Bad news for my writing partner.  Apparently, an intimate knowledge of the Home and Garden network line-up and/or those various storage locker reality shows ISN’T going to offer much traction in our upcoming L.A. meetings.  According to my agent, one of the first things an executive will ask us will be: “So, what do you watch?”. Me?  Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, The Walking Dead, Les Revenants, Sherlock, Downton Abbey.  My writing partner?  Those shows where people redecorate your house.  Also, almost all of the tattoo parlour-related offerings. Hmmm.  The answer is supposed to offer insight into our personal t.v. tastes and philosophies, in addition to giving those in attendance the opportunity to bond over shared interests.  It can also, presumably, as was the case when I was talking to my agent this morning, have just the opposite effect.  Hey, don’t get me wrong.  I thought Broadchurch was a fine series – but “great”?  He didn’t use his powers of deductive reasoning to solve anything!  The murderer simply gave himself up!  How is that dramatically satisfying?!

Okay, granted, I do tend to get worked up over such trifles as story and logic – which makes for great party debates but perhaps, in the long run, far less successful meetings with the network executives whose favorite show you happen to be eviscerating.  Even more awkward if it happens to be a show on his/her network.  I’ll never forget the time I met the then President of MGM Television who was visiting the Stargate offices for the day.  After chatting with me for a few minutes, he checked his watch and informed me he had to catch a cab back to the hotel so he could watch the premiere of the rebooted musical series Fame.  I laughed out loud. Heh.  Good one.  Fame.  It turned out he was serious.  Shiiiiiooooot.  So I did the only thing any level-headed person in my position would have done.  I said it was nice meeting him and reminded him who I was, dropping my writing partner’s name instead.

It looks like we have our work cut out for us in the lead-up to our L.A. tour-de-force. He has  brush up on some non-reality t.v. while I have to practice self-restraint.  There are going to be a tough few weeks ahead for both of us.

Of course all this prep could be for naught if one of our standing projects gets the green light.  A decision on A.K.A. will be made sometime this month.  Dark Matter is still a possibility as are two other projects we’re in contention on.  But in the event none of these pan out, then we have to start thinking about L.A., either staffing on a network show in April, or going down to pitch May/June with an eye to landing on a cable series. Ideally, I want to run my own show, but I’m not willing to sacrifice another year to make it happen.  So, in addition to practicing self-restraint and making travel plans, I’ve got to come up with some new material.  We’ve got three original pilots completed – Dark Matter, Damnation, and A.K.A. – and I’m about to put the finishing touches on the Southern Gothic script I co-write with the delightfully acerbic Tara Yelland.  I’ve started work on an over-the-top SF actioneer and just started thinking about a DARK drama to round things off.  I figure that if things don’t pan out, I’ll just go ahead and program my own network with my stack of scripts.

So, out of curiosity, what is the one show out there that everyone you know LOVES that you absolutely HATE?  And why?

54 thoughts on “March 7, 2014: The T.V. Biz!

  1. In earlier times, I hated Seinfeld and Sex In The City. Now I hate The Walking Dead.

  2. I know this isn’t going to win me any friends, but not being a horror fan Walking Dead is not a show I hate, but one that I don’t watch.

  3. Let’s hear more about this SF auctioneer character…does he auction off SF-filled storage lockers? Cuz that would be something that maybe both you and your writing partner could get into. I’m just saying!

    I could not get into either Mad Men or Breaking Bad. I was just bored to tears by both of them. Maybe I didn’t give them enough of a chance, but I was so bored after a few eps of each that I didn’t want to give either one a chance.

    And visually I absolutely love Mad Men, but it wasn’t enough to keep me watching.

  4. @Marsha_R I’m with you on Seinfeld. I thought it was funny-ish, but after a (short) while I couldn’t stand watching it, thanks to Costanza and Kramer. Ugh.

