While I was in Montreal for the holidays, one of my relatives asked me for my Facebook info so that she could friend me.  I was perfectly happy to do so until she mentioned having to partially block another friend because all she did was post about her burgeoning art career.  In that case, I thought, I’m the last person she’d want to friend. Almost my entire Facebook activity is comprised of dog-related shares from animal rescues and missing pet sites.  If these are of interest to you, then look me up: Baron Destructo!

A productive first day back at the office (the office not being an actual office in an office building or even a home office as I prefer to work on the dining room table by my liquor cabinet.  I completed a first draft of the southern gothic pilot and sent it Tara’s way, then switched gears and addressed the notes to the other script we have in development and sent it Paul’s way.  I worked out the next scene for the horror script and, time permitting, will write that tonight during the BCS National Championship game.  I’m taking the 11 points and the Auburn Tigers!

Last night, Akemi and I started watching Stargate: Universe’s second season.  A terrific season opener in Intervention written by my writing partner, Paul Mullie.  I enjoyed it immensely although it did make me a little wistful – and reminded me that I have to start my SGU Trip Down Memory Lane at some point in the next few weeks.  Before the start of the episode, we were treated to previews for Atlantis and Akemi was impressed with the visual effects.  Once we’ve finished Universe, maybe we’ll switch gears to Atlantis and, if you’re all game, we can do a group watch-a-long and discussion.  Interested?

I’m The Dude! (via tdylf.com)

Speaking of Facebook, I notice a lot of people posting these “Which X Character Are You?” personality tests.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  You answer a bunch of questions and your responses allow them to match you to a personality type?  I am, apparently, The Walking Dead’s T-Dog, The Hobbit’s Bilbo Baggins, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Star War’ Landro Calrissian, The Simpsons’ Krusty the Clown, Star Trek’s Khan, and Pride and Prejudice’s Charles Bingley.  The science behind these various quizzes is questionable and I think a more accurate personality assessment could be derived from an inverse approach.  Instead of figuring out what fictitious character your personality yields, we should be analyzing what fictitious characters we assume say about our personalities.  For instance, the characters my friends and I chose to play in Dungeons & Dragons said a lot about our respective personalities.  Stalwart, noble Nick was a paladin.  Creative, ambitious Cas was a magic user.  Cryptic, mysterious Paul was a fighting monk.  And I, of course, was a goblin thief.

So, tell us about yourselves through the characters your used to play.  And in the unlikely event you never played any such games (or, more likely, just don’t want to admit it), tell us which fictional character you most identify with.

44 thoughts on “January 6, 2014: I’m Hamlet, Khan, and Charles Bingley rolled into one!

  1. Hey Joe
    I never got to play a character, I was always the Dungeon Master.
    Ya, I’m up for a group watch-a-long.


  2. Cinderella & Charlie Brown come to mind. I tend to root for underdogs.

    Missing my visitor from Vancouver, who left this AM after five-day visit. She keeps me moving!

  3. I’m totally up for an SG watch along. Do you mean to actually do this live via chat? That would be cool. If just episode by episode, I’m good for that, too!

    I never did play any kind of character (although some would say that I *am* one!), but if I had a TV character that I probably most identified with, especially at work, it would Rodney McKay! Although, probably dialed down a bit (i.e. not as smart, but with all the attitude). I hope.

    Oh, and Indiana Jones. I can dream, can’t I?

    Here’s some pics from my adventures yesterday in our local Rockwood Park, a huge municipal park in Saint John where I went snowshoeing. It was a beautiful day (finally) with temps just below freezing and brilliant sunshine.

    Lots of ice damage to the trees bent over from the ice storm on the trail. This was harder to get through than it even looked:

    Sun shining through the ice on the trees. It’s rained all day today, so I’m sure that’s gone now:

    A frozen over Owen Lake. So peaceful!

