The first time I met Jay Firestone was about two years ago, while I was in town working on some nameless production.  My agent called to inform me that he had scheduled me a meeting with a very busy, very successful local producer.  I thought: “Sure, why not?”.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, these meet and greets amount to nothing, but my afternoon was wide open.  This, as it turned out, was in contrast to Jay’s afternoon which was peppered with meetings, phone calls, and pre, post, and production duties.  An average day for him.  I had been squeezed into his frenzied schedule, somewhere between a network conference call and a meeting with another producer and yet, despite the tight window, our sit-down was laid back, unrushed, and surprisingly entertaining.  I say surprisingly because, as anyone who has ever done these kind of meetings will tell you, they’re about as entertaining as your friend’s son’s student film project.  I remember he struck me as smart, enthusiastic, and funny.

I didn’t know whether I’d left an impression one way or the other but, months later, my agent let me know me that Jay wanted to hire my writing partner, Paul, and I to develop a show for him.  We happily signed on and soon started work with him on a delightfully creepy fantasy series.  Going in, I was admittedly leery when Jay made it clear he was going to be creatively involved in the project’s evolution, but my misgivings were put to rest after our first story discussion and subsequent notes call.  There were none of the standard executive requests (We need a ticking clock!  Can our heroine be more proactive?  Can we make the aardvark an anteater?).  Instead, the focus was on making the most of character opportunities. And, best of all, his notes didn’t assume the average viewer had the intellect of Narragansett turkey.  They were good.  Most we agreed with and, those we didn’t agree with he would open to debate.  We had a great time.

Until we went to the network and the project was shelved.  But we came away from the experience with the certainty that we would find a way to work together again in the not too distant future.  That certainty – and our development fees.

Months later, my agent called to say that Jay had read Dark Matter and liked it enough to go out and try to set it up (aka – put together the financial package to get it made).  I remember thinking “If anyone can get it done, it’s Jay.”.  And, as it turned out, I was right.  In fact, in retrospect, I’m fairly certain that the ONLY one who could have gotten it done was Jay.  Fellow producers are still unable to comprehend how he pulled it off.  They can’t believe it.  For my part, I CAN believe it – but that’s only because I know Jay now.  Connected, driven, utterly relentless Jay.

Having wrapped one production (Lost Girl) and rolled straight into another (Dark Matter), you’d think he’d slow down a little.  Think again. In addition to his Exec Producing duties on the show, he’s also tirelessly at work, trying to set up a dozen more.  Two weeks ago he was in London.  Last week it was Berlin.  This week, it’s L.A.  Next week?  Who knows.  New York?  Tokyo?  Bobo Dioulasso?

So, about a month into production on Dark Matter, and having worked with him, on an off, for a couple of years now, I can tell you this about Jay Firestone: He’s creatively ambitious.  He’s incredibly business savvy.  And he owns A LOT of superhero t-shirts.

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone! February 17, 2015: The Many Superhero Shirts Of Jay Firestone!

18 thoughts on “February 17, 2015: The many superhero shirts of Jay Firestone!

  1. I love the Aqua Man Tshirt!..I think Aqua Man was under appreciated as a super hero personally…I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to breath under water!…lol…jus sayin…

  2. Hi Jay! It’s great to meet you. I’m really glad that you are helping to bring Dark Matter in to the light. As it were…

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting it ever since Joe wrote the graphic novel.

    And my daughter also thinks that Aquaman is an awesome and undervalued superhero. But she is a mature and sophisticated college girl now and no longer wears superhero T-shirts.

  3. I like the Aquaman t-shirt the best too. It has pretty colors. I think all those shirts show there is a big kid inside him. He must love his work. That would explain how he can keep going and going. He’s like a little superhero himself!

    “creepy fantasy series” Darn! That sounds like it would have been good. Maybe you all could come back to that one and try again later..

  4. Obviously Mr. Firestone wears superhero tees to disguise the fact that he is, in fact, a superhero himself – Captain Imp Possible!

    Yeah. You’re right. I am tired and I need to go to bed.

    (On a different note, congrats to Miss P, the 15-inch beagle and Best in Show at Westminster! After watching 6 hours of a dog show I’m dog tired. Nites!)


  5. Perhaps, to thank Jay for taking on DM, we regulars could send Jay some new hero shirts. What’s his size? (He could pass them on to charity, of course.)

  6. I’m amazed at how many people don’t know Lost Girl and what a funny, exciting, action-filled, emotional and clearly game changing SF/F show it was. Any character could suddenly get a thing going with another — no boundaries or preconceptions — and it was wonderfully refreshing. I wish Jay would attend Comic Con so I could give him a big hug for making such fabulous tv. But for now I’ll sit back and be super duper pleased he’s got his hands in Dark Matter. You folks have a winning team all around.

  7. Mr. Jay is a coooool dude with a coooool wardrobe and not afraid to wear them!
    LOL @DAS – yeah…Captain Imp Possible

    Thanks for making Dark Matter happen!!!!

  8. How cool, love the t shirts, does he have green lantern? I wear mine mostly at home and them being, Dr Who and Star Trek, not so much hero, but cool none the less.
    Joe, sounds like you have won the lottery with your team! Go DM! Bring on the swag.

  9. Jay Firestone is such totally rad dude! I like his superhero t-shirts. I first heard about him when produced did Mutant X years ago, then Lost Girl, and now Dark Matter.

    Everything he produces turns to gold! Pure genius.

  10. Many and sincere thanks to Jay for being such a great force in bringing Dark Matter to fruition! He sounds like a great guy.

  11. You are very lucky to be working with such a great cast/crew of people! Your comment: Most we agreed with and, those we didn’t agree with he would open to debate. I love that in co-workers! An unwillingness to bend does not make a good work environment. Welcome Jay! Love the T-shirts. 🙂

    On the home front, my kitty is much better. He’s still spends most of his time on a heated throw but I caught him trying to break into the cat treats. I take that as an excellent sign of recovery! I owe the vet a dinner for sending his shots/meds/fluids and trusting me to treat him at home.

    The ice is melting here and I finally got my laps in at the pool. Maybe we can get back to normal. I hope everyone stays warm and safe!

  12. Hi Jay and many thanks for getting Dark Matter to the screen.

    @Das Captain Imp Possible. Love it!

    @TamDixon Glad your cat is doing better.

  13. Speaking of superheroes, Firestorm on The Flash is a pretty neat hero. The product of two fused individuals(Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein) with flame power.

  14. This confirms my initial suspicion that Jay Firestone is totally cool, made even cooler by his super t-shirts. But where is Wolverine and Magneto?

  15. I was thinking about Mr. Firestone today, for some reason, (maybe because I deal in money all day and the effects of a down economy), and I too wanted to thank him. For bringing Dark Matter to production, but mostly to thank him for employing so many people. Jay and Joe’s passion is not only entertaining, but means good jobs to a lot of people. Especially right now that the CEO’s of the huge oil companies are beginning to “act proactively” and lay off their employees, saving their big bonuses, no doubt. Even though they are still turning huge profits, the layoffs of the “little guy” begin. So thank you Mr. Firestone and Mr. Mallozzi for all the employment opportunities your dreams bring about!

    End rant.

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