November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!
Welcome to cheese town!

“This five dollar bill has blood on it,”said Caitlin from the back seat, examining the keepsake from a recent road trip to Buffalo.

“Maybe it’s Buffalo wing sauce,”suggested Alison seated beside her.

“Except we didn’t have any wings while we were there.”

An awkward silence finally broken by Natalie, our navigator, who advised me to hang a left.

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

The four of us were on a mission, on our to The Cheese Boutique to pick up a few items for this afternoon’s Friday Wine & Cheese.  Before leaving, I’d given everyone their assignments – Natalie was the knives expert; Caitlin the explosive expert; Alison the muscle; and I was the driver.

“I need to be navigator,”Natalie pointed out, taking a not-too-subtle swipe at my poor sense of direction.

“Okay,”I said.  “You’re the navigator – AND the knife expert.”

“Can I be something less violent?”

“No.”  I mean, seriously.  Who goes on a mission without a knives expert?

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

A fifteen minute drive later, and we’d arrived at cheese heaven.  In addition to the wide assortment of cheese, the enormous shop offered charcuterie, jams, jellies, olive oils, balsamics –

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

And, oh yeah, chocolate!

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

After purchasing an insane variety of cheese, crackers, jellies, and breads – we were ready to go!

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

Meanwhile, Trevor, under the assumption I have met with a terrible mishap, has moved into my office.

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

Back at the office, we decided to lay the cheese spread out on Trevor’s desk since he doesn’t make much of use of it anyway.

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

Let the games begin!  While we were picking up cheeses, Elliot was getting the wine.

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

Everyone had a terrific time – except for the AD’s whose offices we loitered around, laughing, drinking and snacking while they tried to work.  Or, rather, pretended to be working while re-watching the new Star Wars trailer for the hundredth time.

November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

A big thanks to Caitlin, Natalie, Elliot and Alison for making Operation Wine & Cheese a resounding success.  And special thanks to Trevor for handing out the baguette slices and allowing us the use of his napping station.

Next week: Operation Beer & Oysters!

Cheese Boutique (45 Ripley Avenue 416 762-6292)

16 thoughts on “November 28, 2014: Operation Wine & Cheese!

  1. Recent excursion to Buffalo? We did not hear of this before! Or was it only one of your partners in crime that was there? 🙂

    Are we sure that’s an official Star Wars trailer? I watched it, and I didn’t see one single lens flare.

    Also, why can I get blindingly fast wifi at a hotel in the Middle of Nowhere, UT, but apparently shared dial-up in Las Vegas? Argh!

  2. Wine and cheese Friday certainly beats casual Friday. 😀

    Those statues are a little creepy.

    I want a cheese boutique in my city.

  3. I’d be in for the oysters and beer! And I’d die for a fresh baguette with brie and strawberry jam!

    I’ve been having a great time with my cousins here in Castle Rock Colorado celebrating Thanksgiving. Smoked turkey by my cousin, sweet potato casserole by his wife, pumpkin pie by Barb, and key lime cheesecake and pecan pie by me. And tonight I made pizza.

    Tomorrow it’s a birthday party for my younger cousin, and then maybe a hike around the hills…the scenery out here is absolutely beautiful! Then we head back home on Sunday for two days of driving. I’m hoping the tumble weed herds on I-80 have died down by then.

  4. I don’t know what to be more excited about star wars or dark matter. either way it’s an exciting time for science fiction fans.

  5. Whoa…wait…who is that guy on the far left in the third photo from the bottom? Yummy! I mean, he looks like he is intelligent and well-read and…well, yeah.

  6. You should have made her the sword expert. That’s not less violent, but she can stand far enough back to avoid most of the blood splatter. Tell Natalie she doesn’t need to thank me.

  7. Yum. I wish we had a cheese superstore nearby. We do have the Beehive Cheese Company nearby, at the mouth of the canyon, so that will have to do.

    Ah, Nowhere, Utah. The place to be.

  8. Listening to my favorite weekend Econ. Radio program (yes Joe I am serious as he is Encon prof. AM1570-great bumper music). He just asked the question, “what goes with blush wine besides the bottom of the sink?”

    I just have to ask you Joe, how do you do it? How do you keep sane being surrounded daily by such attractive and talented women’s?

  9. I love that mouse. I’d love one just like it for my front yard, right beside my front door.

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