“My legs are kidding me!”

– Akemi, this morning, complaining about her post-workout aches.

After a recent exchange in the comment section about chatty regulars and silent lurkers, I thought it was high time we got to know a little about the people behind the strange names (and bizarre avatars) who frequent this blog. So take a moment to introduce yourselves.  First name.  Location.  Favorite thing.  Pet peeve.  Anything else you’d care to add.  Go!

Wrapping up our Stargate: Atlantis first season rewatch with…The Siege II!

1Upon further review – meh.  Not my favorite season finale by a longshot.  BUT wow!  Talk about spectacular visual effects sequences.  Several of them!  And the last five minutes ARE thrilling.  Yes, there’s nothing I love more than ending a finale with our heroes in mortal danger (see Camelot, Incursion II, The Last Man).

But, again, who cares what I think?  What was Akemi’s response to the big season finale?

She found Major Everett’s “southern drawl” (?) almost incomprehensible: “I can’t understand anything he’s saying.”

As much as she loves Dr. Beckett, her patience with his chair aversion came to an end here: “Stop complaining!”was her exasperated advice for a reluctant Carson.

A little jab at the writing.  When the military comes in and informs McKay and Zelenka that they are out of time and McKay informs them that, coincidentally, they just finished prepping the nukes: “Not coincidence.  Writer decided to just finish.  Perfect timing.”

Not surprisingly, she LOVED the visual effects.  The moment tracer fire lit up the night sky over Atlantis: “Wow!  Disneyland!”

On the other hand, she remains fixated on another seemingly inconsequential issue – clearly NOT inconsequential to her: “The quality of wraith hair is getting worse!”.

A little dig at MY writing: “You like to kill people.  In your episode, always somebody die.  If you write every single episode, then everybody die and you have to replace them.”

And, finally, once the TO BE CONTINUED came up onscreen: “To be continued?  No!  This is the only episode I want to know what happen next!”

Though not immediately as she has requested we take a break before proceeding.  With what, I’m not sure as she’s expressed a desire to fast-foward to season 5 so that she “can see Bob [Robert Picardo] and Iron Chef [Mark Dacascos]”.

Your thoughts on Siege II?

102 thoughts on “February 23, 2014: Another Akemi-ism! Introduce yourself! Wrapping up our Stargate Atlantis season one rewatch with…The Siege II!

  1. Hi, my name is gforce and I’m addicted to Joseph Mallozzi’s weblog…

    Oh wait, what? Sorry, wrong meeting.

    Actually my name is Gary, my avatar is.. me (I guess that could still be called bizarre) with Mt. Washington in New Hampshire in the background. Which leads into one of the things I love best which is hiking and the outdoors – I do a fair bit of hiking and backpacking and actually volunteer with several organizations to do trail maintenance and provide trail information. That’s not my only interest – I love music, photography, good food, (and sometimes bad food), sci-fi (obviously) and travel.

    Most annoying pet peeve – people who try to enter the elevator before everyone (i.e. ME) has gotten out. Actually, rude people in general.

    I just realized that most people that have been around here for anytime already know all this!

    I thought The Siege II was just as good if not better on this viewing, actually! That was some snappy writing there dude, and I thought all the various intertwining plot lines really were clear and easy to understand. I always was aware what was going on and when. Good stuff. The VFX were of course fantastic, and still hold up really well after this many years.

    “You like to kill people. In your episode, always somebody die…”

    Well, not ALWAYS! Just usually. 🙂

  2. First Name: Becky Location: Planet Houston TX Favorite Things: Hmmm…lots of favorite things..but in no particular order, Stargate (of course), Diet Coke and Girl Scouts. Shows that I watch no matter how many times I have seen them, SG1 & Atlantis, West Wing, Friends, NCIS, Friends, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek Next Generation and any flavor Law & Order. Like just about everyone that reads this blog on a regular basis, I want want want want another SG-1 and/or Atlantis movie….with the old cast and I could careless about a reboot that was not faithful the to TV version.

  3. Hello, silent lurker here. My first name is Finbar and I live in Reading in the UK. My pet peeve is people who leave the windows seat empty and sit on the outside seat. (Buses, trains etc)

  4. Little ol’ us? Well okay.

    My first name is Marsha (surprise!). I live in Ventura, California, which is on the coast north of Los Angeles, not quite to Santa Barbara. My favorite thing is… well I’m not going to be able to pick just one… favorite things are my cats, books, cooking/food, and television. My pet peeves are any software that isn’t user friendly and customer service that isn’t.

  5. First name.
    Gilder (for maternal grandmother’s family)

    San Antonio, Texas, USA (born & raised in New Jersey, USA)

    Favorite thing(s)
    Smartphone & tablet computer, to exclusion of almost everything else.

    Pet peeve.
    English-construction errors by professional writers /editors /publishers of the language.

    Anything else you’d care to add.
    Have known Joe online and in real life since about 2002.
    Avatar is a drum because (a) I am (used to be?) a “hobby drummer”. and (b) I didn’t want to post my photo to Gravatar when WordPress started using it for member info.
    I have profiles on Facebook & Twitter, if you want to contact me off Joe’s blog. (I don’t comment or read comments here as much as I used to, for which Joe is probably grateful. 😉)

  6. Miguel and I live not far from the infamous Bridge Studios where SG was filmed. Favorite thing at the moment is the reigning super bowl champions Seattle Seahawks. One of my pet peeves most relevant to the common theme of the blog, TV shows that I’ve watched for years that get cancelled on a cliffhanger thus ruining the whole series and all the dvds/blurays I bought so now I wait until show is over and buy the whole collection(if its worthy). And yup SGU’s ending was cutting it close(but still passable 🙂 )

    Other things – McKay is my hero! While not as much of a genious as McKay, I am quite into tech(didn’t get a comp sci degree for nothing) and all things science as well as often taken the wrong way.

    I don’t often comment but usually just lurk. 🙂

    PS: <3 hearing Akemi's views on SG 🙂

  7. gforce said:
    I just realized that most people that have been around here for anytime already know all this!

    Gary, we may, but it’s good to have the reminder. Heck, I have trouble remembering names in real life.

  8. Hiya. Glowyzoey here. You only get to know my real name in private. Hmm That sounds bad. I’m in Saskatchewan, Canada. Pet peeves: self-centered, arrogant people who are incapable of showing respect to others. Don’t get me started… TV shows: I recently got hooked on Walking Dead. Earlier this year it was Breaking Bad. Can’t miss The Blacklist, Supernatural, The Good Wife, Downtown Abbey and Sleepy Hollow. I also like Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and Person of Interest. Sports, sports, sports. The Olympics need to be on ALL the time. I get kind of militant about animal rights and would have a houseful of cats, dogs, rabbits and horses if I could get away with it. As it is, somebody let a bunch of cats in here. No complaints, though. They don’t pay me enough at my job. Anybody have a spare half million they can give me?

  9. Name: Shannon
    Current Location: Minnesota (I found out that O’Neill wasn’t kidding about the fishing when I moved here. These people are serious).
    Favorite Thing: Traveling
    Pet Peeve: People who don’t vaccinate themselves, their kids, or their pets.

    I grew up a military brat and moved every two years up until recently. That said, I always thought you guys nailed Sam Carter as a character. Given her dad’s rank and that he was an officer, she would have had a similar growing up experience to me (my dad retired as a Lt. Col.). Her insecurities, the fact that she joined the Air Force, all of it, was very “TCK-ish” (google Third Culture Kid). I think that maybe my favorite most likely not really planned aspect of the show.

  10. G’day! My name is Shane. I live near Bath in the UK but was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve also lived in New Zealand and Tasmania. My avatar is whatever WordPress randomly chooses. Some sort of alien vegetable thing probably. My avatar on other sites is usually either a screenshot of Daisy from the TV show Spaced or a photo of me in climbing gear about to climb an 80m telecom tower in remote northwest Tasmania. My favourite thing is chocolate! I can’t get enough of it. Pet peeve? Taking the term literally it would have to be people who don’t pick up after their dogs.

    The Siege I & II: You’re too hard on yourself, Joe. It was a perfectly adequate season finale. Good enough for me to immediately grab season 2 and watch The Siege III which is the whole point of a cliffhanger! I’m just glad I didn’t have to wait 6 months for the next instalment!

    I was shocked when Grodin died in the weapons platform. I think he was the first semi-regular cast member to get killed off. I’m so used to the redshirts being killed I wasn’t expecting someone whose name I know to die!

    I found the Colonel to be really annoying and clichéd. Dare I say overacted? I was not sad when the Wraith got him.

    The VFX are fantastic. On a TV budget it’s really impressive.

    On the whole, even with my misgivings about the Wraith, I enjoyed the first season of Atlantis. My girlfriend calls it a “soap in space” and she’s not far off. But if I’m going to watch a soap I’d prefer it to be in space and have aliens!

  11. Dave and I live in Cork, Ireland. My favourite things are dogs and books. We’ve always had a dog in our family and I do my best to support animal charities and to get involved where I can. I have a huge love of history, not surprising I guess in a country like Ireland. A lot of the books I read are historical fiction, although I make time for other genres too. My favourite shows tend to be sci-fi based although I enjoy a good mystery every so often. As for pet peeves it would have to be those people who can do nothing but complain. The world is far from perfect but we don’t need to be constantly negative.

  12. Good point Gilder, er, baterista. I also forgot to add that I live out here in Maritime Canada (New Brunswick)!

  13. First name: Jason
    Location: New Zealand
    Favorite thing: At the moment, playing Rust on PC.
    Pet peeve:Idiot drivers!

  14. Hi, I used to post occasionally as Daubermaus, but then wordpress locked me out. It seems fixed now, but I mostly lurk still.
    I’m in Tacoma, WA.
    Favorite thing here would be the foodie picks and descriptions. Favorite thing in general would be puppies and writing. And my hubby….
    Pet peeve? Liars and manipulators.
    (Anything else you’d care to add. Go!) I live on facebook – feel free to send a friend request if you want to read my weekly rants or just need a candy crush life once a week.

