“You’re cheesing me,”said Akemi.

“Cheesing you?”I asked.

“Yes, cheesing me.”  She elaborated: “Making fun of me.”

“You mean teasing me,”I corrected her.  “Teasing.  With a t.”

She frowned, brow furrowed, genuinely perplexed by the revelation.  “But cheesing makes more sense.”

“It does?”

“Yes because cheese is like a food bully, kind of aggressive, always going around covering other things.  Also, cheese has a lot of other meanings like That’s so cheesy!

Good point.

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!

Akemi and I have our weekend routine.  We sleep in, visit the farmer’s market, drop by Loblaws, swing by my favorite comic book shop (The Comic Pile: http://www.thecomicpile.com where I pick up the few titles I’m still reading: The Walking Dead, Saga, and Alex + Ada), then stop at THE spot for Toronto’s tastiest rum cakes: Don’t Call Me Cupcake (https://www.facebook.com/DCMCbakery and http://dontcallmecupcake.com).  Owner Tova (pictured above) opened the shop a couple of years ago and has been baking up all sorts of delicious treats – cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, brownies and lemon squares – but my favorite are her bite-size rum cakes that are, apparently, a slightly tweaked version of her grandmother’s rum cake recipe. Today, my timing was near impeccable as I arrived while a fresh batch was cooling.  I waited patiently, killing time by chatting with Tova – and eating one of her sweet and crispy chocolate chip cookies – until the rum cakes were cool enough to ice.  And then…

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!

Moist, creamy, and slightly boozy.  It makes my list of Top 10 Things to Eat in Toronto!

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!

I’m pleased to report that while prep and production on Dark Matter continues to motor along, script work on our thirteen episode first season is almost complete. Yesterday, we sat down to a  note session with Executive Producer Jay Firestone and discussed episodes #110, #111, and #112.  Amazingly, the typical pre-note session angst I’d grown accustomed to over my many years as a television writer has disappeared.  It’s nice to sit down with someone and not have to fight for your vision of a script or argue over seemingly trifling expository additions that will weigh down or sink a scene.  Never, over the course of these 12 script meetings with Jay, have we been asked to dumb down explain or clarify or make so absolutely clear that even a trained chimpanzee could follow along.  With Jay, it’s all about the characters and their respective relationships – which is, ultimately, what this show is about.  The input has been really good, really positive, and I have yet to flip a desk, throw a script, or kick a script coordinator.  Yet.

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!
Jay checking the set for design flaws. From here, it’s a short walk over to wardrobe to weigh in on the costumes. You think I’m kidding?

Monday, we start production on episode #103 with director Paolo Barzman.  I’ve only known the guy less than two weeks and I’m already a big fan.  I really appreciate his passion and positive energy.  Also, the great photos he took of Lulu the last time I brought her into the office:

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!

January 31, 2015:  Cheesing!  Toronto’s Best Rum Cakes!  And A Script Update!

Also on Monday, prep begins on episode #104 with a certain fan favorite assuming the directing reins.  Who, pray tell, could I be talking about?  Well, let’s just say it’ll be a Stargate reunion of sorts.

27 thoughts on “January 31, 2015: Cheesing! Toronto’s best rum cakes! And a script update!

  1. I prefer to think of cheese as a food “medic”, instead of a bully. 😉. I love Akemi’s view of English. She really makes me think of the meaning or root of words.

    Those bourbon cakes look fabulous. I bet “Dark Matter’s” cast/crew would love a box of them. No wonder the cast exercises so much!

  2. Have you been to the Silver Snail yet?
    I think their new location is Yonge/Dundas. They put on some pretty cool events.

  3. You shouldn’t tease OR cheese Akemi! That’s not nice! 🙂

    That rum cake looks wonderful. I’m trying to eat well for the next while to get myself back in hiking form for the Spring. But… just one wouldn’t hurt, right?

    What are the black strips for on Lulu’s cone of indiginity? Speaking of which, how is her eye coming along now?

    Oh, a SG director? Martin Wood? Will Waring? Peter Deluise? Any of them would be awesome. If it’s Will Waring, I’m presuming we’ll see a space pineapple in some scene!

