Hoooleeeeeey!  Just finished watching the director’s cut of episode #110 and I’m still reeling.  It is FANTASTIC!  A huge congratulations to our stunt coordinator, John Stead, who hit this one out of the park in his first major directing gig.  As I said in the email I just sent him: “Super tight, dynamic, suspenseful and, at parts, downright hilarious.”  Our cast was terrific – as were our amazing guest stars: Torri Higginson, Ennis Esmer, Jessica Sipos, John Cor, and Conrad Pla.  And, of course, our crew, awesome as ever.  These are the types of episodes that get me excited about the show all over again and, most importantly, give me the renewed energy to roll right into stories for season 2!


Mais, qu’est ce que c’est?  Qu’est ce que indeed!  But it figures big time into one of our late season episodes!


Smoked Meat Wednesday with the gang!  One smoked meat sandwich, cole slaw, three helpings of fries, two cookies, and, to top it off…


A shot of bourbon with the Dark Matter Whisky/ey Club!  Quite the turn-out.


Thanks to Director Andy Mikita for the new addition to our ever-growing collection.


And thanks to Production Manager Robbie David for scoring the 12 keys of smoked meat!

Let’s finish up with a mailbag:

cat4444 writes: “So is Andy Mikita going to have his signature pineapple hidden somewhere in his episode?”

Answer: You’re confusing Andy with director Will Waring – who was busy working on Childhood’s End and, thus, unable to direct an episode this season.  Maybe a pineapple cameo in Dark Matter season 2?

Ponytail writes: “You’ve got 4 directors working at one time. That is a lot. Are you behind schedule a little?”

Answer: It’s not unusual to have a stable of directors.  Back on Stargate, we had a pretty solid rotation: Andy Mikita, Martin Wood, Will Waring, among others.

iom666 writes: “A season 2 will be decided at episode 3 of season 1 and you’re fine with that?”

Answer: Hell, yeah, I’d be ecstatic of SyFy made a decision by episode 3!

no1zoiepalmerfan writes: “Now that we’ve seen what the Android looks like, will we be seeing more BTS photos of the cast members including Zoie?”

Answer: Yes, in the coming weeks I’d like to do a brief write-up on each cast member, their character, how they won the role, and offer some insight on what it’s been like working with them.  And, yes, I’ll include some behind-the-scenes pics as well.  But first I have to get the cast to sign off on their individual pics.

Randomness writes: “1) Which character do you enjoy writing most for?”

Answer: To be honest, I enjoy writing for all of them because they’re such a diverse and colorful bunch.

“2) Which episode so far this season do you personally enjoy the most?”

Answer: Hey, I love them all for different reasons.  It reminds me of my days on Stargate.  Each episode is like a mini movie.

“3) Will any of the crew have a romantic interest?”

Answer: Oh, possibly.  It’s a small ship after all.

“4) Will any of the crew have a enemy/person that they take a strong dislike too?”

Answer: Oh, very possibly.  It’s a small ship after all.

“5) Can we expect a character to be pushed to their limits this season?”

Answer: Most definitely.  Each of our characters will be pushed to their limit, continuously, this season.  But something’s gotta give…

“6) When exploring a characters backstory, will we see people from their past in present day that they may not recognize at first?”

Answer: That’s a strong possibility as well.

“7) Which character/s would you say work well as a team?”

Answer: I’m not sure any of them could be described as “team players” at the beginning.  But time – and danger – has a way of bringing people together.

“8) Will any of the crew have any significant emotional moments between each other? Be it offworld, on a space station or simply when things get too much and they need a shoulder to cry on.”

Answer: One of the elements that I think made Stargate so great was the sense of camaraderie between the various team members – and there will be flashes of that in Dark Matter as well.

gforce writes: “What’s with all the weird boxes on this show?”

Answer: You’ll find out…eventually.

glowyzoey writes: “How’s Jelly feeling today?”

Answer: Better.  And barky.

gforce writes: “What’s become of Cookie Monster lately?”

Answer: Cookie is taking a much-needed break from superhero movie-watching, but will return in full force this summer with about a half a dozen reviews.

gforce writes: “Any news on the Canadian broadcaster for DM?”

Answer: Yeah, but our Canadian broadcaster has yet to make an official announcement yet.  I think they want to keep it a secret.  Shhhhhh.

Ponytail writes: “What if you get in trouble sometime for showing too much or a secret?”

Answer: I know what secrets not to spill – and also know the difference between a teaser and a spoiler.  And, at the end of the day, who am I going to get in trouble with?  Myself?

Ponytail writes: “Joe does anybody ever take your picture? Or, are you the only one wandering around looking like a tourist with a camera?”

Answer: Ha.  Lawren offered to take a picture of me at the read-thru, but I passed.  I’m much better behind the camera.

JeffW writes: “So, I’ve been trying to get a grasp on what the “tech feel” of Dark Matter will be. Are you striving for a particular look or is it just an organic growth from the various prop masters involved?”

