February 18, 2015: And Now A Word From Our Interstellar Sponsors!

Today’s blog entry, brought to you by Solar Soda and Cosmic Tonic.  For a taste truly out of this world!

*A division of Station Shaofun 2 Holdings, Ltd.  CEO of graphics, Roxanne Barris.  President of digital motion, Kelly Diamond.

We now return to our scheduled blog entry, already in progress…

 – haven’t worked together in years, so I’m really looking forward to working with him on Dark Matter. He comes in for his costume fitting sometime next week (or the week after that).  A great bit of casting news, wouldn’t you agree?

February 18, 2015: And Now A Word From Our Interstellar Sponsors!

I capture the exact moment that Dark Matter VFX Supervisor, Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, came up with what Stargate Executive Producer Brad Wright would term a “Grinchy Idea”.  This during today’s VFX spotting for Dark Matter episodes #101 and #102.  Editors Paul Day and Wendy Hallam-Martin did tremendous jobs on the cuts.  I can’t tell you how excited I am by the end results.  These two episodes are going to be spectacular and I can’t wait to share them with you…right after the mix, color correct, the visual effects are finished, and we deliver them to SyFy. Oooh, you’re in for a treat.

Speaking of treats, let’s continue our slow reveal of Zoie Palmer’s Android character with another piece of the corporeal puzzle…

February 18, 2015: And Now A Word From Our Interstellar Sponsors!

She’s coming together quite nicely, no?

And for rabid fans (We know who you are!) of Natalie Cooper’s Sock of the Day feature, may I present today’s instalment…

February 18, 2015: And Now A Word From Our Interstellar Sponsors!

That’s it.  Back on Shaofu 2 with director Amanda Tapping and the gang tomorrow, then one more day before we switch gears and head on over to the Far Horizon.

Also, next week marks the arrival of our new Consulting Producer – and another reunion of sorts.  I’m going to need to find us a good taco joint.  Ah, just like old times.

24 thoughts on “February 18, 2015: And now a word from our interstellar sponsors!

  1. I really love the designs you’ve shown. I’m sure in the future when humanity finally goes into space and colonizes, they’ll likely have some bright color design Soda out there. Some of the stuff in general just seems so plausible to me.

  2. First, I wanted to say thank you for answering our questions in the mail bag the other day. Much appreciated! It is really nice to see the interaction with the audience.

    This slow reveal of Zoie’s character as The Android is such a tease! But I love it. Clever idea and fun. First, it was the footwear, then the ear, and now eye…so next might be the nose, then mouth? 😉 Or just go straight to the outfit. haha

    Love the vibe you have going with the show and I enjoy reading your blogs. Makes me smile after a long day at work.

  3. Ok, Ivon likes tacos and Lulu, oh wait, switch that, she really likes him,. I get confused about who is on first. Could be Rob. I am guessing here. WHo ever is coming to sail will have so much fun…

  4. Hmmmmm… who likes tacos?…. who use to bring tacos to your Sunday football gatherings?…hmmmm… I think it’s Lulu’s boyfriend… Ivon. Wow! Does she know yet? She’ll be soooo excited!

    Beautiful socks! I love pinks, yellows, greens.

  5. Oh, Mr. M, you are SUCH a tease! Your talent with stringing us along is unmatched (and fun). And the effort taken is greatly appreciated, you creative, clever, dear soul you!

    I hope yours and everyone else’s furry kids are keeping warm and out of this wild, cold weather. Of course, if you are in AU, or other warm climates, please send warming thoughts our way. New Jersey has been severely cold lately. I finally had to buy a Sno-Joe snow thrower at long last. All the snow shoveling was killing me.

    My two furry kitties are very glad they have a warm lap to sleep upon and a comfy house to live in. Today’s low was 13F, tomorrow will be -1F. Cozy.

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  6. Damn futuristic, time-traveling ads. No matter how hard I concentrate against the cyberpunk intrusion, I can’t read the name behind the casting news.

  7. Darn commercials! Always cutting into the actual broadcast stuff by going overtime. Soooo close to finding out that casting news. Maybe some other network will be broadcasting the news – might have to check there. 🙂

    Although, I now do have kind of a craving for some Cosmic Tonic.

  8. I’m going to go with…drum roll please…Michael Shanks. He’s currently residing in your area, based on your previous blog entry. What do I win if I’m right? =)

  9. @ Tam Dixon – Isn’t it great that we can now blame mistakes on auto-correct? 😉


  10. Cookies, Joe! I have cookies! I’ll send you some if you tell me who it is. I can keep a secret, depending on how much the others are willing to pay me… Heh heh heh.

  11. Man I wish you guys were shooting this all in Vancouver. I’m sure Akemi and the dogs do, too.

    My guess for the Stargate-era guest star: Mark Dacascos.

    Would love to see a throwdown with him and Four! That’d be epic!

    -Mike A.

  12. Okay, tacos. Good hint. That is going to either be Rob Cooper OR Ivon. I’m guessing Ivon. Lulu will be so happy to be reunited with her love.

  13. I have no idea why but I love the sock of the day pics. I want to own pretty much everything I have seen. ;O)

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