The other night, Akemi and I finally wrapped up our viewing of Stargate: Universe. So, what did she think?  What was her take on the final ten episodes?  The finale?

Well, what follows are her unique thoughts on episodes #211-220 (Stargate: Universe 2.5)…



While she appreciated the action in this one, she did bump on the seemingly impeccable timing with which our crew was able to extricate themselves from danger…managing an FTL jump with seconds to spare.  She also found the aliens had equally impressive timing.  Either that or they were just being polite by waiting until Scott and Chloe complete their kiss before interrupting them: “Everything so perfect timing.  And by the way, bad alien very polite too.  Wait until kiss before interrupting.”

She wasn’t sure why the alien ursuni sacrificed themselves to buy Destiny time (“I don’t get seed ship.  Why they sacrifice themselves?  Why so nice?”), but did find the moment touching nevertheless (“So sad.  Sad story.  Sad alien.  Just like seppuku.”).

As always, the visual effects were the star of the show (“Very interesting to see computer graphics in fighting scenes.  Very cool.  I like it.”)



More sadness – and some confusion – abounds in this episode.  Interestingly enough, she felt sadder for a miscalculating Eli than the rest of the crew who presumably perish in the unstable wormhole: “The geek boy’s mathematics wasn’t correct, right?  Too bad, geek boy.   Very sad for him.”

She found the “stay or go” decisions by the various characters very interesting, particular Dale Volker’s desire to stay: “I was surprised the fact Patrick wanted to stay on the ship.  He was the third person!  Do you believe it?”  I asked her, given the choice, if she would choose to remain on Destiny.  Her response: “My character not very important so maybe writer send me back to Earth.”  The cold realist.

Overall, though, she really enjoyed this episode: “I liked this episode.  I like expensive episodes I guess.  Very cool.”



Another stone episode complete with confusing body-swapping.  Still: “I kind of liked it.  Exciting bomb situation going on.”

Again, she appreciated the visual effects and the “weird looking bomb”.  She also patted herself on the back for being instantly suspicious of Andrew the second he boarded the ship: “Andrew creepy.  Very suspicious from the beginning.”

One question she asked that I didn’t have the answer to was with regard to the old timey paintings that adorn the halls of Homeworld Command – and one in particular: “Why people pick Carl Binder’s picture over other writers?  Maybe because is more sophisticated.”  No, I’m sure that wasn’t it.



While she didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the previous visual effects extravaganzas, it did have its moments.  And some of those moments engendered some interesting responses…

When Ginn first shows up in Chloe’s body: “TWO girls in one body!  So great for him [Eli]!”

But then, when Ginn kisses Eli: “What the fuck?!”  And later: “I didn’t like the fact geek boy kiss because he was not nice to scientist guy when he wanted to kiss. Don’t forget – your body’s not really your body!”

When Rush is in strapped into the chair, experiencing the VR love-making with Amanda Perry, Akemi wondered if he had an erection and how embarrassing that would be considering the number of people in the room.

As for the B story: “I’m happy the fact surgery went well.  Team Curly!”



Her reaction to this episode was similar to mine: “Why such a stupid plan?”

Yes, she found this episode incredibly confusing: “What kind of mission were they trying to do?  I still don’t get it.  But it was nice to see Bob [Picardo]!”

After explaining the mission to her numerous times, she seemed to get it: “Stupid Chef!  Always pushing ideas and fail it.”

She wasn’t quite sure what to make of McKay (“Suddenly McKay show up.  He talk a lot.  Very arrogant.  From Atlantis.  So he is famous.”), but I assured her he’d grow on her.  She agreed to defer judgement until she’d had a chance to watch SGA.

But she wasn’t buying the body switching, especially the notion that a couple of people from Earth could so effectively impersonate a bunch of human aliens they’d never met: “Very hard to copy somebody’s actions.  I think some people may tell. Chotto henna [kind of strange] episode.”

The biggest eye roll came with the revelation that the parameters Amanda Perry set for their VR romantic encounters was their love for one another: “How to measure love?  What if more than like but a little less than love?  Not very scientific.”  So true.



