“You shouldn’t do CrossFit.  You should do Peanutty X.”

– Akemi this morning as she watched me struggle my way through my workout.

Yes, it’s been a while.  But my buddies, Lawrence and Bruce, have inspired me to resume my daily exercise routine despite the absence of a home gym.  Today, I kicked things off with:

15 lunging stretches

15 overhead squats

15 sit-ups

15 back extensions

15 push-ups

15 dips

Repeated three times.

With my warm-up out of the way, it was on to the actual workout:

24 air squats

24 push-ups

24 walking lunge steps

A 400 meter run

Repeated six times

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!
My post work-out celebration

Once I was done, I was DONE.

I think I may follow Akemi’s advice and give Peanutty X a try.

Between work on the show, the holiday eating, and sitting around watching old episodes of Murder She Wrote with mom, I fear I may no longer be in tip top shape.  And so, I’ve decided that things are going to change.  My attitude!  My commitment to exercise!  My diet!

Next year.  After all, I’m still on vacation.  I still have time to squeeze in a few great meals.

Last night, for instance, I met up with a bunch of my Montreal friends for dinner at Moishes Steakhouse.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

Bruce, aka Sushi-man (because he once ate 40 pieces of sushi in one sitting.  Note: Since publishing this post, Bruce reminded me that it was actually 65 pieces of sushi.  Bruce: “I eat 40 pieces running for the bus..”), focused on some hilarious cat video on the left; Nigel, aka Supa (because he is), our Master of Ceremonies, who dislikes cooking so much he once lived in a place without a stove…for six years!

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

Ron, fellow Japan enthusiast and an amazing photographer (https://500px.com/ronthemon) who is supposed to be visiting Tokyo with me some day.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

And Jason, family man and devoted reader of this blog.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

My 45 day aged rib steak.  It was very good – for a North American cut.  Still, nothing beats a nice piece of wagyu.  I tried actual Kobe beef for the first time back in Tokyo in 2004 and was so blown away that I was unable to eat North American steak for years.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

I convinced Bruce to have dessert.  Then asked him to pose for this photo which I’ll be forwarding to Crossfit HQ.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

After dinner, Akemi and I swung by the hospital where my sis was waiting – and waiting, and waiting – to be seen by a doctor, then for blood test results that, ultimately, discounted the possibility of a blood clot to explain the pain she’s been suffering for days now.  She’d been there since noon – and it was 11 p.m.!  A day earlier, my friend brought his mother to hospital emergency – and waited eight hours before eventually giving up.  Compare this to Vancouver where I’ve never had to wait more than an hour to be seen by a doctor, either at a hospital or a clinic.  When I mentioned this to my dining companions, they had their own horror stories to offer.  I was told you’d be better off making the drive to Cornwall, Ontario than trying your luck at a hospital in Quebec.  Even factoring in the six hour drive (three there and three back), it’s actually faster!

Anyway, we picked up her house keys, then swung by her place to let the dogs out – and spend some quality time with them.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

A wistful Ralph awaits Andria’s return.

Earlier in the day, Akemi and I returned to Old Montreal for a stroll, some crepes, and lots and lots of maple syrup-themed eats!

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

We discovered a Maple Museum in the basement of a shop specializing in maple treats.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

Follow the snow shoes.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

They’re empty.  I checked.

December 30, 2014:  Exercise!  Friends!  And Maple Maple Maple!

I’d forgotten my hat at home so I picked up a new one – that Akemi fell in love with and claimed for herself.  Well, it looks better on her anyway.

Akemi had a maple cookie, a bag of maple popcorn, and some tire d’erable (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maple_taffy).  She was flying high on a sugar high for most of the early afternoon – then passed out on the car ride home and napped through the rest of the afternoon.

Tomorrow – finally – it’s my Best Reads of 2014!

19 thoughts on “December 30, 2014: Exercise! Friends! And maple maple maple!

  1. Having done both the P90 and P90X (original) programs, I can say that they definitely DO work, but P90X is pretty tough, and fairly time consuming since most of the workouts are about a full hour. I did P90 to get in shape for my Nepal/Everest trip back in ’05, and I was in the best shape of my life I think then. P90 stepped it up for sure, but I found I was sometimes had to skip workouts because of the time. Also, both programs encourage have dietary suggestions that may be, um, inconsistent with you usual habits. Not that you have to pay attention to those, but I did follow them for the P90 three month period and had pretty amazing results. The P90X program also pretty much requires a pull up bar of some type too.

    I’ve really kind of fallen off the wagon the last couple of years with the workouts – as you know, life has been pretty busy and rather distracting. Since things have quieted down now though, I’m getting back into the swing of things and already feel a lot better.

    Ron does have some amazing photos on there! Looks like he does a lot of HDR, which I would like to get into more. I’ll have to check more of them out later.

    That does sound like an unusually long wait at the hospital – we don’t usually experience that here in NB either, especially if it could be something serious. I do hope they find out what’s wrong with Sis soon! Give her my best wishes for feeling better soon.

