Yashaaa! * (*Made-up exclamation of satisfaction with a recent accomplishment. Yoshay! is an accepted variation).  Just finished a first draft of episode #4! Initially, I thought it was going to be long but, in the end, it actually turned out a little long. I had WAAAAY too much fun with this one.   I’m going to go over it tomorrow and Friday, then send it Paul’s way – so that he can have something to look forward to this weekend.  Not that he hasn’t been keeping busy as well.  He finished his pass on the pilot and is now doing a pass on my script for episode #2.  Meanwhile, we received a first draft of episode #3 from “mystery writer” and it’s great.  Mainly page notes, reminders to include a couple of beats that payoff what has come before or set up beat that will payoff later down the line, and suggested alternate attacks on two scenes – but otherwise, it’s pretty damn tight.  And fun! That’s the operative word through these first four scripts – and something viewers can look forward to over the course of the series’ run.  It’s going to be a hell of a fun twisty-turny-gripping-exciting FUN ride.

Seriously.  Where’s an official announcement when you need one?

Anyway, once Paul has completed his passes on my scripts, he’ll switch gears and actually start on his own scripts – episodes #5 and #6 – which he’ll be writing through September – while I’m in Tokyo/Osaka, presumably enjoying a much-needed break after finishing my next script.  Which is what I wanted to talk to Paul about today.  I needed to know if he had his heart set on any particular script (besides #5 and #6).  Also, wanted to get his opinion on which scripts we should be freelancing out.  It’s a tough call.  Because the show is so serialized, none of the scripts make good one-off opportunities.  In the end, I suggested episodes #8 would be a particularly difficult one to write for someone who wasn’t familiar with the “unique technology” of this world.  I expressed an interest in jumping on the script for episode #9 next and Paul was fine with that (he assumed I had a better handle on this story anyway).  Although I didn’t mention it, I’d also like to write the second half of the late-season two-parter (episode #11).  But I did mention that, since we co-wrote the pilot (episode #1), it’s only fair we co-write the season finale (episode #13).  He agreed.

The plan is to polish those first four scripts and get them out there before month’s end so that the rest of the production team knows what we’re working toward.  It will also give our prospective freelancers a sense of the show, tone, and characters.

Earlier today, we received some more concept art for the spaceship and space station.  Some very cool, very imaginative work.  I love the ship and think it’s almost there.  Paul and I feel it needs a little more exterior texture, a launch shell for our shuttle, and at least one specifically-positioned airlock.  As for armaments, I love the retrofitted look.  As tricked-out as possible.  We aren’t quite as close on the space station as we’re going to require some fairly specific interiors (that will, of course, need to match our station exteriors in those establishers).  But we’re getting there.  Paul and I fly to Toronto in the first week of September to discuss and, hopefully, nail down looks for everything (including the bridge and the two other ships that will be making an appearance in the opening two-parter).

But enough of me.  What of you?  Let’s open the mailbag and see what’s on your mind(s)…

Airelle writes: “Thanks Joe for doing all the leg work in reading these books, have to check some of them out. I just finished The 400 lb gorilla, and still trying to remember all I read.”

Answer: Ah, I remember that one being on my “possible pick-up” list.  How was it?

Purple – ultra Stargate Fan writes: “I was there at your first Comic and was happy to meet you.”

Answer: Well, hope to see you at next year’s Comic Con!”

gforce writes: “I also find myself quite interesting in the Afterlife with Archie series. I might actually pick that up.”

Answer: Far surpassed my expectations.  Looking forward to the volume 2.

Mike from Canada writes: “Where do you get your smoked bones from?  I’m always afraid to give my dog bones, I’ve heard so many stories about dogs dying or getting surgery to fix a perforated colon.”

Answer: I picked them up at my local butcher shop (Market Meats on West 4th Ave.).  Jelly and Bubba have maybe six teeth between them so I’m not too worried about them doing much damage.  It’s tough little Lulu we have to keep an eye on.

dasndanger writes: “I think I recommended that you read The Passage like…10 years ago.”