  15. Name, Deborah. place, Virginia, 20 miles due south of Richmond. Favorite thing? toughie. Not including my four legged child, almost anything sci fi. and reading, and travelling. love to travel, never have enough time and./or money to do it as much as I would like. Pet peeve? non dog people who don’t get it, and people who think 911 EMS is a taxi service.
    On to good stuff. As in Siege 2. I definitely rate this higher than meh. We have a real feeling that characters could die in this episode, we have Everett’s wonderfully snarky character. We have the brains running around desperately coming up with ways to survive. About the only thing that distracts from the tension is the scene where Ford and company face off against the Wraith. Why the hesitation about shooting? They are Wraith, they are going to capture and suck the life out of our heroes…not exactly sensible to give them time to get their bearings and outflank and outnumber the defenders.
    Would like to mention one more thing that makes this episode stand out. That is the soundtrack. The matching of music to action is about as perfect as such a thing can be, evoking some great emotional responses. I’d forgotten how good the music was on the show, but this episode really drove that point home.

  16. So take a moment to introduce yourselves. First name. Location. Favorite thing. Pet peeve. Anything else you’d care to add. Go!

    (modified from what i’ve posted elsewhere)

    i’m female, over 21, straight, american, non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user (unless you count chocolate, peanut butter, books & icons)

    don’t be put off by my lack of capitalization & haphazard punctuation, i mean no harm to the english language (honest!) spelling might be touch & go because spell-check is not perfect.

    favorite things; star trek (not the new stuff), star wars, stargate: sg-1, indiana jones, harry potter & books.

    pet peeves: people who leave their carts all over the parking lots when there’s a place for them to just just steps away. (people with medical issues & small children are exempt from my ire)
    people who don’t put back unwanted refrigerated or frozen foods back into the proper area in the store.

    i think that’s all. to quote indiana jones; “i’m just making this up as i go.”

  17. Real name: Eileen aka Sparrow or Sparrowhawk.
    Location: Chicago suburbs.
    Pet peeves: I’m not peevish by nature. No,wait! I thought of one! Pseudomedical shows – they make me crazy.
    Likes: travel, food. Traveling places to try new foods. Belly-dancing. And reading – hence the avatar.

    Other stuff about me…
    nah. That’s enough for now.

  18. First name. Location. Favorite thing. Pet peeve. Tammy, Olive Branch, Mississippi and my favorite thing? I’m not sure I can narrow that down. I love my family (excluding my brothers-they are on my *** list currently), my pets (and all animals in general), dark chocolate, raspberries, the beach and watching fun Sci-fi! Pet peeve? People that hog lanes with their cart at the market.

    She found Major Everett’s “southern drawl” (?) almost incomprehensible I live in the heart of the South and I know exactly what she means! I grew up here (lived in Chicago when I was small) and sometimes have trouble understanding the “language”.

    A little dig at MY writing: “You like to kill people. In your episode, always somebody die. If you write every single episode, then everybody die and you have to replace them.” As long as we don’t know the character’s last/first name….it’s ok. 😉 No killing main characters though!!!!

    I have watched your grammar video and will TRY to be better. Being an author, reading grammar mistakes must be like fingernails on a black board, huh?

    G-night all! I loved reading everyone else’s answers too, so Thank you all!

  19. First: You realize that the image you’ve put is the end of The Siege III?

    Im Pablo from Spain. I love Scifi,i love dogs & i like read and science and my particular perversion is the history of science, particulary the history of chemistry my speciality are the Industrial g…I could Tell You But Then I´d Have To Kill You.
    Most annoying pet peeve is the people who abandon dogs when they start their holidays to buy another for children when they return.

    Regarding the episode I have to say that in time i already expected ZPM (Deus ex Machina) to appear my impresion dont change with a new watch.Ford plus 3 marines( I have to say that none of them wear the beret properly least a girl that got it right) surrounded by 2 Wraits and 6 drones and no room to shoot without killing each other hillarius breaks the tension of the scene. One good thing in the episode Athosians offering his life in the struggle to defend Atlantis, many of them dead in the halls. But what disappointment Hallings body dont appear even Michael was incapable of get rid of him. 😆

    1. @ Pablo en España:
      ¿Qué quieres decir con “perversion”? En inglés, tiene el mismo sentido negativo que la palabra española.

      Otras opciones:
      “particular interest”
      “particular favorite”

      ¿Quizás la palabra era cambiada por lo que yo llamo “the autocorrect gremlin” — el duende del correctór ortográfico?

      (Apologies to those who don’t read Spanish; just trying to help Pablo with word choice.)

  20. Gotta catch up again…it’s been a HELL OF A WEEK. But wanted to pop in to say that we have two more cancellations on NBC and they aren’t airing future episodes. The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves The World. It says, “NBC has canceled The Michael J. Fox Show after 15 episodes. Hollywood Game Night will air Thursday at 9PM beginning February 27, Vulture reports. The game show will replace the low rated Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show, which have been pulled from NBC’s schedule. Sean Saves the World had already been canceled, while NBC committed to 22 episodes of The Michael J. Fox Show before the season began. NBC has not announced when or if the unaired episodes of Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox show will air.” Just to update anybody who is still playing this game.

  21. First Name: Jim

    Location: Concord, North Carolina, USA

    Favorite Thing: Okay so I have a lot a favorite things but a few would be: Scifi, (Stargate, Star Trek to name a few) Photography, Computers, AV equipment I could go on…

    Pet Peeve: People who talk over you in a conversation so annoying!

    I really enjoy this blog and reading the comments everyone leaves.

  22. First Name: Jeff (no kidding, right?) I’m an Electronics Engineer who specializes in GPS design.

    Location: I live 40 miles northwest of Chicago, with my wife, Barb, and two youngest kids (Jackie and David). My oldest daughter (also a Barbara) lives nearby with her husband (also a Jeff).

    Favorite Thing(s): Too many things. Seafood, smoking BBQ, camping, hiking, mountain trails, learning about new places, cars, model airplanes, real airplanes, science fiction series, computer design, et cetera, et cetera.

    Cars – I’m rebuilding a ’76 Corvette with my daughter Jackie (see http://www.corasgarage.com if you want to follow along).

    Airplanes – I’m a private pilot (since 2002) and love flying (and building) airplanes. In fact the airplane in my avatar is a picture of the type of airplane I’m building (~40% complete at the moment). This is all on hold for a few years though, since I’m re-focused on my kid’s dreams as my last two get ready for college. Jackie wants to be an automotive engineer (hence the Corvette project), and my son David wants to design roller coasters.

    Stargate – I had seen the SG-1 show over the years but I didn’t get wholely into it until a bout of travel in 2006 to Japan and Taiwan put me on 12-hour inter-continental flights every other month and I was looking for a series that had a number of seasons to watch on the airplane. I found the Stargate Season 1-7 box set, bought it, and well the rest of the story writes itself.

    Pet Peeves: Repeatedly rude and selfish people, but I don’t get terribly upset about it, just annoyed.

    Okay, on Siege II, I didn’t even notice Major Everett’s accent…probably my up-bringing. This was a great cliff-hanger of a season ending with McKay doing a countdown and Sheppard flying into the hive ship. Great pacing leading up to the cliff-hanger and then I had to wait for the new season…agony!

  23. Hi everyone! My name is Randy ( I hear you snickering over there, Brits ). I started following Joe, on this blog, about seven years ago. At first a lurker, now I find I’m a binge poster, on again off again. But, I have read every post and every comment ( within reason, I rarely go back more than a day to catch late posters ).
    I love Sci-fi and Fantasy, hence my handle. For TV I’m watching NCIS, Agents of Shield, Castle, Supernatural, Haven, Continuum and Sleepy Hollow. I tried to like Helix and Intelligence but they’re starting to lose me.
    I’ve always had a love for computers, just to date myself, in high school I took a computer science class and we had to drive over an hour, once a week, just to get to a school that had a computer. We’d stand in line to get our laboriously filled out punch cards punched, then stand in another line to get the punch cards run then stand in a third to get the print out.
    Anyway, enough about me.
    Oh, BTW, I live in Oshawa, Ontario.


  24. First name. Location. Favorite thing. Pet peeve.

    Texas, USA
    My fur baby Maggie, and chocolate milk
    I’ve said it before…picking up a paperclip that has 3 or 4 more attached to it like a damn circus trapeze act and my feet getting tangled when putting on pants. 😡 Just breeathe deeeep…..

  25. Name: Hilda

    Nickname: PBMom I got this name because of my son, Patrick Bowen. I began blogging on Fox 26 Houston website about autism and since everyone used to yell out to me, “Are you Patrick’s mom?” I decided PBMom worked.

    Location: The Woodlands (a suburb 40 minutes north of Houston but 15 south of Conroe) along I-45 in Texas.

    Favorite thing: Sleep since I don’t get enough of it.

    Current occupation: Pet sitter (and still loving it).

    Pet peeves: Liars and manipulators; people who don’t obey traffic laws; people who make judgments about what is best for my family.

  26. Greetings, My name is Karen originally from Rhode Island. Lived in S. Florida until 2 years ago, now somewhere in the middle of the state. Spent most of my career as a Surgical Technologist, decided to finish my education as a graphic artist. (I’m in Adobe hell right now) Currently designing and selling greeting cards http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/kabras – hope to one day get my masters and become an art therapist.

    Love sci fi – watching new good and really old, bad sci fi movies with my husband, the ocean – eating by the ocean, sitting by the ocean,just being near the ocean, SG1, SGA, – sorry wasn’t a big fan of SGU, birds, art – watercolors, pencil, charcoal, working out, baking,networking and making connections.