    Another part of Owen Lake:

    This isn’t actually at the park, but I took my step-mom out for a drive as well for the afternoon and I just grabbed this shot from along the Hammond River about 15 mins from my house:

  4. .

    And in the unlikely event you never played any such games (or, more likely, just don’t want to admit it), tell us which fictional character you most identify with.

    Sorry, no role playing games for me (except for the murder mystery type, but those roles were by drawing from a hat). So I asked this question of Barb, and after a short discussion, we came up with:

    Barb is Wilma Flintstone: a housewife with two kids (a boy and a girl) and a husband she has to keep reigned in.

    Jeff is Scotty from Star Trek (TOS): an engineer who keeps complaining but gets things done anyway 😉

    And a group watch-a-long on Atlantis? Count me in!

    On the BCS games, it looks like Auburn’s going to win it for you. My Dawgs lost to Nebraska on New Years Day, so no joy for me this year.

  5. I did play D&D and I even have the original hardback manuals, but it’s been so long that I couldn’t tell you what sort of character I played. It’s all documented though, so if I find it in the garage I promise to reveal all!

    Ooh, an SGA watch-along would be fun! After 6pm west coast time if it’s during the week, please.

    from the quizzes:
    Bobby on Supernatural
    Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow
    Zelenka on SGA
    Howard on The Big Bang Theory
    Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise
    Henry on Longmire

    I have no idea what that says about me…

  6. Well, according to that chart you just posted…I’m The Dude. Not sure if I should 🙂 or 😛 .

    Not a role-player, but I’ve always said that if there was one fictional character I’d love to be, it’s Mad Max. Especially Max from Road Warrior because i really wanna drive that truck.


  7. In D&D style games (I have played D&D, but prefer Chivalry and Sorcery), I tend towards the straight forward fighting types. Sitting back and casting spells just seemed too tedious to me. In sic-fi based games, I am a bit more flexible. I am happy playing an engineer, a tech, a scientist, or an arms man. My favorite character was an engineer who liked coming up with nasty little booby traps to shooting it out with bad guys. I tend to be a bit more goody two shoes than I intend, even when choosing characters with evil alignments.
    The big freeze is on, though Virginia being Virginia, we are only undergoing a day or two of the sub 0(Celsius) weather. With windchill a few places will even feel sub 0 on the Fahrenheit scale as well.
    So, how does it feel to be shifting gears and moving from project to project in the same day? It seems to me that it would be a bit of a challenge shifting mental gears, but then, my gears are a bit rusty I think.
    I’ve been in the mood for an Atlantis marathon for awhile now, but haven’t found the time. It would be great to participate in doing that with the good folks in here. While I am enjoying the superhero/comic series on right now, there just isn’t much “real” science fiction to grab my interest. And Atlantis, as well as the other Stargate incarnations, will fare well even with the passage of time.
    Thanks for sharing, and keep enjoying that nice Vancouver weather as the rest of us attempt to preserve our body parts when stepping outside.

  8. By morning, there will be a thousand Facebook memes written around Das’s pic.

    In other news, I specifically remember moving into a house that was not in the Arctic. Nobody told me the Arctic could come to my house.

  9. I played various characters. My very first was a fighter. After that I played a cleric, I had a follower and was married to a female paladin. Ater that was an archer from Dragon magazine. Also I played part of the dragonlance series, I was Sturm Brightblade (we changed him from fighter to a cavalier). That was all in AD&D 1st ed. I also played a elven fighter-mage in D&D3.5. Also played in a few Concordia D&D conventions.

  10. hmmmm, have not tried to “discover” who I am…probably better…lol.
    An Atlantis – watch-along? SURE!

  11. And I just realized that the boy from the Flintstones was actually Barney Rubble’s son…guess I need a refresher on the Flintstones.

  12. The Seminoles won?!? What happened?

    Now my buddy Rob, in Orlando, is going to be insufferable for the next week or so.

