Akemi’s first snowman.  Dog treats for eyes and a leaf for a nose.

Akemi commemorated the first Vancouver snowfall by making her very first Canadian snowman.  Check it out, above.  Not exactly button eyes, carrot nose, and stove pipe hat.  But okay for a first effort I guess.

Fortunately, she’s better suited to working with flour, chocolate and sugar than snow as evidenced by Sunday night’s kitchen creations:

Akemi’s individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies.
Chocolate chip and Reese’s Pieces cookies!

Damn tasty.  They helped cheer me up after my Snow Monkey’s loss in the championship game.  They lost by 13 points, thanks in large part to underachieving “door” Matts Stafford and Forte.  My buddy Ivon had an even rougher conclusion to his championship match-up, losing by a whopping 0.4 points!  Ouch!

Yesterday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was BEFORE the crack of dawn) to get ready for our early flight out of Vancouver.  In my confused, bleary-eyed state, I totally missed THIS sitting on my pillow –


Along with an early Christmas gift from Akemi: a smoking gun for infusing food and drinks with smoky flavors.  They use ’em all the time on Top Chef!

The dogs always look depressed when they see us pull out the suitcases.  Lulu was especially down this morning and could barely get out of bed.

The gang, up early, and in no hurry to get out of bed.

Our flight out of Vancouver left on time, unaffected by the ice storm that hit Toronto and played havoc with yesterday’s schedule.  In fact, our flight ended up leaving early and getting into Montreal fifteen minutes before its scheduled landing (Hurray!).  Unfortunately, however, we had to wait 30 minutes for our luggage which put us behind schedule after all (Boo!).

Finally made it back to mom’s for dinner.  My evening in pictures…

Sis dog Fernando. He’s blind, but you wouldn’t know it.
Apple pie
Cicerotti – An Italian dessert my mom loves, made with chick pea and chocolate.  An interesting combination.
Russian tea cakes, a.k.a. Mexican wedding cookies, a.k.a. snowballs, a.k.a. cocaine cookies (as my sister calls them)
Hamentaschen: Looks like chocolate but they’re actually prune filled.
Pistachio biscotti
Pignoli: Pine nut crusted almond cookies.
Sis and recent adoptee, Ralphie
Sis dog, Roxie, shows off her patience.
Mom’s pickled eggplant
Ralphie all dressed up and ready to go
Mom's dog, Caramel, settling in for the night.
Mom’s dog, Caramel, settling in for the night.
And mom's other dog, Felix, all toasty warm.
And mom’s other dog, Felix, all toasty warm.

After everyone else had turned in for the night, I stayed up and read a couple of chapters of Flashman in the Great Game, the eighth book in the series.  I actually read the original Flashman while I was here last Christmas and am thinking of holding off on the final instalments for future visits.  Nothing says Christmas like a good Flashman adventure.  And, just in case I can’t wait, I’ve lined up the first book in the Richard Sharpe series.

Mom working on tonight's dinner.
Mom working on tonight’s dinner.

Happy holidays!  Merry Christmas!

P.S. Jovanna – Let me know when you and your sis are planning to visit Tokyo.  If Akemi and I are in town at the same time, we can plan a group outing to Ice Cream City!

31 thoughts on “December 24, 2013: It’s an All Dog Christmas!

  1. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année.

    Santé, bonheur, amour, et un bon contrat de télé et de la bonne bouffe en quantité. 🙂

  2. Yay…you’re there safe and sound and ready for the good eats and enjoying family. Love Sis’ addition to her family, cute! Mama Mallozzi looks eager to get cooking – well, after the ice cream.

    Wishing everyone a Mele Kalikimaka!
    Thanks for the pixs…looking forward to more.
    Cause we’uns travel wherever you and Akemi go!

  3. 1. For some reason, I thought you were already in Montreal days ago. 😛

    2. Joey, Akemi’s snowman looks like your macarons…

    3. Snowballs? Are they like Italian wedding cookies, all buttery and such? I used to love those things when I could still eat those things. Best non-chocolate cookie, ever!

    4. Aren’t you proud of me for not taking the word ‘snowballs’ and running with it? 😉

    5. *Waves at Mom and Sis and the pups!* Everyone looks GREAT!!!!! 😀

    6. Joe, if you remember, let me know (here or in e-mail) how you like (or not) the Richard Sharpe book series. I’ve never been able to get into the show because for some reason Sean Bean puts me off, but I’m wondering if the books would be something right up my alley (Hornblower on land, as it were).


    Yesterday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn…

    There’s an old joke in there somewhere…

    8. Who’s watching your pups?!

    9. When is someone gonna invent gluten-free Italian food. 🙁

    10. Hey! I just realized Italian wine is gluten-free! 😀


  4. Wow, sounds like things are going very tastily at Mom’s house. Also, hi Mom, Sis and the dogs! (Felix is kind of my favourite, I have to admit.) Also, you’re practically in shouting distance from me! Well, if I shouted really, really loud, that is.