    Pet peeves – drivers who can’t follow simple rules of the road, people who chew with their mouth open,clothes on the floor in stores, my smartphone.

    My visits here are sporadic lately, but trying to visit more. Not sure how long I’ve been here, I think since Season 2 or 3 of SGA.

    Got some catching up to do with Season 1 and school tomorrow. Pleasure meeting every one. G’night.

  27. @ Elminster – I giggled, and I’m not even British. 😀 (I do watch a lot of Brit programming, so blame it on that. 😉 )

    @ Jason Mercer – NZ? As a huge All Blacks fan, I am very jealous. 🙂

    @ skua – Wow. Didn’t know you were from Spain. That’s pretty cool. A friend of mine went there recently and brought me back a little Caganer figure – I have him on a shelf in the bathroom, just above the toilet. 🙂

    @ Everyone – Nice getting to know you all a little better. I have a terrible memory, so even if I knew some things already I probably forgot them by now, so refreshers are nice!

    As for me, most people know just about everything because I’m pretty vocal here. I will leave you with this, however…my first name:


    (For the record, it’s Deirdre – soft R. 😉 – ‘dear-dra’. ‘Westley’ there at the end pronounced it the way I do. My grandmom was from South Carolina and she (and my mom) used to pronounce it ‘Dee-ah-dra’, but that kinda stopped once monotone me started saying it. 😛 )


  28. Oh, 😆 !! I just got what Akemi said!

    When I first read it – first few times, actually – my poor eyesight saw ‘kicking’, not ‘kidding’. So I thought that was a fairly descriptive use of the English language to explain soreness. ‘Kidding’ is far more amusing! 😆


  29. First Name: Patricia

    Occupations: Psychologist, Writer/Interviewer for http://www.wormholeriders.com
    I’ve interviewed Joe for our Radio Show, You Decide. The link can be found here: http://wormholeriders.org/youdecide/?p=1880

    Location: I live in the outback of Canada – NorthEast Alberta, across the mountains and through the woods from Vancouver…lots and lots of woods. I love it here. There is so much to do: walk my polar bear, cuddles…live in my Igloo…watch the sun rise and set in the frozen north…thank the powers of life there is internet! (Actually, I have 4 cats – all but one were rescues. And I live in a house, but the copious amounts of trees and snow are true).

    Favorite Things: Travel (you can only get so much out of trees, snow and polar bears). I also enjoy writing and learning new skills. I am addicted to learning.

    Pet Peeves: Rude and self centred people. People who think it is their right to “get even” with people who offend them. My opinion: “You are not God’s gift to the world; get over yourself”.

    My personal motto: “Leave the world better than you found it”. So, I do what I can to help others.

    My opinion on Seige: So disappointed that Peter Grodin was killed off. Played by actor Craig Veroni. I would have liked to see the character come back at some point for either a flash back or as part of a plot line. By the way, for anyone wondering, Craig is now in real estate in Vancouver and doing very well. However, I know he would not say no to further acting work thrown his way.

    I also didn’t particularly like Col. Everett and was not broken up when he was taken out by the Wraith. By the way, Joe, you writers sure like the name, Everett. You have used it quite often in Stargate. Any particular reason why?

    I was very impressed when I first saw the digital special effects of the Wraith fire on the Atlantis shields – truly awesome!

  30. Name: Misty
    Location: Baltimore, MD, USA

    I’m definitely a lurker, but have been following Joe’s blog for several years now. I have posted a time or two, but not often. I love sci-fi, obviously, or I wouldn’t be here. I’m pretty much an equal opportunity sci-fi lover: Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, X-Files, Quantum Leap, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, you get the picture. I also love astronomy and animals, i.e. my cats. 🙂 Some of my pet peeves are rude people and shows that don’t attempt to get astronomy/physics correct. They don’t have to get all the details, but try to get the general concepts right.

    I do enjoy sharing my interests with others, and am working on introducing people to my favorite sci-fi shows and movies.

  31. My name is Cath and my user name comes partially from my name and partially from having four cats at the time I chose it (big surprise there). For several years after I chose the name, there were five cats, then back to four, and now only three, since Kali (16) died in October last year.

    I am 100% home-grown BC quality. I currently live in the Cariboo, but am originally from the Island. While we may freeze our butts off in the winter when the temperature nosedives, the winters are, for the most part, bright and sunny, not wet, gray, and dreary like the Lower Mainland and Island.

    Some of the things I enjoy are reading, photography, graphics, and computer games. My preference for reading is, of course, sci-fi, which began when I was 12 and had to go to the school library, pick a book to read and write a book report on it. The one I chose was H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, and I have loved sci-fi since. Photography and graphics came from a media course I took at 16 and a graphics course at 17. Computer games? Well, they’re for being lazy.

    I would really like to travel, but don’t have the free time or the bucket loads of cash I’d need to go everywhere I’d like to go and see everything I’d like to see. I have traveled across Canada and recommend it highly. Two places I very much want to go to are Iceland and Tasmania.

    My avatar used to be a purple medusa-like thing, but is now a brown, fanged whatever it is and is chosen by WordPress.

    As for pet peeves, I really like hate the you know verbal diarrhea ‘cause it’s really like super annoying. You know? I absolutely despise facebook and refuse to have anything to do with it. I also can’t fathom the popularity of The Big Bang Theory (sorry, folks). I watched one episode based on several co-workers raves about the show. Big mistake. I found it to be completely inane, and the laugh track after virtually every line anyone said was driving me nuts. Never again.

  32. My first name is Carl. I live on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec.I love sci-fi and fantasy. I mainly read fantasy books. the only sci-fi book that I remember reading was the Dune series. My favorite tv series are the Stargates, the Star Treks, Doctor Who 2005+ (particularly the David Tenant years), NCIS, The Johnsons, Pet peeves: people with no respect, act like they are alone, and there seems to be a lot of car drivers like that. Also unfinished tv series. Lately I mainly listen to Muse and Indochine

  33. My name is actually Leith, but I try to keep a low internet profile and Keith is far more common and anonymous than “Leith”. I’ve read every entry since Atlantis season five, but sometimes I skim the food entries. This is the only blog I read. I live in White Rock (south Vancouver basically) and I only comment when I feel passionately about something. I am strongly against watching SG1 in reverse with Akeimi because she already finds it confusing enough, and the effects will just get worse with no promise of anything better.

  34. I’m a silent lurker…Robin from Oak Harbor, WA (about a two hour drive from Vancouver, BC.)

    Favorite things: Stargate SG-1, sci-fi, and reading.

    Pet peeves: people who talk on their cell phones while driving…or while pushing a grocery cart.

  35. I’m more of a lurker, but I’ll introduce myself anyway.

    My name is Dave. I have a wife and 4 kids (3 adopted). I’m a programmer for the Intel corporation. I live in Northern California… up in the mountains.

    My claim to fame: If you use the free paint program Paint.NET, you have a little bit of me running on your computer. I contributed a couple of effects to the program and you can find my name in the About box.

    In my spare time, I like to play Texas Hold ’em or I like to write computer games. Some of them you can play on my web site http://www.BoltBait.com

    My username comes from the card game Magic: The Gathering. The slang term “bolt bait” refers to a small, particularly annoying creature that NEEDS to be hit by a Lightning Bolt. That’s me. 🙂

    BTW, in my short stories, someone always dies. 😛

  36. First name: Scott
    Location: Wyoming
    Favorite thing(s): Binge watching a good TV series, tinkering with computers, reading about new tech things, finding a good fictional read, riding, grilling, finding a good restaurant that is out of the way
    Pet peeve: Politicians.
    Anything else you’d care to add: This is the only weblog I subscribe to.
    I enjoy reading it when I can find the time.
    I would classify myself more of a lurker than a daily active participant.
    If I do write a post it is pain staking as I write/erase and rewrite because I hate hitting the submit on my posts only to find 2-3 errors in it. O yeah I also suck at writing grammatically correct sentences!

  37. …..And the flood gates are open……….

    Hi, mostly silent lurker, only an occasional poster.

    First name, Peggy. Location, San Fernando Valley, California, moving soon to the Antelope Valley.

    Been a professional pet groomer for nearly 30 years. Biggest pet peeve, people that don’t inform me that their pet bites…we make our living with our hands people, think about it.

    Loves of my life: Dogs, have 2 at this time, a German Pincher, Copper and my photography muse, Buddy, my Chihuahua. He has more outfits than I do.

    Favorite Things: Breyer model horses, have nearly 1,800 of them, photography, computers (can never have enough hard drives), science fiction. Love anything to do with science, real science not the pseudoscience cr*p.

    Favorite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Stargate, The Universe, and have recently become a confirmed Whovian (all hail the dvr and BBC America).

    If I had my own avatar it would be a wolf….love wolves.

    Favorite books: Across Realtime by Vernor Vinge, Dune (the original series), Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Lindskold and The Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C. Clarke.

    Favorite authors: Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

    Favorite people: Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Stephan Hawking and Albert Einstein.

    Favorite Blogs I Read Every Day: This one and The Breyer History Diva.

    …..Closing flood gates now, (about time, right)……….

  38. “…So take a moment to introduce yourselves. First name. Location. Favorite thing. Pet peeve. Anything else you’d care to add. Go!…”

    Mike, I live in Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, which is the largest island on the west coast of North and South America. I love science fiction, science, reading a good story in general and good TV.

    It appears I have several things in common with Randy. I’ve loved computers since the first PC, you had to put it together from a kit and programmed it via toggle switches and lights on the front panel, and I use mine mostly for graphics work and photography. I also have a fascination with micro-controllers.

    Like Randy I’ve pretty much given up on Intelligence and Helix too. I was really looking forward to Helix and I liked it at first, but it’s getting harder to watch. But maybe they’ll turn it around. I didn’t expect much on Intelligence, frankly, I think the show is lacking any. But my wife likes it.