Answer: My to-read pile is actually three piles, 25 books deep.  Every time I pick a book (at random), it is replaced by a title from my recent-purchase pile – which is usually about 12 deep.  My home library holds several hundred books, half of which I have to get around to reading.  I’ve read 114 books so far this year.  I’m surprised I got around to it that quickly!

dasndanger also writes: “So, Joe…now it’s time for you to recommend – or not – a book to me. The Last Policeman sounds interesting, but right now I can’t take anything that’s too depressing.”

Answer: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.  Loved it.  Reminiscent of Elizabeth Moon’s The Speed of Dark.

Alfredo De La Fe:”Joe, I started reading your blog because of Stargate but I keep reading it because the way you treat your dogs won me over! (Not to mention that I am a bit of a foodie) You are a great example of a good pet owner.”

Answer: Very kind of you.  And I’ll be the first to admit: these dogs are spoiled!

dasndanger writes: “RIP sweet lady… http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v54/dasNdanger/laurenbacall_zpsff794c3c.jpg

Answer: She was wonderful.  Loved her cameo on The Sopranos.

skua writes: “O Captain! My Captain!”

Answer: Very sad.  Whenever I’d hear stories from people who met Robin Williams, they would ALWAYS be extremely positive encounters.  He was, by all accounts, a genuinely nice guy.

Mike A. writes: “Haha! Changlorious Basterds. From Community, of course.”

Answer: You’re the second person to I.D. the t-shirts (the other person being the cashier at the Whole Foods checkout).

Tam Dixon writes: “Cool T’s! What’s the translation on that t with an apple?”

Answer: “Death” as in “Death Note”.  It’s an anime series.  Check it out.

Line Noise writes: “My old friend Boxy! I used to play with him when I was a kid! How did he end up in Vancouver?”

Answer: He was actually headed to Ibiza for a CD launch party but boarded the wrong flight.

Lorinda writes: “Roxie (the dog) is a service dog for my daughter and we wondered if anyone knows any organization who would help pay for the $5000 surgeries.”

Answer: Hmmm.  Have you considered doing a GoFundMe?  If you do, I’d be happy to put the word out for you.

Roger Reynolds writes: “Do what is right, only you know what that is. If she has more good than bad days, then you’re OK. If not, you’ve got tough decisions to make.”

Answer: Mobility issues aside, she’s in great spirits.  She’s very happy and her appetite remains strong.

tinamarlin writes: ” But for pain management and anti-inflammation issues, you might pick up some 100% moringa capsules.”

Answer: Thanks for the tip.  I’ll look into this.

Brandon Y. writes: “Obviously we all want the show to return, but the most likely scenario would be a movie.”

Answer: Alas, the fans of the three Stargate television shows are out of luck.  MGM has green lit a big screen reboot of the original Devlin and Emmerich movie.

Chapa Siriwardena writes: “also finally I would like to thank Joseph Mallozzi, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Carl Binder and all the team who involved in making SGU for giving us one of the Greatest Sci-Fi TV shows in the television history. Thanks Guys. :)”

Answer: You’re very welcome.  Keep your eye out for our new SF series – we can’t announce yet – which premieres in 2015!

16 thoughts on “August 13, 2014: Pre-Production update! And a mailbag!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the GoFundMe idea. I hadn’t thought of it and my daughter is so distraught right now that she’s not thinking straight. Depression, as we have so recently seen, is NOT something to take lightly. Roxie has been such a comfort and source of joy for her that the thought of losing her has sent her back into a depression. I’ve emailed her your idea and if she says yes, we’ll do it. I knew someone here would have an idea! Thanks. Give all the babies a kiss for me.

  2. Joe

    If the script of an episode from the new series was to be written up as a novel, how long might such a book be (approx words)?

    What of a season (13 eps?).

    Would this be much the same as for a SGU or SG ep, i.e. best part of an hour of TV turned from script to book?

