March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

From now on, whenever someone requests a photo of me to accompany an interview or some newspaper article (“Local Producer Unwittingly Consumes Ornamental Headdress”) THIS is the one they’re getting.  Akemi snapped it during today’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit) Day.  Director T.J. Scott, his photographer, and the gang from SyFy were on hand to photograph and interview the actors, the sets, and Jay Firestone and me in the ramp up to the Dark Matter summer season premiere!

Overseeing the action on the day was Executive Producer Vanessa Piazza who drew assists from VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson (drafted for monitor duty on the gallery shoot) and Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok (who helped with both the Q and A portions of the Q&A sessions).

Joining me on this rare Saturday foray into work was Akemi who – finally! – got to see the sets in person.  And she loved them, snapping innumerable pics for her instagram…to be uploaded at a later date.

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Backstage, on my way to my interview.

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Snapping the cast.

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Jay Firestone and I discuss the interview questions beforehand.  But not really.  Sure, we could’ve actually prepared, but that would’ve meant losing the improvisational aspect of being interviewed, something we don’t do so well….

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Executive Producer Jay Firestone and I prepare to talk Dark Matter.

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

We had a pretty good time.  Eventually.  We got off to a rocky start (I’ll admit I do some of my better work BEHIND the camera) and, about ten minutes into the interview, were informed we would have to start over.  As it turned out, it couldn’t have worked out better.  Second time around we were focused, more relaxed and we even made sense!

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Akemi hangs with Bubba.

After we were done, Jay escorted Akemi over to wardrobe and had her make a few selections.  Pictured below, two of the three new gorgeous leather jackets she added to her closet.  She was extremely grateful to Jay-san and is already preparing the next batch of Thank You cookies.

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

March 7, 2015: Dark Matter Epk Day!

Very exciting stuff.  We follow the EPK and gallery shoot with a conference call later this week to discuss marketing strategy.  As I’ve already made clear, I don’t want to wait until AFTER we air to start showing you some of the show’s amazing visuals.  Once we’ve all signed off, I’d like to start rolling out photos of the cast, the sets, and especially all of the amazing concept art and design work that’s been produced to date: ships, shuttles, wacky tech and weaponry!  All coming your way soon – along with that long overdue guest casting announcement!

18 thoughts on “March 7, 2015: Dark Matter EPK Day!

  1. WOW…Akemi in a black jacket with Bubba – priceless!
    And you, Mr. Dapper Sir….so very cool.
    can’t wait.

  2. Everybody loves Bubba! Sounds like another great day in the life of a brand new production. Akemi’s jackets are beautiful. If they came from wardrobe, I wonder who has worn them?

    “Once we’ve all signed off, I’d like to start rolling out photos of the cast, the sets, and especially all of the amazing concept art and design work that’s been produced to date: ships, shuttles, wacky tech and weaponry!” Sounds awesome to me!!

  3. Hey everyone

    Today March 8 is Ivon Bartok’s birthday!!!!!

    It would be awesome if as many people as possible left a message in the Birthday Messages section of his fansite or tweeted him @Ivonbartok.

    I actually found a site with Ascii Art birthday messages to copy/paste. Remember Cheryl’s beautiful messages?

    I’m sure Joe has some awesome plans for our favourite guy’s birthday. Enjoy!! Love Akemi’s jacket.

    Cheers, Chev

  4. PS Joe… TJ’s photographer isn’t just a photographer it’s Dennys Ilic, quite famous in SciFi fandom for his amazing portraits of Amanda Tapping, Ryan Robbins, Daniel Radcliffe, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Manu Bennett, …. basically everyone!!!!!

    Check out his website, it’s amazing – Dennys Ilic

    Cheers, Chev

    Actually you were right the first time! – “sizzle” sounds much better!

    Joe, I hope you realize that Akemi will likely be wanting to SHOP at “The WARDROBE STORE” more often..? — When She shows up on Set in the middle of the day bringing “Cookies”, that DARK MATTER “Shopping”-BAG hanging off Her shoulder will be your FIRST CLUE!!

  6. I bet you are giving the guys at Syfy a heart attack with all this talk of actually promoting one of their shows weeks/months in advance of airing it instead if just days before it airs like they usually do.

  7. Akemi was rocking those jackets! You and Jay looked pretty good too. Thanks for the pictures! When will the interview be released?

  8. Akemi looks great in both of those jackets! Kudos to your wardrobe people. I’ll have to watch for them when the show comes out and see who was wearing them.

  9. @Dupitang: I agree, “sizzle” totally works.

    That is indeed one big gun you’ve got there, buddy!

    Of course, Akemi would rock an old potato sack, but those jackets do look great.

    I can’t wait to see some more detailed stuff on the show. I’m still wondering what Canadian network is going to be showing it, though. I’m not sure why they’re being so shy about it.

  10. Rockin’ photos of you w/Bubba & Akemi in jackets. Please tell us when that interview posts, and in what medium. Although I doubt that you said anything that you haven’t already posted here. 😉
    @Dupitang: “sizzle” works for me, too.

  11. @chev — Denny’s work *IS* amazing.

    Akemi looks great in everything but how does she not FREEZE in the weather you have in clothes like that?

    You named the gun “Bubba?”

    You look VERY bad ass in that picture.

  12. I really love the genuine positivity from the pictures. Also 4 pictures down, I’m getting Hello Kitty vibes from the one with you and Jay, just above you. The cat whiskers, nose, and pink bow tie.

  13. Wait, wait, wait, are those Lost Girl leather jackets? The black one has a serious Bo vibe. They look amazing on Akemi and will go nicely with her space rifle.

  14. I’ve got a question. Can you guys please, please, please make sure the opening sequence for Dark Matter is as great as the ones used for SG1 and Atlantis, with an awesome opening theme song?

    Too many shows today skip out on the opening intro, instead favoring a 5-second clip of the show’s title instead of doing a 30-second-to-1-minute long theme song at the beginning of each episode. It’s the one thing that I really miss from the old days of science fiction tv programs.

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