February 15, 2014: For The Scifi Fan Who Has Everything!  And Yet Another Big Casting Announcement To Come!

Well, how cool is this?  I returned from my two days of location shooting in Hamilton to discover this sitting in my office.  While in London, Jay picked me up this box of customized Dark Matter marshmallows:

February 15, 2014: For The Scifi Fan Who Has Everything!  And Yet Another Big Casting Announcement To Come!

Pretty cool, no?  They’re so awesome, I can’t bring myself to eat them.

Of course I’m sure Akemi won’t have similar qualms.

In addition to the Dark Mallows, I found the following awaiting me as well:

February 15, 2014: For The Scifi Fan Who Has Everything!  And Yet Another Big Casting Announcement To Come!

This poster comes care of Elana Nova Zatzman, President and Creative Director of EZ Designs, who was attending Otakon in Vegas when she spotted it and thought of me.  As many of you know, if I was to name one series that most influenced the creation and development of Dark Matter, it would be Cowboy Bebop.  It’s ultra-cool SF fun and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out.  You still have several months before our premiere.

Okay, as promised, I’ll be getting around to that mailbag – hopefully tomorrow.

And, looking ahead to his week – production continues on episode #104 with director Amanda Tapping, prep continues on episode #105 with director Lee Rose, and we’ll be welcoming another familiar face to the Dark Matter recurring roster. We closed the deal on Friday and, this week, comes the official announcement. Any guesses?

31 thoughts on “February 15, 2014: For the scifi fan who has everything! And yet another big casting announcement to come!

  1. “Dark Mallows” sounds more like a horror story than sci-fi. I hope they don’t cause a digestive horror story! Seriously, they are too cool to eat. I don’t think I could do it.

    I did manage to find a few minutes of Cowboy Bebop a few months ago when you first mentioned it, and it does look cool. Not sure where I would find the whole series, though.

    It would be awesome if the returning/recurring person was David Hewlett, but I’d be happy to see any of the old crew take a turn on the new show.

    Still storming here after almost 24 hours. I’m afraid to look outside at the driveway. It’s not supposed to stop until sometime overnight. In my backyard, I have a series of trees that run along the property line which are a little over my height. They are now pretty much covered.

  2. Coyote Ragtime Show reminded me a lot of Cowboy Bebop, they both have a rag-tag group, and have that Science fiction western feel.


    [just “aging” myself with a Soylent-Moment… Must be the -40CF windchills…]

  4. I’ll repost my mailbag question just in case it got lost over the week:

    I don’t know how much you still need to keep under wraps, but can you further define the tone of the show? What will the levels of sex, violence and language be in relation to other shows?

    Also, are you aiming for a very “grounded” series, or are farther afield concepts such as time travel, alternate dimensions, higher beings, magic, etc fair game?

  5. Those are awesome gifts, Joe. Your co-workers must really like you.
    I’ve always loved Cowboy Bebop. And even though he is pretty Evil – yes, with a capital E – Vicious is one of my favorite anime villains. The sword vs gun fight in the cathedral is truly memorable.

    Stay safe all you East Coasters!

    gforce: if you lived closer I could loan you my DVDs. Netflix has discs available, but not streaming. Stay safe and keep warm! I hope the snow stops soon.

  6. Will Dark Matter have any Alien Civilizations and if so, will they play any major part on the show?

  7. love cowboy bebop I don’t understand why the series got cancelled still holding out hope for the long in development he’ll live action movie to get made.

  8. Oh and you know we’d love a Q & A but we also know how busy you are. So, if you have to postpone for a while….. We will survive. 🙂

    It’s freezing rain here. Mississippi/Memphis areas can’t handle icy roads. MS has already issued a state of emergency and I think TN will follow suit shortly. We would not make good Northerners! I hope everyone stays warm and safe today!

    gforce: Let us know how it is there. Have you seen “The Killing” on Netflix? I’ve heard the Gilmore Girls are a hoot, too, if you’re looking for shows on your weather house arrest. I’m expecting a ice encrusted tree branch to take out the power lines here but so far, we’ve been lucky.

    Mike Dopud would be a good addition. He plays a great bad guy!

  9. Well, we got another 40+ cm of snow yesterday, and most stuff is closed around here for at least another half day. The total for winter so far (most of which has been in the last 3 weeks) is 310 cm. And my driveway looks like it.

    Not helping matters is that this morning is colder outside than a studio executive’s heart, and the wind is just blasting.

    Oh Spring, where art thou?

  10. Thanks for the Netflix suggestions! I actually spent a good chunk of the weekend FINALLY watching all episodes and in sequence, Firefly. And finished off with the movie, Serenity. Why exactly was that series cancelled, again? Excellent writing, and great acting.

  11. Cowboy Bebop is religion, the Seatbelt CDs are awesome too. Keanu R was supposed to do a live action but the script is in limbo, his option must have run out by now. It’s waiting on you Joe. I somehow missed out on the trailer for Kingsmen otherwise I would have braved the 2 below weather to see it. I’ll try this weekend, snow be damned:

  12. Hi Joe, how’re things?

    @shinyhula it was a great film. My daughter and I saw it last night, it was -35 C with the wind chill.


  13. @shaneac1

    The anime wasn’t cancelled. It simply ended, and had an ending too. I’m a bit confused by that comment.

  14. @The total for winter so far (most of which has been in the last 3 weeks) is 310 cm

    That’s crazy. It sounds like you’ve had more snow than you know what to do with LOL.

  15. @Randomness: “It sounds like you’ve had more snow than you know what to do with.”


  16. Mike Dopud (MD is DM –Dark Matter — backwards). Sorry. I’m just a little bit tired.

    In addition, I would like Claudia or Ben. Did you guys see Peter Kelamis on Hallmark Channel’s “All of My Heart” this weekend? It was a nice surprise. How about Patrick Gilmore? He did a good job on Gracepoint this fall.

    Here is a cute Dark Mallow: http://www.gbjrtoys.com/res/blankblackmallow.jpg

  17. Bit late to this – I’m currently in the process of catching up with your blog, Mr. M. 🙂

    But I would love love LOVE to see David Nykl back on screen in a recurring role! He’s just so good, and a real chameleon – whatever I’ve seen him in, however brief, I instantly forget he’s Zelenka and am completely drawn in.
    He was terrific in his recent (small) ‘Supernatural’ role, managing to be both hilarious and creepy despite his brief screen time, and he’s great as the Russian mobster in ‘Arrow’ – I gather he was pretty much a fan-favourite from the get-go with Arrow fans, as with Zelenka and us SGfans!

    Oh, and he has a small role in a (student?) film called ‘The Projektor’ (available to watch on youtube!) as a sinister stranger, which on my life made the hairs on my neck stand up! Seriously good.

    And hey, as ‘Firefly’ had Mandarin, maybe in the future Czech is the lingua franca, and David could reprise his Czech swearing! (I think David also speaks French & Spanish – so maybe some multilingual muttering!)

    There were so many great actors on SG, but if I had to pick one it’d be David Nykl.

    Anyway, congrats for getting DM up and running – I have to admit, I was kinda avoiding reading your blog lest it fall through and be another SF disappointment!

    (Sorry for the long post. 🙂 )

  18. Dear Joseph Malozzi. I can give U a script for next 7 episodes of Stargate Atantis if You wish. I was considering J.J. Abrams too, but I think Your imagination will do the rest. Please contact me if You find some time between napkins and healthy food of Akami xD. Have a good year.

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