  5. Only one?

    I suppose the first one that comes to mind, then, is Breaking Bad. I think I made it through three…perhaps four…episodes and then I called it quits. I’m not denying that it was well written and well acted. It was just so darned depressing…and I was plagued by this persistent, overwhelming need to take a shower after every episode…that I decided it just wasn’t worth it. Then again, I tend to feel this way about many of the critically acclaimed shows that are out there now. They seem to favor a certain gritty realism that I don’t find at all appealing. At least, not at this point in my life. So yeah…Breaking Bad.


  6. I have to pick one? There are so MANY that I not only dislike, but HATE.
    Scripted Drama (current): Grey’s Anatomy
    Animated: The Simpsons & SpongeBob
    Reality: Most all, there are a few that aren’t too bad
    Scripted Drama(cancelled/ended): Breaking Bad
    Comedy (cancelled/ended): Friends & The Office
    Comedy (current): Parks & Rec, Modern Family, & 2 & 1/2 Men

    I don’t think I can totally put my finger on the reasons I dislike them so much. Most of it is character-driven. I’m sure if I gave the shows a chance, I might get to like the characters. If the characters/show don’t intrigue me within a couple of minutes, I’m done with the show. Same if the characters truly annoy me. IDK, it just is the way it is.

    My personal viewing habits tend to run along the drama & procedural vein. *shrugs*

  7. Battlestar Galactica, because “Sweet Jesus, your lives suck. I get it. Let’s move on already.”

  8. Hm, I’m not sure how strongly this counts, since most people I personally know don’t watch it (that I know of), and I wouldn’t say my feelings are as strong as hate, but I tried watching Game of Thrones, really hoping I’d like it, but I just thought it was way too graphic and bleak. (And I enjoy Dexter and True Blood–what I’ve seen of it–so I wasn’t expecting that.) I think the main thing came down to the fact that, from what I saw and from what I gathered in reading spoilers, good guys pretty much constantly die or otherwise get screwed while horrible people that it’s painful to watch prosper. That kind of injustice just drives me completely nuts.

  9. Game of Thrones, I don’t like the treatment of women in it.
    But it kills me, because Jason….

  10. I’ve mentioned this one before but: Big Bang Theory. Everyone seems to love this idiotic show, and I just don’t get why. Sheldon is so stiff, he could probably be used as a building support. The rest of the characters aren’t much better. And the laugh track going after virtually every line said by any character drove me nuts the one and only time I made the mistake of watching this drek.

  11. For me that show has to be family guy which i know is very popular but when i talk to people about it most people say they hate it because it’s rude or disgusting or something but that is actually what i like about family guy.

  12. I would have to go with Friends. I never could get it.

    I’m with Paul. I like those decorating shows too, but I never decorate. :p

  13. I don’t know if everyone loves it, but my wife loves it. “Intelligence” Or perhaps it’s Josh Holloway she loves. First, Josh Holloway always appears to be snide, sarcastic or angry SOB. You have to throw his wife down a well to get a second emotion from him, and even then it’s so obviously fake.

    I think they spent so much on Holloway that they are cutting down on other costs, like writers, and the people who decide if the script makes a lick of sense.
    And I have a feeling the network has their finger in this one. Perhaps their entire arm, making changes here and there. There must me some reason it’s so terrifyingly awful.

    Second, just how many radar domes does any one agency need on their roof? Did they have a sale? Most agencies have about 5. This agency, the US Cyber Command, appears to have about 20. I guess they thought if the NSA has 5, then 20 makes them look even more important techy in an afternoon tv special kind a way.

    The writing is horrifying. Every episode or two everything seems to reset. What happened to the Asian woman with a chip? Is she going to show up in five episodes and try to take over a super secure building with five guys? While the soldiers at the gate casually allow themselves to be shot?

    I guess security isn’t their high point since they are allowing the scientist who designed and kept a second generation chip without government approval to keep his job?

    And the last fight scene with Holloway was so poorly choreographed it looked like a drunken teenage girl slap-fest.