  39. I think these two episodes, The Siege, part 1 and 2 are the best of the series so far. Jam packed.
    Of them, part two is my favourite so far in the series. I also like part 3, but it slows down a bit.

    Why do writers change from episode to episode? Why don’t they hire one or two writers to write all the episodes? Is this a case of the ones who think of a good idea gets the writing job?

  40. “Stella” is still fine for now. I’m originally from Michigan but I’m stuck…er, I mean, a resident of Ohio now. My father was Canadian, so I have a great affinity for our neighbors to the north and would love to visit his native province of New Brunswick some time. (*waves at gforce*)

    I read Joe’s blog every day, even if I don’t comment much anymore. I once promised him I’d quit asking about Sam and Jack if he answered one particular question, and as he kept up his end of the bargain, so have I.

    I’m a fan-fiction writer with aspirations to become an actual, published author some day…hopefully sooner than later. My head is full of stories that have been rattling around up there for years and now that I’m getting close to being an empty-nester, I might finally be able to find the time to do something with all those ideas. That’s assuming my beagle will stop pestering me for food or water or to go outside every 10 minutes….

    My favorite thing (not counting kids and dog…oh yeah, hubby too…) is my concert harp, a posthumous gift from my parents, which I am endeavoring to learn to play.

    My pet peeves are drivers who think I’m telepathic and therefore do not feel the need to use their turn signals, and people who don’t have the courtesy to conclude their cell phone conversations when they’re in the check-out line or drive-thru and treat the people who are ringing up their purchases or handing them their mocha latte as though they are merely inanimate objects.

    My daughter and I just finished a sickday SGA binge-watch and we both enjoyed all three parts of The Siege. For me, a good indicator of a season finale is how loudly you find yourself yelling at the screen when you realize you have to wait MONTHS to see what happens next. If I recall correctly, the volume at the end of Part II–back when it aired–was quite loud. We did diverge on one point…I was always a bit in the Weir/Sheppard camp while my daughter remains firmly a Sheyla (seriously…she is dying to know if you intended to kill off Kanan in the movie…she has several suggestions for how to do it if you ever need help….), so the hug Elizabeth gives John at the end of Part III was always one of my favorites. Kiddo, on the other hand, would have appreciated a little more John/Teyla time.

    Finally, I did find the rather condescending attitude of the military when they arrived in Atlantis to be a bit annoying…I’d have thought Jack would have weeded out those over-the-top types from the Stargate Program by then. But…maybe he was a little too busy fishing at the time….


  41. @ JeffyW – So, that 30 over re-bore – was that just to restore the cylinder wall, or to kick up the hp? And speaking of power, why the Dart heads and not AFRs? Adaptability, or something else?

    Okay…gotta stop there – the cats just got into something and I gotta go check it out. 😛


  42. My name is Jenny. Astonishing, I’m sure. I live in Ft. Worth, TX and currently have one fish remaining in my aquarium, a brown bunny that visits my yard daily, a toad living under my driveway slab, coyotes in the fields behind my housing community, and cattle and horses up the roads to the North and West. Hopefully, the remaining fields around here will never be developed so that these critters can continue to live in their habitat, but progress (and increasing property taxes for the ranch owners) will most likely win.

    I like music and music performance, drum & bugle corps (DCI.org), road trips, white water rafting, camping, visiting US National Parks, scenic photography, reading, multiple TV shows, and art projects.

    I have a lot of pet peeves, but the one that annoys me the most is when people lack personal accountability and play the victim. Of course there are the extremes, the exceptions to every rule, but take control of your own life and decisions! Take action to improve your situation if you do not like your current status. I should point the finger at myself on this as well.

    Siege II

    Colonel Everett is a condescending man with a savior complex. I didn’t identify his voice as having a Southern drawl, but I can see that. I think he is difficult to understand because he chooses to speak in a different way while in CM – condescension mode. He is speaking his lines as a musical phrase, rising in pitch toward the middle, and lowering again at the end. He is also making different choices of where to place pauses. I had a high school English teacher who did the same thing. I found it odd until I learned to understand him and also decided that he spoke that way so as to get us to really listen to him. It’s sort of like when someone speaks in a soft voice, you have to be quiet and move in closer to hear them. Everett does move into a more normal speaking pattern during the scene in the conference room where he is asking direct questions and giving orders. It also reminds me, oddly enough, of the Broadway cast recording of the musical The Secret Garden (I love musicals, too, btw) at a point when Archibald Craven, played by Mandy Patinkin, is reading part of a story to his son at bedtime before breaking into song. Great musical…fantastic, really.

    Again, I want to tell Beckett to suck it up! I really do think by this point Beckett would have gotten past his bad self and not whined so much about getting in the chair. I remember liking him so much more when I first watched the series.

    It bothers me when people playing military characters do not know how to properly salute. A couple people do it well in this episode, and a handful does not…Lt. Ford being one of the people who does not.

    A comment about the puddlejumpers…the black rubber honeycomb mats that are on the ramp and floor are exactly what we used to have on the floor in the cafes at my bookstores. Every time I see them, that is what I think of.

    Favorite line of the entire episode: “Snappy!” Even though McKay is really not any snappier than usual. Still funny. He shows himself to be a real badass in this episode. I love how he mouths off to Everett in front of everyone.

    You mention tracer lights…did the Wraith fire those so that they could see the city? It looks like the city fired them. I guess I don’t understand why they would dim their lights yet set off fireworks. I’m confused.

    I also don’t understand why Sheppard did not cloak his jumper until he got past the action. He should have cloaked before leaving the jumper bay.

    I support a short break before beginning Season 2.

  43. Name Victoria, place Los Angeles CA, pet peeve the neighbors dog who poops on my front lawn. I love SGA, John Sheppard and tacos.

  44. Hi everyone, thought I’d come out from under my lurkers cloak for just a little while.

    First name: Sam (as in, Samantha)
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Favourite thing: A glass of wine, a slice of cake and a night time thunderstorm. All good in isolation, even better when combined.
    Pet peeve: People. Or more specifically, annoying people (and if by some highly improbable chance the lady with the mobile phone who was on my train this afternoon is reading this; thank you for sharing your entire medical history with me and my fellow commuters.)

    Wow, I sound like a narky chick, don’t I? I’m actually quite nice… no really! Perhaps I’ll put the lurker cloak back on now 🙂

  45. I’m a lurker! My name is Tiffany and I’m originally from Vancouver Island but lately I call Vancouver (more specifically Surrey, I suppose) my home. I also work at a fish shop you frequent. ^___^ My favorite thing… probably my new computer. Built it myself and it was my first time doing something like that. Pet peeve? Today; People who don’t clean all the snow off their car or truck before driving around.

    P.S. My icon is cookies… made with polymer clay and smaller than a dime!
    P.P.S I’ve been mostly keeping up with the rewatch… and I’m definitely looking forward to rewatching Duet.

  46. My name is see up :p

    I live on the west coast of the US.

    My avatar is chosen by word press. I think today it is going to be a crab-like thing or maybe it is always a crab-like thing.

    have been addicted to Law and Order for many years now.

    I can mirror write.

    I just crack up at Akemi’s comments on SGA and other things and love the Bento boxes.

    I’ve been reading Joe’s blog for a long time, not sure how long, but I think I had no grey hair when I started.

  47. I am a lurker I do occasionally post but not that often. 😀

    I live in Bracknell, Berks UK and have been a sci fi fan since I started watching Star Trek in 1969 at the age of 2. Very lucky to have had a mum who was a sci fi fan. 🙂 My first convention was in 1981… and I am a damn proud geek and nerd! Claim to fame – I have danced with Gene Roddenberry to the disco version of the Star Trek theme 😀

    For the past 10yrs I have not been able to work due to having ME/CFS. During this time though I have got myself a degree with the OU. At the moment back at College getting other qualifications. I have also taught myself how to design websites and run a few of my own… http://www.krissharmsworth.com

    Pet peeve – people having a view on something without researching first, so that what they say is a load of crap that has just been fed to them by the media.

    My avatar – kissing a friend of mine at Collectormania… 😀

    Kriss 🙂

  48. Oh, I forgot I really like photography and am always happy to see pictures on the blog.

    My pet peeve, on Thursday, was that lame network NBC switching the analysts for the live figure skating from the very professional British pair to the lame American trio. I didn’t get up at 7 a.m., not a morning person here, to listen to idiotic analysts talking about fashion, what it might feel like and any other stupid thing that crossed their gray matter. Thank you for letting me rant.

  49. First name: Deb
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Favorite thing(s): Travel, my dogs, cooking, movies
    Pet peeve(s): Intolerant and/or rude people
    Daily reader of this weblog, occasional commenter, and fan of reading not only Joe’s daily blog but also the responses from people who comment frequently. Am also really happy that unlike many other blogs, the people who comment here are nice. It is lovely to not have to put up with trolls and disgruntled, negative commenters. Oh, Akemi’s comments never fail to make me smile.

  50. Hello sarynkitamo, Sam, Bailey, Jenny Horn, StellaByStargate, Mike from Canada, Pablo en España, Peggy, scottland7, BoltBait, rk2010, Keith, Carl, cat4444, astromist, kabra, Elminster, Jim S., Skua, Chy Clayton, Jason Mercer, daithi82, Line Noise, glowyzoey, Shannon, Miguel Reimer, finbarr, and msstargate /b as well as Super Regular posters: Jeff W, baterista9, dasindanger, ponytail, PBMom, Sparrow_hawk, Tam Dixon, Archersangel, gforce, Deborah Rose, and Marsha_R . Nice to meet you all, and for some of you, nice to meet you again.

