14 thoughts on “October 2, 2014: Akemi’s Japan Vlog!

  1. Love it! 🙂 My nieces are in the air right now, flying to Japan. I hope they make it okay! They’ll be there for about 3 weeks. AND I told them they better bring me back a pretty anime-esque Japanese boy (well…over 21…but boyish)! And NO Hello Kitty-type stuff. I’m not really into cutsie. UNLESS it’s a Minion. 😀


  2. Wow that blew me away akemi is quite the filmmaker keep em coming maybe she could work on the new super secret sci fi show.

  3. Great video! Hey, I’d love to go, just let me know! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but never wanted to go on my own.

  4. Akemi could host her own show of some kind. Cooking? Travel? All about dogs? Or whatever else she’s interested in. Fashion? She’s very stylish. Anyway, good job, Akemi! 🙂

  5. I hope you try Mount Fuji someday Joe, it would be a good challenge for you.

  6. Akemi is so good at making videos. Too bad she can’t help you in some way on the set of your new tv show.

    Who’s in?!!

    I’m in! Who’s paying?!! 😆

  7. I like how the music was subtle in the background and not over powering as a lot of videos tend to be. Looking forward to part 2.
    Sign me up!! I start saving now.

  8. I’m down for just about anywhere, but I’m really trying to make my next trip be to Vancouver. I’ve been threatening to make it up there for so long, I need to just pull the trigger and do it. I’ve got family and friends in and just north of Seattle so it’d be a cheap, easy trip to just pop over the border for a day or two.

    I just need a really good reason to go and someone to go with me. 🙁

    Can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I’ve decided to start my own little “Weird Food Purchase” thing(although I’m not shooting videos of my reactions) by going to a local Asian food market just down the street from where I live. Last time I went, I got some kind of Korean rice mini-squares that were coated in honey and some wasabi “cheetos”. The rice squares were pretty tasty, no big surprise there. But the wasabi “cheetos”(not official Frito-Lay) tasted great but had a very strange effect when you ate them. They kind of just melted. I’m thinking they were pretty much just crunchy corn starch coated with wasabi powder. But good wasabi powder, anyway.

    I had originally gone in there to get some mochi and some squid jerky, but they were out of the jerky. Thankfully it’s not a seasonal thing, they were just out. Squid and shark jerky were two of my favorite snacks my dad would bring back from when he went to the Bay Area for work.

    -Mike A.

  9. Thanks Akemi for sharing the video, love seeing it in action. I enjoyed your trip also!!

  10. Hi! I’m going to Osaka on February 2015 and I want to experience the Japanese tea ceremony. Unfortunately, the experience plan I found that offers the Japanese tea ceremony (and Kimono wearing) is not available on the dates that I’ll be in Japan. Can you tell me where I can go to try the tea ceremony? Thanks so much!

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