Ship your pet via Intergalactic Express!  Planet to Planet service!  (video compliments of Kelly Diamond)

While Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok and VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson were on set with Director Ron Murphy and the rest of the gang, shooting in the Palace and eating breakfast lasagna, I was back on the home front (and by that I mean my home front away from home – the production offices) working on the script for episode #113 (halfway there!) and prepping episode #107 with Director Bruce McDonald and co.

March 11, 2015: Intergalactic Pet Shipping, Cg Skin And Hong Kong Dust!

Bruce powers up for a full slate of meetings!

March 11, 2015: Intergalactic Pet Shipping, Cg Skin And Hong Kong Dust!

The episode #107 production meeting is underway with 1st Assistant Director Christopher Binney (flanked by Director Bruce McDonald) overseeing the action. Topics for discussion on this day included snow, retractable knives, CG skin, and Hong Kong Dust.  Yes, it’s a thing!

March 11, 2015: Intergalactic Pet Shipping, Cg Skin And Hong Kong Dust!

We also managed to squeeze in an Art Department meeting as we prepare to shoot #107 – and parts of #106 and #109.  What’s in the fancy box?  You’ll find out this summer!

Hey, I’m thinking of doing another mailbag.  If you have any questions, fire away!

36 thoughts on “March 11, 2015: Intergalactic pet shipping, CG skin and Hong Kong dust!

  1. Working on ep 113 already. How time flies. Well, I hope it will be totally kick-ass! And I don’t mean like Kick Ass 2, if you know what I mean.

    Hmm. I wonder what could be in that chest…

  2. Mailbag: When production wraps on Season 1, will you move back to Vancouver for the summer?

    Are any of the other shows you were pitching still in development (with a real possibility of actually getting a ‘go’ order?

    Have the doggies made any new friends?
    peace 🙂

  3. Please – for the Mailbag.

    What happened on Akemi’s disastrous day?
    Why was Jelly sitting in her water dish?
    How did the other puppies fare on that day?
    Did Akemi really consume all that chili oil?
    Will Joe share recipe with you and give permission to share with us?

    Re: Log legs on infirmary bed
    Was the Zoe perchance?

    When will you be able to make the announcements?
    When does everything air on Scifi? and other channels?

    Please, what was name of realllllly smooth whiskey from Washington?
    Forgot and cannot find the reference.

    When will the Dark Matter Store be open?
    Will you have fleece and hoodies and oh, yeah, Dark Matter storm hats and mittens/gloves? and Scarf?

    How are you dude?

  4. Sylvia, I think the whiskey might have been Dry Fly… something or another, but Joe will have to remind us which one. I picked up a bottle of Dry Fly Washington Bourbon 101 after Joe’s post.

    I’ll add my plaintive voice to Sylvia’s” Dark Matter swag would be really nice – will there be some available and when?

  5. Any idea when we’ll finally get to see an image of the lovely Zoie Palmer the way she’ll appear as the Android? Just wanted to say again how excited I am for this show to premiere!

  6. Director Bruce McDonald is looking pretty dapper there. He is a handsome man. I love his country look just like I love your black suit look Joe. Is Bruce protecting his liver from you stealing it by having a shot of whisky?

    Okay, that’s it!! I just can’t spell Whisky that way anymore! That is not right! I saw one of your bottles with it spelled Whisky, but maybe they had been drinking too much when they printed the labels. The correct spelling of whisky is W-H-I-S-K-E-Y! Whiskey! Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey!! The other way makes me think of cat hairs, whiskers! Which brings me to a mailbag question…

    Have you had any more threatening or harassing notes from Cloverblob?

    PS: That infirmary picture the other day where you were teasing us (again) about who might be laying on the bed… I thought It was the girl (not the kid) but maybe it is Alex #Four. I had forgotten Alex because we haven’t seen him in so long now…HINT!! HINT!!

  7. @ gforce – Nice car! Does not look anything like a Jeep anymore. Let’s go for a ride!

  8. Oh, that box. Wasn’t Four carrying around a little box? Isn’t it his? Does it have magical powers or a spirit in it? Maybe a little alien in it?

  9. Mailbag – Yay! I’d like to ask the same question I posted earlier, if that’s alright.

    Will Dark Matter have an opening theme song and intro for each episode, similar to SG-1 and Atlantis, or will it be like SGU and many of the newer shows these days, with just a 5-second title clip and no music (hopefully not)?

    Also, any idea of what channel will carry it in Canada? I’m assuming Space, since Space and Syfy are pretty much synchronized in programming.

  10. well Joe my question is has a trailer been put together to be viewed by the syfy channel and if so what was there reaction.