  4. Can’t argue with Akemi on “cheering.” Mmmmm forbidden rum cake. Let’s see fan favorite, you are referring to a director, actor, actor director? A SG fav none the less… Hmmmm well, Amanda has been known to direct. Then there’s Martin Gero. I always like Martin Wood’s direction…ok I give up who it is? Poor lulu, …in the cone of shame.

  5. Lulu’s eye looks good. Director Paolo Barzman even got her to smile in that first picture. She must be flirting with him. Lulu, what would Ivon say?!! Did she meet Grant? You leave him alone!! You can’t have all the men!!

  6. That is a pretty little shop Tova has there. Everything looks so good! Creative name too.

    “I have yet to flip a desk, throw a script, or kick a script coordinator. Yet.”

    I immediately thought of Trevor and Lawren. I bet they are happy about that!

    “Yet.” ??

    You just had to throw in that little warning, didn’t you. Poor Trevor and Lawren and all the other poor unsuspecting new people. Just remember…duck and cover! 😉

  7. Yum! Looks like I need to add Don’t Call Me Cupcake to my list of must visit shops for my next visit to Toronto.

    As for Dark Matter production, I’m amazed at how smoothly things are going already. That’s a testament to to talented and professional people you’re working with. I can’t wait to see the final product!

    And poor Lulu! How is her eye doing?

  8. SG reunion “of sorts”? Oooh, is it too much to hope that episode 4’s director might be Amanda Tapping? 🙂 I love Paolo Barzman’s work on Lost Girl. His pics of Lulu make her look dignified even with the cone of shame.

  9. Poor Lulu and her cone of shame; I hope her eye is getting better and Jelly’s paw is mending well.

    I don’t care for rum much, but that cake along, with other things in the picture looks delicious.

  10. Just a week ago, we had practically no snow on the ground. Now, after the *85 cms* that we got over this week, this is my street:


    And… there’s a chance we may get up to 50cm more on Mon/Tues. Eep.

    With all that potential desk flipping and script throwing, it sounds like you need Ashleigh there to keep you in check! Hope she’s doing well.

  11. I wanted to share something that I just read in a FB post by the author of “Following Atticus”, Tom Ryan. He has such a way with words, and as much as I may complain, sums up my feelings about this succession of Winter storms we’ve been having:

    “Winter rattles the backdoor, wanting to come in. She tells me she’s sending us another storm. I smile and tell her, “The days are lighter, the nights shorter, spring is only seven weeks away.” It is a game we play. She taunts me and I remind her that her time is fleeting. “Rage while you can, you make our little home a delight.” That’s about the time Mendelssohn picks up the pace and drowns both of us out with his heavenly notes.”

  12. @Sparrow_hawk – and that was just the beginning….it’s still snowing and it does not look like anything was shoveled. sigh

    If the roads were not so icky…I would go out to get some of them donuts and decadent stuff Joe has been CHEESING us with….LOL.

  13. @Sparrow_hawk and sylvia:

    We’ve been too lazy today to shovel yet; none of us are going anywhere and I have the next two weeks off, so no need to have it clear for the morning. I also have a teenage son that has Civil Air Patrol PT (Physical Training) goals to meet, and I consider snow shoveling to be character-building so guess who gets that job in the morning! 😉

  14. I think Akemi actually improves the English language. I’ll never think about cheese in the same way again.

    I’m so happy to hear that Torri is on the show. I always thought she was terrific in SGA. I hope there are more SG1/SGA actor appearances along the way, and I can’t wait to hear who’s directing.

    I got sick last week with a weird deep hacking cough. I haven’t been sick in years, and I haven’t had the flu in 20 years, at least. But I got kicked out of work, and told to go home. So I missed most of last week, and spent the entire time plopped on my couch, and eating. Hacking cough or not, my stomach worked just fine. Now that I’m better, and five pounds heavier, I’m heading back to work tomorrow and 80 degree weather. Wish I could send some California rays to all you folks back east.

  15. Well, whoever it is will do a fine job, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked them to direct an episode of your baby. BUT, if it is Martin Wood, I FULLY expect to see a huge wrench at some point(even though Dan Shea won’t be there to hold it[or will he?]).

    -Mike A.

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