May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Roger Cross As Six!

Continuing our Dark Matter primer in the lead-up to the show’s June 12th premiere (10 p.m. on SyFy, part of their new SyFy Friday lineup), I’d like to turn our attention to the character of SIX played by veteran Roger Cross.

May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Roger Cross As Six!

This was the initial casting breakdown that went out for the role:

“AKA Tiny, AKA Griffin Jones. ON THE SURFACE, HE’S A LOW-KEY BRUISER, AN IMPOSING FIGURE among a group of intimidating individuals. HE’S A MAN OF FEW WORDS, A TOUGH AS HELL GOON WITH LITTLE PATIENCE FOR BULLSHIT. Cross him at your own risk. Beneath the rough and tumble exterior, however, is a heart of gold- 14k, the softest! A SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE GUY, HIS QUIET CONFIDENCE BELIES A FIERCE INTELLIGENCE AND PHILOSOPHICAL NATURE.”

Going out, we made a few adjustments as the physical aspect of the character become of considerable less importance and the role was opened up to both genders. In my mind, SIX would be defined through his/her relationship with “the kid”, the character of FIVE. I wanted someone dangerous and intimidating but protective and empathetic toward the youngest member of our crew.

May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Roger Cross As Six!

One of the great things about the casting process for Dark Matter was the wealth of material we were able to draw from for the auditions. Many productions barely have a single script to work off. At the time we started, we had nine – and this allowed us to pick the perfect scenes for each character.

There are many things one looks for during the audition phase. Talent, obviously. Chemistry with the other actors. A sense of humor. You take a look at the performance as a whole. And I did. But, inevitably, whenever someone came in to read or sent in a self-tape, I always fixated on the delivery of one line – a single line that perfectly encapsulated the character for me. That line: “…I’m going to miss you, kid. I’m going to miss you a lot.” It was a deceptively simple, straightforward line, but it was possessed of so much subtext, said so much about SIX that it “getting it” was absolutely crucial.

May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Roger Cross As Six!

Surprisingly few “got it”, made me believe. At the top of the list was actor Roger Cross who I was indirectly familiar with. He’d been my top choice for the role of a series regular back when I was on Stargate, but just – barely! – missed out. I knew his future wife, Josephine through our dogs. Her pug Tinkerbelle and my pug Jelly used to be best of friends when they’d hang at the dog park. I was, of course, familiar with his extensive credits (24, Continuum, First Wave). Roger “got it”.

Unfortunately, getting Roger was another matter. He was committed to a couple of other productions and, despite our best efforts, it didn’t look like we were going to be able to make it work. And so, resigned to the fact that we weren’t going to land him, we redirected focus to other candidates.

However, through the magic of our line producer, Norman Denver, working in conjunction with the line producers of the other shows, schedules were readjusted and – voila! – we finally had our SIX. And he WAS Roger Cross.

May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter Rollout Continues!  Introducing Roger Cross As Six!

So, what is Roger Cross like to work with?  In a word: fantastic.  You’d be hard pressed to find a happier, warmer, more gregarious guy.  He’s known for his upbeat attitude, infectious smile, and cartilage-cracking hugs.

16 thoughts on “May 11, 2015: The Dark Matter rollout continues! Introducing Roger Cross as SIX!

  1. Wow…I do remember Roger Cross in First Wave way back when. That was actually the first time I saw him on TV. It’s great to see him back on the screen again. I guess he could be known as the ‘gentle giant’…

  2. I’ve seen Mr Cross on Continuum. He’s great on that show! Plus, he’s easy on the eyes. 😉 Continuum’s coming back, right? Mr. Cross has some kick ass scenes on that show. I’m glad you could get him for “Dark Matter”.

  3. …and Roger’s happiness, warmth, and gregariousness shine through on Twitter.

  4. Roger Cross has appeared in over 120 movies and TV shows. I’ve probably seen at least half of them, but the ones that stand out are First Wave, Continuum, The Returned and last, but not least, The Guard in which he co-starred with the lovely Zoie Palmer, AKA The Android!

  5. Roger was one of my favourite characters in all of 24’s run, and I was a bit ticked when he was killed off.

  6. Sounds like another perfect choice. Already agree with the infectious smile. Big, intimidating, dangerous, rib cracking hugger Roger has a dog named Tinkerbelle? I know I am going to like him!

  7. You should have called him Seven, in my mind there is only 1 SIX and that’s Caprica Six!

  8. I knew Roger would be perfect for DM. I’m so glad he auditioned and that you guys were able to work everything out to get him. He’s so good at what he does. A true talent. And it sounds like, a true class act. Now I really hate him! (Just kidding, it just felt like a perfect opportunity for a Doc Holiday quote!)

    What is it about these guys who always play the mean, tough, intimidating guys on screen? They always seem to be the nicest, and sometimes goofiest, people on set. Makes me think of Chris Judge in all those SG bloopers giggling away like a schoolgirl or hamming it up big time. Just a goofball! And yet he plays the most solemn, serious character on the damn show!

    How’s the two-parter season finale going? Any reactions from the cast/crew? Any mouths agape at what happened?

    -Mike A.

  9. I’m sold! Roger, it’s great getting to ‘know’ you through the blog. Looking forward to getting to know Six through the show! 🙂

    (Six is already in the running for most favorite character…)


  10. I’m most familiar with Roger from Continuum since it’s probably his most prominent role from a series airing on U.S. tv. From what I’ve read about the part, I think he’ll be excellent. I’m also looking forward to his relationship with Kid.

  11. I just want to thank Joseph for one thing. Woooow Roger Cross looks stronger than ever. How did you get this? lol I am from Brazil, Roger Cross fan.I have one computer full of stuffs of this guy. Do I need to say Six (Griffin Jones) is my favorite on crew? lol Please, bring a new season to us. And thank you, thank you, thank you and tank you.

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