  2. I really need to proofread more, or WordPress needs a $#$%@ comment editing feature.

    Meant to type “P90X stepped it up for sure”.

  3. 3 hours to Cornwall..? Only 2 to Ottawa. [just saying] – Next time, “fake it”! Just stick a shovel in her hand and call 911. That might cut the Wait-Time in half..? Although, considering Quebec Health Care [or lack thereof] crossing the Provincial Border would probably be your best bet.
    Anyhoo. Hope She’s feeling better soon.

  4. I’m with you Joe!! January 1st – I’m on a diet!! I’m off work until January 5th. I found out today my boss sent cookies and brownies – a late Christmas gift thanks to our mail room forgetting the box in the fridge. I will need to take care of those cookies and brownies (as in…eating them quickly) when I get back to the office, but then I will be on a diet!! I’m estimating January 10th.

  5. Wishing Andria the best and hope they get to the bottom of her pain! Fast! (They’ll probably discover she’s suffering from bigbrotheritis… 😉 )

    *Hugs* to all!


  6. Go easy on those exercises or I’m predicting:

    1 lunging muscle over-stretching

    1 overhead squat leg cramps

    1 sit-ups inducing back ache

    1 back extensions muscle pull

    1 push-ups shoulder sprain

    1 dips groin pull

    Repeat the pain pill three times a day.

    2 air squats ligament tears

    2 push-ups arm stress fractures

    2 walking lunge steps calve twists

    A 400 meter run lung collapse

    Repeat the soothing Ben-gay cream six times a day

  7. So sorry that Andria is suffering pain. Why are the wait times so long? Doctor shortage? Hope she feels better soon, sending more cheerful thoughts her way.

    BTW, if you haven’t exercised for awhile, I sure would not push it too far, too soon.

    I wish I had a bite of that steak…


  8. Good to see your friend Nigel again. I was wondering when he would be showing up on this trip. Truly awesome photos by Ron. gforce did you see those photos? Wow!

    I’m sorry to hear your sister is still having health problems. I hope they can figure out what is wrong real soon. I’ll be praying for her full, speedy recovery.

    Joe take your hat back. Akemi looks good in everything! You keep letting her take your stuff cause she looks good in it and you’ll be walking around naked!

  9. Thanks for showing the example for others to follow. I was going to work out today but wimp today got the better of me. Will you were all prepared for that dinner.

    Hope your sister is on the up swing. Too much stewed Rabbit?

    I understand about the hat. With my girlfriend in Bangkok when she found the cup of pecan covered with dark chocolates in my bag. I said they were for the flight crew on the return home (aviation is a small community). She said not any more. Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

  10. 🙁 I am sorry she is still sick. That hospital wait is horrible, but honestly, have heard many here wait 4 to 6 hrs in busy emergency rooms. If you aren’t hemorrhaging or obviously dying, you get to wait. And I’d agree with Ponytail about the hat and “walking around naked” but if that were a real danger, I bet you’d stay on your 2015 diet and exercise plan! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  11. That hospital nonsense is messed up!!! And there are those who think Quebec would be better off as a sovereign nation?!? What, do they think they’ll just be able to pop across that international border to Ontario whenever they need a doc on call? Crazy.

    Anyway, did your sister ever get an explanation for what’s wrong??? Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  12. She’d been there since noon – and it was 11 p.m.! A day earlier, my friend brought his mother to hospital emergency – and waited eight hours before eventually giving up.

    sounds like all the E.R. visits i’ve experienced.

  13. I’ve heard such varying stories about health care in Canada. I didn’t know different regions had different standards. That explains a lot!

    I’ve never had pleurisy but I know bronchitis is a bitch. I hope your Sis is feeling better today!?

    Thanks for the pictures! Montreal looks so inviting. (you should really consider doing travel guides) Akemi seems to be enjoying herself too. “Waves” to all your dining companions!

    Impressive work out! Your new mantra: “Aleve us my friend.” (just keep repeating that)

    I’ve felt like a sloth lately. The YMCA pool has been closed for maintenance but today, it’s finally open!!!!! I’m heading over there soon to work out the kinks. Yesterday, I barely made it through karate class. I felt like crap. Later, I went for routine blood work and my bp was 150/80. I need to swim!

  14. P.S. The key my posting success: ADD and OCD. I’m posting to correct the above post. It’s not “Aleve us my friend”, it’s “Aleve IS my friend”.

  15. A-HA! I knew it! (That you kept your weight down with major exercising)

    Wow. I’m really sorry to see that the ER waits are so long in your country. Makes me really appreciate the 3-hour waits in Omaha, NE. I hope your sister gets the treatment she needs and feels better soon.

    Take back your hat. Akemi has lots of hats. 😉

  16. LOL! @ Ponytail’s predictions! 😀

    @ Tam Dixon – You just totally explained my posting success. 😛


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