We were standing at the hotel reception, purchasing our tickets for the shuttle bus that would take us to the airport.  The middle-aged Caucasian guy beside us was purchasing a ticket of his own.  “What’s your room number?”asked the staff member.  The guy looked around anxiously, then leaned in conspiratorially and whispered his room number.  “And your name?”requested the staff member.  A couple of furtive glances left and right, and the guy answered: “I don’t want to say out loud.”

Don’t want to say out loud?  Seriously?  Had he recently been featured on a repeat telecast of America’s Most Wanted?  I edged over to get a peek as he signed his name and – HOLY CRAP – I may have misread but I think it said “Beyonce”!

September 21, 2014: Japan Day #11!

One of the newest additions to our travel accessories was this handy pocket wifi from Global Advanced Communications. Just go to their website, place an order, give them your dates, and the device will either be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival or can be delivered to your hotel.  I can’t tell you how awesome it was to not have to worry about roaming fees and have continuous web access.  Before leaving the hotel, we simply put the devices into the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided, dropped it off at the nearest mailbox, and we were done.  Super convenient.  Highly recommended for your next trip.  http://www.globaladvancedcomm.com/pocketwifi.html

September 21, 2014: Japan Day #11!

Akemi’s sister, Hiromi, stopped by our hotel room this morning to drop me off a six pack of matcha (ceremonial green tea) of various grades.  When we last visited Japan for Hiromi’s wedding, we met a tea grandmaster who swore by the stuff, maintaining he drank seven cups a day to keep himself fit and mentally alert.  He looked pretty damn spry for an 80-something year old, so I may want to follow his lead.  On the other hand, what do I need to be spry for when I’m 80-something?  I imagine that, by then, it’ll be all fine dining and reading.

September 21, 2014: Japan Day #11!

I was disappointed that we’d gone the entire trip without seeing a pug or french bulldog until we met this porky little fellow on our way back to the hotel after today’s soba lunch.  He was a pretty energetic three year old, and just what our Lulu needs – a younger man who can keep up with her.

Since you all mentioned it – yes, I did experience that earthquake the other day.  Sort of.  We were perusing one of the gift shops at Namco Namja town when Akemi asked: “Feel the earthquake?”  “When?”I asked.  “Now,”she said.  And, sure enough, I did feel it – a low, sustained trembling like a massive convoy rumbling by.  It was over in seconds.  Good thing too. I was THIS close from shouting “Every man for himself!” before hurtling the baby strollers blocking the exit and making good my flight to freedom.

And, finally, I should mention the fact that Akemi was stalked by a ghost girl on the subway the other day.  For some reason, this creepy-looking (maybe 3 or 4 year old) kid  just fixated on Akemi and stared at her throughout our ride.  She and her mother disembarked at the same station and then, after we thought we’d lost them, she and her mother doubled back and seemed to follow us out the exit and through Roppongi.  I thought it was hilarious, but Akemi was unnerved until we seemed to lose the kid for good.  But then, as we were walking into the mall (and this Akemi failed to notice and I didn’t want to mention it for fear of creeping her out), a young woman walked past us going the other way and she too gawked at Akemi – and she looked just like a grown-up version of that creepy kid on the subway!  When we went to lunch, I advised Akemi to check under her chair – just in case the ghost girl was in hiding underneath, waiting to surprise her.

About to board!  See you in Vancouver!

17 thoughts on “September 21, 2014: Japan Day #11!

  1. Hi Joe, some Stargate questions for you… 😀
    1) Were Ellie and Jason (SGU 2×17/18) supposed to be just good friends or were they together? Or simply brother and sister? Because when the drones attacked in 2×17, he put his arm around her and it seems as if they are more than just friends.
    2) After those years now and with the reboot to come, has the time finally come to reveal the planned SGU ending? Or could you at least give some hints to what was planned? Or, if it’s still up to Brad, how can we ask him?
    Oh, right, and what happened to the plan to regulary post some Concept Arts and BTS stuff like that here? I’d love to see more Concept Arts and BTS stuff! 🙂

  2. Well, by the time you read this, you guys will be back in Vanc, so welcome home! It sure seemed like a great trip (again), but as you say it’s now time to get back to work. We’re expecting only the best on this new show, you know! 🙂

    That Pocket Wifi actually looks like a great deal, given the cost/day in some of the big hotels for WiFi access. Being able to use it anywhere in Japan is a real bonus. I wonder if there’s something like that offered in the US? Although somehow I don’t think it would get a signal in the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

    That ghost girl sounds intriguing. I almost wonder if she wasn’t trying to give Akemi a message on how to find some buried treasure or something. 😉

  3. Maybe the reluctant guy was named after Beetlejuice, and didn’t want to inadvertently conjure up his ghost godfather.

    Man, ghost kids, always under your chair until you need them, then they just vanish.

  4. Thank you Joe for taking time to keep up the blog while vacationing. As always, it has been so much fun to see all the food, buildings, old friends of yours and Akemi’s family. Hope you have a good flight home and get to sleep all the way home.

  5. I’ve been using Global Advance for 4 years now to have mobile phones waiting for me at the airport kiosk. They’re a really tight, easy to work with outfit and am glad to know they’re getting more public recognition. Did you use your own phone with that wifi when out and about? I usually get the mobile phone since I have unlimited data and can rely on the phone’s battery for my days out in the cities, and then just use the super fast wifi in the hotels at night.

  6. Safe travels Joe and Akemi! I know your furry kids are waiting expectantly for you both!

    Our southern travels are done (Hi Deni!); we made it back to Chicagoland on Wednesday after three weeks and a day on the road with the camper. We drove through six states and put about 2,600 miles n the clock. It’s good to be back in our own beds though! I’ll put up more pictures on the blog later in the week…

  7. That ghost girl could be the start of a horror movie franchise. 😉 Speaking of ghosts, of the friendly persuasion, I dreamed that my Roxy kitty came back for a visit. I could feel her soft fur under my hands. When I woke up I felt the weight of a cat leaning against my legs. I figured it was one of my other cats, but Charlie was at the foot of the bed, Cola was way over there on her side of the bed, George was at her corner and Riley was in the living room. Sooo who was leaning against me, even as I was counting furkids? I have seen Roxy around several times since she passed, but not for a couple of months. Maybe she came back? 🙂 It wasn’t a human leaner. Don’t currently have one of those… :-/

    Thank you for taking us on your trip to Tokyo again! Many of us live vicariously through your gourmet adventures 🙂

  8. And, finally, I should mention the fact that Akemi was stalked by a ghost girl on the subway the other day.

    Tokyo Gothic?

  9. Ghost Girl, hm? So what happens next in this horror pic Joe? You have a great start to a creepy new screenplay there.

  10. @stalked by a ghost girl on the subway the other day

    Good thing it wasn’t a young Sadako lol.

  11. What a fantastic idea (pocket wifi). And what earthquake? I have been totally living under a rock (or a bed and dogs) for the last month.

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