  51. NAME – a certain SANSKRIT “Goddess of the Moon”, but spelled phonetically…


    FAV THINGS – *Collecting* THEM! *ALL** of Them!! and, pretty much EVERYthing *ELSE*! 😀

    – NOT having the “SPACE” to store The ABOVE!
    – that whole “mortality”-thing… seriously. I have NO Life right now and would hate for THAT to be a permanent thing before I ever find the time *to* GET “A LIFE”!
    – oh, yeah… and that EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY who keeps filling-*IN* the end of my driveway with extra “Set-Dressings” from GAME of THRONES!!

  52. Name is Travis and I am from York, Pennsylvania. I have four dogs- boxer, boston terrier, pug (black) and a beagle. I did not load an avatar and I don’t comment much. But I do check you blog every day. I like to see what new project you get into, see how the pups are doing, relive some great Stargate memories and see what interesting things you will eat. Oh, and cheer for the Snow Monkeys during football season.

  53. Debra, living in hotterThanHell&TwiceAsHumidGeorgia (USA).

    My most favorite thing is my wonderful daughter, and my wonderful supportive friends. I also love dogs, horses, animals in general (except squirrels and mourning doves), very wide range of reading, but particularly Science Fiction be it books/movies/series. Wide range of music. Art and images. Honest people who take responsibility for their actions.

    Pet peeves:
    People who cannot argue without making personal attacks instead of staying on topic.
    Willful ignorance.
    People who believe their OPINION is the same thing as a FACT.
    People who take advantage of others.

    I used to say your blog was the only one I ever read, but now I read most of the Bloggist’s as well as Sharon Lee (wife/writing partner of Steve Miller with the Liaden universe).

  54. Hi, everybody, name really is
    Melinda. Live in Indianapolis IN & have worked for same company for 40 years. Will read anything, including back of cereal boxes. Lost my 16 yr old Boston in June & now have 6 mo old Bichon Shih Tsu named Solomon. Housebreaking a puppy THIS winter has been a nightmare. More to follow

  55. Forgot to mention I’ve volunteered at the zoo for 12 years. This year the International Orangutan Center opens. All 8 came from medical or entertainment fields & we’re very excited to offer them the best possible alternative

  56. @ das
    Tell me and i order a handmade Joecito Caganer but i think he ban us for life plus a day. 😆

    Gracias Gilder. Si que me pasa mucho lo del corrector, cuando uso el Tablet y se me olvida repasarlo. 😉

    Im in Alicante (Valencia) you know i like the snow. :mrgreen:

    @ all
    Its a pleasure know you more closely ladies and gentlemen. 😎

    My Icon is Captain Valladares from starship Pluton BRB nero. The first an perhaps only Spanish tv Sci-fi serie. A mix of Red Dwarf with Wormholextreme plus a sexy android off course. 2 sesons canceled.
    Im proud how much can be done with so little money.

    Stargate convention Spain:

  57. First name – Catherine
    Location – Tropical North Queensland, Australia
    Favorite thing – Having nothing I have to do, and spending that time with my dog. And audio commentaries!!
    Pet peeve – Humidity and heat at the same time, ugh, oppressive
    Anything else you’d care to add – Bless you and your colleagues for bringing us Stargate, I sincerely hope there will be another series one day, maybe with an SG-1 team featuring an adult kid or two of the beloved originals. And their dogs.

  58. Name: Jen
    Location: Burns Harbor, Indiana (30 minutes outside Chicago)
    Bit about myself, I’m a Christian, wife (Laurance), Mom of 3 (Marianne, Christian, and Bethany), and as of December, have my degree in Elementary Education from Purdue! I have 2 dogs: Mushu (yorkie/shih tzu mix) and Holly (rescue greyhound). Love Sci-Fi, reading (last book: The Book Thief), music (a bunch of types), travel (when I can afford to), and walking my dogs (when it’s warm enough to).

    I’ve been watching Stargate since the beginning back on Showtime. After awhile, it became a ritual to have Sci-Fi Fridays at my house. Pizza, snacks, and good tv.

    Pet Peeve: People who don’t use their turn signal,

    Hope everyone has a good day!! I’m off to substitute teaching until I can find a job for the next school year,. 🙂

  59. Nola – yes, really, not N.O.L.A. (New Orleans, LA) in San Antonio, TX. Often lurker, sometimes poster. Only one on here I know in person is Baterista. Been visiting for years and always get a smile about something – either what Joe has posted, Akemi has said, or one of the regulars’ comments.

  60. Name: Jim
    Location: Oddly enough…New Jersey

    Likes: Sci-fi, horror, movies, food, 4 wheeling, camping, dogs, guns, video games.

    Pet Peeves: BSL, animal cruelty, bad drivers, people who don’t take responsibility for their own actions, Michael Vick.

    I’m mostly a lurker. If I say something, it’s because I actually have something to say. I’ve been a blog reader since year one. It’s my morning ritual when I get to work. (Don’t tell my boss.)

    My icon? Yeah, I’m going to have to fix that thing.

  61. I’m Wesley, another lurker who stumbled upon this blog during the Stargate Universe days. I’d been a fan since SG-1, but Universe reminded me of what it was like to be a fanboy again. It was the first show in ages I wasn’t always mentally rewriting while the episode was still being shown.

    I came for the Stargate but stayed for everything else, especially the dogs. My wife and I have an 8-year-old Golden Retriever (named after Kaylee in Firefly, because she’s always so happy and shiny) who is just starting to slow down. We’re all about 20 minutes into the sprawl east of Pasadena.

    Pet peeve? Driving anywhere in and around LA. Thirteen years out here now, and I’ll never get used to it.

  62. Because anyone who’s ever read any of my (SGA) comments on this blog already knows I’m a Beckett fan … I really have to throw a little support in his direction!

    He is isn’t a whiner … he’s simply a Brit! Christian Bale’s temper on the set of Terminator Salvation was excellent! 🙂 Short, sharp and to the point where it’s out his system! Bloody brilliant!

    I’m not kidding either, we really do (on the whole) prefer to bitch, complain … pick any word … before dealing with the inevitable. It’s just important to us as a nation to make it clear when we are not happy about a situation! It’s what we do and Beckett typifies this character trait perfectly; especially since he always comes through, consistently saving their collective backsides in a medical situation – he is, after all, a medical doctor!

    Why should he suck it up?

    Dealing with a chair that operates a super weapon/city would cause anyone to worry … representing Beckett as the (every person) is perfect writing in my opinion! Too many perfect hero types on TV these days, I’d rather watch a character who bitches and complains rather than doing everything they are told lemming style.

    (Watch Avon (Paul Darrow) and Vila (Michael Keating) in Blake’s 7.) Bitched, complained, sarcastic … and utterly brilliant.


    @Elminster: Yeah, I giggled too! Sorry:)


    @Joe: Loved the grammar video – amused throughout the entire thing!


    Abridged introduction: Susan/London/Favourite thing – B7 and writing and history and … the list continues! Pet Peeves: yes, lots on that list too, but since I’ve just finished ranting above, I’ll limit it to Queue Jumpers and Condescending Attitudes. 🙂

  63. @Mike from Canada:

    I’ve loved computers since the first PC, you had to put it together from a kit and programmed it via toggle switches and lights on the front panel, and I use mine mostly for graphics work and photography.

    Are we talking IMSAI 8080’s? I built my own S-100 bus machines in high school many many years ago and I remember spending hours loading in custom CP/M bootloaders via those toggle switches, in binary no less!


    Does that work? Probably not…I’ll work on something more imaginative after tea and breakfast. 😉

    On the 0.030″ over-bore:

    When we bought the ‘Vette back a couple of years ago, she was producing a continuous light blue smoke (rings), we just didn’t know which cylinder(s) were the problem at the time. It had been sitting outside for 11 years with periodic start-ups, and no oil changes. Apparently, sometime during the 11 years of living outside on the east coast, the rings in cylinder #2 became damaged from rust build up and further start-ups just increased the wear.

    When I initially tore the block down, all the cylinders looked good with no ridge-wear (cylinder #2 was at Top Dead Center, so I didn’t check it initially). After further inspection, I found 0.012″ of ridge wear on #2, and later the machinist said he needed 0.022″ of boring to clean it up. The next step up in piston sizes was the 0.030″ over, so 30-over it was.

    As for additional power, the boring is only adding 5 cubic inches (going from 350cid to 355), so probably nothing noticeable.

    Dart vs AFR heads:

    Is was a package decision. We (Jackie and I) wanted to swap the TH350 trans with something that had an overdrive (for gas mileage and driveability at 70mph on the freeway). After a little Craigslist searching we came up with a TH200-4R overdrive out of an ’86 Cutlass 442 (no computer needed so it was a perfect swap for a carbureted ’76 Vette), and we rebuilt that with an Art Carr performance kit and some upgraded internals (it’s on rollers under the work-bench at the moment waiting to be installed). This set our maximum horsepower range for the drivetrain to something under 400hp; to go higher would have required a hardened input shaft for the trans (among other parts), a beefed up rear differential, and beefed up half-shafts and universal joints on the ‘Vette’s independent rear end, all which we wanted to avoid for cost reasons.

    We also wanted to keep a stock intake and stock exhaust system for appearance reasons, which also limits our horsepower to under 400hp…it was a number that kept coming up so we went with it.

    As for the head choice itself, the ‘Vette still uses vacuum to drive the headlight actuators and the brake booster, so we needed to preserve a decent idle vacuum just to drive the accessories (so no lumpy race cams!)

    The weak point in the stock configuration were the ‘882 iron heads. We could have ported them and up-sized the valves, but these heads are known for cracking when the cylinder pressure is raised, plus we wanted to keep these numbers-matching original heads “on the shelf” in case we every wanted to go back to a stock configuration. Corvette shows and judging are all about “numbers matching” and we’re keeping the original TH350 trans for the same reason.