    When the head scientist (John Billingsley from Stargate SG-1 The Other Guys and Star Trek Enterprise) says something to the effect of “It just goes to show that the most important decisions aren’t made by the mind but by the heart.” I so badly wanted to mail sixteen weeks of used kitty litter to the writer(s).

    At that point I vowed that I can no longer be in the same room when that show is on the air if my wife insists on watching it. And I’m spazzing out here so when I watch shows I like, my wife doesn’t pick them apart while I’m watching.
    So far it’s worked. At least it’s kept us from smothering each other with a pillow for thirty-five years.

    Anyways, I won’t bother going into what would happen if you put a modern high performance computer chip in someones head. Like make it boil. Or ask how he gets such great wi fi access in the middle of nowhere. Or a dozen other technical things that this show ignores. It could have been a good show. It’s certainly a good premise.

    By the way, where, exactly does Josh keep his antenna?

    I should probably tell my daughter to stop saving her three cats kitty litter.

  14. Sorry, I’m late reading Wednesday’s post, but I wanted to respond to Line Noise’s comment about Terms of Enlistment:

    I’m intrigued by the attention so many of you are giving to the excessive force Grayson used during the riot. He was under heavy fire from an unknown enemy in an advantageous position. His squad were all dead or injured and he had the only weapon capable of changing the situation. So he used it. I would have done the same.

    For the most part, I agree with you; he didn’t have a lot of options. He did have one other option, however: the other grenade. He had two varieties of grenade at his disposal, and he loaded the more destructive one in his launcher without bothering to look at which type he had in his hand. This after he’d been reprimanded at boot camp for using excessive force in the training exercise when he shot that same type of grenade at the defending team’s sniper. Still, he can maybe be forgiven in the heat of battle, in such a desperate scenario. I only brought it up because Grayson himself felt the weight of what he’d done when he saw the floors above the grenade impact site pancake one on top of the other. He told us he felt bad that he’d been responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people. If he’d really felt entirely blameless in his actions, he’d have had no problem telling Halley about it via email. It would’ve been just factual information he was relaying to her. Instead, he is conflicted enough to feel that he needs to wait and explain himself to her in person. And that conversation is what I needed to see.

  15. And did anyone else get annoyed that we never learn Halley’s first name? WTF? She calls him Andrew, and he refers to her exclusively by her last name, even in his thoughts? That’s kinda fucked up, no?

  16. just cannot stand sex and the city… gives me the creeps.. how can women be portraid as such idots and accept to play in these cliches show… the scary part is that is works!! wtf? we are a burger society, aren’t we? buying into all nonsense, and bashing on women… this show is the most pathetic i have ever seen.. although to be fair, i only watched about 40 minutes of it, twice in my life.. the BS is just killing me…
    the other one i don’t get is the Simpons.. what is funny in it? it does not even make me smile… again.. simply cliches and expected canulards.. pathetic…
    am I being particularly negative today, perhaps?
    have a super weekend everybody

  17. Um.. Dancing With The Stars. I just can’t watch it. Or listen to people talk about it. I don’t know what exactly bothers me so much about it. I have a minor in dance. I am a tv-aholic. But that show.. ugh. Not for me.

    I wish you mega-luck! I have faith that Paul can catch up on some of the awesome shows he’s been missing out on and that you can use restraint. 🙂 Although a reboot of Fame is kinda ridiculous. It won’t be easy but I believe in you, Joe!


  18. LOVE : Arrow, Elementary, Blacklist – these three I will NOT miss for anything..

    HATE: Walking Dead – not because it’s not a fine series, I have a pathological fear of Zombies and cannot watch anything with a “living dead” scenario ..I blame the scary vampires of Salem’s Lot in the 80’s which had a profound effect on me …

    ALSO HATE: Any Reality TV that’s on E! Channel because they are nothing but cheap tabloid rubbish…however I have a complete car crash fascination with “Mob Wives” because of “Big Ang” me, Google her – you will NEVER be the same again!!