    Thanks – Pat

  3. 8-o you are such a tease. What is the subject of the new SF show coming in 2015? I’m addicted to Scifi ~~~

  4. Re: The Stargate movie reboot. If the new movie(s) does at least okay is there a chance of either a new show in the TV canon or a reboot of the TV show(s)?

  5. You still didn’t tell me your t-shirt size…so, no shirts for you! 😉

    As far as your piles go (books, that is), I’m in the same predicament. The difference? You’re actually reading through your pile of books! Unfortunately I’ve been in a reading drought of late. 😛

    RE: Lauren Bacall – she was something, wasn’t she? Such a beautiful woman, and somehow both elegant and down-to-earth at the same time. I’m a huge fan of her early stuff – the films with Bogie, especially – but throughout life she always managed to entertain, and amuse. I just saw her Sopranos cameo – what a pistol! 😆

    And if you want a smile give this a watch…the very end is both funny and a bit sad, too…




  6. Hi, do you know if Brad Wright or Rober C Cooper has anything in development? As much as I am looking forward to a new scifi series from you and your writing partner, I was wondering if they have still something on their sleeve. According to IMDB, nothing after Stargate:Universe. Are they just sitting on their money 😉 or is something boiling secretly? Are you still in contact with them?

  7. You just can’t help teasing us, can you? 😉 You mentioned “fun” and now I’m sold before I know what it’s about. Any word on casting that you can pass on?

    Lorinda: Post a link when you get it all set up please! Good luck and I’m praying it all works out for your daughter and her dog.

    Thanks for the book suggestions yesterday! I’m still reading through your notes and I’m sure I’ll find something. Things have been busy and I’ve not been a reading mood. The weather is great (70-80F) but something about it is triggering weird symptoms. I’m taking Aleve and pushing through but….I’ve got these small purple spots all over my legs now…I think it’s from the Aleve. Aleve is practically a food group for me, not good…. 🙁

    Great Q & A!!! It looks like you answered something from nearly everyone. Thanks for answering my question. Deathnote? (I thought it might be a jab at apple or something.) I’ve watched some anime with my son but he’s gone now…. He was calling every night and coming home every weekend. However, lately he’s seems more settled. He hasn’t called in days and is planning on staying at the college for three weeks straight now. Anytime I get upset about him being gone, I think about my 60ish year old brothers that are still dependent on my mom. 🙄

    Keep spoiling Miss Jelly for us, please! Have you figured out how to transport her to Toronto?

    Hope all have a great day!

  8. hi joe – one question about your super-secret project … can you at least tell us if it being made for USA or Canada tv? and, maybe, what network?

  9. PS Roxie shares her home with a 4 month old pug, Gus, who cannot understand why his big sister won’t play! So even Gus is sad.

  10. You know, Joe, with all this talk of scripts, ships, exteriors, space stations, and people we’ll recognize and “know and love”…..if it ain’t Dark Matter, I’m going to be pissed!

    And if it’s not some of the “old guard” from SG working on it and directing it, I’ll be even more pissed!

    Let me tell you what I want to see with your new series:

    I want to see Mike Dopud in a lead role.
    I want to see Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita, Martin Wood, and Peter DeLuise all directing an episode each. I’ll also accept WIll Waring. 😉
    I want to see Brad Wright and Rob Cooper either write an episode together or one each.

    Of course, knowing you, I think most of these are already locked in. 😉

    -Mike A.

  11. @Gforce I am now up to the July 15th blog (oh my God I’ve been crazy insanely busy) and I saw your sad news. I didn’t want to take the chance to post my sympathy to you on that particular blog in case you don’t follow the comments after a certain point. You were so blessed to have one another. Words always seem so inadequate in moments like these, but please know we are all here to support you.

  12. @Lorinda Go see the day or two previous in the comment section. You can do multiple things, including the gofundme thing, and you might be able to get some help from the links I had. I’ll post this gofundme thing on my business and personal pages (and make a contribution).

  13. Seriously? I’m caught up????? See what having several hours free can do for a person. Now the trick is to STAY caught up.

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