I was actually surprised by how much she enjoyed this episode, her new favorite alongside season one’s Time.  She loved this episode for a number of reasons, the chiefest being the fact that her favorite character, Ronald Greer, is front and center. She also enjoyed seeing another side of Rush, the playful prankster very much in control.

“I liked this episode so much,”she said.  “Because so funny and I liked scientist’s sneaky face.  Reminds me of my boyfriend.  I liked the scientist so much in this episode.”

On Lisa Park’s potential romantic relationship with Volker: “She’s everyone’s girlfriend!”

Following the night time attack that kills off most of Varro’s people: “How many people you killed?  My boyfriend likes to kill people.”  And then: “A lot of Lucian Alliance people living together and you kill them all except your favorite Mike Dopud.” But on a more serious note: “Feels like you’re killing so many people every episode and math doesn’t go.”  Oh, it goes.  Trust me.  It goes.

As the end credits rolled: “I liked the computer graphics, the animal creature.  I liked to see Mike Dopud in the episode very much.  I liked scientist doing sneaky thing. I’m chotto sad the fact Patrick’s love situation.  So he’s still single?”  And: “I liked as much as Time.  Easier to understand.”



Akemi found this episode a bit of a head-spinner.  “Very confusing.  Robert Cooper’s episodes always so complicated.”  I prefer “complex”.

She had another question I didn’t have the answer to – as it turns out, a question I had at the time that I never got an answer to either: “What is the answer to question at beginning of episode about fruit?  Good for women and don’t want to tell male? What is that?  Maybe if you eat it you don’t get pimple?  Something like that?”  Yes, something like that I imagine.



Akemi found this episode quite touching: “So sad episode.  Everybody so old looking.”  In particular: “I find very sad.  Very super old Young.  Old Young’s life seems very sad for me.”

And Varro’s heroics weren’t lost on her.  After he saves T.J. from plummeting by catching her, then swinging her to safety: “I liked that Mike Dopud helped her.  So cool.  Coolcoolcool.”



She was very impressed with the visual effects in this episode, one sequence even prompting a bewildered: “How to do that?”

Highlights included: “And I find set is so cool too.  And Mike Dopud.  Bazooka!  I liked it!”

She did have some questions about Park’s ability to get out of the pool and reach the exit despite her lack of sight: “If she can’t see, how she’s able to reach the door?”

But her closing remarks were reserved, not for this episode, but the upcoming finale: “Wow.  Very interesting.  How to end?  I don’t think they make it back to Earth.  So I feel like not happy ending.  Depending on the ending, I may not like the season.” How’s that for pressure?  “I’m investing for a happy ending.  If not happy ending, my boyfriend have to tell me the story every night to give me a happy ending.”  I referred her to THIS blog entry: May 12, 2011: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!



Finally!  The finale!  I feared she would hate it since there is no happy ending. Instead, we leave Destiny with the crew in stasis and Eli alone on the bridge, with two weeks to fix the damaged pod and save his life.  Her response?

“I LIKED IT!  Kind of happy ending.  Nobody die.  Three years.”  And, doing the math: “So supposed to be this year!”

She loved the spectacular visual effects, the destruction of the command ships in particular, but still found the episode bittersweet: “I really feel sorry for her, the blind girl.  Daisy?  Lisa?  So sad about her and Jamil.”

“I liked it.  Happy ending.  At least they figured out the possibility to survive.”

Yes, presumably the Destiny crew is out there, somewhere, drifting, perhaps only years away from waking up once again and continuing their adventures.

NEXT UP: Stargate Atlantis!  Who wants to take part in the official re-watch?!

We’ll kick things off, viewing an episode a day starting Friday, January 31st with the series premiere: Rising I.  And we’ll continue through the show’s full five season run – provided Akemi remains onboard!  Who’s in?!

30 thoughts on “January 28, 2014: Stargate Universe 2.5 – The Japanese Girlfriend Edition! Join our Stargate Atlantis Rewatch!

