Bourbon truffles
Bourbon truffles

Today, Akemi combined my love of booze, chocolates, and not actually doing anything to come up with the above-pictured bourbon truffles.  And then, as if that wasn’t enough (and it really wasn’t), she came up with these:

Tennessee Honey Whisky truffles
Tennessee Honey Whisky truffles

Yep.  For those who prefer the lighter touch, check out these Tennessee Honey Whisky truffles.  Well, check out with your eyes – unless you happen to be in the neighborhood.  But trust me (and why wouldn’t you?), they were delicious.

In addition to eating chocolates today, I also got some work done on my various projects.  Yes, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finishing a script.  No, wait.  I think there IS something more satisfying.  What was it?  What was it?  Oh, yeah!  Selling a script and having it green lit!

The worst thing about this business is all the waiting.  And it’s not just my impatient self complaining.  Even my dogs are getting fed up.  Don’t believe me?

Jelly = sustained disbelief
Jelly = sustained disbelief
Bubba = fed up and weary
Bubba = fed up and weary
Lulu = outraged!
Lulu = outraged!

I keep telling them: Don’t be so pessimistic.  Things will all work out.

But, just in case they don’t, I’m preparing to do a lot of reading this year…

Today's haul

Don’t forget to cast your vote for our next Book of the Month Club pick!  Polls close Sunday night!

Finally, we’ve got a big playoff football weekend ahead of us, have we not?  Who do you all like?  As much as I would love to see the Saints advance, their absolutely terrible performance the last time they played Seattle doesn’t give me much hope.  In the other NFC match-up, everybody is talking up the 49ers, but I’m going with the Carolina Panthers, a team that has gotten consistently better as the season has progressed.  Over in the AFC, as much as I’d like to see the Chargers pull off another upset in Denver, I can’t see it happening against a focused Denver team.  And, over in New England, Tom Brady has MacGyvered his team a #2 seed with a bunch of second rate receivers, guts, and elastic bands.  The Colts are more than capable of pulling off the upset, but I’m wary of betting against coach Belichick with the extra week to prepare.

21 thoughts on “January 10, 2014: Truffles! Dogs! Books!

  1. mmm truffles! But wow that’s a lot of truffles! But i guess all that sugar is helpful for writing motivation… 😉 Or rather bouncing off the walls not getting any work done 🙂

    NFC – Let’s see, with the weather forecast being heavy rain and 15-25 mph winds(with higher gusts), the Saints don’t stand a chance against the Seahawks. Carolina/SF is too close to call but being a Hawks fan I dislike the 49ers so go Carolina.

    AFC – no idea… I dislike the Pats and Colts, but yeah Brady has done a good job keeping the team winning… And I’m not big on Denver so go San Diego?

  2. Hm. Jelly and Bubba look good but I’m not feeling the outrage from Lulu. Seems more like disappointment. Is she up to trying it again? 🙂

    p.s. Go Broncos!

  3. Since when did you turn into a drunk? 😉 I thought when I first started visiting your blog you weren’t a drinker…or was it just wine you weren’t into?

    @ Akemi – The truffles look WONDERFUL!! I’m so jealous!! 🙂

    Okay…that’s all I have the energy for…fighting a rotten cold…or something. I hate snot. 😛


  4. I have no favorite teams in the game at this stage, so I am simply rooting for the panthers, on the basis of geography. As the closest team to my home, I can still claim them if they win, while shrugging off a loss. This year I just can’t seem to work up any anticipation for the big game. Glad to see the dogs so in tune with you, and we can never have enough doggie videos or pics.

  5. I am not jealous of those truffles one bit. Mainly because we visited that famous London store, Fortnum & Mason’s of Piccadilly yesterday. Not only did we dine in their wonderful Fountain Restaurant, but bought a beautiful box of their mixed chocolate selection, which are wonderful, along with some delicious Damson Jam.

    If you ever come to visit it’s a foodie’s paradise, smaller but better quality than Harrods Food Hall in my opinion..

    They also sell the most expensive perfume in the world. Always an interesting gift thought for Akemi but I suspect, like me, she’d prefer the wonderful handmade chocolates instead 🙂

  6. Hey Joe
    Since my Packers were booted out I’m just an observer now. Will watch all games with no vested interest.


  7. Mmmm, truffles. I like making truffles, I have a handful of good recipes. Do you like rum balls? Honey rum balls…. mmmm.


  8. The truffles looks good! Last weekend I attempted to make Cherry Ripe chocolate bars. They are my favourite chocolate bar but they’re only available in Australia! My filling was a bit too soft and not cherry-y enough but they still tasted good! I guess I’ll just have to do more testing . . . and tasting! 🙂

    I actually caught some football highlights on TV last weekend. I didn’t think it was shown over here in the UK. Anyway, I entered a competition for tickets to the Superbowl . . . wish me luck!

  9. I just finished “Innocence” by Dean Koontz – enjoyable, quick read – two outcasts find each other. Also “Dust” by Patricia Cornwell – a serial killer on the loose in Boston.

  10. I just spent the afternoon reading (and finishing) Terms of Enlistment. I borrowed it from Kindle Prime lending library! It was FABULOUS! A really engaging military sci-fi tale told well. I highly recommend it. My eyes are tired, but it was worth the journey.

  11. Marko Kloos has a sequel available for Kindle Jan 28th and it’s already on my wishlist for download. “Lines of Departure”.

  12. Poor puppies! I was thinking Bubba was more, “We’re never going to eat gourmet again.” And Lulu is more, “Where’s Ivon?”

    I am glad, too, that your tests came out fine. Akemi did a great job with the truffles!

  13. I can’t remember if anyone’s asked this before, so I’m gonna go crazy and do it. Did you ever watch the show “Leverage”? Has anyone else watched it? I’ve been thinking about it and I can’t tell if you would like the show or not. If you haven’t, maybe but it on a to-watch list for the future. And if you have seen it, what did you think?

  14. @ Line Noise

    You think you are missing out by not getting Cherry Ripes??
    Perhaps I should not tell you of “cherry sunset” ice-creams made under the “drumstick” brand by Peters ice-cream…………..

    (Seriously, if you can get some, try them 😀 )

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