Well, this is interesting…

Another reason why it was a good idea to drink six cups of hot chocolate yesterday:


Finally!  My terrible memory may well pay off down the line.  Scientists posit the theory that brains are like hard drives, capable of running out of storage space with time:


If there’s one film series I love as much today as I did when I was a kid, it’s Planet of the Apes.  Check out actor Roddy McDowall’s amazing home movies from the set of Apes (compliments of the gang at SF Signal):


I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this sets a foreboding precedent:

Candy Crush Saga Maker Trademarks Word “Candy”.

May I direct your attention to the sidebar and the constant reminder that our Book of the Month Club will reconvene (for the first time in years!) to discuss Mark Kloos’ Terms of Enlistment on Monday, March 3rd.  That should give you all plenty of time to read the book and come up with some brilliant insights.

Answering your questions…

arcticgoddess writes: “This is off topic, but can you tell us more about this (From Bell Media)?


A serialized drama about a woman with the perfect life – and a dark secret that could change everything.”

Answer:  This one is that “rare non-genre project” I’ve mentioned over the course of the past year or so. No spaceships or aliens or time travel.  The details are super secret, only because the pilot episode is chock full o’ surprises.  If our sources are to be believed, we’ll be hearing word on a decision sometime within the next month.  A green light to go to series, hopefully.  If not, our friends Robert Cooper and Mark Savela are in the mix and I would be equally (well, almost equally)  happy to see their shows get picked up if ours doesn’t.  In the case of Echoes, it would be an interesting role reversal as Mark Savela would be the Executive Producer while I would take over his role as Visual Effects Supervisor.

DP writes: “How long of a read is Sandman?”

Answer: 1034 pages.  Keep in mind, this is only volume 1.

SGW1 writes: “You once wrote Kiva’s death “allowed for an unnerving scenario in the season 3 premiere” – what did you mean by that? Was it actually planned to include the aftermath of Kiva’s death in the season 3 premiere or did you just mistype there?”

Answer: Hmmm.  I don’t recall.  I suppose that could have been a reference to the fact that Kiva’s death put the unstable Dannic in charge.

SGW1 writes: “Joe, which episodes got the working titles “Turn of Events”, “Dark Gambit”, “Flowers for McKay”, “Ad Infinitum” (Unending?), “Remember When” (Inquisition?) and was “Beckett Returns” Kindred, Part 2?”

Answer: Turn of Events = Fallout, Flowers for McKay = The Shrine, Remember When = 200, Beckett Returns = Kindred II, Dark Gambit = Almost every episode I ever wrote.

SGW1 writes: “Joe, now that it’s sadly more than just unlikely that you’ll get to tell the story you originally envisioned for SG1′s “Revisions” (7×05) in a new Stargate episode – could you please tell us what you intended as that “shocking conclusion”?

Answer: You know, I was writing it out and suddenly realized it would make a great one-off episode for Dark Matter when that is ordered to series – hopefully sometime this year.

Mark writes: “How about pitching SGU Season 3 to Net Flicks? Its been 2 years since cancellation and that is about the time for the trip to the next galaxy.”

Answer: We don’t need netflix to step in and help get a season 3 made.  The decision rests entirely with the studio, MGM.

JeffW writes: “Where did you all get all of the aviation models at “Colson Industries”? I especially loved the large scale Lockheed P-38J that was hanging in the main area. Was someone in props an aviation buff?”

Answer: That’s a question for our former set dec department.

Sara writes: “Rewatching Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis (both pilot episodes), it reminds me like the new project of “Mars One” who are selecting people from all countries for to travel to planet Mars, what do you think about this project?”

Answer: It’s…ambitious.  If they can actually pull it off, I think it’s great.

dasndanger writes: “My only question atm is one I asked a couple/few days ago – When making hot chocolate at home, do you have a favorite cocoa that you use? Something special, or just regular Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa (or whatever they have in Canada)?”