Answer: The latter.  Victoria Klein, our props master, is terrific.

Line Noise writes: “Do you have trouble thinking of names for characters?”

Answer: Nope.  I allow that day’s call sheet to inspire me.

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Great mailbag, and YAY – the return of Cookie Monster this summer. I miss doing those movies of the week reviews!

So excited for DM – I was chatting on line with someone tonight who was/is a big Stargate fan and had not heard ANYTHING about Dark Matter. I of course remedied that post-haste and insisted they watch the trailer and find out more.


Line Noise writes: “Do you have trouble thinking of names for characters?”

Answer: Nope.  I allow that day’s call sheet to inspire me.

That does make me wonder what the call sheet items were that inspired Calchek (Call Check?) and Truffault (True Fault?) smile

JeffW writes: “So, I’ve been trying to get a grasp on what the “tech feel” of Dark Matter will be. Are you striving for a particular look or is it just an organic growth from the various prop masters involved?”

Answer: The latter.  Victoria Klein, our props master, is terrific.

Thanks for the mailbag! Are you going to host any actor or crew guest blog Q&As? Maybe during the season break?


I’m jealous of your Whiskey/ey Club….I need to see if we can integrate it at my work….I think it would do wonders for morale


PS–It’s WHISKY in the Sydney duty-free store…


Joe you are really putting out the mailbags. That is great! Thank you! It reminds me of the old days when you were constantly doing mailbags. Thanks for taking the time.

Glad to hear Jelly is having better days. And good to see Paul in those pictures above. And good to hear Will Waring may direct some in season 2. Look at all the empty Whiskey bottles! I’m beginning to worry about you all…

anas ben
anas ben

Mailbag; hello Mr Mallozzi and thank u for ur time, its much appreciated!

So since u also speak French, ma question est la suivante: ne pensez-vous pas qu’il y’a une sorte de continuité entre dark matter et stargate universe? On a quitté la dernière avec un vaisseau spatial dont les membres étaient en hibernation et dark matter commence avec cela aussi! étrange coincidence lol

et ne pensez-vous pas que SGU a souffert du ton plus sombre par rapport à SG1? J’ai lu quelque part que vous vouliez faire comme battlestar galactica que j’adore est ce vrai?

Merci and keep up the good work!


Hey! I just wanted to ask you, will be ever released the soundtracks from the Dark Matter and Stargate Universe? If you have this option please releas them all, i will definitly buy them like hundreds of fans on this planet smile pleaseeeee


You had me at “like a mini-movie”. That was part of what made SG-1 so spectacular. I was a little frustrated with some post-SG1 shows for being so long-arc-based that the mini-movie, “satisfying ending” feel couldn’t happen. Newer shows seem to have found more balance.

I wished I could time travel between SciFi Fridays and don’t think it didn’t at least briefly occur to me that a medically-induced coma was an achievable form of that. Another form of binge-watching. That’s why the Dark Matter crew was in bio-sleep, right? There was a show they loved and they were frustrated with life being so slow between shows and a mid-season cliff hanger just pushed them too far.


If you let out too many spoilers, that would sap out the fun of guessing and you would be in trouble with us. Steven Moffat had a habit of slipping hints but not spoilers. He’d occasionally slip a misleading hint, which was okay if it was the type of misleading hint the show might throw anyway. But sometimes he would lie and that makes the game not worth playing and makes this fan talk about his tendency to hint in the past tense.

You’d do great at misleading hints wrapped up in snark. I don’t always get snark so maybe I’d get frustrated, but you’d never be as bad as Moffat.


I love mailbags. Thank you. smile

Tammy Dixon
Tammy Dixon

It is FANTASTIC! Well, can’t wait to see it!

Better. And barky. Oh good, she’s back to keeping you in line. Thanks for the update and the mailbag! I’m not sure how you do it all but I’m glad you do. Hope Everyone has a good day!!

Margaret Clayton

I am beginning to get the tingly tremors of anticipation. Yay!

I am also back on calorie tracking, noting down every bite and sip. Ugh. It works, but it is work. 14~16K is a reasonable amount of food, but so easy to blow right by the upper limit if I am not mindful. Sigh. I will be licking my screen a lot, no calories there.


Great mailbag, and sorry for asking too many questions, I didn’t realize you had so many to answer lol.


@Are you going to host any actor or crew guest blog Q&As? Maybe during the season break?

That would be great, I suspect you’d probably have to wait until a few episodes have aired so people can ask some more detailed questions about the show, but please do this, I’d like to see this too.


Jeez, Will was in Melbourne too? It was a Stargate invasion. I never saw anyone. Childhood’s End will be interesting to see. Joe, I was just thinking…. Dark Matter premiere is only 6 weeks away…. 42 sleeps…. OMG!! We need to spread the word… Grass roots word of mouth campaign!!!

Cheers, Chev