    Back to the heads, we knew we were targeting around 400hp and something less than 10.0:1 compression ratio (so we can still run pump gas), and that we needed to preserve idle vacuum, so I did a little research and found the 180cc Dart Heads. In a Car Craft head shootout, their bigger brothers (the 200cc Darts) produced 420hp on a free-flowing engine with headers, but with our stock intake and ram-horn exhaust manifolds the extra flow of the 200cc would have been wasted, so we went with the 180cc Dart heads instead. I’m expecting that we’ll do around 350hp out of the gate, and with a little tweaking to the Quadrajet Carb, we should see about 375hp.

    As for AFR versus Dart, the 180cc AFR Eliminator heads are targeted at L98 engine blocks (1985 and up), and wouldn’t have worked on our 1976 block without exhaust port modifications (to the ram horn manifolds) and machining to the block to allow for roller-lifters. We wanted to keep the block original, so we went with bare Dart Heads that we built for flat-tappet springs (lower spring pressures) and a flat tappet Lunati Voodoo Cam (268H). We did have to do a bare head build up because Dart doesn’t offer an assembled kit for non-roller lifters, but I wanted to teach Jackie how to lap valves, so that worked for the best anyway.

    Sorry for all the shop talk, Joe. Proof-reading this before clicking send made me realize that I probably should have made this a post on my blog and just commented with a link. I’ll make sure to do that next time.

  64. There are some interesting people on the blog! I enjoyed reading all the comments today.

    How did you like Star Road?

    How did I miss this My legs are kidding me!”? Priceless! Akemi’s English is impressive though. I can only count to ten, and say a few karate stances in Japanese. I admire anyone that can learn new languages.

  65. Ok.. First name: Trish (short for Patricia but only my mom calls me that 😛 )
    Location: Tampa, Florida! It’s the lightning capital of the world. 😀
    Favorite thing: Just one? I love so many things. I suppose family/loved ones would be my favorite thing. But.. I LOVE sci-fi! I was raised on it. I was born on Isaac Asimov’s birthday which is ALSO Science Fiction Day. My mom even took a class taught by the father of sci-fi when she attended BU. When I was a little girl my mom introduced me to Doctor Who. I’ve been a whovian ever since. That name just seemed fitting so I’ve used it for years. I even answer to it. I was a whovian LONG before it was cool and when girls weren’t “supposed to” like it. Whatever that means.
    Pet peeve: Well.. again.. I have many. I could do without evil. But that’s obvious. I also cannot stand it when people try to intimidate others. What really gets me is when someone will kick a person when they’re down/suffering. But the worst are those who abuse animals, children, the elderly and the like. I also cannot stand hypocrites and manipulators.
    Occupation: I’m a mom. I have home schooled both my girls. One is all grown up now. The other is in junior high. I am trying to decide what *I* want to be when I grow up. 🙂 I have a bachelor’s in psychology. I’ve considered getting another degree. Or maybe I’ll volunteer at the Florida Aquarium. In the exciting news front: We’re getting a new dog! Our other two are rescues. Ziggy is a Great Pyrenees and Annabelle is a Pyr/Gold Retriever mix. My husband just lost his brother a couple weeks ago. It was tragic and sad. However I’m honored that we’re getting his Australian shepherd mix, Foxy! Foxy was his favorite thing. So I’m happy we can give her a great forever home.

    And I know exactly what Akemi means. Sometimes after a really rough leg workout my legs are kidding me too. They cannot possible be THAT sore after some squats, lunges and leg lifts. O.o

  66. Name: Laura

    Location: Netherlands, lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year in 2008-2009.

    Nickname: Online, I usually go by ‘whiteowl’. Back when I was a kid I once went hiking while visiting family on Vancouver Island. My older cousin (“Red Vest Man”, coincidentally also known as Joe) and his buddy (“Jeans Boy”) at one point asked me if I could make an owl sound with my thumbs, which I could, and I showed them how to do it. And since I was wearing a white sweater at the time, I became “White Owl” (although my cousin didn’t really remember when I told him I still used the nickname several years later ;)).

    Favorite things: lurking on Joe’s blog. Been doing so for years, going back to the days when this blog was on Blogspot. I think I’ve posted at most 3-4 times. Other favorite things: my job. No really. I’m an anesthesiologist-in-training, and I’m loving my job. But maybe that’s because I don’t have a life other than my work… I also love traveling and photography (nature, wildlife).

    Pet peeves: lots of little things that probably aren’t worth getting irritated about. One of the major things I hate is when people don’t take responsibility for their own health. When they think it’s always the doctor’s fault that something doesn’t work out the way it’s planned, while for instance their lifestyles play a major role (even the biggest role) in the way things turn out.

  67. First Name: Joan.
    Location: Born and grew up in Montreal and have lived in Calgary, Vancouver and am now in the Ottawa area.
    Favourites: Sci-fi…am happily watching reruns of STG and STV as well as SG1 and SGA. I look forward to watching Continuum, Saving Hope, NCIS, CSI and other “whodunit” type shows.
    Newly retired and getting back to doing some art, (pen & ink, watercolour, pencil) and spending time with my Siberian.
    Love the blog, your forays into the culture of food – I’m amazed at your cast iron stomach – love Akemi-isms. I guess I would consider myself below a semi-regular but I enjoy reading the comments and escapades of the other bloggers. I am continually hoping that some of your projects come to fruition and was disappointed to hear that a project which we would all like fell through due to the meddling of lawyers.
    My pet peeves are the way that shows get cancelled when it seems it’s on a whim. It’s a chess game purely for their own enjoyment, to the movers and shakers who are blind to what the fans would like. I have little respect for them when shows are cut, sometimes without reason. I’m hoping that a couple of space-based programs return and wouldn’t mind seeing another “stargate-based” show, with some or all the previous characters. I was quite annoyed the other day, standing at a cash at the SallyAnn watching a man who seemed to have bought all 10 seasons of Stargate SG1 on VHS tape…. Missed them probably by 15 minutes. That peeved me too! 

  68. @Kriss Hemsworth:
    You met the Great Bird of the Galaxy??? I am SO jealous. I became a Trek fan about the same time you did, but I’m ten years older.

    @skua: ¡A lo ordén! Estoy fuera de práctica, pero tengo 30+ años estar bilingüe. Asistí a la 1a. Gatercon, 2004 en Barcelona. Algún día a Valencia, si Díos quiere.

    @Nola: We are overdue for another lunch, as well as for new designs from your husband. *ashamed*

    @Jim from Jersey: Didn’t you wrangle guests for Creation in 2005? And please remind me–where in Jersey? I grew up on Hunterdon /Mercer county line.

    @JeffW: Are you heartbroken over the recent sinkhole damage at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky? I visited about ten years ago, hope they can save some of the damaged vehicles.

    @whovian: My condolences, and thank you for being a parent and pet-parent.

  69. After reading the above comments, I believe Akemi is a big draw to your blog. Best stay on her good side.

    JeffW: I showed your last post to my computer hubby. Are we talking IMSAI 8080′s? I built my own S-100 bus machines His reply “Those are names I hadn’t heard about for a while”. He translated for me. 😉

    whovian: So sorry about your BIL. Thank you, so much for taking his dog, poor thing. They cannot possible be THAT sore after some squats, lunges and leg lifts. O.o Exactly!

    Big waves to Everyone! I noticed a lot of pet peeves were “people not using a turn signal”. Don’t come to Mississippi then. I’ve learned NOT to expect a signal. I look to see how people turn their head for clues on which lane they want to be in. That and if there is a Starbucks or McDonalds nearby. 😉 People go crazy when they see those two places! Honestly, those places have car lines that extend into the road sometimes. I don’t get it but I’m not a coffee drinker. Sorry Mr M., I know you must be busy and I won’t bother you anymore today.

  70. Just a quickie!

    @ skua – Joecito Caganer?! Do it! Doit-doit-doit!! 😀

    Jeffy – I have a good friend who used to call me ‘dassypoo’…but over time she’s reduced it down to just ‘poo’. Oddly enough, when she calls me Poo (in voice or type), I answer immediately. 😛

    Thanks for the ‘shop talk’. 🙂 I should check out your blog since I might have more questions in preparation for May and/or September’s Classic Car show on the Boardwalk (it’s really mostly a street rod show now…lots of Chevys…;) ). http://www.wildwoodmotorevents.com/2014-Schedule

    I want to do more this year than just look under hoods and say, “Oooooo! Pretty!” 😛


  71. @skua:

    I haven’t been that far up the Mediterranean coast, but the scenery looks beautiful! Back in ’97 my wife and I vacationed in Nerja and fell in love with the sea-side beauty. We thought about visiting Ibiza, but that seemed a little too vacation oriented for me…I prefer to see the country that I’m visiting, not spend my time with a bunch of tourists all speaking English 😉

    We may have to visit Alicante once my kids get through college (or get scholarships!) 😀 That is probably 3 or more years away though.

    @Debra From The South:

    Debra, living in hotterThanHell&TwiceAsHumidGeorgia (USA).

    Wasn’t it snowing/ice storming there a week or so ago?

    Besides, I’ll trade you. We’re expecting sub-zero temperatures again this week here in Chicagoland. Growing up in all that east coast heat and humidity has made my blood too thin for this! 😉

    And I finally found oysters, so I’m making Oyster Stew for supper tonight!

  72. Lot of people from all over the world. A lot of places I hope to see one day.

    The first PC I read about was the Altair 8800.
    The first I saw first hand was a SwTPC 6800, selling for $899 Canadian, nothing else included, which my 14 year old self could not finance.
    The first I got first hand experience with was indeed an IMSAI 8080. It wasn’t mine, it was a sort of a floor model in a store, the owner let me play, but he was way ahead of his time and went out of business. Seems at the time people were not beating down the door of the local computer store.

    I didn’t get my own computer until the TRS-80 came out, with a cassette tape recorder for saving and replaying programs, and I used it a lot to play Scott Adams Adventure Games. I eventually had the entire expanded system and two hard drives.