    I’m in good company though..on this weeks Saving Hope AMA on ReDDit with Michael Shanks he admitted that his guilty pleasure was “Storage Wars”…*snorts*…

    But no matter how many times it’s on re-run or shown on however many channels, Stargate SG1 never fails to entertain and enthral remains my favourite show of ALL time…

  19. Heh. Good one. “Self restraint.”

    Oh, wait – did I say that out loud? Just ignore that!

    I actually don’t watch that much TV anymore because I either done have time (although more lately) or what’s on is just kind of crappy. I do watch Survivor and Amazing Race, and I’m still sometimes enjoying The Walking Dead.

    As far as scripted stuff goes, there’s not a lot I’ve seen lately that I actually hate – more that it’s just not to my taste. Shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy that I’ve seen seem to be well written and produced, but I just can’t get into them because of the number (or lack thereof) of sympathetic characters. Strangely, that doesn’t stop me from watching reality TV though. *shrugs*

    There were a LOT of people around here that watched “Duck Dynasty”, which I don’t see the appeal of AT ALL. I hardly hear anything about it lately though since the lead character/actor’s recent run in with actual reality. And it is a character really, since it’s basically unscripted, fake “drama”.

    Another one whose popularity baffles me is “Storage Wars.” What’s so fascinating about that? In my opinion, all those shows like that are just fodder for cheap, easy ratings with little production expense. (Also, see anything with “ink” in the title.) It should be offensive, but people seem to gobble it up like super-sized Baconator combos.

  20. Edited to add:..I can’t comment on a show that everyone seems to love that I hate…I just don’t watch them..never seen an episode of Breaking Bad, GoT, Big Bang, HIMYM etc etc…..I only choose programmes that I’m pretty sure I’d like..

    As evidenced in my earlier reply

  21. After chatting with me for a few minutes, he checked his watch and informed me he had to catch a cab back to the hotel so he could watch the premiere of the rebooted musical series Fame. I laughed out loud. Heh. Good one. Fame. It turned out he was serious.

    Yep. I’ve done that. A few years ago I told a Ford engineer that the new MyTouch user interface menu structure in the Ford Explorer was “disconnected, unorganized, and glitchy” and a terrible new user experience, THEN I found out he was the lead software engineer for that program. Oops! (n.b. They have fixed it since.)

    On TV shows, my viewing habits are eclectic enough that I tend to have little viewing that is in common with most of the people I know, so as a topic it really doesn’t come up all that often.

    And as for shows that I don’t watch, it’s a mix of things. I can’t really say I hate particular shows; if it doesn’t interest me, then I don’t watch it. If Barb is watching a show that I don’t care for, I simply find something else to do then (and I have plenty of side projects to occupy my spare time).

    That all said, I have categories of shows that won’t interest me:

    Vampires/werewolves “trying to fit in” shows.
    Teenage anything (vampire, werewolves, teen outcast, whatever).
    Hunger Games (see above).
    Excessive story arc (X-Files anyone?) If you haven’t closed or satisfied ANY arcs in half a season of episodes, I’m out.
    Just about all romantic comedies.
    Any “bad behavior on a pedestal” type reality shows (Bridezillas, et cetera).
    Any “the military/industrial complex is out to get us” type of conspiracy shows.
    Medical Pandemic type of shows (hmm…maybe this is why I don’t have the Zombie Gene?).

    I could go on, but you get the point.

    As for exciting new shows, I’m too busy to track them. I usually wait until a show has been on the air for a few seasons before I take a look, and by that time there is usually enough buzz on them to tell if I’m going to like it or not.

  22. Hmmm…I don’t like most shows that everyone else does. It’s often pointed out that I don’t like them because I’m old, and not the target audience, and that these shows are purposely designed to repel old folks like me. That’s probably true. Since I don’t watch the shows I don’t like, there are few I can name, but I can say what it is about those shows that turns me off.

