see anything

  8. I am loving it; lots of ship, lots of mystery, lots of interest. And I love the characters. But how did you get them into the “no gravity” situation?

  9. FABULOUS!! What a great premiere everyone! LOVE the ship… LOVE the CAST… LOVE the mysteries and one-liners dropped throughout the scenes! OMG…I can’t type any more exclamation marks… Dark Matter is a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    out of breath 2 cats

  10. FLOVED IT! I can’t believe an hour went by so fast. I have to rewatch it though, away from trying to keep track of Twitter – Dang, there were a LOT of tweet with the #DarkMatter hashtag!!

    Now I need to get to bed – except I don’t know if I can sleep!

  11. Nice work. I enjoyed watching it. I have some likes and dislikes. I look forward to seeing how my initial opinions change over the course of the season. As we sometimes say here in Texas….I’m proud for ya!

  12. Loved the first ep of DM, Joe! It’s a lot of fun and dark and mysterious, too. Don’t have a favourite character yet, but leaning toward THREE or maybe FOUR or possibly ONE. Or the Android. Or TWO or FIVE… lol Great SFX. The Raza is a lot bigger than I’d thought it would be. Yes, it does have a Firefly vibe. Two thumbs up!

    @gforce Good luck with your move. That’s never a fun thing to do.

    @Ponytail Many good wishes and tons of positives sent your way for you and your parents.

  13. “I vote against her voting.” Best moment! 😀 😀

    It’s hard for me to comment on the plot because, having read the comic, I already knew what was going to happen, so no surprises for me. My only complaint here is that the story seemed a bit too rushed (a little chopped?) – I would have liked a longer premiere. But again, that may be because I already knew how things were going to go down. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes so that everything will be new for me. 🙂

    I enjoyed all the characters – no favorites yet. I need a few more episodes to get used to everyone, and for the chemistry to build. I gotta say that Three pretty much stole the show in the second half. 🙂

    I liked the metallic/industrial sound of the music, though I think it could have had a little more punch to it (it seemed too subtle, and music does play a big part in stirring the emotions of the viewer). Sets and everything look great.

    Sorry if I don’t sound Wraith-enthusiastic…lol…nothing to do with the show (will tell you in private). I will watch it again tomorrow, and will give you my emotional feedback, instead of my analytical one. 😉


    1. Das, my thoughts on Three are quite opposite of yours. Three is an ass, and not even a likable ass. I didn’t care for him at all. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind on a whim after I see more because, well, that’s how I roll.

      The Android was sassy, and it liked that. Four was too quiet. I liked the relationship between Five and Six. One is going to get on my nerves if he doesn’t channel some of Three’s bravado…just a bit, though. Two was fine as is. I don’t know why she didn’t use the comm system to tell the others that the artificial gravity and inertial dampeners were going to be affected.

      Music was just ok. Different from what I was expecting.

      I loved the look of the scene where Five is fiddling with wires on one side of a control station and Two leans up against the other side.

      I thought the performances were strong. I enjoyed the FTL VFX.

      More thoughts later.

  14. Oh yeah, I really liked it!! Can I get a t shirt now? or a hat would also be great..!
    Everyones performance was outstanding, loved them all! Looking forward to next week.

  15. Um . . Joe . . . can it be the 19th now?

    Seriously. Very impressed. Quite the reveal at the end. I think we’re in for a very enjoyable ride.

    I have to admit that I found 5’s comment after “carotid” rather disturbing. It definitely brought up the question of how and why she would know that information and, even more so, seem somehow enraptured by it.

    Parts of the FTL travel reminds me of how Moya travelled in Farscape. Was that intentional?

    I also see where the similarity to Firefly comes in. I couldn’t help but think of a certain character on Firefly when one of the crew took some very specific actions over the course of the episode.

  16. Hi Joe,
    First, congratulations on coming back on prime time with a Sci-Fi Show!
    God speed to you on the world wide distribution.
    I am always delighted when I see the Stargate people prosper on TV.