  13. @ DP – Technically, it’s not ‘my’ picture – I snatched it from the interwebs. My good boys would never be caught doing such a thing! Know why, know why??! I knock first. 🙂


  14. I’ve never been a gamer but the fictional character I most identify with is from a book…Firekeeper from Jane Lindskold’s, Through Wolf’s Eyes. Love that saga even though it’s fantasy instead of science fiction.

  15. I’d love to watch Atlantis again. I’ve got every DVD ever made in the Stargate realm. Count me in, since I will be layer up for a while after tomorrow morning at which time I will be under the knife, getting my right knee replaced. I hate the pain I will be in, but in the long run it will be great to walk again without constant pain! I am thankful for drugs!!! Cheers Y’all… 😆

  16. Oh dear me, someone ADMITTING to being a gamer!! 😛

    Did you ever play “chainmail” Joe, or perhaps “Bushido”?
    A mere slice of Traveller” perhaps?
    Some “call of Cthuhu” for the horror, or a jaunt through the realm of Pendragon?

  17. I’ve had SGU and SGA queued in my watch list for months. Bring it on!

    I haven’t played any RPGs but I suspect I’d end up as a mage/wizard/magic user.

    I ended up as The Dude on the chart above. But then, I suspect most law abiding people would. I guess I should watch The Big Lebowski to find out who the hell The Dude is.

  18. Indeed, I never did play any games like that. Though, that isn’t to say I didn’t make up my own characters. However, perhaps without the context of a structure, I don’t recall any (probably a lot of princesses, admittedly).

    There are many characters I relate to, though none 100%. Often, it is the situations they have been in that I cannot relate to. For example, two characters I relate to the most include Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) and Rodney McKay. I neither have super powers nor a genius astrophysical and engineering brain. But their personalities, how they react to situations, and their general worldviews reflect much of myself and thus, I identify strongly with them.

    And yes, I’m in for a rewatch! I’m actually currently on S4 of a SG1 rewatch. I enjoy the memories. Like, I’d kind of forgotten about what the world was like before Ba’al and his glorious snark. And also, as someone writing their dissertation, I want to know why Daniel had a research assistant while writing his and I don’t have one. Maybe it’s just the Ivy Leagues with RAs to spare. 😉

  19. “Once we’ve finished Universe, maybe we’ll switch gears to Atlantis and, if you’re all game, we can do a group watch-a-long and discussion. Interested?”

    Joe, am I interested? Yes, absolutely, most certainly, beyond a doubt, definitely, indubitably, you betcha!

  20. To Patricia from Seattle – good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I hope everything goes swimmingly and you recover faster than expected.

  21. Better yet – what Christmas gifts most made your heart go pitter-patter? This is the surest indication of your personality! Fictional characters? That is open to interpretation. Seriously, how many have been to therapy? Does anyone really know their total personality, assuming they have one outside of the author’s parameters? I think you’re just fine, Joe, and Facebook “quizzes” be damned!

  22. When I did play WoW, it was a 10-day free trial. It was education for joining a team working on a somewhat different kind of game. I just tried to make my character like me. A woman. A fighter.

    I did like WoW. The problem is I like games too much and I get competitive, too. I can’t play because I have kids who need to be fed and before that I had a job. So I could only play when playing was my job.

    When I played Elder Scrolls, I just button mashed until I had a character. I didn’t want to do it that way, but the opening screens bored me into impatience. I don’t remember much about it other than it was a dude and an elf and I didn’t end up using as many potions as when my husband played.

    One time I went to a vampire rpg just to watch. I ran outside and got muddy first so I could have an excuse to change into black clothes without my parents thinking I’d turned Satanist. I thought my ruse worked until years, maybe decades, later when my mom mentioned how I once changed into black clothes to hang out with my friends and they were worried, but nothing came of it. No mention that I was muddy!