    1. I mostly don’t like shows with blatant/explicit/non-stop sexual content (Two and a Half Men – I mean, what’s even the point? And don’t get me started on premium cable…).

    2. Turned off by shows that are full of arguing and screaming and over-the-top personal drama (I don’t tolerate it in real life, why would I expose myself to it on the screen?).

    3. Explicit violence (unless it’s Monty Python, I prefer my gore kept to a minimum – guess that leaves out Walking Dead).

    4. Bad people glorified as ‘heroes’ (Breaking Bad, SoA, etc., while I can take it in small doses there’s just been way too much of it lately, and it almost makes it seem as if there’s something wrong with being a truly good person).

    5. Finally, annoying characters (if I don’t like the people in the show, why invite them into my living room? And yes, I’m looking at you, Modern Family and The Goldbergs,…oddly enough, I’ve actually liked the few episodes of In the Middle that I’ve happened upon…but those types of shows really aren’t my cuppa anyway).

    Remember, I’m old. I like old fart shows, like NCIS and British murder mysteries on PBS. So make of the above what you will.


  23. I’m cheating here because strictly speaking this is a film and NOT a show! Although (Agents of Shield) TV Show is pretty dire from the episodes I watched. Okay, I watched one … the truly appaling pilot with its beautiful people, immaculate hair, bad acting and cheeeeesy dialogue!

    Still back to my original point …

    Avengers Assemble! I had such high hopes for this film! I liked Captain America – Chris Evans’ performance was spot on in my opinion! I think Joss Whedon is a genius! What isn’t to like … drool over with Chris Hemsworth? BUT! This film just doesn’t work for me! It’s flat and dull and ultimately tedious. Yet, people (on the whole) seemed to love it! Maybe I missed something; I did watch it a second time to give it a chance but all things considered it’s a lot more fun watching the new LEGO movie. (I can’t stand Robert Downey JR, so I’m sure that doesn’t help! He rather thinks the entire bloody production revolves around his character and ego!

    @cat4444: Yeah, I used to love (Big Bang Theory) and it does still have its moments; series 7 has several genuinely good episodes … but since they turned it into a soap with Penny in particular depicted as thicker than a thick fog in a cliche, I’m less inclined to regularly tune in!

    Diverting to what I do like: I think “The Mindy Project” is inspired and original and genuinly funny! 🙂

  24. Question: What would a fully Mallozzi/Mullie inspired TV network be called? ATV? (Awesome Television) STDS-TV (Stuff That Doesn’t Suck – although the abbreviation is admittedly a bit awkward! 😉 )

  25. One show everyone loves but I hate – Big Bang Theory. I feel like it’s laughing at the geeks than with, especially Sheldon – I feel like they are laughing at the idiosyncrasies that come with his Asperger’s (which is textbook). I also don’t like Two and a Half Men which is quite popular.

    I would suggest Paul downloads some episodes of a few shows to see if he can come up with some to impress:

    Naturally Arrow – what’s not to love… But maybe Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Community, Orange is the New Black, Sherlock – the sort of shows people talk about. just need a couple of eps to see which ones to pursue.

    Cheers, Chev

  26. Love Big Bang, unfortunately I kinda identify with Sheldon and his quirks, people being in his spot… I have a spot at the gym on the elliptical, – there’s an emotional connection there, I need therapy. How is he NOT autistic in someway? Amy Farrah Fowler, well, I kinda admire Mayim Bialik – a child has a doctorate, married, kids and returned to her craft lived to tell about without having to go thru rehab.

    Love Sleepy Hallow the twists and turns, not sure how accurate the history is but…Oh and Grimm
    Love Face Off!!! As scripted as it is, and I wonder how true to the time frame these artists work in really is.

    Tried to watch the Walking Dead, no go, guess I’m not into Zombies. Other than Face Off, not much of a reality show watcher, HATE The Bachelor, really? and there’s not much I hate as far as shows.