    Second, I liked the story. My wife was hooked as well and she is a tough one to satisfy. Impossible to no think of STNG Data with the android, although I am not sure how the little smile will hold up with time… is she really neutral?
    The casting is well done. The pacing of episode 1 is good.
    And we are waiting for the rest next week!
    Take care and congrats again

  17. Wow! Loved it Joe! Great work, DM crew. It was everything I’d hoped and expected, and had a few surprises.

    The FTL jump was just awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. And the Raza was really cool. It’s quite the nimble beast.

    3 has taken an early lead as my favorite. He’s an asshole, and he’s good at it. Everyone was fantastic, and Zobot deserves special mention. I’m really looking forward to her evolution this season.

    I already can’t wait until next week.

  18. Congratulations Joe!, Paul!, Jay!, Vanessa!, the entire cast!, and entire crew! What a ride! I turned on my new stereo sound bar thingy behind my new smarter-than-me TV and thought I was at a theater!

    I love all the characters, especially… (in no particular order) ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, ANDROID. Is THREE going to get beat up all season? Will they ever stop calling each other by number? I kinda like their number names.

    My first thought after it was over was, “Nooooooooooo, it can’t be over yet! One hour has already gone by?” The “hook” “reveal” at the end got me (even though I already knew). I am definitely coming back to watch part 2, after I rewatch the premiere as many times as possible.

    Thank you for the dedication, but I would like to take that and throw it right back at you and everyone who made Dark Matter possible! My new favorite show did not disappoint! Fantastic job everyone! Congratulations! Fifteen minutes until it comes on again!!!

  19. Hey Joe, just thought I’d drop by to say congratulations on airing the start of Dark Matter! I was a big ol’ Stargate fanguy back in the day, and it’s awesome to see your return to sci-fi (and it’s awesome just to see a ship sci-fi show at all, really).

    The pilot was compelling as all hell, the characters show lots of promise, and the rest was just loads of fun. I know I’m going to end up pretty into this show something fierce as it goes on, for hopefully a long time. But for now I’ll be happy for the ride these next twelve weeks, and wish you and the crew the best of luck for the Season 2 renewal!

  20. I agree with gforce, that premiere seemed to go way too fast. Seemed like time just flew right out the window. I got so into watching it that when the episode ended, I was wondering, “That wasn’t 40 minutes, was it?”

    Awesome VFX with the FTL jump and the missiles. Some of the panoramic scenes of the Raza moving through space reminded me of the space scenes in Atlantis, which was great. Brought back some fond memories for sure.

    When we can find out how many people tuned into the premiere? I hope it breaks records for Syfy. That’ll prove how deprived we all were for this type of space show to return.

    Congrats again Joe, you did a phenomenal job here! Can’t wait till next week! 😀

  21. Need shirts, hats, and other items proclaiming the coming of
    Dark Matter.

    And, Zoie has been announced as a guest for Dragon Con, 2015

    Any Plans for more presence by Dark Matter cast, crew, writers at
    Dragon Con?

  22. The rerun was just as good, if not better, than the first time.

    “No…, show me.
    No…, show me.
    Would you like me to show you? (sneaky little grin)
    Just do it!!”

    The space shuttle has nicer seats than my car! Are they the Space Lexus version?

    What are the beds made of? Plywood or actual mattress? I’ve always wondered.

  23. i just finished watching, all I can say is finally there is a show to watch and love on Friday nights again! It’s Fantastic. I can not wait for next week!

  24. Loved it. Six is my favorite…..I knew he would be awesome. The android voice is very irritating to me. I hope to get used to.It. Love all the characters, even three, whom I loved to hate, the mix is what makes it so unique.

