Between my 5:30 a.m. wake-ups, the nagging rib injury, and one elderly fitfully slumbering pug, sleep has been very hard to come by lately.  And it isn’t going to get any easier anytime soon.  When the doctor said “It’s going to feel worse before it gets better.”, I just dismissed his words as a worst case scenario.  Well, worst case or not, he was right.  Every time I shift in bed, the pain under my ribcage shocks me awake.  The simple act of coughing is an adventure and bending over is now a thing of the past.  According to the experts (aka – others who have suffered the same injury), a full recovery should take me about 4-5 months.  Just in time for the Dark Matter season one wrap party!

Tomorrow, it’s main unit day #2 (yes, technically, production day #3) on episodes #101-102.  We’re in the corridor and quarters (for that pantsless scene) with Marc, Melissa, Anthony, and Alex, while Zoie fine-tunes her ass-kicking for Tuesday’s extended fight sequence in which she’ll put a major hurt on the boys.

On our standing sets all this week and then we head to Hamilton and Waterloo where we’ll get down and dirty (and, oh yeah, cold) in the mining community. We’ve got our guest cast in place.  A few familiar faces in the mix –

January 11, 2015: Sleepless In Toronto!  Looking Ahead!  A Brand New Dark Matter Feature!

Moving forward, I think I’d like to add a regular feature to the ongoing production blog.  I’m calling it “The Daily Snap of the Day”.  For every day we’re in production, I’ll add a screen grab from the previous day’s dailies.  For instance, here’s one from one of my favorite shots of Day #1:

January 11, 2015: Sleepless In Toronto!  Looking Ahead!  A Brand New Dark Matter Feature!

Intriguing, no?

Schedule permitting, I’d like to do a little Q&A sometime this week. So, questions…post ’em if you got ’em!

I end today’s blog with a pic of this apartment’s most adorable couple gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes…

January 11, 2015: Sleepless In Toronto!  Looking Ahead!  A Brand New Dark Matter Feature!

55 thoughts on “January 11, 2015: Sleepless in Toronto! Looking ahead! A brand new Dark Matter feature!

  1. Oh Joe, sorry to hear about the pain. That sucks. Are you able to take anything for it (that won’t completely wipe you out, I mean)?

    The “snap of the day” looks great! And a cool idea, too. You know we appreciate so much being brought along on this ride.

    I’ve gotta put some thought into the mailbox questions – I know I have some, but can’t remember anything right now.

    Myself, I seem to have caught a cold finally – sore throat, coughing, sneezing, and sniffles. Yay.

    Hope we both feel better soon!

  2. Wow…look at all those beautiful people! If nothing else, Dark Matter will be a treat for the eyes! 😀

    (I have no idea who any of those people are – pictures are too small, and I can’t read the names! I need new eyes. 🙁 )


  3. First question to pop into my head:

    Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bed post overnight?

    (Can’t believe I still remember that song.)

  4. @ a full recovery should take me about 4-5 months

    Let’s hope that in your case it’s a lot, lot sooner Joe :). I don’t have a clue about those kinds of injuries so I don’t know what you can take for it, but if it does get bad, you should take something.

  5. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering if the network has figured out a way to acount for all the online viewing of a show I know it was one of the downfalls of SGU witch I loved. Can wate for the new show really looking forward to it.

  6. Love the pictures! Especially, the one wth Akemi. Is that Jelly?

    Did you ever mention how your ribs were hurt? Sorry they are bothering you. How’s your Sis doing with her ribs?

    I hope you sleep well tonight!

    @Gforce: Shake off that cold soon! I prescribe NyQuil tonight and I hope you sleep well too.

    @Das: Enjoyed yesterday’s post. 😃

  7. Question: What is your new mailing address – ya know, the place where we can send get well cards, and bribes, and kiss-up gifts?



  8. Sorry it is going to take so long for you to heal.

    Is that Torri in your guest photos? Hope so!

  9. Question for the Mailbag:
    #1 – Will the guest cast list possibly include anyone from SG-1, ST Atlantis or SGU?
    #2 – Do any of your fuzzy kids come to work with you on a regular basis?

