Production on Dark Matter will be uniquely challenging for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the fact that my long-time writing and producing partner, Paul, won’t be making the move to Toronto to show run the series with me.  Instead, he’ll come down for a week of meetings in November, return for prep and shooting of the opening two-parter, then come back to prep and produce episodes #5, #10 and #11.  Otherwise, I’ll be flying solo – insofar as that’s possible considering I have an entire crew of talented individuals to backstop me. It’ll certainly be a different working model for me as I’ll no longer have Paul to split duties with.  In the past, when I was in prep, he was on set – and vice versa.  Now, if I’m on prep making sure the Android hits the “stealth parameters” line in episode 2, who’ll be signing off on the belt buckle being designed for episode 3?  And if I’m editing episode 8, who’ll be tracking sweat beads in episode 7?

At first, I thought I would need to hire someone – someone experienced, smart, and pleasant to work with who I could depend on to be on top of things.  And then, as things moved further along on putting the pieces of this show together, I realized that “someone” was already on the production.

October 22, 2014: Introducing Vanessa Piazza!
Vanessa enjoys a power lunch.

Vanessa Piazza worked on two previous Prodigy Pictures productions (Lost Girl and XIII) as a producer involved in all aspects of prep, production, and post.  Hell, she was also heavily involved in PRE-prep for Dark Matter, hustling to help close the deals that finally made our show a reality.  In the few short months I’ve worked with her, she has been nothing short of awesome – and I couldn’t imagine anyone better suited to help oversee set, work on cuts, and, of course, sign off on that belt buckle being designed for episode 3.

First day of Vancouver auditions will be uploaded tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces.

I’m calling it a night as my power cord has died and I’m dwindling past 32% battery life.  Added to tomorrow’s to-do list between 1) Identify a new set of sides for the second round of auditions and, 2) Have barbecue for lunch, is 3) Get new power cord.

Hey, here’s something interesting.  #10 on the list of Unsolved Mysteries: 15 TV Cliffhangers:

23 thoughts on “October 22, 2014: Introducing Vanessa Piazza!

  1. Hi Vanessa! Welcome to the team! 🙂

    And yes, who wouldn’t love to see the resolution of the SGU storyline?

  2. But you can’t resolve it too quickly if you want the series to continue past the first season…. No?

  3. Damn. Everytime I see that ending, I feel the loss of that show all over again. I have high expectations Joe. I hope you are up to the task! 😉

  4. So if Paul is not in as co- show runner, does that mean his new title is Executive Writer, Chief Writer, or Grand Poobah of Writing? I like Grand Poobah, personally. What have you named him, Joe?

  5. I guess Paul did not want to uproot the kids. He may not be there every day but sounds like he will still be very involved. Vanessa has his eyes. 🙂 (Seriously, put their pictures side by side, you’ll see)

    (You can make the kid a surprise girl but keep the long haired guy a guy,)
    ((You’re not even paying attention to me, are you?))

  6. If Paul is not around that much, who is going to help you co write the lyrics to the theme song?

  7. She’s on to you, Joe. That’s definitely a “This photo better not end up on your blog” look.

  8. Sorry Paul isn’t there with you. 🙁 But sounds like things are in hand.

    I tried not to comment, but who the hell picked out that orange sofa? It is retina-burning.

  9. Good luck Vanessa! (You’ll need it 😉 ) Is she Vegan?

    Prayers to Ottawaians! A few more names for my prayer list…

    We are picking up our son from college (he’s on fall break) this morning. A friend is renting me her condo in Destin and we are hiding out for a few days. Hubby has two more job interviews when we get back. I’m thanking God because he still has his current job for an indefinite amount of time. It gives him the luxury of picking and choosing his next job carefully. Thanks everyone for the well wishes on his job hunt. He’s fortunate to have a handful of companies interested already!

    Thanks for the show updates! Skillfully done. 😉

  10. @Otherwise, I’ll be flying solo

    You’re more than capable of doing that though.

  11. Joe, just remember to take care of yourself, as you will be very very busy. Will Akemi be making bento box lunches,? always so cute, but more time for all that once you get properly settled into the new diggs. Best of luck with all that is to come.

  12. More awesome Lost Girl folks, go Vanessa! So can we expect some new Q&A’s?

    I’d love to hear from Jay F. on his thoughts on the end of Lost Girl; did the show end the way he would have wished? Was it going to be Doccubus or Bo having a passel of adorable werebabies with Dyson?

    And from Vanessa what her favorite eps of Lost Girl were, and what they are looking forward to seeing on Dark Matter; what’s different and what’s similar to DM. Okay, I thought I’d have one question but it turns out there are many.

  13. Assume both a female aportacion is always interesting in the production and second Vanessa has better taste in music than you. I would leave Vanessa the decisions on tasks involving spatial / color / texture issues, your choice in carpets makes this evident. 😛
    Besides being incredibly beautiful, if I may say. 😉
    Also as a security measure seeks to have on hand polarized sunglasses for the day in one room what are Vanessa & Paul concentration incredible eyes that can be fatal. 😎

  14. If the Canadian parliament’s sergeant-at-arms might be called upon to engage in a toe-to-toe pistol fight, how come he weighs himself down with that gold, Jaffa staff weapon?

  15. Hello Vanessa! Looks like she is going to need those power lunches to keep up with you. Will Vanessa become like your nemesis Ashleigh? If she is vegan she is off to a good start.

    I think that if SGU had to have an ending, the one it got was just perfect. I don’t need every loose end tied up. In my mind, Eli found a way to survive and the crew of SGU is off exploring the wonders of the universe.

  16. I would not be able to get a lot of work done if I worked with Vanessa. Blue-eyed brunettes are my weakness. 😉 Especially ones that are that attractive and that accomplished. Smart and successful are sexy as hell, to me.

    You be careful, too, Joe. The last pretty girl you worked with became your arch-nemesis. 😉

    -Mike A.

  17. @ Vanessa – Just to be clear, comparing your eyes to Paul’s eyes is a compliment. Paul has beautiful eyes for a guy. They are like Jeff Fahey, or Ray Liotta’s eyes.

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