  25. Great premiere Joe and Paul! Time flew by and I was left wanting more. Love how Three got a stunning surprise, funny. Love how Two took charge. Love how Four was silent but poignant. Love the powerful presence of Six and I love how mysterious Five is. She will be like peeling a banana. How did our favorite android learn snark? lol One is a wonderfully moral voice, cute and sweet! He might be my favorite eventually and hopefully he will learn to be a bit more savvy in making his point. But for now I love them all. Can’t wait to learn more about them, thanks for the payoff at the end. However, I don’t believe that they are who the ship says they are. 😉 Intrigued about the big door. The ship is awesomely large. It seems endless and spacious. The living quarters are huge, I’d live there. The bare feet was disarming. What was the thought process on placing them in that position in stasis? Will the android “learn” how to be more human, kinda like Data in Star Trek? Will there be a shield around the ship in the future? When will the crew get their memories back? When will they start calling each other by their real names? Love the nick-names though. Is three in charge of handing out nick-names? I’m gonna watch it a few more times to see the hidden treasures that you always leave us. Thanks for another cool space show! Congratulations on successfully bringing your show to fruition. Is it next Friday yet? <3

  26. Argh! How am I going to cope having to wait until Monday night to see the premier?!?!?!?!?!

  27. I HAVE NO TV !! sucks.. is it possible to download the episode online from somewhere? i mean legally 🙂 !
    Being a fan of all the Stargate franchises and of Firefly, I have to say that I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO A GOOD SHOW 🙂
    HELP anybody in the UK .. if you have a link to watch it online please.

  28. An apology

    I’m waiting for a legal way to watch this, but given that I gave up Cable TV several months ago, my only option right now is streaming.
    I’ve been patiently waiting for it to show up on iTunes, but so far it’s been MIA.
    SyFy don’t do their own streaming here in the UK, and realistically I can’t think of any other possible way to watch it, other than spending the £29.99 a month that it would take in order for me to receive Cable TV and the packages required to get the SyFy channel.

    BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and every other Streaming-tech has kept me entertained for the past couple of years, and I’ve completely done away with all the nefarious software that used to clog up my system, and most likely was the cause of all those viruses that seemed to overwhelm my computers.

    I am horrified that I’ve had to install uTorrent for the first time in over a year, all for the sake of a TV show.
    I’m still holding out for the UK edition to pop up on iTunes on Monday (since it doesn’t air over here until then), but frankly it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening.

    I will pay for your show the first chance I get, and I apologise sincerely for having had to have used the “evils” of the net, in order to watch it.

    Sorry 🙁

  29. Nicely done. Just saw it here down under in Australia. Nice little twist at the end. Now I have to wait a WHOLE 7 days. Thought the soundtrack was good too.

  30. Great show, great job all of you did! My new favorite show!!! Does anyone have the numbers yet?

  31. Here’s my honest thoughts. The show looks great as do the cast and crew. I found a lot of the story just ok since I had seen most of the big moments in the trailer. However, after the crew awakened and realized they were all missing their memories and set out to figuring what to do next things got exciting. When they headed down to the planet and started interacting with the people it opened up the possibilities of where the season will go. The final reveal was exciting and not what I expected. I’m excited for next week’s episode.

  32. Amazing pilot ep directed by the talented TJ Scott. Just blown away by the set’s design, the stunts, & the cast. Bravo to all ! Can’t wait for the next ep.

  33. Congratulations on a great show.

    Hey…since the Hero ship contest seems to have an appetite for 75 word essays, how about a trivia contest asking people to very specifically guess what happens? IDK, it would either make discussions about it more lively or squelch them as people try to play it close to the vest.

  34. The fan response to the show has been really great. But there have been some criticisms. Could you address them?

    1. The characters feel too generic and stereotypical.

    2. The Asian character has to be the one who can handle the swords.

    3. Why did you cast a Filipino actor to play a Japanese character?

    4. The Three character is too much like Jayne from Firefly.

  35. Why isn’t it available to watch free on Hulu.com ? 🙁 🙁

    It isn’t even available for paid streaming on Amazon.com. 🙁

    Since I don’t have cable (not available in my area) I’ll have to wait until it comes out on DVD (if it ever does). 🙁

  36. Loved it! I had feeling final reveal was something like that! Great stunts and combat, love 2, she kicks butt! I am in charge and what you gonna do about it! I think 5 will be an onion of layers that will never end! LOVED IT JOE! NOW I WANT MORE PROPS!!! =)~

  37. Congratulations Joe, Paul & all who made Dark Matter come into existence. I loved the pilot! It had a familiarity about it, which was nice. Maybe due to Stargate, the graphic novel, all I’d seen on the blog and on Twitter but it had a great feel.

