May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!
The Dark Matter gang. I’m going to miss them!

Annnnnnd we’re done!  More or less.  I’ve still got my producer cuts of episode #112 and #113 to complete, all the mixes to sit through, and visual effects to approve but, for all intents and purposes, production on Dark Matter’s first season is complete.  It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I honestly didn’t think the show was going to happen.  And yet here I now sit, with 13 episodes under my belt, putting together a game plan for season 2.

May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!
Photo(s) by Dennys Ilic (

I know, I know.  I should take some time off.  And I will.  Eventually.  I just want to be as prepared for season 2 as I was for season 1 – which allowed us to break all thirteen episodes inside of three weeks and have 12 of 13 scripts by the time we went to camera.  I already have beat sheets for our two part opener (#201 and #202), plus all eleven stories for the rest of the season, including all major arcs, character developments, twists, turns, and the BIG season 2 finale!

May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!
A message on my office whiteboard from…Melissa O’Neil?

But I get ahead of myself.  First things first.  I have to finish up on season 1 and continue to get the word out in the lead up to the premiere.  To that end, I’ve been coordinating with the gang at SyFy to release all sorts of interesting Dark Matter-related tidbits.  For instance, just yesterday, i09’s Meredith Woerner showcased some of the show’s designs, including ships and space stations…

May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!

May 20, 2015: And That’s A Wrap On Dark Matter’s First Season!Plenty of pics – with accompanying commentary by yours truly!  Head on over and check it out:

More to come in the coming days including goodies from the Dark Matter VFX department, another trailer, and sneak peek scenes from our series premiere!

35 thoughts on “May 20, 2015: And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter’s first season!

  1. And to think its all about to start here in the UK. Cant wait!!

  2. “It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I honestly didn’t think the show was going to happen. And yet here I now sit, with 13 episodes under my belt, putting together a game plan for season 2.”

    I never had any doubt, it was just a matter of when. Congratulations Joe (and everyone else who worked on DM – I know this certainly wasn’t a solo performance!), on finishing S1 and I’m already looking forward to Season 2!

  3. You look exhausted Joe! And I can’t seem to find Mr. Firestone. Did he draw the short straw to take the pic?

    1. Our fearless leader was away doing what he does best: working hard to put together deals and rally support for the show!

  4. Hi Joe
    Congratulations. Amazing achievement, and so effortless…you make it seem. Looking forward to the show.
    On script breaking, drafts etc, did you use the same (colour-code) system as on Stargate?

  5. Congratulations Joe and crew on the wrap up! Really looking forward to the premier June 12th!

  6. How much of a time off do the cast have before reporting back for season two? I know that you are always on the go! lol

  7. I can’t wait for June 12 to come so I can see what my Android and the rest of cast will be up to.

  8. Looking forward to watching season 1 Joe. It must feel surreal to work so long on something through the many false starts to be nearing the finish line.

  9. Congrats Joe & team! So looking forward to the premiere.

    I hope we’ll hear of some appearances soon! (*cough*FanExpo*cough*). I lost out on SDCC tickets, so this California girl is hitting Toronto for the first time, for my very first comic con!

    JUNE 12th can’t come so enough!

  10. Congratulations to Joe and the whole team. It’s a monumental achievement.

    I really like the textures of the show. The walls, boxes, costumes, text treatments — all of it seems to have a distinctive, intricate metallics texturing to it.

  11. I REALLY want a “Because we’re dangerous.” t-shirt. SOON.

    Are you listening, Syfy?

  12. Wow, Joe! You really look exhausted. I know you’re celebrating the show and have been busy with last minute details but I’m sure you’ve also been worried about Jelly. It has been my experience that trouble happens in batches and unexpectedly, of course. I’m really happy for you that the show has fallen into place and, lo and behold season one is complete. I’m so looking forward to watching it.

    You and Akemi are in my thoughts and hope that you will continue having the strength to help poor Jelly. Make sure to get some rest and don’t get sick yourself.

  13. I’m always amazed at how many really talented people there are behind the scenes who put a sci fi show together. Congratulations on a job that I know will be well done.

  14. Congrats on wrapping the first season, filled with excited anticipation (redundant?) Looking forward to the next trailer so I can post on my Facebook page. Break a leg in season 2 y’all (not you Joe, you are accident prone)

  15. Congrats! Very much looking forward to the show! I’m also looking forward to a normal circadian rhythm. 😛


  16. Time has certainly flown, before you know it ,you will be back at it for season 2. Kinda like a summer vacation, schools out, yippee! Enjoy the break !! Congratulations and thanks for sharing all the fun stuff.

  17. What an attractive and stunning collections of cast and crew. Yes, I have my favorites, but that is neither here nor there. However Joe, what is with the manikin head?

  18. hummm!
    vos inspirations transparessent même dans le design de vos vaisseaux spatiaux…sérénité, quand tu nous tiens !
    On a hâte de voir tout cela bouger !

  19. Congratulations! I can’t wait for June 12th.

    Somehow, I thought it would be like school and you’d head home after dismissal. I guess you’re more like the teacher, that has to stay an extra week or so to get the class packed up and the lesson plan for next year. Well, I hope you get things settled soon, so you can head back home.

    Also, I hope Jelly is sleeping well and hanging in there. Still thinking about you and Akemi. It’s a tough time for ya. There were some heartfelt posts about Jelly though. Definitely some good people on this blog. Let Ms. Jelly know how many people are praying for her and wishing her peace.

  20. Sensei took a picture of us in class today. I’m on the back row, second to the left. My son is next to me. In the front left is a good friend (Dana) that became a widow Saturday. I can’t believe she came to class. Her two sons are next to her. Such a strong lady to carry on without falling apart. Thought I’d share the story.

  21. After all I said about textures, they disappear into Standard Sci Fi Interior when watching Hulu in low res. I usually don’t care about a show’s resolution, but if I could see this show in ultra-high resolution, I think it would become a tactile experience. I want to crawl inside the show and touch the walls with my face.

  22. @Tam Dixon: Great picture. Most unfortunate for your friend. I think perhaps maintaining a semblance of normalcy is important at a time like that. It helps keep your mind occupied.

  23. @ Joe: I just found your picture in the group shot. Now that things are done get some rest! You’re making me worried.

  24. Joe are you standing by Doug Slater, right behind Zoie Palmer and Jodelle? In a white sweater? A white sweater? That’s the problem. Your color is black not white. You should always wear black. And in all your pictures you are suppose to have a big mischievous grin, not a little “aw shucks, it was nothing” grin. Also, that’s Grant on the far right in blue. 😛

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