    2cats =^-^= =^-^=

  10. I add a question a few days ago but now I can’t remember! That’s the way it always goes! I’ll have to think. But…

    In that last picture of Akemi and Bubba, what is she saying to him? Better yet, what is he saying to her??

  11. “I HAD a question a few days ago…” Right now I can’t type to save my life!

    Intriguing, no?


  12. Is that Torri I see in the guest cast or are my eyes peering through glasses and a magnifying glass deceiving me?

    I’m sorry that you are in the “worst” phase of the rib recovery. 🙁

    Very cute picture of the apartment’s most adorable couple. 🙂

    Good luck on day 3.

  13. Intriguing, no?

    Intriguing, yes! The story of “the kid” was enigmatic in the comic, so I’m looking forward to see how this plays out.

    I agree with Frank Smith; that’s Torri Higginson on the right. And is that Jennifer Spence at third on the left? I can’t really tell. I thought second from the left might have been Erin Chambers (Sora).

    Your rib should progress to a dull throbbing ache in a week or so…then it’s a slow gradual fade to occasional discomfort. Hopefully you’ll progress to minor annoyance in quick order. As for sleeping, how about arranging pillows on either side of you and sleeping on your non-injured side? The pillows will keep you from rolling over in your sleep. I had to do this when recovering from my knee surgery last year. Good luck with it!

  14. @ das – Question: What is your new mailing address – ya know, the place where we can send get well cards, and bribes, and kiss-up gifts?

    Das, I asked that question a few weeks ago and Line Noise attached a link for:

    Prodigy Pictures Inc.
    124 The East Mall
    Toronto, ON

    Joe please correct that if it is wrong.

  15. Can you wrap the ribs anyway to help? Hope it does not take that long to heal. Bubba? and Akemi look so comfy. Love the screen shot idea, Jodelle is such a pretty girl and that looks great! ~~Wait, what,,, a pantsless scene,, really, ok then. Sail on!

  16. Joe your doctor mentioned sleeping in an “easy” chair at first. If you got one in your apartment, I bet it will help. (If not, get Roger to bring one in. 🙂 ) And definitely some pain medication would help at first. Like JeffW says, the sheering pain should ease up fairly quickly. My brother broke a couple ribs and it did for him. But he was 18 at the time, so, maybe not.

    I am making chicken and dumplings the easy/lazy way. Instead of rolling out dough for the dumplings, I am cutting up flour tortilias. Got to get back at it…

  17. Hope your ribs heal quickly, although it seems soft tissue injuries take longer to heal than broken bones.

    I see David Richmond-Peck, and is that Josh Blacker? Oh, that might be Mark Hildreth I see. It looks like a great cast and guests. Can’t wait to watch the show!

  18. Sorry to hear you are in pain while all this stuff is going on while all this awesome stuff is going on. Intriguing picture YES! always love family pictures too. How is Andria?

    @gforce. Take care of that cold.

  19. For the ribs, do everything anti-inflammatory you can think of. There’s ibuprofen, ice, keeping your blood pressure steady, light compression, eating Pineapple or taking Bromelain supplements, staying away from aspirin. Some people have more inflammation when they eat sugar than others, but that’s one more angle you could hit if you want. Heck, a paleo diet is also aptly called an anti-inflammation diet so there’s another angle.

    There’s a prescription lotion people with the right doctors can get that has anti-inflammatories in it. I was so doomed to get tendinitis in my neck a few weeks ago and one application of that reversed my fate.

    This early in the injury, the friction from the inflammation is your biggest enemy. The friction will form the scar tissue that will prolong your problems. You’re justified in going to excessive lengths, even pushing your gut a bit by taking too much ibuprofen in order to get the inflammation down and keep scar tissue from forming.

    Taking care of yourself that much is time-consuming. This injury couldn’t have come at a worse time (except if you were on the stunt team). The friction I’m talking about is not an abstract concept, you might even hear it if you push yourself too much.

  20. Nice, intriguing picture! Can’t wait to find out how that fits in.

    And Akemi always looks cute. So do the pups!

    JeffW gave some good suggestions for sleeping. The pillow propping technique is very useful – I did it when I broke my collarbone to keep from rolling onto my bad side. And pain pills. Pain pills are good, too.

    Yeah, das, I can’t figure out who the pictures are either.