    Even without memories it was great to see the character’s personalities and instincts emerge. THREE was great comic relief. Sure he acted like a jerk but for me it didn’t make him unlikeable, so long as he’s regularly put in his place by a crew member or the ship, it’s cool. I loved his line “I vote that she doesn’t get a vote”. I loved the interaction between the pairings, from some flirting and the fight between ONE & TWO (I sense some history there) to the care between FIVE & SIX. FOUR is the enigma. Quiet, taking it all in and only speaking when he had something important to say. His martial arts sequence was impressive. I am intrigued by him. Zoie delivered an incredible performance as The Android, particularly the cadence of her speech. It can’t be easy to deliver.

    Several VFX scenes stood out to me – the Marauder leaving the ship, the FTL jump, The Android reboot and the playback. All beautiful and well executed. Kudos to Lawren, Mark and the team. PS the CGI dust when the Marauder landed looked real.

    I want to give everyone involved in the ship set design a huge pat on the back. The hero ship looked incredible, so much detail, beautiful and big. It reminded me of the large Stargate sets.

    As it had been years since I’d read the graphic novels I’d forgotten so much I’ll need to re-read them. So I found I wasn’t spoiled as I thought I might be.

    All in all, a great introduction with a few answers but so many more questions.

    Questions ( I understand you may not be able to answer):

    1. Did they all retire to their previous sleeping quarters?
    2. Which character is the easiest to write dialogue & which is the toughest?
    3. Which character/s did you connect most with? Was it different between the graphic novel and when you saw the performances on screen? On an initial watch it was ONE & TWO for me.
    4. Will the people on the planet keep coming into the story?
    5. Why is the Marauder so light inside? It seems different to the rest of the ship. Is there a reason?
    6. I know they found jackets but did they find socks?
    7. What was the inspiration behind the music, which I found quite unique and surprising?
    8. How did you do the zero gravity sequences, with wires?
    9. Who doubled Anthony for the ratchet into the wall in the door scene? It was impressive.
    10. How many takes for FOUR’s Katana display sequence?

    That’s all for now. I’m sure there’s more but I better stop & let someone else have a turn.

    Cheers, Chev

  38. Seen it, like it. Was entertained by it. I teach creative writing and screenwriting, the setup is flawless. If there were any reservations I had they were swept away by the conclusion of the Ep. The ending is exactly how I would have proceeded. It seems that there is a current trend for modern serials to end every Ep on a question or a new revelation. No exception here.

    Without revealing any spoilers there is a nice puzzle box motif that is a small metonyn for the ship. Nice touch. I want to see more of this line of narrative. The foggier and more mysterious the better. It very interesting that there is no reliable source of information and even any ‘recovered’ data could be fabricated. Essentially Tabula Rasa… no wait hang on… Nice touch Joe and Paul you thought of everything. All names have meanings even the most minor characters.

    I like the strange homage to the last Ep of SG:U in the opening. Last time I saw Joe Mallozzi characters doing anything in a new drama they were climbing into the pods. It was a strange closure and the start of a new era.

    Well conceived, intelligent and wears it’s Ridley Scott and Joss Whedon credentials on firmly on it’s sleeve.

    For anyone who has seen it and is not convinced, give it time. I suspect that all is not as it seems. As another fictional charater might have said. ‘Recovered data…? Indeed!’ You are not fooling us with that.

    Thanks for the hard work and good luck.