Answer: Akemi uses a variety of pure dark chocolate couverture, from 65% Madirofolo to Venezuelan 72%.  She buys them in bulk, in pistole (chip-like) form and melts them in a double boiler.

DP writes: “Have you watched Once Upon a Time? Do you see any resemblance between Rumpelstiltskin and the 1967 Spiderman animated series version of the Green Goblin?”

Answer: Alas, no, I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time.  But I have seen every episode of the 1967 Spiderman animated series and thought it contained the most fearsome depiction of the Green Goblin ever seen – and that includes the live action movie.

Tam Dixon writes: “Do you have a favorite Hot Chocolate yet?”

Answer: So far, my favorite is Chocolate Arts’ A Snowball’s Chance in Hell = Spicy Mexican hot chocolate poured over chocolate ice cream.

Marsha R. writes: “Forgive me if you’ve answered this before – Is it anything like other tastings where you need a palate cleanser in between? What works between chocolates?”

Answer: For me, more chocolate.

Mike A. writes: “Do you do “keepers” in either of your fantasy leagues?”

Answer: Nope.  We start fresh every season (since the participants in our league are always changing).  If I was in a keeper league, I would keep most if not all of my team.  They just picked the wrong week to underperform.

Mike A. writes: “If one of your projects goes to pilot, who has the say on where it gets filmed? Is it based on where the production house’s offices are located? Or is it based on some form of secondary research(monetary savings, future shooting location requirements, etc.)?”

Answer: It depends on a lot of things and, sometimes, nothing at all.  Sometimes, a broadcaster will need a show for a fixed date.  Other times, the money to make the show is not going to be available to you until a set date.  Still other times, other factors (ie. you really have your heart set on actor x but he won’t be available until the spring).

JeffW writes: “So who’s your pick for the Superbowl? Broncos or Seahawks?”

Answer: Hmmm, tough.  The Seahawks D has been great all season but looked positively ordinary for most of the NFC Championship game.  I’m leaning toward the Broncos.

kathode writes: “I’m in as Akemi’s replacement! Where do I sign up?”

Answer: Contact BaronDestructo on Facebook!

kathode writes: “Hey Joe, what do I have to do to get invited to your Superbowl party?”

Answer: That depends on  who is hosting the Superbowl party.  I’m easy but Robert Cooper requires a $500 damage deposit and a fresh human kidney.

Mike A. writes: “Finally, I may just be a little forgetful this morning, but have you ever done a rundown of the top five sushi restaurants in Vancouver?”

Answer: My favorites = Minami, Miku, Aki, and Tojo’s.  Let’s say top four.

bambamfans writes: “1. What’s special workout do you do to work of the hot chocolates?”

Answer: I’m keeping to my regular routine – 45 minutes of weights in the morning; 45 minutes of cardio at night.  And, of course, one full hour of heavy reading.

2. Did you see warren Buffet is going to put up $1 million if someone picks a perfect bracket in March madness. Do you think we have a Hope in hell?

Answer: I did and no.  I couldn’t even win our office pool.

3. What do you think of the Norway Curling Team?


Answer: Why are they dressed up as golfers?

24 thoughts on “January 21, 2014: News of note! Answering your questions!

  1. Akemi uses a variety of pure dark chocolate couverture, from 65% Madirofolo to Venezuelan 72%. She buys them in bulk, in pistole (chip-like) form and melts them in a double boiler.

    Firstly, thank you for your response, sir. 🙂

    Secondly, where does a country bumpkin far from the dazzling lights of the big city find such delicacies? (I’m guessing…the interwebs? )


  2. Did you know many Curlers spend the off season golfing?
    For a couple of years, Norway has dazzled the Curling sheets in very colorful outfits. Good luck and good Curling!

  3. SGW1 writes: “Joe, which episodes got the working titles “Turn of Events”, “Dark Gambit”, “Flowers for McKay”, “Ad Infinitum” (Unending?), “Remember When” (Inquisition?) and was “Beckett Returns” Kindred, Part 2?”

