March 1, 2015:  Zombies, Script Work, And Guns!

I came across the above in the production offices this week.  Just in time for my weekly Walking Dead night.  This week, we were joined by my writing partner, Paul, who never watched an episode of the show before – and promised to keep his mouth shut during the telecast.

Well, I finally made some progress on our season finale, episode #113.  As so often happens, I’ll agonize over those first half dozen scenes, writing and rewriting them, spending weeks tweaking the dialogue, at which point I’ll become so frustrated that I’ll just push through the script, doubling my output in a single day.  What I’ll have, of course, I’ll hate but, after more rewrites and tweaks, it’ll grow on me.  I’m out of Act I and into Act II.  Top of page 21!

March 1, 2015:  Zombies, Script Work, And Guns!

Pictured above: When the restaurant hostess walks over and affixes THIS to the neighboring table, that’s your cue to hurry up, finish your meal and get the hell out.

Oh, hey, another hello to all of the new readers to this blog who have stumbled upon us seeking information about Dark Matter, Stargate, or a recipe for crispy chicken skin

(right here:  No.  For reals!)

Welcome!  Things are going to get a whole lot more interesting on this blog in the lead up to our summer premiere.

March 1, 2015:  Zombies, Script Work, And Guns!

Finally, another interesting flyer I noticed in the production offices last week.  Hmmm.  There’s gotta be a better way to unload those weapons…

23 thoughts on “March 1, 2015: Zombies, script work, and guns!

  1. Aww, the sight of the baby chair made you rush your meal. 😉

    BTW – wonder what ever happened to Clover…we may never know until she tweets again…haha

  2. Walking Dead and babies….yes this is the reason I am so glad I found this blog…love reading it each day

    Oh by the way did you ever get your car back? Or did cloverblob take it across the border?

  3. Hey Joe,
    You worked on Caillou, what was the deal with that kid’s hair? My wife and I have been wondering about this for years. So far our guesses are: shaved it for his swim team, chemo, huge fan of Kojack reruns, white supremacist, unfortunate Nair accident.
    Anything to clear this up would help.

  4. The wall menu mentions Bottle. Guess we now know what kind of “bottle” if the infant chair is being installed.

    So…what else is on the menu at this place? Good?

  5. Finally catching up on the blog again, and I’m beginning to think you should be show running an additional series about showing running this series. I’ve been laughing hysterically with all the behind-the-scenes characters, death threats (from a cat no less), foodies and other adventures too numerous to mention.

    And congrats on the Sci-Fi Magazine April 2015 article on “The Making of Dark Matter”. I got it last week, and it really sums up the story line and characters. Plus I loved the photos and illustrations. All great stuff! I seriously can’t wait for it to air.

  6. Did Paul keep his mouth shut during the Walking Dead?

    No need to agonize over episode #113. Read us what you got so far. We’re here to help.

    Hey Joe, tell Akemi that the Texas Ranger’s star Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish (since 2012) made big news when he spoke to the media today for the first time in English. He said, “Good. It’s good.” and “I love this ball club; that’s not true.” and “that’s bull sh&%.” Pretty good eh? 🙂

  7. Were do I send the check, no, Money order, NO, when do you want the cash, Currency negotiable.

  8. I took my son to his first restaurant when he was about 10 months old – he ate grissini & some fresh veggies 😉 ….the ground rules for behaviour were set then…throughout his childhood & beyond he has accompanied us to restaurants all over the world & one memorable one at Gary Danko in San Francisco where he celebrated his 21st birthday & Graduation – which was wonderful.

    He appreciates all food, anywhere in the world and more importantly can cook amazing meals for him and his fiance.

    If you set the ground rules first then you will bring up a child who not only knows how to behave in public but also enjoys food with a sense of adventure for the rest of their lives…oh and is a healthy and fit individual because they, unlike most of their junk-food loving peers, actually KNOW how to cook fresh and tasty ingredients….