  1. I’m in on the SGA Rewatch, but I might have to miss a few episodes next weekend because of my trip to Georgia. I’ll put some episodes on my tablet, but they’ll be hard to watch while driving 😉

  2. I’m in.

    Could not help but notice this comment:
    ”Because so funny and I liked scientist’s sneaky face. Reminds me of my boyfriend.”
    ummmm, is this you? YOU????

  3. Joe,

    Good timing! I just officially FINISHED my Bachelors degree last night at 2AM EST!!!

    Need a shot of SGA as pick me up to get me in spirit things again! Count me in on re-watch Love to hit some costume points for my fellow blog costumers and look forward to some MAILBAG and some WHY DID YOU DO THAT??? Q&A

    I can wait to hear her reaction for Rodney when it comes to Season 3 Episode “Sateda” =——-> LOL

  4. I just realized that’s 100 episodes, slightly greater than 3 months. I feel like we should incorporate things into the event once every week or two. For example, on the first night we could all watch while snacking on our favorite chips and salsa, on another night we could watch first as is, then rewatch without sound to see how the experience is different.

  5. I’m on board. Rising, pt. 1 & 2 are outstanding…. the buildup in part 1 to the spectacular rising in part 2. I love Akemi’s comments.

  6. I would, but I’m just nearing the end of watching all 17 seasons (and three movies) again in chronological order, with it being the first time for my wife. It’s been a long year and we’re just 19 episodes away from the end of SGU. It’s too soon to start again. But they’re all fresh in our mind, and I love Akemi’s take on them all! Looking forward to SGA, and hoping she’ll give SG1 a chance after.

  7. I think Akemi has a future as a professional tv/movie reviewer. Her reviews are a lot more entertaining – and perceptive – than those of rmany egular “critics”.

    Jeff W, just be glad your trip to Georgia is next weekend. We are in the midst of a snow disaster here. We Georgians normally panic at an inch of snow, but this time, the snow came faster than predicted and in areas where they didn’t expect it. Just finished watching the late night news and there are school buses still stuck on the interstate with kids that have been on the bus for over 10 hours. Some kids are even having to spend the night at their schools. The interstates are littered with abandoned cars and some people are stuck sleeping in their cars. To top it all off, yesterday it was about 60 degrees and it is expected to be back in the 60s by the weekend. Only in the South! On the other hand, since everything is closed Wednesday, it sounds like a great day to watch the Stargate movies.

  8. A bit of realism there though, I don’t think anyone in Parks situation would come out with working eyes. Considering how close Destiny was to the Blue Supergiant it made sense that she would be blinded regardless of what she did.

    It was just one of those things, Destiny was too close to abort and obviously they had no idea what opening the door early would of meant for the ship. When you’re that close to a Blue Supergiant, when the ship closes the door, it’s best to just roll with it lol

    Even flying through it probably ranks among the craziest stunts in the Stargate series in general, close to blowing up a Sun in SG1 lol

  9. Also Young did have a point about Rush, if he wasn’t able to fix the pod, he would likely just try and keep the life support going and put everyone at risk. Eli was the natural choice, while he doesn’t have the experience of Rush, he has the natural talent and at the end of the day, talent will achieve something.

  10. @ sylvia. yes, that quote made my top comment list. sneaky face? what a nickname! Definitely in on the re-watch. Fortunately, I am off this weekend, so I can sit down and make sure I am ready for the next week or so.
    Hope everyone in the super cold and/or super icy/snow covered roads are safe. Be careful folks, spring is eventually coming.

  11. I’m in.
    I tried to do a fandom organized re-watch a year or two ago but I hardly ever showed up on time. I greatly enjoyed the thoughtful comments posted there. I think, somehow, that they did comment posts while watching. I think you have to view off the internet instead of a dvd to do that. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this one.

  12. Joe – As part of the re-watch, could you please re-post the SGA episode-by-episode comments you wrote a couple years ago? I’d love to read them again as we go along.

  13. ”Because so funny and I liked scientist’s sneaky face. Reminds me of my boyfriend. You have a sneaky face? I loved reading Akemi’s observations!