  27. I don’t know the ages of Paul’s kids, but if he’s watching children’s programming, too, those shows totally count. And I think watching some of the kids’ shows can keep a person plugged into some basics of storytelling while the rest of the hip folk explore tangents. There was a time when so many of the shows were doing these very long story arcs or just “reality” TV and if you asked me which show tells a satisfying, succinct story, I’d have had to look to the Disney channel for all of my top answers.

  28. I absolutely refused to get on the band wagon and watch “Friends”. I’d rather poke my eyes out.

    One of my new favorite shows is “Love It Or List It”. I wonder if Paul has seen that? And I’ve recently gotten into “Sharks”.

    @ Mike from Canada – 😆 😆

  29. Oh, joy… I have found several soul mates on this day’s postings! First Mistynailed it and I agree utterly with her list of hates and will not watch TV choices. Then there is baterista9, Nathaniel, and Marsha_R, yes I will not watch any zombie — anything. Friends and folks at work adore “The Walking Dead” I saw part of an ep and was instantly revolted. Then there is Mike from Canada whose comments had me LMAO! If you ever need more used kitty litter, let me know. I made the mistake of watching a few eps of “Intelligence” mostly for Josh Holloway, who is fondly remembered from the epic “Lost”. I agree this show is poorly written, directed, acted and ill-conceived.

    Now, I have to comment about “Game of Thrones”. While I usually steer clear of shows with overt violence or sexual content, because they add those elements for shock value only and not because it is helpful to the story, (or tastefully done). I watch GOT via DVDs. I do not subscribe to HBO, so I buy the DVDs and watch a year or two behind. In fact I am still only halfway through season 2 and I believe season 4 begins soon! I have to watch at my own pace, in small doses, which is several weeks in between to recover from the graphic content packed into each ep. But the story is good, the characters are interesting and satisfyingly devious or heroic and you have to admire the acting of Peter Dinklage. The scenery and set decorations aren’t shabby either. And @Bailey, the women portrayed are among the strongest, most deviously manipulating and beautiful seen in any show, in my opinion.

    My current favorite, graphic indulgence is History’s “Vikings”. Okay, okay, those baby blues of Travis Fimmel drew me in, but I enjoy the story, the characters and the gorgeous backdrops. Interesting tatoo and hair designs too.

    2cats =^_^=

  30. Hated Big Bang Theory, though I have gotten to where I can watch it. If not for Sheldon I might find the show entertaining. Elementary is another that I don’t like. The scripts seem ok, the actors are good…I am just burned out on the eccentric/emotionally crippled super observant detective solving the case. The fact that it involves “rebooting” a classic series of books and stories set in another era really bugs me.
    I do hope the trip is productive, and that we will see your names on some credits of new shows soon. And some reports on eateries in the L.A. area are always appreciated.

  31. I’m with Binder-san, those DIY shows are fun. Fame, really? I would have laughed too but then again, I terrible social skills. 😉

    Shows I dislike?
    Revolution (how could something take away all tech forever!?)
    Dallas, the revamp (because I’m still mad about the “dream season” with Patrick)
    Two and Half Man (everyone sleeps with everyone)

    I had to laugh at Mike from Canada comments about Intelligence. I’ve watched it twice and I can’t keep from staring at Josh Holloway. He talks while clinching his jaw. It looks like his jaw is wired shut and it is totally distracting.

    skua: Thanks for the link yesterday! I don’t have many apps but the idea of un and reinstalling sounds like a ton of work. My hubby had another idea that sounds crazy but… One of his work friends has an iPad that kept turning itself off and the Apple genius found it was the cover. The cover was bent and was pressing a button on the side. Anyway, I think your link was probably right on. I think it was that big system update they had a few months ago. That’s when things starting going wrong.

