Akemi and I were in Vancouver’s Gastown area today and happened to come across a BBQ Festival featuring pit and grill offerings from about a dozen local eateries.  Also coleslaw.  And rain.  Lots of rain…

August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Hey, what this? BBQ! The damp calm before the storm.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
An alright rib with some too creamy coleslaw. Not pictured (because the photo came out fuzzy) is the accompanying pork jowl chill. Tasty!
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Deacon’s Corner serves up damn fine wings. But some underdone potato salad.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Railtown Cafe’s melt-in-your-mouth brisket, delicious jalapeño corn bread and cole slaw were my highlight of the day.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Have to check this place out.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Akemi’s favorite – by far the most tender ribs of the day = The Blarneystone’s maple glazed ribs.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Souther Comfort Jerk Wings from the Hastings Warehouse.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Bubba awaits his cut.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Served with a cool cucumber yogurt!
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
Bubba and Six Eyes try to stay out of the rain.
August 30, 2014: Bbqstorm!  Then, Rainstorm!
But not doing a very good job of it.

BTW – Vancouver does a TERRIBLE job of getting the word out about these types of events.  I can only assume their thinking is: “More for us!”

P.S. Head on over here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/332854913534175/) to participate in an online auction in support of a service dog for blog regular Bethany Draves.  Among the items up for grabs is a copy of Ripple Effect, signed and lovingly annotated by yours truly.

13 thoughts on “August 30, 2014: BBQstorm! Then, rainstorm!

  1. Maple glazed ribs? That sounds unbelievably good. And it all looked pretty good, even the underdone potato salad (by which I guess you mean the potatoes were still crunchy? Ew.)

    As far as the rain goes, it IS Vancouver, after all! Part of it’s charm, I guess. Supposedly.

    Spent a chunk of this nice Saturday doing trail maintenance on ANOTHER trail that I adopted that is administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Beautiful trail (Black Beach, really is black because of high graphite content), but it will still need a bit of work got fix some tree falls and boggy areas.


    View from the trailhead:

    Also, here’s a video I made from the photos I took going up to Mt. Madison in NH via the Chemin des Dames trail:

  2. How come I don’t see these kind of festivals when I visit Vancouver? Instead, I get the unsyncopated jazz festival!

    I have to schedule my visits better…

    At least I can record the names of these restaurants and seek them out on my next visit. Thanks Joe!

  3. Wow, you had a great day! Any day with BBQ is a good one.

    My mom visit was crazy today. A drug addict relative pushed everyone into new plans. I’ll have to call my mom soon and see if she has calmed down yet. It’s a different world over there.

    Whenever I think my life is crazy, I catch up with @PBmom’s life. Whew! I’m mad at your client for giving you no notice Hilda. What kind of person doesn’t plan ahead for their fur babies? I have a detailed list for my critters when I leave town. What would happen if you were unavailable?! Sleep well and I hope life calms down soon!

  4. I never hear about this kind of event until after the fact.

    I recently listened to the audio book Rule 34 by Charles Stross. It started off a little slow but eventually picked up. I think you might enjoy it Joseph. I think the audio book version might be better then the print version, the voice artist did a great job, especially for the middle management sociopathic guy named the “Toymaker”.

  5. My internet was on the fritz for the past couple of weeks, even going out for a few days. I am back in business now, but while it was out, I gotta say, I kind of enjoyed it. I read magazines, and went to bed early a couple nights. That was awesome. I think I am going to limit my online use now. I am excited to say, I am motivated now to order a couple of books from your Recent Top Reads List. Think I’ll get “This is Where I Leave You” and “The Glass Castle”. Joe are any on your list particularly scary? I love scary.

    1. “Joe are any on your list particularly scary? I love scary.”

      I’d recommend Nick Cutter’s “The Troop” and Joe Hill’s “NOS4A2”

  6. Now all this food sounds delicious, too bad about the rain, but a wet 6 eyes and Bubba are cute.

  7. BBQ and coleslaw! It all looks delicious, too bad about the rain, I”m so not ready for Fall.

    I’m listening to the audiobook of Outlander at work, I keep thinking the book can’t surprise me and then there is a new interesting twist.

  8. It’s hard to eat in the rain. And apparently the auction is over. See what happens when you don’t keep up with the blog! Ugh.

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