    Deni: I hate moving too. Hopefully, you will be here a while. Once everyone gets settled (dogs too), I’m sure you will love it. I can’t wait to hear Tampa Stories. Did is snow in Tampa? My BIL lives in Panama City, FL and told us it snowed there. We only got a little dusting in Northern Mississippi/Memphis area.

    Ryan “Stitch” Nixon: Congratulations!

    Das: Did you see the wedding episode? LOVED it! This season is better than last year and that is saying something. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are perfect for the show. Benedict would have made a good Dr. Who, as well and he was great as Khan (Star Trek 2). Martin is a pleasure to watch as The Hobbit. Yes, I’m becoming a big fan.

    Mr. M., check out Sherlock is you’re looking for a new show. I’d love to hear your feedback on the writing.

    Deb: I’m sure you know all of this stuff but I thought it might be interesting to the Northerners. I was talking to my cousin in Marietta (sub city near Atlanta) about conditions there. Atlanta does get snow occasionally, so I wasn’t sure why it was such a disaster this time. She said all the schools ignored the snow warning and held classes that morning. Then the schools closed during the storm and work let out at the same time. The city became gridlocked and the salt trucks couldn’t get out on the roads. Terrible planning on the schools part but I know from our local schools, they get criticized if they close when nothing happens. Southern cities don’t buy as many salt trucks and having a lower salt/sand budget too. Terrible about the kids being on the school bus overnight (I heard some kids didn’t get home until 5:30 am!).

    JeffW: I hope you have a great/safe trip!

    Sorry for the book. I’ll try and keep it down next time.

  14. I’m down for a rewatch, but I’ll have to do it in two or three episode groups at a time. I’m busy or gone most nights. It’ll be nice to see the old gang again.

    Wait a minute… this some diversionary tactic to keep us from asking about AKA or any of your other current projects? 😉

    Was there no hot chocolate testing yesterday?

    -Mike A.

  15. Sounds great, Joe. Now to kick my daughter out of the living room so I can use the Blue-Ray and big screen!


  16. @Deb:

    I’m hoping things will be cleared up by the time I hit Atlanta a week from tomorrow. I’m in Peachtree City for that night and then down to Twin City (halfway between Macon and Savannah) on the Friday night, and then over to Savannah and on to Kingsland (just inside the Georgia side of the Georgia/Florida line on I-95) on Saturday night. Lastly I go back up to Atlanta on late Sunday night.

    If I had planned better, I would have flown back to Chicago from Jacksonville, but now it’s too costly to change the fare, so instead I’ll be driving the length of the state over a few days.

    <b<@Tam Dixon:

    Thanks for the travel wishes. The driving is nothing new to me, but I’m hoping the weather cooperates. Georgia doesn’t handle the cold as well as Chicago. I’m betting I’ll see or hear of at least a couple of cars with busted radiators due to the cold snap…any takers?

    And I finished Snowblind a couple of days ago (not a good book to read while living through the -20F weather in Chicago!) Now I’m on to the second book of the “Terms of Enlistment” series. It arrived in my Kindle reader app just in time for my trip to Detroit this week (flying back to Chicago tonight).

  17. Yes to a rewatch of SGA. I like reading Akemi’s comments. It’s like looking at the show with fresh eyes. I’m going to have to go back and look for those “old timey pictures”.

    Tam Dixon: The wedding show was the one and only episode I didn’t care for. I thought it felt kinda confused, a mish mash tossed together.

    I also thought the ending of episode 3 was really a hack (getting away with murder). I won’t say anything more here, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  18. Jeff W – things are improving in Atlanta although state government, schools, etc. are closed Thursday. Should be in the 60s by this weekend and last for a bit. Right now though wish its cold and I would be happy with even the hot chocolate choices that didn’t win in Joe’s battle of the hot chocolates.

  19. Joe, what was your reply to Akemi’s comment Three years.” And, doing the math: “So supposed to be this year!”?

  20. Rewatched sga three Times in the last week, but to watch a New sgu Season this or next Year World be more fanstastic.

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