  23. I play D&D sporadically. I was a hobbit assassin posing as a thief. I have a very nice dagger from those days. We all had real blades and wands or staffs as props, collecting such items was as much fun as playing. And then we began drinking too…. oh my. Good thing youtube didn’t exist then.

    I also sat in on my brother’s Traveller games now and then. He would put me in as a rescued damsel in distress, but one who was secretly trying to sabotage whatever journey they were on. Or as an assassin.

    I worry.

    I rarely do the quizzes on FB anymore, they access a little too much of my info for my comfort.

  24. RPG’s? Still playing, though not as much as in my younger days. I’m usually a Cleric with decidedly Fighterish tendencies. I stock up on spells that are useful for combat as well as “band-aids”.

    And I can definitely see you as a Thief, but are you sure you weren’t a Gnome? Goblin wasn’t a playable race in D&D.

    I played Call of Cthulhu, too. Good times, good times…

    Count me in for Atlantis. I’ll keep up as best I can.

  25. I do some star wars test in one i was Darth Vader in other r2d2 in other Anakin… this test dont have consistency.
    Goblins can be highly intelligent and are even more insane. THis remeber someone to me. 😆

    Im with @gforce totally up for an SG watch live via chat.

    @JeffW all engineers complaining but gets things done anyway (better or worst) i know it im surrounded by them. :mrgreen:

    @Joey can complement the watch with a Exquisite corpse game or pilot draft game collectively assembled?

  26. Ha! I just found a Pride & Prejudice flow chart thingy, and I came up as…

    Charlotte. “Insightful and strategic, you aren’t afraid to seize the opportunities that come your way. You focus on the goals you can achieve, rather than wasting your time with fanatical ideals.”

    That’s pretty spot on, and not just because Charlotte and I were the same age when we married. When I watched the miniseries and read the book, I wanted so very much to be Lizzie, but in the end I know I would have done exactly what Charlotte had done – consider my position, my possibilities, and my temperament and then marry for security rather than wait around for love. I’m not much of a romantic, and I think of marriage and even romantic relationships in more practical terms. Love can fade, dreams can sometimes turn viciously on you, but good, sound reasoning and choices usually have lasting benefits.

    Now, in the end, did I marry for love, or for security? Well, since I’m fretting terrible over making ends meet and middle-aged and still need to work, it’s pretty obvious I didn’t listen to my sensible inner ‘Charlotte’ voice and went off and got married for love anyway. What an idiot. 😛


  27. I’ve always gravitated to evil aligned characters. I played an evil murderer Mage in Ultima Online, a dark Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies, (and again now on a SWG emulator), and Horde in World of Warcraft.

    It’s very freeing to be evil. Very cathartic. Fun.

    I’m always an evil being for Halloween. Last year: Jason. The year before: a zombie. Evil is FUN!

    das, that’s some kitty porn right there!

    Stay warm. 2* in New Jersey today. So sayeth my GS4.

  28. I wanted to rewatch SGA for quite some time now.
    Love the Kittenary position.
    As for fictional character, I would say Daniel Jackson.

  29. Well, I only played D&D a couple times about 25 years ago, so I have NO idea what I was or any other specifics. I just remember playing and having a dungeon master who was less than well-versed on how to do it. Tainted my experience, perhaps.

    I’m not on Facebook, thankfully. I can’t take all the drama. I am The Dude according to that chart, but more because I went as El Duderino(I’m not into the whole “brevity” thing) a couple years ago for Halloween. I pieced together the complete costume, even down to the white russian(fake made with milk, ice, and a splash of chocolate milk for color).

    I think Akemi will love SGA. I think she’ll especially like the sets, I did. Atlantis was visually very pretty. Great colors, great use of textures, cool looking gadgets, just plain gorgeous. Was it all the work of James Robbins? Wasn’t he the production designer for most of the franchise? Did that include props as well? Beautiful work….

    -Mike A.