  32. I have to agree completely with Misty Schmitt:

    Scripted Drama (current): Grey’s Anatomy
    Animated: The Simpsons & SpongeBob
    Reality: Most all, there are a few that aren’t too bad
    Scripted Drama(cancelled/ended): Breaking Bad
    Comedy (cancelled/ended): Friends & The Office
    Comedy (current): Parks & Rec, Modern Family, & 2 & 1/2 Men

    I would add Animated: Bob’s burgers, The Cleveland Show, South Park and Family Guy.
    Reality Series – Honey Boo Boo, Real House Wives, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and most of the others, except the few that teach me something such as Holmes on Homes.

  33. @JeffW: Thanks for telling it like it is with the Ford Exec. If it didn’t get you fired, you dun good. There are far too many people out there who would rather be nice and polite and not make waves so they can keep their jobs, even if it costs a customer their life.

    My honesty with a female supervisor got me creatively dismissed because she was the sensitive type. I hated the job anyway, so no great loss.

  34. @skua:

    So Amor Bravio = Spanish soap opera? I also guessing that for you this show is Amor Pasado?

    Looking at that trailer made me think there should have been a spoof of that in Stargate SG-1’s 200 episode. I can just imagine the fun Amanda, Chris, and Michael would have had with all the long dramatic “looks”! Muy gracioso!

  35. I’m there for the Mallozi/Mullie network. Tell DirecTV to put it on.

    I have to admit that I love Big Bang Theory. It doesn’t matter how many times I see the episodes, they still make me laugh when I watch them.
    I’m also a fan of Face Off. I like the behind the scenes aspect (how the magic happens) and the writer in me is inspired by some of the characters that come out at the end.

    On the other hand, I’m not a fan of most of the stuff the critics tell me that I should love. I don’t like the Walking Dead, Mad Men, or Breaking Bad. Going back a little, I barely made it through the first two episodes of Arrested Development. I don’t get that one. And I didn’t make to the end of the first episode of Six Feet Under.

  36. Two I don’t actively hate but strongly dislike are Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The one I hate? Big Bang Theory. It’s one thing to make Star Trek jokes, but the show ridicules geek culture at large and “nerdy” people who have advanced degrees.

  37. I’m gonna have to agree with the people mentioning Big Bang Theory. I’ve tried to watch the show from time to time and I don’t get why it’s so popular. It’s really “stage-y”, like a bad high school play, and 95% of what little I’ve seen of it didn’t really strike me as funny.

  38. Hated Sex in the City…. It’s the same old stereotype that all women want is to catch a man; they just updated it from snaring a husband to having a sexual partner. What really disturbs me is how many men might think those shallow broads represent real women. Heaven forbid they don’t have a date and spend their weekend reading a book or (gasp) doing volunteer work.

    1. @The Old Payroll Tax Lady I will say that I do not know of a single guy who I know who ever watched Sex and the City who thought that those characters were representative of real or ideal women, especially Kim Cattrall’s character.

  39. @JeffW
    Yep soap opera. 😆 In 200 a telenovela sketch would have been hilarious.

    Perhaps you might save time joining in one pilot: A procedural-soap opera in space about a telephatic dog. 😆

    @Mike from Canada

  40. Gotta run to my night rounds for puppies/kitties, but I’ll add that I too do not understand “Big Bang Theory.” I’ve watched several episodes but I never laugh. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Dancing with the Stars.

    Agree with JeffW about werewolves/vampires. I’m just not into it.

    Mike from Canada: I actually like Intelligence.

    And in case people have not heard, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is renewed (if you are keeping track on your Lawren game).

  41. I am with Das on Two and a Half Men and some of her other comments. Would also throw in Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management. Not to Big Bang Theory either.

