Our first night in Toronto was, in a word, “horrible”.  The bed is too small, it’s too hard, and the curtains are insufficient and, in parts, non-existent so that the street lights (and, at approximately 2:30 a.m., the flashing police lights) streaming in to our bedroom made sleep almost impossible.  ALMOST impossible because I was so exhausted I could have fallen asleep – if it wasn’t for Jelly’s crying keeping me up. Eventually, I had to set her down behind the bed to shield from the light so that she eventually dozen off – at just after 3:00 a.m. – only to wake up with the sun.  Of course.

Today, we were off in search of tape and black material so that we could create our own blackout curtains.  And also some winter coats.  And boots.  It’s cold!  4 degrees celsius/39 fahrenheit.  WTF?  Toronto was actually warmer than Vancouver – until yesterday when the temperature suddenly dropped to near freezing – coincidentally, on the day of our arrival!  The fates continue to conspire against me.

October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!

Thanks to everyone that offered advice on dealing with Bubba’s separation anxiety.  The problem has sort of sorted itself out for the time being.  The poor little guy has howled himself hoarse and now just squawks –

On the bright side, a full day in and the eating has been good.  For lunch, pork belly buns at Banh Mi Boys –

October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!

And then back to Buca for a thank-you dine with Jeff –

October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!
Hand-cut blood pasta. I was honestly leery, but it was delicious.
October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!
Sweet corn gelato topped with finishing salt.
October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!
And the house tiramisu

Speaking of Jeff who is flying out tomorrow, he dropped by to say goodbye to his flying companion and new best friend –

October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!

Heading into the office tomorrow.

Wonder what we’re having for lunch…

21 thoughts on “October 19, 2014: Toronto – Day #1!

  1. Poor Bubba.

    OK the curtain thing? I need a cave. You have my sympathy.

    I hope you all get settled in soon.

    I’d actually love 34 degree temps.. It’s been in the 80’s here. Blaaaaah. So sick of summer.

  2. The poor little guy has howled himself hoarse and now just squawks –
    Hey, whatever works. 🙂 It least he seems happy.

    Blood pasta. 🙁 Yuck.

    Move over Ivon. Lulu has her eye on another. You are yesterday’s news.
    (Lulu.., girl. You could play a little more hard to get…you know.)

  3. Poor Bubba.. My heart goes out to him. I read today’s post and was hit with deja vu. What is it about you and Toronto.? I recall nothing but misery and bad luck when you were living there (temporarily) last time, and here comes a drop in temperatures upon your arrival and nobody’s sleeping. Oh dear, oh dear. For goodness sake I hope things start to be better soon. I wonder if Bubba is picking up your anxiety about everything, I know you know your doggies best- but I do know that they sense way more than we realize. My metaphysically- inclined sister-in-law would suggest you and Akemi perform a spiritual house cleaning, to clear out negative energies, but take that advice with a grain of salt, so to speak- In the meanwhile, I hope everything starts to settle down and Toronto can become your second home.

  4. @Das:

    I’m confused. Have you and Akemi adopted Jeff, or something? 😉

    (Psst! Jeff!! Make sure you’re in the will! 🙂 )

    I would’ve tried for a place in the will, but I think Lulu would be ready to contest it, and as a middle-aged man, I’d have no chance with a jury compared to a cute French Bulldog. Also, she’s all muscle, so I’d lose a one on one fight too. Best to just move on! 🙂

  5. yeah..funny thing that weather… Ottawa was breaking all kinds of records last week with temps in the upper 20s. “Humidex” was the buzz-word of the week! Along with “RAIN”! Now, it’s “FROST”!

    BTW, if you guys are in need of nice warm WOOL Toques, just give me a shoutout and colour-choice! 😀

  6. I’m sure things will only get better for you from here on out Joe, stay positive 🙂

  7. I hate it when curtains don’t do their job. And air conditioners that have noisy fans that turn on just as you are finally dozing off.

    The good news is that it will be warming up as the week goes on in the Midwest, including Toronto. Hang in there. And tape the dang windows with black paper. Maybe leave it there for the benefit of the next inhabitants.

    Hey, JeffWM – is that a pocket protector???

  8. Just splurge and buy some black out curtains. Call it an investment. You’ll be much happier. I hope y’all have a good night’s sleep! I hope the pups are settling in?

    Not so sure about blood pasta but the other foods look good!

    After JeffW‘s morning, I’m glad he had a nice meal with your gang. Send him home happy!

    Akemi is rocking the winter look!

    It’s a little cooler here in Mississippi/Memphis area (50ishF) and my Raynaud’s has kicked in. It’s hard to type when you can’t feel some of your fingers.

