Yesterday, I released the script for episode #110.  When I told Paul, he called me cruel for doing so without putting out #111 as well.  The script went out at 8:00 p.m. last night and, between set-ups, the actors were huddled around their cell phones, reading.  By the time I got home an hour later, there were a bunch of text messages awaiting me:

“YOU GIVE US 10 TO LEAVE US HANGING?!?!” (Alex Mallari Jr.)

“JoE!!!!!!  What the hell!!!!!!” (Melissa)

“Aaaaaahhhhh” (Jodelle)

Wait ’til they read #111.  And #112!  Or – holy crap – 113!  My life may be in danger after #113!

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

Episode #104 prep meeting with Linda and Renee and Renee’s dogs.  Executive Producer’s Assistant, Alison Hepburn, keeps us all in line.

Today, I delivered another round of treats to set from Akemi:

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

I corrected her this morning, pointing out it’s “peanut butter” not “peanuts butter”.  She countered by referring to the ingredients on the jar’s label: “peanutS”.  “More than one peanut,”she helpfully explained.

Yeah, but…  Okay, round one goes to her.

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

The decorative white chocolate icing undermines their vegan-ness.

People are always asking: “Joe, how come we never see pictures of you on the blog?”  The answer to that is simple.  I’m way too busy.  Taking picture of everyone else.  As it so happened, yesterday, a couple of cast members managed to catch me in action…

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

I contemplate a script with actor Roger Cross (photo compliments of Zoie Palmer).

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

I contemplate an Art Department design with Production Designer Ian Brock (photo compliments of Alex Mallari Jr.).

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

I contemplate a bowl of chocolate covered almonds with story editor Trevor Finn (photo compliments of Emily Drake).

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

Today, our unit manager, Robbie David (the guy who introduced me to Burgers Priest) introduced me to Centre Street Deli smoked meat.  I had every intention of taking a photo – honestly – but through some strange, unexpected happenstance, ended up devouring it before I got the chance.  Anyway, this is more or less what it looked like:

February 6, 2015: Enraged Actors Thirst For Writer-producer Blood!

17 thoughts on “February 6, 2015: Enraged actors thirst for writer-producer blood!

  1. True story…

    My mom knew a lady who had a little boy. She was a teacher and as such believed in teaching her son the proper words for things. When he was about 3 he pointed to his privates and asked, “What’s this called”, to which she gently replied, “that’s a penis.”

    As his little eyes grew wide with wonder he exclaimed, “Oh! Like penis butter!”

    That happened 50 years ago. And to this day that’s often what my family routinely calls that nutty spread in a jar. (My husband, coming from a much more conservative background, frowns upon our lack of propriety. 🙂 )


  2. Oh great. Does that mean we’re all going to have the same reactions when we watch the episodes? Yeah, what am I saying? 🙂 Now, we’re left hanging about what it is that left them hanging!

    For your contemplative mood, I was beginning to think you may have had your hand permanently attached to your chin. But then I noticed in the chocolate almond pic, it’s your other hand – unless the photo was reversed to throw us off!

    Nah, probably just really, really contemplative.

    Between blog food photography and hunger, it’s clear you need to get your priorities straight! 🙂

    Here’s a cool video of a train blasting through the snow taken about an hour away from me. The interesting part is up to when the engine goes by – the rest is just the train passing so don’t bother with that. I saw on the news tonight that our two week grand total for snow is 170.2 cm (that’s 67 inches!)

  3. Meant to add – Akemi’s energy bars look really good! And I totally see the logic behind calling it peanuts butter. I can only think of one time now when the singular would be appropriate (relating to trains again!)

    “A little peanut lay on the track,
    its heart was all a-flutter.
    Along a train came down the track,
    TOOT, TOOT! Peanut butter!”

  4. Advice-Visiting Vancouver in March-top3 to 5 restaurants you can’t miss going to (nothing too fancy though)

  5. I want Alison Hepburn’s job… keeping the visiting dogs happy.

    Where are your reading glasses? In those pictures, are you really contemplating or are you struggling to read and see? 😉

  6. I bet that is interesting watching the cast, engrossed, reading the next episode for the first time. I wonder if they are reading to see what happens next, or what their character will be doing.

    @ gforce – That train video looks dangerous. I’m surprised they don’t send a snow blaster engine through first to clear the snow from the tracks.

  7. This is what you are thinking in those “contemplating” pictures above:

    1. With Roger… “Gee, I’m glad I wrote this and remember it because I can’t see a word on that page! Wonder where I put my glasses.”

    2. With Ian… “Where are my damn glasses? I can’t tell if Ian drew a new cool gun design or another space ship!”

    3. With Trevor… “Is Trevor playing a joke on me? Is that really chocolate covered roaches? I’ve got to get a little chain rope for my glasses and keep them around my neck.”

  8. So cute, so very very cute. (This is were I am supposed to say and the dogs too.) The dark one reminds me of a former family dog. He was a great dog. But I hope Alison too had a great day.

    I got a thing in Toronto this summer which will give me time to sample some of your for mentioned Hot food spots. I would be like when I was in China when given the opportunity to tread on the paths of the once great Emperors: following the shadow of greatness.

  9. @Das Adorable story. Will call it that around here and see what the husband says.

    @gforce WOW on the video. Looks like the Tim the Toolman Taylor version of a snow plow. That is an insane amount of snow accumulation.

    I have had a mixed week. Got slapped down by my physical therapist and a reprimand about trying things my knee is not ready for like climbing stairs like a normal person. He took the exercise bike away from me and told me to sit with my leg up and straight or lay in bed with my leg up and straight but no sitting with my leg bent. I told him I guess I better make my March appointments. Heavy sigh. Can you imagine if this was more involved like a knee replacement?

    But it ended on a high mote with Boomer being restricted from remaining quiet since the end of October. I put video on my Facebook page if you want to see. My Jeff took him for a 3-mile walk and then he ran around crazy in the yard. He was able to get some toys back again too.

  10. Awww. Cute dogs and Alison is cute too. 😀

    I was thinking about ribs for some reason and wondering if yours and Andria’s are on the mend or mended.

    Peanuts butter does make sense;it does say peanuts on the jar. 😀

  11. just wondering – [imagine my fingers pinching my chin] – are your “Producer”-SUITS included in the SHOW’s Budget..?

    BTW, a bit of “advice”… When the GF makes GOODIES for you to bring to Work EVERY morning, do *NOT* go Grammar-Police on Her!! – Or else next, She’ll be whipping up a batch of HOME-[because-She’s-SNOWBOUND-in-some-Highrise]-made “P—-“-Butter Cookies for THE DOGS!

  12. Lol that sounds so funny Joe. I’m sure it won’t be long before you’re thinking about #201, time sure seems to fly 🙂

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