  21. @ Tam Dixon – See Joe’s post on January 7th. You were probably distracted by the pictures of the beautiful cast. 🙂

  22. Question

    How closely is you first two episodes of Dark Matter the TV series following the comic book’s 4 parts?

  23. Yeah, having a rib injury of any kind is the WORST!

    My question:
    1) What has been the hardest part about the last few days (not your rib, that’s a given)
    2) What has been the biggest surprise or something that worked out that you were not expecting.
    3) Can I get a Q&A with you eventually for my blog?

    @gforce: get better soon, I suggest tea, and natural cough drops.

  24. @Airelle – Sail on! I love it. I’m hereby nominating “Sail on!” as the Joe’s blog commenter’s motto.

  25. PS–I had a case of bruised ribs once, long enough ago that I remember the pain but not the treatment and recovery. DP makes some good suggestions, based on my more-recent orthopedic experiences.

    DP mentions an anti-inflammatory lotion. VOLTAREN is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory in topical gel form, available by Rx in the USA. My orthopedist and GP both recommend it because it avoids the stomach-irritation issue.

  26. Love the bread crumbs. Looking forward to the new feature! Great idea but you know you are feeding our addiction, right? Hope you heal faster than 4-5 months, just baby it. Have you considered a rib support? Wrapping them may help with the coughing/sneezing. Cute family picture. heee

  27. In a unrelated episode of a unrelated series the stage setting was dark which had a focusing effect of the character’s story setting. Your stage settings seem to be reminiscent of a previous series. How did you and your fellow creators come to decide on a state setting?And, How do the DP and Directors feel about its effects in filming compared to other types of background colorization?

  28. That second photo looks like Melissa O’Neil (one “L”), for your “Daily Snap of the Day”. What did I win? 😉

    Sadly, according to a medical friend of mine, all you can do with that kind of injury is to take pain killers and be patient. Wrapping is not recommended because, although this may help the pain, it stops the lung from expanding and can lead to pneumonia.

    Looks like you may have either Ty Olson or Noah Danby, two actors living in Toronto, as guest stars.

    Question for you: You will obviously need special effects for Dark Matter. Do you have a company in mind for this?

  29. I’m excited about the new feature. Great pic for today!

    My question has to do with music. You mentioned before that if you were to choose a series Dark Matter is similar to, it would be Cowboy Bebop. That show was well-known for the great music. Can you give any hints about the music of Dark Matter? Has a composer been chosen yet? Will there be a theme song that plays during the opening credits, or will it just be a quick flash of the title? One thing missing in a lot of shows is a proper opening title credits — long enough to get the song in your head and get you amped up for the show.

    Sorry, I guess that’s more than one question.

    Hope your ribs get better soon.

  30. Q – When was the decision made to gender swap the android? How did you come to cast Zoie Palmer in particular, I’m a big fan of hers from stuff like Cold Blooded, so I’m really curious about her version of the character.

  31. Okay, I’ve got a question for you!

    For a variety of reasons, I haven’t read Dark Matter yet. I meant to! I still mean to! But now that the show is coming out, do you recommend reading first, or watching and reading later? Is there anything we’re likely to miss, either way?

  32. Questions:
    1. Some of us here have read the Dark Matter comic (and if you haven’t, you should – the story and artwork is wonderful!). Will Season One cover only what has already been published or will it move beyond what we’ve read.

    2. I know it’s really early in filming, so it might be premature to ask this, but what the heck: now that your character creations are in the hands (and bodies) of live actors and actresses, has your view of them changed? Have their interactions altered the way you plan to tell their stories?

  33. Congrats on 3000!

    Sorry about the rib. Hang in there Joe. I’m sure the months will “fly” by.

    I see Torri Higginson! Tell her we all said hi.

  34. Thanks for the well wishes, folks. @Pennlynn: Tea! Excellent idea! I’m going to make some now, since I actually took today off work – barely able to speak.

    Still trying to remember my questions!