  30. WOOHOO! Another Stargate Atlantis Rewatch!!!!
    On other things, I’ve taken those tests before and usually end up being Harry Potter’s Professor Snape or Once Upon A Time’s Evil Queen, ironically my favorite characters on those series. 😀 So I was, of course, happy with those results. That’s how it usually goes for me and I have often thought that that’s probably why I like those characters, clearly we have some personalities in common. On still other things, when it comes to fictional characters, I have a tendency to write myself into my stories, so I’m Lieutenant First Class Ursula Kenmore on my Stargate Atlantis Season Six Blog. I know, I know, it’s very Woody Allen/Peter DeLuise of me, but that’s the way I do things. Strong female character with a strong love for her military background (because both my parents served in the Army, one was a combat medic and the other was green beret) and a strong belief in respect is something earned not given simply because of older age or higher rank. That’s me. 😀

  31. HI there! Been reading for a while. Enjoy the blog.

    I tend to be a compassionate, do-gooder Paladin when we play. In line with Daniel Jackson’s “Jack, we’ve got to help these people!” attitude, but with more fightin’ skills. I guess I like to pretend that I can make a tangible difference even if it is in a made-up world.

  32. My FB is full of missing pets stories too! Well that and eating donuts but mostly missing pets.

    D & D characters? It’s been a while but I think I was a thief. I don’t do any of the FB quizzes or play any of the games. FB asks for too many personal details. I don’t like strings.

    Temp is supposed to be up to 26F (-3C). I never thought I’d would be happy to see 26F but I am!

    JeffW & Sylvia: 😆 on the idioms yesterday!

  33. I didn’t need the chart to confirm that I’m a Marge. I’ve been taking 11 degrees below zero to the face all day. My breath was forming ice crystals; it’s cold enough to make my own snow.

    I hope Akemi will like SGA; Flanigan’s smirky smirks and electrified cowlick are a potent combo, and when you throw in the hotness of Kavan, LDP and Jason M. and the adorable charm of McGillion, Hewlett, Rainbow Dash et all it is hour after hour of goodness.

  34. I was always one of the knights, the thief or the all rounder with no specific class that helped everyone. I used to always have to choose very carefully, because if I wasn’t careful, I ended up being the almost classless helper outer person.

  35. StarGate group watch and discussion is a yes for me. I’ve been putting it off as long as possible to make it more enjoyable.

    In that vein I’m re-watching Darker Then Black, then I plan to watch The Future Diary. I’m rewatching Darker Then Black because I just saw season 2, which I really enjoyed and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen DTB season 1.

    I think season 2 is much better then season 1, and is good enough to be stand alone.

  36. @GForce Stunning pictures–like “belong on a calendar” type of pictures.

    @Das: Cute cats! Reminds me of my sister and I. Her beating the crap out of me, and oops, there’s mom or grandma. “We’re just playing.”

    Definitely up to watching SGA & SGU Live or Not. I’ll recruit SGA people to participate. Would love Akemi’s perspective. She always has unique comments.

    As far as the above chart, I am like Das — The Dude. Don’t really know the character so can’t say yes one way or the other. I took a Game of Thrones quiz and apparently I’m Ned Stark. Back when I first got on the internet in mid 1990’s, I took a which dog are you quiz. I was a pug. No, really. I saved the quiz. As far as RPG’s, I play those on XBox. KOTOR, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, all versions of Mass Effect to the point of obsession. I played under Jeff’s gamertag, but it is because of me that he is among the few people in the world who played the games more than 15 times. Yes. Those heavily insomnia nights when I couldn’t leave the bedroom, couldn’t watch TV because the sound bothered Jeff, so all I had were XBox headsets and XBox games. I got so good, I got the insanity achievement. I cried when I heard they were making no more sequels to that storyline. Also played Fable 3 for a bit. I guess before that I played Zelda on Nintendo. I took a reindeer quiz over Christmas time and apparently I’m Cupid (drat–I was hoping for Comet).

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