    Children are there to be educated into the world..including fine (and other) dining…you have to start somewhere imho…and early…

  9. *makes note to spell check before posting*….correction, that should read son’s “fiancee” – she can cook as well and it’s a pleasure to take both of them out to dine btw…

  10. Did you read where they did a study to find the safest place to hide from zombies? I think the gov’t(usa) even did their own study,, really,really, well there is a great use for our money,.. Notice I didn’t tell you where it is, the safe place, it’s going to fill up real quick, so best keep it secret..
    ~~smooth writing to you, have some chocolate..
    Drive on Cloverblob!! wear your seatbelt.

  11. Joe, the chairs, Joe; the chairs! Where (yes I have that correct this time) did they get the chairs? I am having flash backs to my grade (grammar) school days at Our Lady of the Lake. Yes, Sister rules are important.

  12. So how did Paul like TWD? I thought it was a solid episode.

    I’ll take that crate of guns. Have your android call my android.

  13. I can appreciate when childless adults hurry their way out of a restaurant when they see a family with kids. Many childless adults are loud and boisterous and many children can get agitated by that, especially the high-pitched laughs that cut through and drown out the children’s babbling. When I go into a restaurant, I try to do a quick scan and have my family seated away from anyone who looks particularly well-dressed and well-sloshed. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to walk my children around a restaurant to give them a break from all the dinnerware clacking and punctuated conversation of adults seated nearby. Childless adults aren’t always mindful of the pubic environments children prefer so it’s quite polite of them to quickly remove themselves from inhabiting public spaces where they might disturb newer members of the public.

  14. Just to clarify, I’m parodying frequent internet comments that discuss children in public spaces as not really members of the public but somehow interloping by using the same tone of a population not being a rightful member of the public, but applying the tone to childless adults instead of children.

  15. You are a lucky guy to work with friends again (Ivon). Everything about this project just seems like kismet. Are you having a big get together for all your peeps?

    As for the restaurant, after we had a kid, hearing a baby crying didn’t bother us as much. Hubby and I are glad it’s not our kid! 🙂 Woot!

    Carol: Your son sounds wonderful! Our kid is brilliant/sweet but he had some colic, A.D.D., O.C.D., and hypersensitivity issues. He couldn’t sit still for long, so most restaurants were out, until he was older. I thought he was difficult until I babysit his friend, Austin, who was A.D.H.D. Austin was a sweetie but he was a lot of work! That boy moved like he had ants in his pants. 😉

    I wouldn’t try that “free space guns” joke over here (Memphis/Mississippi area). There would be a flash mob and possibility, a home invasion/kidnapping. 😉

    My cat seems to take one step forward and two steps back on his health. I’m trying new meds and food on him this week. Cross your fingers!

    Hubby and I spent our Saturday helping at the karate tournament. That is a lot of work! It’s not difficult or strenuous but we had to concentrate all day, with very few breaks. We both have A.D.D. and it was difficult keeping our focus. Next time, I’m bring a large bag of M & M’s and a Coke!

  16. Well, Paul has officially watched one more episode of Walking Dead than I have. I figure since I missed watching it from the beginning, I’ll have a friend or two that’ll buy the series DVD when it’s done and I’ll watch it then. Just like Paul will, right? 😉

    -Mike A.

  17. You can handle zombies but not babies? Okay yes, my little niece is a lot like Nick Nolte before rehab or Joe Walsh in his hotel trashing days, in that she can be charming one minute and the next be pummeling you with teeny tiny fists because you asked her to stop vandalizing her room.

    This weekend’s recipes had to wait while I inhaled several pints of Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss ice cream; the salted caramel is insanely good. Oh and I made carimañolas using frozen shredded Goya yucca. Next batch: add more salt, butter and oil to the grated yucca to get the glacine texture needed for the yucca to bake into buttery crisp meat patties..

  18. Some people seem to think that the horde will appear in Ep 16(As its run time is extended). As you read the comics I think you’re aware of it Joe. Entirely avoiding spoilers there 🙂

  19. Oh and good luck with ep 13 Joe. Hopefully you’ll be thinking about Season 2 scripts in the future. I’m sure there’s not one person here who doubts you’ll get it.

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