That’s it.  We’re out of time.  Ready or not, we are on a plane and Toronto-bound tomorrow morning.  I’m super anxious about flying with the dogs – but have done my best to prepare them for the four and half hour in-cabin flight.  I spent an hour on the phone with Air Canada, making the arrangements.  Jelly, Bubba, and Lulu will be flying in-cabin with us.  Each dog must be accompanied by a passenger but, sadly, must remain under the seats at all time.  I did my research and learned that the middle seats in economy actually have the most under-seat room so I booked three in a row – and also booked the aisle seats so that Akemi, Jeff, and I wouldn’t be too cramped.  I know, I know.  It’s an added expense – that required a whole separate call and next day confirmation – but this is a (hopefully) rare occasion. Lulu’s recent stomach issues had me concerned enough to take her to the vet today but I’m pleased to report that her case of (what Carl Binder used to refer to as) “the skitters” has abated and she is back to her old self.  And, as an added bonus, actually shaved off half a pound!

We fly out at 9:00 a.m., but we’ll be meeting at the airport at 7:30 so that we can check in together.  The dogs will be skipping breakfast, just to be on the safe side, and I’ll be administering Rescue Remedy and maybe a little bit of gravel before they head into their sherpa bags.  I may even wake up extra early to take them for some early, EARLY morning walks and ensure they’re nice and tired for the duration of the trip.

I’m hoping for a lot of this:

October 17, 2014: Prepping For The Toronto Move!  And A Modest Mailbag!

And, once we’re in Toronto, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing!


Bailey writes: “Will the series follow closely with the comic? If I have read the Dark Matter will I be spoiled for the series?”

Answer: The first two episodes will cover the events of the Dark Matter graphic novel (comprised of all four issues of the comic book) although some changes will be made.  Yes, there are spoilers in the graphic novel but the revelations contained therein are merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the twists, turns, and surprises to be doled out over the course of the show’s first season.

glisterghost writes: “Casting must be an exciting experience for any writer – do you have any say in the process?”

Answer: Yes, as show runner I will have a say in everything from who is cast to the color of the onscreen display on the bridge.  I’m mad with power.

gforce writes: “Poor Lulu! Hopefully, that will clear up really soon. Who will she be riding with anyway? Jeff? :)”

Answer: Yep.  Jeff has the honor.  She’s feeling much better now.  Hopefully, she won’t be too gassy.

Dallas Marshall writes: ” is Dark Matter going to be aired in the United States, or just Canada? ”

Answer: SyFy is our U.S. broadcaster:  Just like old times!

dasndanger writes: “Dude…DUDE…the toughest character to cast will most certainly be Ryo Tetsuda”

Answer: I thought so too – until I started reviewing the auditions.  Some terrific candidates.

JimFromJersey writes: “Since this is going to be “our” show, let me know when would be a good time for a set visit. Preferably after it’s built, of course.”

Answer: Damn.  I was going to put you to work on the bridge.

livingforcreativity writes: “You seemed to have many, many shows in development at one time. I’m thrilled Dark Matter is happening. It seems like getting a show to air is a miracle under any circumstances. But, are any of the other shows still a possibility? If one of them “happens” what do you do? (Add people to the team, while you still executive produce?)”

Answer: I should be so lucky.  Right now, Paul and I are wholly focused on Dark Matter‘s first season –  and will be through June of 2015.  One of our other prospective shows, A.K.A., is still in play out there, while another script I co-wrote with our friend Tara Yelland was recently optioned.  I’ve always said that, in this business, you either have to have near infinite patience, or a near infinite amount of projects out there.  You just never know.  Even when you think you do – you don’t.  A while ago, I thought Dark Matter was dead and would have bet money we’d be producing A.K.A. in Vancouver – but, clearly, things worked out differently.

Joan001 writes: ” I know that there are people I’d like to see being cast again. ”

Answer: So would I and I’ve recommended certain individuals I’ve worked with in the past for certain roles.  But, in the end, it all comes down to the auditions.  We’ve seen a lot of very talented people so far, and will be seeing a lot more in the coming week, and, in the end, it all comes down to who is right for the role.

Jarvis writes: ” Are you guys casting only in Canada or in L.A. too? ”

Answer: The L.A. sessions start next week.

JeffW writes: “So it premiers next fall? In September?”

Answer: They haven’t announced an official premiere date yet.  Could be as early as June or late as September I imagine.  What works best for you?

30 thoughts on “October 17, 2014: Prepping for the Toronto move! And a modest mailbag!