  39. Had a Twitter blast with you guys last night. I guess the one things I’m curious about is when you learn about the ratings. It was great it was trending in Canada. We need the US to get on board (Twitter) and live tweet. The channels like that. I will see about coming up with questions in a bit (if there is still time) but I think Chev kind of asked most of them. I have to leave in about 1-1/2 hours to go work and I have paperwork to get done before I go. My one client who cancelled her 4x a day visits had to have me start until Monday because her boyfriend was called back to work, so my schedule is kind of full up again. But at least it worked out for Dark Matter tweeting.

  40. Questions, you say? I have some. They may not be good questions, but they’re the best this brain can come up with.

    1 – Will David Hewlitt’s character have some of the more reprehensible qualities that McKay had? Y’know, weasely self-preservation over almost anything else.

    2 – Does Two have a condition that requires her navel to get continuous fresh air? (I’m not complaining, mind you.)

    3 – Six watches over Five. Any hints on why or should I shut up and wait?

    4 – Five seems to be remembering someone else’s memories (Maybe Two’s?). Some glitch in the memory wipe or a hint at her having some extranormal abilities? Maybe she was responsible for the memory wipe!

    5 – Why does One have to see his reflection in the metal cup? Are mirrors rare in the future? Where are the bathrooms?

    6 – No, really, where are the bathrooms?

    7 – Back to Five. Hers was the only identity not revealed in the ship’s recovered data. This again makes me think she’s outside the loop of the apparent framing of the others by, I assume, the Big Bad Company.

    Thanks for the opportunity to pick your brain. Hope I left some of it for next season’s writing.

  41. Great job Joe! I’ve been working on a house and had just got home and got the kids to bed. Around 11 I suddenly went DARK MATTER! Scared my wife half to death. So glad I had already set the DVR. Really good job! I couldn’t help but notice how similar the opening to Dark Matter was to SGU. (that’s the part of me that wishes we’d find out what happens to Eli and the gang… 😉 )

    Can’t wait for next week!

  42. Why must I wait until next week to find out what happens next? Want the next episode NOW.

    Seriously, I really enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for the next one. There aren’t many shows that I bother to watch live (rather than on DVR later). This is one of my live shows. Congrats to everyone involved.

  43. I don’t have cable anymore so I caught it on Space.ca this morning. Looks very promising! Loved the unique FTL jump effects.

    This may have been asked already, but which episode (besides the finale) are you personally looking forward to the most for fan reaction? Or which episode is your personal favourite, the best example of the show?

    Also, when you wrote the first two episodes, were you envisioning them as a two hour premiere? How do you feel about the episodes being aired individually?

  44. 1. Love the Title – animation. Very cool rising.
    2. The music was great – not overwhelming or too distracting. It did set the moods well.
    3. When can we buy shirts????
    4. It is the 19th yet?

  45. I tried watching it on Space.ca and it said “Not allowed for this geo region.” No doubt because I’m in the US. 🙁

  46. Hey Joe, I really enjoyed the show last night!!! Can’t wait for more. Congrats to all the cast and crew!

  47. Just watched it again (on Space.ca so it counts as a view!) and it gave me a chance to really think about specific parts. I think my favourite line of the whole show is when FIVE responds to the question about what’s behind the big door. “Secrets…” Her delivery of that line is just chilling and so well played. I also thought her part in the exchange about the eyes was almost as good. She can really sell a line.

    I actually didn’t think that much of the music on first viewing, but I’m growing to like it more. But dang, I know that there’s no appetite now for big intros but that one is short! I’ve come to think the music is pretty good, but – I don’t know, I sure miss Joel Goldsmith. 🙁

    I figured there would be comparisons of THREE to Jayne on Firefly, but other than they’re basically jerks I don’t see much similarity beyond that. Jayne’s dimwittedness tempered his obnoxiousness quite a bit, while THREE is just flat out an asshole. Which is great, BTW! Love his character.

    Still lots of unanswered questions for sure. I’m looking forward to finding out the answers!

  48. Question:

    Is this going to stay a family-friendly show? Meaning so many shows seem to force sex scenes or unnecessarily brutal violence on audiences. It wasn’t an issue for SGA so I’m hoping for the same deal with Dark Matter.

