February 9, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Vfx Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-wilson!

Well, well, well.  If it isn’t former Stargate script coordinator, fellow fantasy football enthusiast, and self-styled Thai food expert Lawren Bancroft-Wilson who joins us – all the way from comparatively warmer Vancouver, B.C. – to take on the role of Visual Effects Supervisor for Dark Matter‘s first season.

February 9, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Vfx Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-wilson!

Lawren will be acting as the on set middle man between the production and the gang at Atmosphere VFX  (among them, our former Stargate VFX Supervisor Mark Savela) who will be providing us with all of our spectacular visual effects shots and sequences: space battles, FTL jumps, pulse blasts and mass cellular decay (Oh, sorry.  Spoiler alert!)

February 9, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Vfx Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-wilson!

Silver balls!  Silver balls!  It’s space ship time the city!

February 9, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Vfx Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-wilson!

It’s always fun to work with familiar faces.  In the months ahead, in addition to Lawren, Mark, and Atmosphere VFX, I’ll be reuniting with Amanda Tapping (Stargate: SG-1‘s Samantha Carter), Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlantis‘s Dr. Elizabeth Weir) and at least two more Stargate veterans.  And there are a couple of familiar faces I’d like to add to the mix as well.  Stay tuned!

Hey, I think it’s time for another mailbag.  Have some questions?  Post ’em if you got ’em!

24 thoughts on “February 9, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson!

  1. What other Stargate alums? 🙂

    (Yes that’s my mailbag question)

  2. When can we get some Dark Matter swag? 😉 I like that iPhone case. Is there one for iPhone 6+ ? t-shirts, hoodie, water bottle? 😉

  3. I don’t know how much you still need to keep under wraps, but can you further define the tone of the show? What will the levels of sex, violence and language be in relation to other shows?

    Also, are you aiming for a very “grounded” series, or are farther afield concepts such as time travel, alternate dimensions, higher beings, magic, etc fair game?

  4. Welcome back, Lawren! It’s great to see you on the team.

    Mass cellular decay? Well, that sounds…intriguing.

    @das: Yes, I’ve been watching Agent Carter, too. And loving it!

  5. Mailbag: How many former co-workers moved to Toronto (full time for the duration) to work on Dark Matter?

    I realize it’s a bit early to ask, but I will ask anyway: Do we have a US TV premiere date? Do we have a second season pickup?

    Since Akemi has been baking a lot (on the blog), are things happier in your tiny kitchen?

    Thanks for the wonderful stories!

  6. My question: Is having over 100 episodes completed normal on a series before the debut? Congrats on that, btw!

    Toronto looks like it’s getting part of this blizzard. Stay safe and warm up there!

  7. Mailbag questions…where does Natalie get her socks? And…I’m still waiting for my invisible script to arrive in my inbox for the episode where my character is featured. You know…the invisible, mute alien who in no way interacts with the other characters. When do you think I might expect that script? I’m so ready to show the world my acting chops. I’ve got my ‘seriously?’ stare down perfectly, though it’s difficult to visualize what it looks like on screen after I’m invisible and all that. Perhaps I should pretend to be a vampire while standing in front of the mirror while I practice. Yes, I think that might just work.

  8. So, any other “Stargate” WOMEN on deck, cast, crew, or staff? Just yes or no; no names requested.

    Seconding Lily’s request for swag.

  9. Pssst Joe. You already introduced Lawren back on Dec 3. It’s okay though, always good to see pics of Lawren.

  10. Overheard while filming news interview with Morbo:

    “Morbo tires of this ceaseless debate! Lawren Bancroft-Wilson, I WILL FEAST ON YOUR BONES! Up next, Morbo feasts on Dark Matter creator Joe Mallozzi! PREPARE TO BE ANNIHILATED!”

    My question: Every show seems to have their characteristic FTL jump styles, so is there anything your can tell us about your planned FTL jump effects?

    And what is that half-moon gazing ball that Lawren is holding used for?

  11. Mailbag question: hi Mr Mallozzi, i love ur blog im from Morocco (north africa) i love every thing sci fi/ space stuff lol! im a huge fan of battlestar galactica and the stargate series and movies… my question is plz do u think the visuals re gonna be great? i read somewhere that the Comcast Corporation gave a good budget to syfy for the upcoming expanse and all of its projects ahead with the goal of being at the edge of cable programs just like game of thrones… BSG and stargate universe had awesome visuals, is it gonna be the same on dark matter as well? looking forward to ur show!

    so say we all!

  12. Are you tired of winter?
    May we have the bourbon cookie recipe?(thanks Akemi)
    How are Jelly,Bubba and Lulu? love the videos!!
    What if anything are you doing for Valentines day?
    Welcome to Lawren!! silver balls,,hmmmm…
    How is Baron Destructo? Have not heard from him in a while.
    Cheers and Have a great day!!

  13. I love to see familiar faces! I find it very comforting.

    Can’t think of any questions, although I’ve probably thrown a few out there over the last few weeks.

    I was wondering how Jelly is doing with her paw and if you’ve heard any more about the “mass” or whatever it was that the imaging showed. Also, was Lulu’s bed-stealing behaviour something she just picked up since you were in TO?

    @Anas Ben: So cool that you’re posting from Morocco!! Welcome!

  14. Are Akemi’s vegan snack recipes posted? If not, can they…pretty pleeeaaassseeee?? 🙂 I’m vegan myself, so I like to try new vegan recipes.

  15. Mailbag: Will there be any online streaming options for your show? I don’t have cable anymore… 🙁

  16. Here’s a good mailbag question for you:

    Are you finding that you’re enjoying the differences and liberties you’re taking with the DM show canon versus that of the DM comic?

    Is it something you looked forward to in eagerness, or just realized would need to happen anyway and never really worried about it?

    How’s Vanessa? 😉 😉

    -Mike A.

  17. Hm, can you trust this Lawren guy? He hangs out with aliens and he’s doing a pretty good Evil Laugh in those pics. I hope this means he’ll be in Toronto more often to visit Lulu. Watched Stonehurst Asylum not expecting much despite it starring Ben Kingsley, Michael Kane, Brendan Gleeson, Sinead Cusack and Jason Fleming; I thought it was going to be stuffy but it was fun and creepy.

  18. Mailbag question: Do you have any photo of Editor Brad Rines in your collection? It would be great if you could post one since I collect pics of all Stargate releated actors and crews.

  19. Always great to see Lawren. Is he watching your homestead back in Vancouver?

    I did have a serious question tucked away to ask you when you asked for mailbag questions, but I seem to have forgotten. 🙁

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