    Kriss Harmsworth
    May be a malware page or have a malware ad?

  73. Well, I’m a definite regular for these last few years(I think I started lurking around 2008), but I don’t post as often as some of you guys(I’m looking at you das!). My real first name is indeed Mike and my real last name does in fact begin with ‘A’. I live in Fresno, California. I’m currently a graphic artist at a label company, but my degree is in Industrial Technology(Mechanical Engineering with it’s welding gear on, I like to say). Either way, I draw on computers for a large portion of the day. 😉 My absolute biggest pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open, especially adults! But in larger perspective, all of my pet peeves revolve around the general erosion of manners and the consideration of others in today’s society. I have wayyyyy too many favorite things to list them out here, but my newest thing is pinball. Yes, pinball machines. I have two currently, and am scheming on getting a third(For those in the know, I’ve got TZ and TAF and will be getting a FH). I plan on taking one of the extra bedrooms in my next, larger house and making it into an arcade(I’ve already got some older video games that add to the mix, too). My nieces and nephews already love me, but they have no idea how much fun it’ll be to stay at uncle Mike’s house when I get that done!

    I got started with the SG franchise on Day 1 with the original SG1 series on Showtime. I remember being shocked at the sight of the boobies! I also remember almost giving up on the series when it moved channels, but I’m glad I stuck with it. I had no idea how much a fan of the franchise I would become. I truly enjoy well written TV and movies. The Sci-Fi genre just seems to have a higher percentage of well written shows. They never get old to me. I always loved the fact that SG1 was a present day show. It added a level of realism to the show that most SF shows overlook. I also like how SF shows allow the viewer to engage their mind in thinking about possibilities. I like when a show sets it’s own limitations and stays within them and doesn’t rewrite them every few episodes or every season. I love how SF shows can be extremely technical and scientific, but in the end, the best episodes are those that ultimately deal with some form of the human condition.

    Akin to my love for the SF genre is my love for finding out and knowing how things work. It’s one of the reasons for my major in college. It’s also the main reason I started lurking here. I love getting an insight into the mind of a writer, let alone the writer of one of my favorite SF franchises. I also love seeing all the BTS stuff Joe’s posted over the years. Everything that goes into making the episodes of the SG series is just as fascinating to me as the finished episodes themselves.

    I just wish there were more blooper reels…. 😉

    I know with how big a goofball most of the SG actors are in real life, there has to be more out there! We need to petition MGM to hire Ivon back and have him put together a nice blooper/outtake reel for each of the seasons of the entire franchise!

    That is all. For now.

    -Mike A.

  74. wow! have rarely seen so much comments 🙂
    Ok.. Siege 2 comments from Akemi were just hillarious! thank you for that! it sure brightens up my long day and week ahead :)!!
    loving the wraith hair doo comments! !! man!! lol
    Siege 2: wow !! the wraith firing non stop over Atlantis! yes man! glorious!! yes, one of the most exciting episodes ever! i hated it it when it ended in such a suspense, so i empathise with Akemi san! 🙂
    just like at the end of series 1 in SGU! I was like… WHAT !!??? we have to wait now??! this is BEEPING INHUMANE! :/
    Loving McKay! he always saves the day!
    Self intro:
    Laura, 40 already! living in Europe over 5 countries. Speaking 5 languages and some ancient greek and latin too 🙂
    Favorite things: sci-fi (SG1, SGA, SGU, Star Treks, Star Wars, ..basically pretty much everything alien, but not into horror and scary stuff), horseriding, writing, sailing, cooking, karate, cats, friends, holidays
    pet peeve: people cooking spicy stuff at midnight, irresponsible pupils, wars, injustice, lazy folks, human exploitation, bad wages
    hugs xo

  75. I’m another mostly lurker.
    Steph is my real name and while I’m from Michigan I’ve been in southern Germany for (almost) seven years now.
    Favorite things: books – my e-reader has been terrible for my studies and chocolate – either dark or baked in some wonderful form is good!
    Pet peeves: Misuse of grammar when trying to sound smart – guess what “I” is not actually always the right choice, “me” is a legitimate word, too!
    Like many others I started reading this blog for Stargate and stuck around for much more. I especially love the animal-love, my mom’s very into her local humane society and animal-championing here gives a similar vibe!

  76. Name: Jan
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    Favorite Things: Tetris. The old version on the original Nintendo system. My son (and Co.) made a documentary about finding the best “classic” Tetris players. The movie is called Ecstasy of Order, and I’m 99% sure that it’s still available to see for free on Hulu.com.

    I love science fiction and Marvel super-hero comics. I have thousands of old comics that someday I will sell on ebay.

    After taking a year off, I have begun to play poker again. My first day back I played for nine hours and stayed up all night.

    Pet Peeves: Sellers on auction sites who don’t practice full-disclosure.

    Restocking or return fees on my online shopping.

    “Depression” is a stupid and misleading name for an illness that has to do with a brain chemistry disorder and many symptoms other than sadness.

  77. I hope Akemi’s legs are done kidding her. She says some of the cutest stuff, thanks for sharing.

  78. My name is Lisa and I was born in Allentown,PA. I’ve lived one county west in Fleetwood for 20 years.
    My favorites are my cats and corvettes. And of course my husband, who got me into motorcycling and my gsx r1000.

  79. Hi…I’ve been a silent lurker since day one of your blog, but here goes my first comment ever 🙂
    Name: Susan
    Location: Cincinnati OH
    Favorite things: too many things to list but the top 3 would be: my pups Lucy and Honey, The Walking Dead and my job as an event planner

  80. Kevin

    Erie, Pennsylvania


    Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey fan

    Too many peeves to list, top right now is smug fans of the Canadian Olympic hockey teams

  81. @ brian mcgee – wrote “I stayed up listening to queen when I was 17”.

    Oh my gosh, that reminds me. I use to listen to either The Who’s “Tommy”, or Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”, as a teen, every night on cassette when I went to bed. When the tape finished it would just cut off, I was ususally asleep by then.

  82. Greetings. I’m Kristen from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Long time reader, but I think I’ve only ever posted once.

    Favorite thing: My cat Jazmine, who is my great love. I adopted a month after my mother passed away, and she really helped me through that time. (That was exactly one year ago, and I can’t imagine my life without her.)

    Other things I love: Stargate obviously (Atlantis was my favorite, but SG1 and SGU are very close). Reading (fantasy and romance). Writing (also fantasy and romance).

    Pet peeve: TV shows that end on a cliffhanger and don’t tell me what the plan was. (In this internet age, at least tell me how you were getting them out of that mess.) TV networks that show episodes out of order, destroying the continuity. (Yes, I’m talking to you Fox. I’m still holding Firefly against you.)

    I’m enjoying Akemi’s take on Atlantis. Thanks for the excuse to rewatch it with you.

  83. First name: Denise (duh, see above)
    Location: Stone’s throw from Civil War battlefields in Northern Virginia—can’t drop a spade in the garden without turning up some sort of artifact. Anyone who wants to visit DC area, be happy to give recs.
    Occupations: Foreign Service Manager for Aerospace Co./Fiction Writer/Workshop Instructor, including my favorite, Improvisational Techniques for Writers.
    Fave Things: Stargate Atlantis; chocolate (otherwise known as writer super-fuel); hiking; Swiss and Italian Alps, Cinqueterre, Maine Coast, any part of Ireland, Barcelona (studied there, Junior Year Abroad) and nearby archaeological gem, Empuries. My beloved Border Collies; horses; theatre; writing and exploring historical sites.
    Must watch: SGA, SG1, Almost Human, NCIS, NCIS LA, Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, Castle, and any Indiana Jones-type adventure/thrillers.
    Reading: All over the map! Lit Fic, thrillers, mysteries, bios, historical fic, quirky genre-benders. Joe, thanks for introducing us to Terms of Enlistment, not what I might normally pick but enjoyed it so much, had to follow protag’s journey in the sequel, Lines of Departure.
    Pet Peeve: Writers who may have run “spell-check” on their manuscript but still end up with the wrong word, argh! Breaks the fourth wall for me every time.
    Stargate Atlantis helped me through a very rough patch in my life—a safe place where I could mentally retreat and decompress. Dear to my heart always and my gratitude to everyone who had a part in her production.

  84. Another longtime lurker here. My name is Debbie, and I’m in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been reading your blog since Atlantis was canceled. My favorite things are my cats and technology. And I’m very shy.

  85. @baterista9

    yep I did! was rather surreal I must say… http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll215/Dankriss_2008/Convention%20odds%20and%20sods/img297.jpg

    @Mike from Canada

    Malware? do you mean on my website? there shouldn’t be there are no ads at all on there… it is run on a wordpress.org CMS.


    Ok how close to we live to each other? for those who don’t know how close about 10 mins up the road… 😀

    Kriss 🙂

  86. Hi Joe and Akemi. I’m Kay in Santa Cruz, California. You’ve never heard from me before; I’ve been lurking since before SGU went on the air. I read and enjoy every day, and often tell my husband, “Joe says…” and he knows just who I mean.

    I’ve watched all the SG series. I must admit I’m a fan of character vs plot (and I’m a shipper, sorry), so I don’t often remember exactly “what” happened but more like how I felt when I was watching.

    I’m a designer and author in the quilting industry. My favorite thing is volunteering at my county’s wonderful open-door animal shelter. We foster little kittens during the warm-weather months, and right now we have a little foster dog (corgi/pomeranian, how cute is that) who was hit by a car 3 weeks ago. He’s doing fantastic by the way, full recovery. He herds his toys in most amusing fashion.

    Previously we had a papillon for 17 years who was my heart, and he turned both of us into through-and-through dog people. Another reason why I enjoy your blog.

    Pet peeve? I have so many, I just won’t go there right now. It’s feels good to finally introduce myself Joe. Nice to meet you at last.