  11. Mailbag from me.

    1. Will any of the Raza crew be captured this season?

    2. Will we see any heart warming or memorable bonding moments between certain members of the Raza crew this season?

    3. Offworld, on a space station anywhere really, will we see moments where a Raza crew member is interacting with someone who isn’t a member of the crew on their own in any significant capacity?

    4. Can we expect disagreements between the crew as to what direction a mission should take, or how a important decision should go?

    5. When the crew aren’t doing anything important, we will see what they like doing in their downtime, like hobbies, or just refinement of skills, things like that?

    6. Has to be asked, in terms of fight scenes, who do you think gets the most action?

    7. Do you believe time travel stories have a place on Dark Matter?

    8. Which member of the crew would you say is the most diplomatic in a crisis situation?

    Hope you don’t mind 8 questions Joe.

  12. Mailbag: Hi Mr Mallozzi, I just wanted to know if dark matter will be more like a guardians of the galaxy meets battlestar galactica thing with a more serialized tone to it or is it gonna be fun and light all the way as was SG1 for example or any show with the adventure of the week thing?

    thank u and keep up the good work.

  13. What’s in the box??? Is it…Gwyneth Paltrow’s head?

    @gforce: Congrats on the Jeep!

  14. gforce: Very nice ride! With your lifestyle, I thought you’d go more for a Wrangler.

    Mailbag: How many seasons does the series bible outline? How do you make chili oil and how do you eat it? Is the new guy David Hewlett?

  15. @BoltBait – that pic would look great as a velvet painting with real metals in the paint.

  16. I’m rewatching all the SGU episodes and am reminded that I love the music from the show. My questions are as follows: Who picked the music for that show? Will Dark Matter have a similar feel when it comes to music? Is there a SGU soundtrack out there that can be purchased? Thanks in advance!

  17. Mailbag: Was wondering if you could write about how you select the directors for each episode, what they bring to it, what you’re looking for from them etc.

  18. @mylhibug: Patrick Gilmore had compiled a list of the songs on his blog a while ago – here it is. I’ve been planning to compile a playlist of them myself. Great music and so perfect matched to the episodes they were on. Like everything on that show, so well done.

    @Tam: I love the Wrangler, but I just don’t need that much capability for the comfort (and fuel economy!) that you give up with one. Plus the Trailhawk version of this that I have is quite capable in its own right. Also, thanks everyone for the congrats!

  19. Duuuuude… Total missed easter egg opportunity with that commercial!

    It should’ve been a pug and it should’ve been you, not a Corgi and some random guy. Tell Kelly to get on those changes right away! 😉

    -Mike A.

  20. gforce: Your jeep does look very comfortable! I have a friend that just bought a Lime Green Wrangler. She will never lose that jeep in the parking lot! Like you, I go more for fuel efficiency but her wrangler is cute.

  21. Well that’s surprising. 12 Monkeys was renewed despite the low ratings, it dropped as low as a 0.2 at one point. It did however uptick to a 0.3. The renewal bar has clearly been lowered quite significantly.

  22. Mailbag: Will anyone on The Raza have a pet?
    And I too want to know if Jelly had her butt in the water bowl for any particular reasons?

  23. I see that Terry Pratchett passed away today. I’ve never read any of his book but am inspired to. Where should I start?

  24. Hello Joe!

    Questions for the mailbag:

    1. Is Zoie’s cat still around? Did you send Ivon to deal with him?
    2. How many cat t-shirts does everyone own? Who has the record?
    3. Is Robert Cooper a possibility to direct an episode?
    4. Are you and Ivon doing March Madness this year? Any hot tips for me? Hello Ivon! 😀

    Gotta go back to work…

    Cheers, Chev / webgurl

  25. I’m so happy about the 12 Monkeys renewal. I think it signals the network’s faith in good storytelling.

    1. Will the episodes be serialized or stand-alone type episodes?
    2. When can we expect Syfy to start promoting this show with an updated website, interviews, trailers?!

  26. Oh, just thought of one more question. Will there be any epic space battles, with lasers and missiles and stuff?

  27. Wearing a hat indoors. He ain’t no cowboy.
    @das เคยเห็นโฆษณาหลายครั้งแล้ว ดีมาก; seen it many times, very nice
    Joe, I second FargateOne.

  28. Hey Ponytail, did you know that in Ireland and the United States Whiskey is spelled with an “e”. In Canada and Scotland however, the “e” is dropped and it is spelled “Whisky”. Both versions of the spelling are correct 🙂

  29. @ Duptiang – Have you been to Texas? Real cowboys never take their hats off.

    @ Xrae – Canada and Scotland just have to be different, don’t they.


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