  42. Walking Dead….my nightmares are bad enough on their own, I don’t need any more fuel for the fires. {{shutter}}

  43. I’ll go ahead and post even though I know it’ll just be for you and me, Joe. I don’t really have shows I absolutely hate, but there are shows that everyone loves that I just feel no desire to watch, nor do they entice me to want to watch. Everybody always says, “Oooh, you have to watch this show it’s soooo good!”. All this time and effort building up a show, then when I watch it, I never see what all the rave is about. I think after a few of those let-downs, I’ve learned my lesson about all these “amazing” shows.(It’s like 50 Shades of Gray, everybody raves and raves about it, but there are those few people who whittle it down for you and tell you that it’s just a bunch of bondage stories written by someone who writes at a 6th grade level. Nope and nope!)

    I’m sure at some point I’ll try and watch some of these shows that everyone is so head over heels for(many of which have already been mentioned by the others here), but I’m in no rush. My life is a bit busy at the moment; I don’t even get to watch the shows I DO love and enjoy when they air. I usually have to watch them on demand, sometimes weeks later!

    I do thoroughly enjoy “finding” a show. By that I mean, stumbling into a show I know nothing about, watching the first few episodes(or for shows as good as Sherlock, only one episode), and being hooked. I also enjoy being the only one of my friends to really watch that show. I know that’s not what a show’s producers would want to hear, but I’ll usually only mention a new show a couple times to friends and then that’s it, it’s all mine. Like for sci-fi stuff, I’m usually the only one of my friends who enjoys sci-fi shows. So, if I find a new one I like, I just keep it to myself.

    Um, what’s Damnation? Did I miss a post where you talked about this project? Or did you accidentally let slip it’s title?

    -Mike A.

  44. @Mike A.
    Not just be for you and Joe. 😆
    I completely agree with you with the 50 Shades of Gray. I enjoy “finding” a show too and my direct friends here not like SF. But I enjoy sharing it with you.

    Holly Molly what Damnation is?

    Well done Mike i dont see this. 😡

  45. Well, since you might see this too, skua, I’ll post it… 😉

    Years ago when I was still in college, I had weird breaks inbetween classes and sometimes got to go home for lunch. Well, sometimes the only things on during the couple hours I was home in between classes, were telenovelas. At that time, I didn’t have cable and those telenovelas had lots of beautiful women with a ton of horrible acting. I had to watch! They were comical most of the time. It was fun stretching my “spanish legs” again as it had been a few years since I had my three semesters of it in high school.

    Those telenovelas were quite entertaining, but not for the reasons the producers originally intended, I’m sure.

    -Mike A.

  46. I agree with most of those mentioned above.

    I dislike most tv shows, including a lot of the ones I watch. I consider most tv rubbish (which funnily enough, also includes the news and children’s channel shows). I hate reality shows, anything with zombies, dramas, soap operas, crime shows and fictionalised tv shows that can never seem to get their facts right…

    That said, the shows I do watch, I watch more to find out what’s going on with a particular character and for the tiny tidbits of humour that (out of my family) only I seem to enjoy.

    I used to hate Stargate. It was on my DO NOT WATCH list, but that was before I got over my fear of the gouald and them wraith; and that was also before I discovered that I liked the humour. I’m mostly fine with it now. I only persisted because my dad loved the show, but never dared to tell my mum so.

  47. Reality TV for the most part. I have tried watching several: Survivor, Real House Wives, Keeping up with the Kardashian, Duck Dynasty, the Bachelor and a few others. I get the mass appeal of watching other peoples “drama”; however for the most part these shows came off as vapid, fake, and so not reality. I think I stuck with Duck Dynasty the longest with 5 eps but then forgot all about it.

    The only “reality” TV show I have ever stuck with is any of the House Hunter shows. I just love looking at all the places and how people have decorated their homes. I watch an ep or two every Sunday when I am my parents’ house for dinner.

  48. @dasndanger Wow , everything you said is true for me and i`m only 14…so it`s not about your age
    And honestly i can`t think of a show that i hate because i don`t watch anything that i don`t like so i don`t have the time to start hating it..
    I find hating something a waste of my very precious time so i try to avoid it and focus only on good things ( like educating myself to be a better person )

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