    Answer: Turn of Events = Fallout, Flowers for McKay = The Shrine, Remember When = 200, Beckett Returns = Kindred II, Dark Gambit = Almost every episode I ever wrote.

    that explains why hulu had 200 listed as remember when (200).

    3. What do you think of the Norway Curling Team?

    Answer: Why are they dressed up as golfers?

    or some sort of the temptations tribute band.

  4. Those hot chocolates from yesterday look divine! One day I’ll live in a real city that does cool stuff like that. My town only does beer festivals and I hate beer. 😛

  5. What exactly is “non-genre”? Surely everything has a genre, even if it’s just “drama”.

    @JeffW: I’ve had a hot chocolate in the Pump Room before but I can’t remember what it was like. Thanks for the suggestion. The Pump Room isn’t the sort of place you just pop into by yourself for a quick drink, I’ll have to wait for someone to come and visit . . . *hint* *hint* 🙂

  6. kathode writes: “Hey Joe, what do I have to do to get invited to your Superbowl party?”

    Answer: That depends on who is hosting the Superbowl party. I’m easy but Robert Cooper requires a $500 damage deposit and a fresh human kidney.

    I suppose it would be bad form to provide the kidney by taking if from one of the other guests…even if it did assure freshness. Anyways, with that much awesomeness in one room, who could concentrate on the game or carry out a coherent conversation?
    I know it’s a late question, but if you are still in an answering mood. Given free transport, lodgings, and tickets to the events of your choice, would you go to the winter olympics? If the answer is no, why not?
    Thanks for the q&a, but where is our quota of doggie pictures?

  7. I’m really hoping something comes of Dark Matter, I think it’s a great idea personally. And TV needs another ship in space series, what do we have at the moment, er?

    Anyway I’m quite sceptical of the Mars One thing, I don’t think it will come to anything, you’re looking at what, 10s, if not 100s of billions to get people to Mars? And considering their ambitious launch milestones, I just can’t see it. Interest will wane over time and it’ll just fade away into obscurity.

    If some of the major first world countries don’t have the available budget to put people on Mars, a random company sure as heck couldn’t lol.

  8. Norway, we love you. Thought that was an Akward Family photo at first. I’ve got my broom ready to cheer to the Norweigans to victory.

    I can’t get much these days, been listening to the Frozen OST on repeat all week; it is beyond addicting. Even with 2 below on my morning commute I still can’t get enough Frozen.

  9. Thanks for answering all of my three posted questions! 🙂
    Well, almost all of them, there’s one thing you seem to have missed (or did I?): Still wondering which episode got “Ad Infinitum” as working title – was that, in fact, Unending, or Window of Opportunity?

  10. Spicy Mexican hot chocolate poured over chocolate ice cream. I would try it but I lean more towards a fruity cocoa rather than a spicy one. However, I wouldn’t say no to any of the cocoas you pictured. 😉

    Hubby bought me a humungous bottle of Chambord, so I’ve been putting a splash into everything chocolate. FYI, Chambord is great in brownies and hot cocoa!

    I like your workout routine. Especially, the one hour reading. 😉 You must have a fantastically fast metabolism. Anyway, I’m loving the food/cocoa porn!!!!

    Ponytail: Your last post yesterday cracked me up! Thanks for the 😆

  11. Given that we’re just starting to get the forecast blizzard here this afternoon, the thought of those hot chocolates is REALLY appealing right now (it’s also -30C windchill).

    So, you would be the VFX supervisor for Echoes? That would be cool!

    Curling clowns I assume are still evil, since they’re clowns and all.

  12. Buffett is offering a BILLION dollars, not a million. But I hear the odds are a quintillion to one, so I’m not making plans.

    I was going to follow Barondestructo, but so many missing dogs. I already have nightmares about my long passed Shih tzu Nugget going missing, and my other dog Eddy going missing. I think his page would leave me a sobbing mess.

