“Cocaine,”said Akemi as we pulled up to the stop light.

“What?”I asked.

“Cocaine,”she repeated.  “That’s what it said on the side of that van.”

I looked over but the van was long gone.

“Cocaine?”I asked.  “Are you sure?”

“Yes,”she said and proceeded to spell out: “K-O-K-A-N-E.”

“Kokanee,”I said, pronouncing it properly ‘ko-ka-nee’.

“Koko ni,”she said, pointing to her lap.

Yes.  Close.   “Koko ni” is Japanese for here whereas: “Kokane is a beer.”

“Beard?”she said, miming brushing a beard.

“No!  Beer!”

“Oh, okay.”  She seemed downright pleased with herself.

Okay.  I begin to suspect she’s screwing with me.

Mark Savela plays the waiting game.  Also the lunch game.
Mark Savela plays the waiting game. Also the lunch game.

Well, hey, look who it is!  It’s Mark Savela, former Stargate Visual Effects Supervisor, present creator of the Echoes scifi series currently in development (Bell Media | Bell Media Announces 29 Drama Projects in Development).  Like us, he will be impatiently awaiting word on a possible series order in the coming weeks.  In fact, February is looking like one hell of a decisive months.  Anywhere from five (to up seven!) different projects in which I have stakes, both direct and indirect, will be decided upon – for better or worse.  After two unbelievable and unbelievably frustrating “Oh, so close but no cigar – but here’s a lovely parting gift!” experiences in 2013, I’m much more confident heading into 2014.  “Why?”you may ask.  “Didn’t you learn your lesson the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and, come to think of it, throughout your career?  You can’t apply logic to a business that, for the most part, doesn’t make any sense.”  All true, but I have a back-up plan…

Browns still interviewing for head coach

The Cleveland Browns have had no success in finding someone to take their head coaching job.  So, why not me?  Remember when I said I was going to experience new things in 2014?  Well, why not this?  I may not have the experience, but I do have the passion and desire to sign a 5 year, $20 million dollar deal.  And the great thing about the job is that the NFL season runs from September to January, giving me February through August to work on scripts.  I’ve started work on my audition tape which should be ready by early next week and…

Aw, crap!

I just came across THIS while I was writing this blog entry: Browns tab Mike Pettine as coach

Really? REALLY?!

Fine.  Guess I’ll just have to bank on one of my projects going.

Either that or wait until midway through the 2014 season for the New York Jets head coaching position to open up.

23 thoughts on “January 23, 2014: The cocaine van must get pulled over ALL THE TIME! My back-up plan falls through!

  1. My back-up plan balls through!

    You might wanna see a doctor about that. 😉


  2. No worries…it was for the Best. seriously. *HAVE* you ever been to Cleveland?

  3. You can change it, Joey, but seeing as how the ‘f’ and the ‘b’ aren’t right next to each other, I’m guessing you had balls on the brain when you typed that.

    Footballs, of course. 🙂


  4. I was just wondering if Bill Gates is a fan of Stargate. Perhaps we can get him to buy the rights and get it going again? He has money to spare.

  5. Mmmmm…cocaine beer. 🙂

    Coca-Cola originally had cocaine as a main ingredient. Maybe you’re on to something Joe.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

  6. Many Head Coach have a BS degree with teaching credentials, majoring in physical education or similar and a background playing football in high school. i think your credentials qualify you as Latin for beginners teacher .
    sorry 😆

  7. What Ganymede said about Cleveland. Though for that salary, I guess I could manage to survive there. And at least 1 week of pre-season training would involve a trip to Sandusky and lots of rides on the most stomach churning rides they have. You are too important to be wasting time training teams, since you have true creative talents best expressed elsewhere. Me, I have the sadistic streak needed to get the team into condition, and the insanity to come up with plays that will leave the opposition scratching their heads. It would be an entertaining time, if not a winning one.
    As for Akemi, you are in a better position to know than the rest of us, but if she has been fooling you, more power to her. But I still think there is a book there somewhere. Or a graphic novel at least.

  8. Hey, Joe, you once wrote that a special 90 minute version of SG1’s “Threads” was released (and later mistakenly omitted when the season 8 dvd was released) – you sure that it’s 90min? I mean, I knew there was a long version, but I thought that was the 63min version I have on my season 8 DVD (which is from 2008)… So is there actually an even longer version out (which would be the third then… :O)?

  9. My hubby loved Terms of Enlistment and we preordered his next book. I started on Snowblind and it’s reminds me of Dean Knootz and Stephen King. Pretty good read! Thanks again for the suggestions.

    Love the Akemisms!

  10. @skua

    Nah, that boat is more like good target practise for whoevers countries navy/airforce feels like sinking it. No one will board that thing.

  11. Speaking of which, the Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo anime series would make a great live action series, It already has one in Japan even. From a story telling perspective you could do almost anything with it, with the grudge of the week episodes that slowly unravel about said characters in the story that ultimately leads to one person being sent to hell, but prior Ai and her assistants watch things unfold from a distance/involve themselves secretly to understand the situation better. I always thought it was quite a dark series, what with Ai being forced to send people, good or bad to hell. The Hell correspondence service that appears at midnight was used by both good and bad people.

    The first season had the reporter guy investigating Hell Girl, and his daughter later receiving visions from Ais perspective which he used to intervene(Arbeit unsuccessfully) in stopping people being sent to hell.

    Although the anime is 3 seasons long, I thought Ai Enma had quite a tragic past, especially as her parents souls were held captive by the ‘Lord of Hell’.

  12. What about college ball? Lots of turmoil, but you may be too late. Most of these slots were filled in early January. Still, there could be some openings…maybe some place down south and warm?

    @Tam Dixon:

    I preordered the Terms of Enlistment sequel too, and I presently about halfway through Snowblind. I’m taking it slow now, since I have some travel coming up and I’d like to have some book options for airplane reading.

  13. I TOTALY agree with Akemi. With that spelling it should be pronounced Ko-Cane. The written language is becoming a lost art. People IS unable to write.

  14. Coach the Browns? Really?! While “dissing” Toronto, you would move to Cleveland?

  15. Hi Joe, I am not trying to work for the most messages on your blog site, but I should make a correction when prudent. With the information provide above I do think I do think I make a correct conjecture. However I did investigate further and found the beer(ru) in question is, from Creston, BC not far from the US boarder, Kokanee (two e’s). I assume it is a pale lager like most American beers. So, you were indeed correct sir, Sensei san.

  16. Hey Joe
    I don’t think the headache would be worth it. With everybody on your case with every decision you make, hell, you should stay in TV production. 🙂


  17. You have to write the next GoT or Harry Potter, then you won’t have to be a coach down on the field in the cold and rain, you can by a team and chill in the owner’s box.

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