    Anybody have a prayer list going? If so, please put my hubby on the list. His career at Microsoft is coming to an end (?) and he has several interviews this week for Memphis area positions (all with different career paths). Today’s interview is with St. Jude for a software architect position. That’s the one I hope he gets but really, I just want him to find something he’ll enjoy.

    I hope everyone out there has a great day!

    Oh and Das & Ponytail, love your posts. Y’all have kept me laughing! Thank you both!

  9. @JeffW – just keep making nice with Lulu. If you two are in the same house, you can both play with the super-villain action figures and watch the anime library no matter who owns them. But watch out, she has a wandering eye.

  10. Sure, when you are in the new house all smooth sailing. And the trip was very well. I hope you have not forgotten in Vancouver your lucky japanese spaceship cufflinks.

  11. I’m sure things will get better soon. Well, except for the weather, that is. The upside is that by Spring, you’ll think 4C is wonderfully balmy!! It also turned suddenly cold here (I blame Toronto now). A big shock over the somewhat warmer Fall temps we have been having.

    Blood pasta? Is that some kind of Klingon thing? Everything else looks good, though!

  12. I meant to add that yesterday I went to do some trail work on the Fundy Footpath that meant driving through some beautiful Fall foliage that is now in the yellow/russet/red stages (not pics, sorry) meaning that it’s the season’s last spectacular showing of colour before they… well, I don’t want to think about that. Let’s say that within two weeks, there’s going a lot of raking for people to do – and 6 months of naked trees.

  13. Lulu, the Jennifer Anniston of pups, so fickle with her affections. Ivon is the Col. Brandon to Lulu’s Marianne Dashwood, steadfast and yet taken for granted. Poor Bubba; I believe the months of October through May are “take your pug to work days.”

  14. @Tam Dixon:

    I learned yesterday that Joe had less sleep than I had…serves me right for complaining, but that’s typical: you just get done complaining about something and find that the person next to you has had a much rougher time. I have to remember to be thankful first!

    Joe, I hope you had better sleep last night. And yes, the blood noodles were amazing! I’m wondering where I can find blood pasta in Chicagoland…


    Hey, JeffWM – is that a pocket protector???

    That’s my passport and an unprotected pen. Are you thinking you have me pegged into some sort of cultural stereotype about engineers? I mean other than the detail oriented nature, the constant redesigning of things around the house, and the…oh never mind. Next topic? 😀

    On the “JeffWM”, I thought the ‘M’ was for Mallozzi, since my adoption is apparently imminent. 😉


    To paraphrase a Rip Chords song, Lulu thinks she’s a queen. I’ve been hurt by that type before, so I’ll guard myself, especially while Ivon’s around. 😉

  15. Poor Bubba! I hope he gets his bark back soon and no more separation anxiety barking in the future.

    Lulu–Ivon’s feelings will be very hurt. I think she is the type to play the field though.

    @TamDixon Definitely prayers/good energy your way. It’s scary to change careers like that, but hopefully he will find the perfect position where he feels welcome and challenged. Nothing worse than a job that does not challenge you.

    We could use some prayers. I’ll repost what I put on my Facebook page.

    “Such a sad day. The third Monday of October 2013 I was coming back from my rheumatology appointment, exiting off the freeway, when the call came in from our vet’s office that Maddie had lymphosarcoma. On Wednesday of that same week, we put her to sleep because she was suffering.

    Today is the third Monday of October but now it is 2014. I am AT my appointment with the rheumatologist when I got a call from the vet’s office. He left a voicemail that he wanted to “discuss” the results of Boomer’s heartworm test. To me that meant only one thing–it was positive. We reassured the vet’s office that we gave him his heartworm prevention every month. He was heartworm-negative when we adopted him. How could this happen? He could have been infected but the test may not have shown up as positive yet. Apparently it can take 6-7 months to show up positive. On Wednesday we will take him in for stage 1 of his workup and treatment.

    This poor vet. Normally we see the primary vet in the practice (our vet for 22 years now). But it was the partner who told us that Buddy had congestive heart failure after we saw him instead of our primary; he saw Maddie because our primary vet was on vacation last year; he saw Boomer because Jeff had to take Boomer in for his annual exam on his off Friday because Boomer is too rowdy for my injured knee at the moment. And our primary vet does not work on Fridays. Mr. Rowdy Boy needs to be quieted immediately. Boomer needs to be confined and kept as quiet as possible for at least the next 6 months. Oh boy! We do have our work cut out for us. Poor Boomer. From what I am reading a lot of the success in this process involves us keeping him quiet. Keep good thoughts/say prayers for his well-being.”

  16. @ t’ealc – jason often threw in so haka moves as ronon. Cool vid, thanks for sharing.


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