    Not that I’m against those scenes per se as I love Game of Thrones and enjoy The Walking Dead. I just don’t feel like it needs to be forced into every series:) As long as it serves the plot I’m ok with it.

  49. Ok, so android “has no memory of such an attack”…

    Can androids lie in this realty?

    The first thing she does on reactivation is look at her wrist,, which has been repaired. So, why do that if she can’t remember that it should be missing?

    I think we are going to have to keep an eye on the android.

  50. @Spacelog
    The fan response to the show has been really great. But there have been some criticisms. Could you address them?

    1. The characters feel too generic and stereotypical.

    2. The Asian character has to be the one who can handle the swords.

    3. Why did you cast a Filipino actor to play a Japanese character?

    4. The Three character is too much like Jayne from Firefly.<<

    Not Mr Mallozzi, but really? You have a list of things "some" feel and think he needs to justify those criticisms? Geesh, some just need to change the channel if they are so negative already.

    But hey, let me take a swing at them. 🙂

    1. It's the first freaking episode… really? Takes time to flesh out characters and so yeah, all characters are a bit generic/stereotypical at first. Geesh.
    2. And? Swords are not just stereotypical Japanese… many cultures have swords. I suspect if he COULDN'T "some criticisms" would be they slighted the Japanese culture. Some will criticize no matter what call is made.
    3. Oh dear spirits, REALLY? It is called ACTING. The nonsense of insisting any character be played by an actor of the same race/religion/whatever is beyond me. I assume they cast the best actor for a role, not the best Fill-in-the-blank actor. Absolutely insulting to suggest casting needs DNA testing to decide who to hire. OMG you hired a blonde who has to dye her hair red!! OMG what is wrong with a cast call ONLY FOR RED HEADS! OMG. (yes drowning in sarcasm and derision.)
    4. could be, could be Two reminds me of River. I doubt there are many characters on any movie/tv that don't remind some folks of someone. I suspect trying to write a character that doesn't remind anyone of anyone would be a failure, or produce something so unbelievable .. well any way.

    Btw.. I loved it. Can't wait for the next episodes.

  51. Why is there sound in space?
    #5 seems to be a Kaylee and River Tam hybrid.

  52. Meh.

    I thought it was a bit ordinary, cartoonish, and predictable.

    Characters lacked depth. Though one shining standout was Urkel, who I thought was hilarious.

    Wait a sec…damn PVR recorded “Family Matters”.

  53. PeterJ wrote, “Last time I saw Joe Mallozzi characters doing anything in a new drama they were climbing into the pods. It was a strange closure and the start of a new era.”

    Wow, interesting thought. When one stasis pod door closes… another opens. Literally. Joe did you do this (start there) on purpose?

    Thanks Chev girl!

  54. Re-watched the show with my son (19) and hubby. We all loved it! Great job on the ship. It was all cool but I was super impressed with the interior. It’s hard to believe it’s the set pictures you showed a few months ago. Those carpenters are artists!

  55. Dark Matter was Awesome! Kudos to Joe and everyone involved. The episode seemed to fly by and I couldn’t believe it when it finished, it didn’t seem like an hour. Great effects, great story, and a great cast. So far 3 and 5 are my favorites. This is one of the few pilot episodes in recent memory that were so excellent, most take half a season to round into shape.
    A couple of observations:
    The opening credit sequence reminded me of Transformers, with the logo moving around and the sound it made.
    5 reminds me of River from Firefly/Serenity, only more sane. Was that an intentional move, or just a coincidence?
    Keep up the great work!!!

  56. Sorry I am three weeks late to the party. Finally found the show on iTunes. I watched eps 1 & 2 and really enjoyed them. There was a really good balance of humor and actions. Love the music and the special effects rocked. My brother and sister-in-law watched the first ep and my brother really like it and was presently surprised by the “twist” at the end of the ep. My sister-in-law, while not a sci-fi fan, like it but felt it was a bit predicable. I haven’t been able to see what they thought of ep 2 yet, but will report back. Great job everyone who worked on the show.

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