    I tried making hot chocolate with good quality chocolate and a double boiler. It didn’t turn out well. I made a terrible mess, wasted a lot of good chocolate and wound up with lumpy grainy warmish milky water.

    I’m almost finished Joe Abercrombie’s Before They Are Hanged, the second in the First Law series. I think it’s as good as Red Country. Same characters as the first book, plus some more and they are getting to be more complex. Action has picked up.

    Amazon patented their system for getting stock to the closest warehouse to the customer based on what they’ve purchased in the past and their wishlist. In other words, Amazon has patented getting stock in that the customer wants to buy. Isn’t that what any decent store does? Base their inventory on what has sold before and what the customer may want to buy?

  13. Well, our keeper league has a maximum of three kept players(though we’re thinking of expanding to five). Then again, my keeper league is also an auction style draft, so there’s a monetary factor, and subsequent fee, to holding guys over.

    I think you misread my question about filming a series. I was asking about WHERE they film and who/how/what decides that(I don’t mean to yell, I just don’t know how to italicize the text). Like if one of your series’ gets picked up does whoever picks it up determine whether it shoots in LA or Vancouver, that sort of thing. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks for the sushi restaurant suggestions! I’m in the planning stages now for my trip and trying to decide between late May or late August right now.

    -Mike A.

  14. Joseph, what did you think of Ocean at the End of the Lane?
    The books that you put up as “Recently Read”, are they all the books you recently read, or just the ones you enjoyed?

  15. I once selected a chili pepper flavored beer (no I was not yet drunk.). The Bartender questioned my selection and gave me and my friend a small sample first. We tipped the Bartender well(er) that night. So, it is with some trepidation as to wanting it on my hot chocolate. Be that as it may, I love spicy foods, e.g. tonight’s menu is Thai Gang Geo Wan (green curry) with chicken.

    As per reading, I am speedily getting through my current read “A World Restored:” and will make a turn of genre to read “Terms of Enlistment.” If I can find a copy, as I mentioned my passing through the airport this week was unfruitful. Perhaps it is time to get a Kindle for the book club. Do you use a electronic book reading device or do you use paper? I do prefer paper for reading, and I have some book in my collection that I think are just beautifully manufactured that I would prefer them in no other form. However, in reading greater quantities, the lesser price copy does have a benefit.

    In disregarding politics, I heard Glenn Beck has a chocolate milk recipe that is (as in to cause a heart attack) “to die for.” I am sure you could find it on one of the internets.

    I might be able to get the Kidney but am not sure about the $500, can I get back to you on that?

  16. The next couple weeks are going to be brutal! We only got about 3″ of snow, but the temps aren’t supposed to get above freezing for the next couple weeks. That’s really unheard of for us (of course, I’m going by Philly weather, at the shore we can be as much as 5-10 degrees warmer due to the ocean temps…but I’m not really banking on it). I just worry about my feral kitties – they have shelter, but this is the first time since we’ve taken care of them that we’ve had it this cold for this long. I am sooo ready for spring….in…ugh. Two months. 😛


  17. Hey Joe
    What do you think of the Norway Curling Team?
    They’re always dressed up something like that, though this year it’s a little overboard. I think they’re trying to distract the competition.


  18. @Line Noise:

    I’d like to go to the West Country, but my time is running out. My company is closing their office in Astec West, so if I can’t get there by April then I probably won’t be going this year. I’ll have to keep you posted. Here’s hoping!

  19. Just peeking in real quick. Something for Das to do while snowed frozen in…

  20. That Norway Curling Team’s outfit looks like something the United States would come up with.

  21. I love the Sandman. Thats if we are talking about the same one. I’m talking about the Graphic Novels where he is the “Sandman” King of the dream realm etc. His sister is Death. I can’t remeber the name of it but my favorite book i had was where he went to Hell to work out something with Mephisto etc. It’s been years since i’ve read it so, i could have many things offbase. lol

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