    Lucky to see that the weather didn’t affect your plans too much. There are still major power outages around here, but luckily I haven’t been affected while huge number only a few streets over have. Word is that some of them may not have power back until Saturday!

    In any case, tell all the family “Merry Christmas” for me! Also, I want to wish all you other blog regulars the same – have a very happy holiday! Here’s a pic of my tree. Enjoy!


    I always really enjoy decorating it as most of the ornaments are quite “historic” – I remember them on the tree from when I was a very small child. A lot of them are probably over 70 years old!

  5. Merry Christmas Joe and Akemi! Merry Christmas Mama Mallozzi, Sis, and doggies! Food looks yummy. 🙂

  6. Chocolate chip and Reese’s Pieces cookies!

    Russian tea cakes, a.k.a. Mexican wedding cookies, a.k.a. snowballs, a.k.a. cocaine cookies (as my sister calls them)
    LOL! every time i have something with a bunch of powered sugar on it, i always think it looks suspicious.

    merry christmas to everyone there!

  7. Your sis looks so pretty!
    Fernando looks happy!
    The food looks awesome!
    Ralphie looks sweet, the lucky newbie!
    Your mom looks fantastic!! Please say “hi!”
    Roxie looks like a smart girl!
    Caramel and Felix are so cute!
    Are they wearing your mom’s sweaters?
    Tonight’s dinner looks yum-me! What time? 😀
    Thanks for the pictures!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Joe, Akemi, Mrs. Mallozzi, Sis, dogs, and all you wonderful blog commentors here!!

  8. Merry Xmas to you, Akemi and all the family – both 2 and 4 legged. It is hard to imagine a cold Xmas it will be warm to hot and sunny here in Adelaide. Xmas lunch becomes a combination of hot and cold foods. Looking forward to lunch with all the family.
    Best wishes to all your followers keep safe.

  9. Aw,,puppies and food and family, thanks for sharing your special days with us. Everyone and everything looks great!

  10. Merry Christmas to you, Akemi, Mom, and Sis! Glad you had a safe flight, considering the weather we’ve been having here in central Canada.

    Any chance that Akemi would be willing to share her cookie recipe? They look good!

  11. My condolences on the Snow Monkey’s loss. There’s always next year. 😀

    Glad you and Akemi made it to Montreal safely. All the desserts in this blog entry look so good and dinner coming up looks great too.

    It’s lovely to see your Mom, Andria, Roxie who is very patient, Fernando, Ralphie, Caramel and Felix. All look fantastic.

    Merry Christmas to the Mallozzi family; the cousins, aunts, uncles, and animals. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  12. Hope everyone is comfy, happy and content this Christmas morning! It would seem the Grinch came by and I lost power overnight. My earnest Who singing must’ve worked though, because it’s now back on!

  13. An adorable little snowman! Good job, Akemi. Those cookies look perfect.

    I didn’t bake this year, except for hearty truck cookies for hubby, and fudge. My truck cookies this time came out so well that he called from the terminal near Chicago with one of the office ladies asking for the recipe. I hadn’t used one, they were thrown together…. oops. I had to recall what I’d used (whole wheat pastry flour, cornmeal and almond meal with mini chocolate chips, the usual butter/sugar/egg, baking soda and Real Salt, allspice and “sweet buttery dough” baking emulsion. Maybe).

    Ralphie is quite the model! Very stylish. All the family looks terrific and happy.

    Mmmmm, so much yum! Lovely china too.

  14. Merry Christmas Joe!!! Found a cool gift for my son, nephew, and an addition to our SciFi basement at Target: Stargate SG-1 O’Neil with Stargate (not Lego) set. We had a good Eve and today we are having prime rib with all the fixings. Our dogs, Mushu (yorkie/shih tzu mix) and Holly (rescue greyhound), have been enjoying the last few days with all the cooking and baking. My youngest daughter, Bethany,our youngest daughter of 15, has been quite interested in your postings about Japan and anime. She is an a bit of an artist and is hoping to become a voice over artist. She will be starting to take Japanese this spring at school. What suggestions do you have for anime? What should she look into for a career in voice over work or even animation? What was the hardest part about learning Japanese for you?? Thanks!! Again, Merry Christmas!!!! Jen from Indiana

  15. Love the snowman, is Lawren watching the pups (because I’m here and your sister is with you) 😉 The food looks fabulous. Glad you had a good flight. Glad people in Montreal weren’t as hard hit as people in Toronto. And early (per the blog) but late (for my posting) Merry Christmas.

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