  35. Ponytail: Thanks for the info but I thought for sure he was kidding, Actor Roger Cross gave me a hug so enthusiastic that I fear he cracked my rib or possibly ruptured my spleen. 🙂

  36. The show looks like it is moving along. I certainly appreciate the behind the scenes posts. As for you rib, I had a very similar injury coming off a horse some years back. The pain eased considerably after about a week and I could actually lie down to sleep. Wrapping the ribs overnight also seemed to help. After about 3 weeks it was only twinges, so hang in there. Dog sympathy and cuddles also help 🙂

  37. Hey, DP! I made your cobbler last night with frozen mixed berries. It was excellent!

    Thanks again to everyone that participated in the recipe swap way back when.

  38. Questions kinda come and go and trying to remember is frustrating.
    However, there are some great questions posted by others…so I shall be lazy and say – yeah, what he/she asked.

    Sparrow_Hawk posed one that did occur to me – remembered after reading her question and she asks it better.

    2. I know it’s really early in filming, so it might be premature to ask this, but what the heck: now that your character creations are in the hands (and bodies) of live actors and actresses, has your view of them changed? Have their interactions altered the way you plan to tell their stories?

    Extending – Will there be any transition from the original “portrayal” in the Graphic Novel to what we will see on screen?

  39. @Sparrow_hawk – always glad to spread some hillbilly culture. I wish I had the skills to teach hillbilly dumplings to Ponytail. They’re way easier, but no one else could get them as fluffy as Mammaw’s.

    @Joe – You can order a 2 to 14 inch memory foam mattress topper or mattress from Amazon and have it delivered by Fed Ex because they come in widthwise rolls that you unroll and then the foam remembers its inflated shape. (Different ones have different inflation times, 24-48 hrs. at the high end) so make sure you’d have a flat surface available that long.)

    You can also get large, memory foam wedges or rent a hospital bed with a memory foam mattress and an overhead apparatus to pull yourself up with.

    And one of these babies

    has been a godsend to get on and off a regular mattress through various issues (I even spent about half a homebirth leaning on it).

  40. Man, I know it was a long time coming but now that it’s here, it all seems like it’s happening so fast! I recognize Torri Higginson on the far right, but the rest, the picture is just a little too small and blurry. Hard to make out who those others are. I’ll just wait for the first episode to air! As much as I like all the behind the scenes stuff, I kinda want to not see so much so everything’s fresh when the show starts airing. I love the “whole new universe” part of watching a new SF series.

    My question:
    Have you thought about putting in any kind of easter eggs in the show? I know a lot of people put easter eggs in related to their previous work, but with as big of a comic book guy as you are, I could see LOTS of potential for visual/dialogue easter eggs referencing one, or more, of your favorite comics or anime series.

    -Mike A.

  41. Question! How did you decide on the actual name “Dark Matter” for the concept? Will that substance actually play some role in the series development sometime? Is it a metaphor for something that has a large influence, but always remains unseen? Or did it just sound cool? 🙂

  42. Joe – I do have a question that’s been pestering me since the Atlantis days…

    Why don’t we ever see SyFy tv actors on late night talk shows? Isn’t it a good way to sell the show to new audiences? Especially with these newer hosts who appeal to younger audiences it just seems like a smart move to get some of your actors late night gigs.


  43. @ Mike A. – LOVE the easter egg idea! Do it Joe, do it!

    @ Das – OMG! that is so funny! My 89 year old dad has one just like that, except the basket is under the seat which Joe may prefer so his scripts and important papers don’t blow away.

    @ DP – Your hillbilly dumplings sound interesting. Are they easy to make? I like fast and easy. You gave birth at home?? Wow!

    @ gforce – Get well!

    One last question: Akemi doesn’t have an old Japanese remedy for your ribs?

  44. @Grace

    You should read it, it’s a great comic book. Joe also had a Q&A with Garry Brown the artist behind the comic on here a while back.

  45. @Cowboy Bebop

    Great series, but speaking of ship in space anime shows, Starship Operators and Heroic Age are an absolute must for any anime fan who loves Scifi to watch. Especially Heroic Age which is more a Space Opera with some really elaborate space battles. I think first time watchers of anime would like Heroic Age.

  46. Sucks about the ribs…just done healing myself from same thing..took about 2 1/2 months for mine…sleeping in a recliner worked wonders for me…definetly limit yourself from coughing,sneezing,laughing..and trying to take deep breaths…lol

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