  87. I’m usually a lurker but ok:
    First name. Nicole
    Location. Originaly from Plattsburgh, NY (Only mention it because I bet Joe knows where that is) now in Albany, NY. Yup I moved a whole 150 miles from home.
    Favorite thing. Hmmmmmm. I like lots of things. I really have too many interests but I run a lot and swim and bike some. I love martial arts but no longer have time to take a class. I love my cats (2) and my family (I have a grown kid).
    Pet peeve. Not really-just pets.
    Anything else you’d care to add. I go to Montreal for the Jazz Fest every summer and Montreal is one of my favorite places in the world although I haven’t been to too many places. I’ve never left North America unless you count Central America (I’ve been to Managua, NIcaragua twice, which is also a pretty cool trip but for different reasons).

    I save reading this blog so I can read several posts at once so I tend to be a few days behind. I also don’t usually post anything unless I think I have something interesting to add.

  88. Kriss Harmsworth: It was probably just coincidence then, if no one else has had problems. When I went to your site all I got was a blank page, then my computer froze.

    I scanned my computer with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and found an instance of:

    Which is a web based malware program that can download other malware and capture information. Or so I’ve read.

    Of course I can’t be sure where it came from. I apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion. I’m looking into why my regular virus program Avast never caught it and I’ve hardened my system with some programs from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com.

    I’m very paranoid about viruses and malware and tend to over react first and relax later. Anyways, I just noticed that Avast isn’t even working right now, so I need to finish this and restart my system and make sure there are no other problems.

    Again, sorry for jumping the gun.

  89. Hello my name is Roger and I’m a lurker.

    Whew, that felt good.

    I am a big fan of all things Stargate, although Atlantis wasn’t really my thing, so maybe I should watch them all so I can experience the nirvana that is Stargate:Atlantis. Too bad Netflix took it away. My pet peeve is having my favorite shows become cult shows because people start to appreciate them well after the fact, I speak of Firefly, Farscape (although 88 episodes were awesome, it should have had way more) and Stargate Universe – man that show was getting better with each episode towards the end. I don’t watch the SyFy channel anymore because of what they did (the bastards!)

    I enjoy coming here for your tips on writing, whenever you offer them, and to find out what is going on in pop culture and food circles. I also like you book of the month choices, but hide behind the mask of the internet so I don’t have to share any opinions. Do you see what you have done here Mr. Mallozzi? Or should I call you Joe?

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog every chance I get, and I may have commented a time or two as well. Keep up the good work, and I promise I am not a troll.

    The name Mylhibug is my funny way of connecting myself to the town I grew up in, Denver, so you can probably figure out how to pronounce it. 🙂 Yes, I am a Broncos fan, have been forever and will be until I die. I currently reside in a western suburb of Chicago, and feel free to stop by anytime, just don’t where any Canucks gear. 🙂

  90. Hi all! My real name is Kathryn, but friends mostly call me Kathy, and my family mostly calls me Kath. Kathode is a nickname I received when, first year of university (USC, Go Trojans!), I helped out with a friend’s graduate thesis film. The film shot weekends over the course of a semester. Within about a week or two, my friend Larry, the writer and director, had dubbed me Kathode, because I worked at the TV production facility on campus. (Y’know, like a cathode ray tube, in a television?) And forever after, to the crew of that film, who became my friends, I was known exclusively as Kathode.

    My avatar was chosen by WordPress, but I like it, because it looks like a football who’s rather pleased with himself. Since I’m a big enough football fan to have convinced my husband that NFL Sunday Ticket is the key to having a happy wife every autumn, the avatar is entirely appropriate.

    Grew up in Detroit, moved to L.A. for university and afterward, lived in Chicago (Hyde Park) for 3 years to attend law school, went back to L.A. (Glendale) afterwards, and then immigrated to Vancouver in 2006. Currently living in North Vancouver (Deep Cove). The scenery in Stargate SG-1 is what made Vancouver enter my mind as a nice travel destination, and when I did a road trip from L.A. to Vancouver and then across Canada to Michigan to visit the family in December ’02, while I was in Vancouver, I sat on the Seawall in Stanley Park and called my mom to tell her I’d be moving there one day. The second term of George W. Bush was what finally got me motivated enough to go through the arduous immigration process.

    Fun fact: President Obama is “Professor Obama” to me, as he was my Constitutional Law prof in law school. I also volunteered for his campaign when he was running for the House of Representatives. (He lost that race.)

    Favourite (autocorrected from “favorite”, because I don’t believe in adding extra, unnecessary letters to words) things: writing, beautiful scenery, photography, traveling to exotic destinations and writing about it, talking to people with very different backgrounds from mine and hearing about their lives where they grew up.

    Pet peeve: signs that put words in quotation marks, when no one is being quoted and the phrase is not slang for something else.

    For example:
    To all residents: There will be “NO POWER” to units between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow.

    Or this one:
    Violators will be towed!


  91. Well, I’m a mostly-silent lurker. My name is Mary. I live in Idaho, USA, where I own a business, run an animal rescue, and work full time (bills aren’t going to pay themselves). My favorite thing is writing–I used to freelance for newspapers and magazines. My pet peeve is trolls–online or in real life; why can’t people just be civil? Also, drivers who drive slow in the passing lane. I have two awesome kids through adoption. I’m not a very good cook, but if you ever find yourself enjoying the vast beauty of the Tetons from the Idaho side, my hubby would be happy to whip something up.

  92. I’m Jeremy. Like many lurkers, I found your blog while I was desperately searching for anything I could do to save SGU from cancellation. I still check it out every couple of days to see what new TV projects you’re up to; because I’m pretty sure they’ll be good, and because I like to think that if I start watching them and campaigning for them immediately then maybe I can keep some good science fiction on the air for a change. Also, I like food and you never fail to post some drool-worthy dinner-selfies.

    I’m in Southern Orange County in California. I do internet stuff. Nothing much else to add. Keep on being good at things!

  93. Name: Misty

    Location: Near Savannah, GA

    Avatar: My 5 year old nephew took the picture of me on our road-trip to ND.

    Loves: To name a few: my dogs, reading (don’t get to do much reading anymore), music, food (can you tell?), traveling, sci-fi, learning new things, photography

    Pet Peeves: back-stabbers and being told I’m ‘overqualified’

    I am a former military brat, and as such, have lived and visited many places. I was born in the South, have lived the majority of my life in the Deep South, but I consider myself to be a southerfried northerner (my dad is from ND, my mom from AL). I have a BS in Anthro/Soc and Physiological Psychology, certificates in GIS and Forensic Science, and have worked on 2 Master’s (both remain unfinished) in Middle Grades Education and Criminal Justice. I currently work 2 jobs, I also take care of my dad. Working 7 days a week doesn’t leave much time to participate in my hobbies, but on occasion I manage.

  94. @mike from Canada Not a problem at all 😀 I hate Malware myself and have program running on my computer to stop all of it… one other thing I do use adblock on my browser as well not sure it if stops malware that much but it may help as well? 🙂

  95. I’m Kate, from Indiana. I’ve been lurking since 2008. This is my second comment ever on here!

    My pet peeves: Mayo, websites that aren’t mobile friendly, and people who take credit for work they didn’t do.

    Favorite things: Sci-fi show and movie marathons (my husband and I are working through Babylon 5 right now); my kid; swimming; all technology.

    Bonus thought: I started watching SG1 when I was 13 years old. I’m 30 now, and looking back, I can see how important it was to young me to see a character like Samantha Carter. I could be smart, be tough, and still be girl! So, thanks for that. I held on to it through many tough years.

  96. First name: Diana
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Favorite thing: A good yarn (story or you know, yarn that you knit with. The best is both. Watching a good show while working with a nice yarn.)
    Pet peeve: Ignorance and judgement.
    Additional info: I was a closet nerd until my husband got me into Star Wars and then all of Stargate. Now I’m a bigger nerd than he is.

  97. I don’t really comment but I often read, so I’ll leave my comment this time. 🙂

    Stephanie. Calgary (Canada!). So many favorite things to choose from, but I’ll pick fuzzy animals, conventions, and all things psychology – I’m in the process of getting my degree. My pet peeves are ignorance, fact-twisters (or blatant liars) – especially when they’re lying to you about your own life (weird, right? but it’s totally happened) – and when people refuse responsibility for their actions.

  98. Hello and sorry that I am a bit late to the Introduction party. I am Shana, never been very good and the make up a new name for anonymity’s sake. I pretty much use my real name on, well everything.

    I live in Rancho Cordova, Ca. It’s about 15 minutes outside of Sacramento.

    Um… my favorite things:
    Sunday dinner with the whole family; mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, old roommate and her husband, and occasionally auntie and cousin along with a good friend and her family.
    Sea Ranch, Ca. It’s a costal town that my family and I have been going to for the past 22 years. Not only is the place fantastic but all the memories it holds, just one of the best places in the world to me.
    Anime – I have become a bit of a junkie the last two years. The fact that I can watch 3 different shows or 3 eps in an hour just warms my heart. They are great to watch while I run in the evenings.

    Pet peeves:
    People who will not admit to their mistakes. I work with someone who has only admitted to making 2 mistakes the 3 years I have worked with them. It always seems to be someone else fault, or a system error, or a gremlin, or an act of god. Drives me nuts, admit, learn, grown.
    Rude people. I understand that we all have bad days but seriously you don’t need to be an ass about it.
    People who are in such a hurry they cannot wait 30 seconds for me to pass them, but pull out in front of me and then go slow forcing me to either slam on my breaks or slow down. Honestly I don’t care if you pull out in front of me just GO!!! Please continue with that sense of urgency that caused you to pull out in front of me step on the gas.

    Anything else: I am an introvert, a horrible speller, and only care about my grammer when sending business e-mails.

    Oh the avatar, it is the one the blog assigned to me and I have to admit I quite like it. It makes me happy.


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