  1. So very exciting….and oh, so cool.
    Bon Voyage and we look forward to daily status reports.

  2. Past history shows the excellent choices in casting for the 2 SG shows. Whomever you pick for the characters, I’m sure that we will “grow into them”, so to speak. I guess what we really want is a bit more of a continuation of Stargate and especially Atlantis for some decent closure. (SIGH….)

    I was not able to read the comic books so I expect DM to be a pleasant surprise and so I’m ready for some space travel adventures…. Bring it on!!!

  3. Heh, “the skitters”. I’m totally stealing that term, but hopefully not soon!

    So glad to hear Lulu is feeling better. That would have been… problematic.

    If Syfy is running the show in the US, is there a Canadian broadcaster yet?

    Have a great flight you guys! I’m sure it will go smoothly.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this series. Can I guest star? Just kidding. I wish you and Paul every success and for as long a run as Stargate got.

  5. Congratulations on the official Dark Matter announcement! Since I do get SyFy here, I will absolutely be a viewer. How wonderful that you’ll be giving your blog family behind the scenes views and commentary on the goings-on, just like old times with Stargate! I’ve always enjoyed learning about what it really takes to pull a show together, from concept to final airing. Loads of excitement!

    All best success to everyone involved and good luck on your flight with the pups.

    Basil & Stash

  6. Look at this way, Joe. You’re transporting a group of six for the cost of five. That’s like buying five tickets and getting a sixth free. (In my Mexicana Airlines days, that was called the “family plan”.)

    Good “out of the box” thinking, buying the extra seats.

  7. Answer: They haven’t announced an official premiere date yet.  Could be as early as June or late as September I imagine.  What works best for you?

    I might be in Savannah then, so hopefully I can find SyFy wherever I’m staying, but there’s always the DVR.

    See you all at 7:30am!

  8. I remember in the Dark Matter comics, there were some big surprises, but there were still a lot of questions to answer and some more explaining to do. And then there was all the adventures I thought this group could have. So I am really looking forward to the TV series. Won’t you and Paul be listed as Creators too?

    “Answer: Yep. Jeff has the honor. She’s feeling much better now. Hopefully, she won’t be too gassy.”

    The other passengers probably won’t even know there is a dog under the seat. So if Lulu farts, JeffW will get the blame. 😆

    Have a safe and fun flight Joe. Everything will work out fine.

  9. Whoa, you’re leaving? Already? Man, when did October arrive?
    Good luck on the flight tomorrow and have fun in T-dot. I’m looking forward to seeing Dark Matter as a real live show – let me know once you have a solid date on its airing so I can get cable in time. Until then, I’ll read the graphic novel version that I just got yesterday. Three pages in and it looks great!

    Enjoy putting the show together and make sure to get into lots of trouble that you can then report back to us here. Deal? Deal!

  10. Hope everybody, both two and four-footed, have a safe and pleasant flight.

    Did I ever mention my mom collects key chains; Toronto would be a wonderful addition to her collection. :p

  11. Those prospects must be thoroughly vetted by Sparrow and me, Joey, before any final decisionsare made. 🙂 (I would type something more clever, but I’m on a tablet-thingy and it’s a royal pain in da arse!)


  12. Travel safe, guys!

    A June airing works for me. I find there’s too many new and returning shows in September/October and things get lost in the noise. Surely the best bet would be to start a new show during a quiet time when people are desperate to see something new? Although, being in the UK, who knows when it will air here and whether it’s even on a channel I can get! 🙁

  13. @One of our other prospective shows, A.K.A., is still in play out there

    It’s alive? I wondered what happened to that.

    @Could be as early as June

    June would be a better time, less competition around. You only have to see how TAR Canada was the number 1 show for the week in 21 out of 22 weeks it has aired. Less stuff to watch means more people looking for something to watch as evident.

  14. Have a safe and uneventful trip!

    Thanks for the quick Q&A. We’ll chat more about those Two-Katana-san (Ryo) prospects on another day when you can give it your full attention. 😉

  15. I hope you all have a good flight with the dogs. I hope that the Gravol works better on them than it worked on my cat during an 8 hour road trip. Also best wishes for Dark Matter.

  16. I hope your journey was boring. Boring is good when it comes to flights.

    I have a monumental tale about bringing three cats and a dog to the US from Japan, including a cancelled flight, shuttle troubles to a hotel which would not allow pets in the room, ashtrays as litter boxes, stolen breakfast buffet poached salmon to feed the herd, new flight into a destination city far from family helpers, and having to buy new clothes at WalMart at three A.M. because we had nothing else to wear after three days and our luggage went to Amsterdam. And that is the TLDR!!!!

  17. I saw on Facebook you landed so I’m happy for that. Hope everything went well and the dogs will easily adjust to the change. So happy for you and all your success. Can’t wait to follow along.

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