11 thoughts on “September 6, 2014: Today’s Weird Food Purchase of the Day = Wasabi Seaweed Chips!

  1. So if I can’t find seasnax locally, I can just dust some nori with wasabi powder?

    And Barb often says that she doesn’t trust my spicy-meter. I’ll find some food to be bland that will send Barb running to a glass of milk for relief.

  2. That was adorable! 🙂

    Also…wasabi is ‘spicy’, but not like hot pepper-spicy. Hot peppers burn in the mouth, whereas wasabi – like hot mustard and horseradish – tend to burn in the sinuses. Rule of thumb is to not inhale when swallowing stuff like wasabi…so perhaps that’s why you weren’t affected, but she was.


  3. Yum! I’ll have to look for Seasnax at Mitsuwa.

    And I’ll have to try your suggestion, das. ’cause those things creep right up the back of my throat and into my sinuses every time.

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I was almost tempted to try it. But I think I’d rather keep my mouth.

    Just catching up again. Yay Jelly! So happy she’s getting better.

    Any word on the show announcement yet? Or did I miss something?

  5. I do love wasabi covered peas, but have never cared much for straight up nori. So, no thank you.

    Obviously, back from Burning Man. I see we made the news for our rain and the unfortunate demise of a young woman falling off a mutant vehicle. I had a flight over Black Rock City, which was exciting, and received a Magical Hero medal.
    When I got back, I went to SLC ComicCon. Huge line debacle, aching feet, and generally pissed off about the whole thing. I did have my picture taken quite a bit as I am an adorable (and detail oriented) Mrs. Santa. Bought a nifty fez. Probably will not attend again.

    Have fun in Japan! Have a teriyaki MOS burger for me!

  6. Hey Joe
    I think I’m more like Akemi when it comes to ‘hot’ stuff. Though I love horseradish. Hmmm…


  7. @ Sparrowhawk – Hold up a minute…

    Maybe the rule of thumb is to not EXHALE while eating wasabi, et al. I can’t remember, and have nothing on hand to experiment with (well…I do…but I’m not in ‘guinea pig’ mode right now… 😉 ).

    Either way – perhaps it’s just best not to breathe at all until the wasabi/mustard/horseradish is safely in your tum-tum. 🙂


  8. Joe, I like to take the wasabi seaweed snack and break it up into my popcorn. Maybe if Akemi tried it that way it wouldn’t be too hot for her.

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