Our old friend Gary, aka gforce, is in town for a few days, so we met up for some eats:

Lunch at Nicli Antica (62 E Cordova St, Vancouver) for a parade of pizzas….

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!Then over to Cadeaux Bakery (172 Powell St, Vancouver) for a selection of sweets…

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!And, finally, back to our place where Gary met the gang – and hit it off with Lulu…

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!And, to top things off, Gary was kind enough to gift us a seasonal selection of chocolates from Beta 5 (413 Industrial Ave, Vancouver)…

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!Tonight, we met up with our friend Kathy, aka Kathode, for dinner at Sun Sui Wah (3888 Main St, Vancouver).  When I made the reservations, they neglected to inform me that the main dining room was booked for a wedding reception – so we were shuttled to a tiny adjoining room where we enjoyed our meal, serenaded by 80’s tunes and bad karaoke.  On the bright side, Kathy sampled Peking Duck for the first time!

June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!
Squab. The house special!
June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!
Crispy duck skin. The best part!
June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!
Getting the hang of it.
June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!
Geoduck two ways. Akemi’s favorite!
June 7, 2014: Food With Friends!
The house special rice. My favorite!

For dessert, we were presented with a special dessert – tapioca pie – compliments of the Manager.  I felt bad.  I didn’t get him anything. 🙁

19 thoughts on “June 7, 2014: Food with friends!

  1. Everybody Loves Lulu.

    I was admiring/studying that picture above gforce’s head. Wish he was standing so I could see it better. Oh, and “hi” gforce!

    You want to get the manager something? Keep coming back.

  2. It was a wonderful (and filling) day. The pups were awesome, and Ivon better be careful, I might just steal Lulu’s heart away! (Just kidding, Ivon!)

    I went up to Whistler today, and was only about 10 mins behind that fatal accident that’s in the news here. By the time the road reopened, everything was cleared up except emergency vehicles and the one poor soul whose body remained on the shoulder of the road covered in a blanket. So, that was not great.

  3. I meant to add that the accident was a reminder that there’s always someone having a worse day than you.

    @das: I can’t help it – I love my gluten!

  4. May I request we meet at Cadeaux on my next trip…which may be sooner than I thought?

  5. Hello Kathode!

    That all looks good. 🙂

    Food with friends is my favorite thing.

  6. That was the best food porn in a long while! I’m glad gforce & Kathode got to visit. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

    I’m so glad you weren’t in the accident gforce! It is a reminder that someone is having a worse day than ourselves. I was just thinking that yesterday.

    Das: Do they have a Brix pizza in New Jersey? They make a gluten free pizza crust that is pretty tasty.

  7. Food & friends the best combination. But I think Lulu has take it at face value and wants to eat Gary. 😀

  8. Hi Joe
    Over the years I’ve seen you talk about Geoduck. So, today, I decided to Google it, and lo and behold, it’s not a way to do duck at all. And while I’m here, what is Kathode scooping stuff into? Is that a lettuce leaf or cabbage? Then what do you do? We want it get “the hang of it” too.


  9. Boy, This is looking like a great Summer to be. I am putting these places on a list and plan a long weekend and visit these and some other places.

  10. Peking duck is so so good. Elminster it’s lettuce. You take either a large lettuce leaf or a thin pancake, smear it with a sweet sauce (bean I think?) add a piece of duck then roll the entire thing up before eating it. Flavour flavour.

    When I did aikido back in the day my Chinese sensei and his wife used to take the class out for Chinese food all the time. Usually it would be seafood plus special non-menu items that the cooks made up special. Once in a very great while we would have duck. We also used to have it as sort of this odd square-type thing. Like a loaf with layers of duck and … other things? If anyone knows what that is please let me know because it was delicious!

    Pizza is also delicious. Have you been to Nook? They do their own pizzas, pastas, and I think even ice cream there. Fantastic.

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