It’s that time of year!  Yes, time for the Fantasy Football playoffs.  On the back of a fearsome running game, my Snow Monkeys took the second seed in my league, winning themselves a much-needed (last) weekend off with a first-round bye. Today, they were back at it, meeting As Luck Would Have It in semi-final action.  My opponent managed 109.10 points, in most part thanks to Jamaal Charles’ annoying 51.50 outburst.  With five of my players still to hit the field, including QB Matt Stafford this Monday night, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the 42 points I need to snag the victory.  I need BIG games from Antonio Brown and Giovanni Bernard tonight.  Wish my Snow Monkeys luck!

In other fantasy football playoff action, Ivon Bartok’s team, The Running Dead, fresh off a wild-card weekend beatdown of Robert C. Cooper’s Landsharks, won again in impressive fashion, destroying Lawren Bancroft-Wilson’s (creatively named) team, Lawren.

So, if all goes as it should – and why wouldn’t it? -next week, Ivon’s Running Dead will be playing Orphan Black writer (and former Stargate script coordinator) Alex Levine’s Flemish  Giants.  While, in my other league, my Snow Monkeys will face off against Tio’s team, Petunia Power.

Condolences to Robert Cooper’s Dallas Cowboys who continue to find new and creative ways to lose.

Yes, it was a full football Sunday.  And there’s still the late game to watch.  And, once that’s done, the Survivor season finale (Go Tyson!).

So, how were your weekends?  What wast the most exciting thing you did?  Don’t be shy.  Do tell!

34 thoughts on “December 15, 2013: Snow Monkeys on the cusp!

  1. Nothing too exciting here, except shoveling the driveway today from the big snowstorm. We got 30cm today, but the worst was the wind. So, I didn’t even go too far.

    Oh, I did have my friends from PEI visit here yesterday for a bit. They were supposed to stay in town for another day, but decided to head home because of the coming storm. It was great to see them as always.

    Good luck to the Snow Monkeys!

  2. Oh, I’m currently watching the Survivor finale, although at this point I don’t particularly care who wins. Has anyone watched “Naked and Afraid” on Discovery? Similar concept except there’s just four people and they really DO start with nothing and have to spend 21 days trying to get to their extraction point.

    Oh and they’re naked, with lots of blurrage. Not sure what that’s supposed to add, but whatever.

  3. “Condolences to Robert Cooper’s Dallas Cowboys who continue to find new and creative ways to lose.”

    That’s not funny!! 😡 Damn Cowboys *&@# can’t even #@%^& good for nothing @%+#* stupid $%^)*@! bunch of girls +*$@&%^* Romo &(*)$%@ and Jerry Jones &^%$*&^(*!!! interception king %$#@*&”< choke ^"+#@ disgraceful <^*@+"$# !!! 😡

  4. I’m stuck on a recliner with my leg elevated, so anything exciting pretty much has to meet me where I’m at.

    So, let see…there was….umm….that time that…ummm…well…

    I’ve got nothing.

    If anything exciting happens, beyond physical therapy anyway, I’ll let you know.

    Barb on the other hand, went to a Christmas cookie exchange and brought back about 90 cookies. I was only allowed to have one cookie (One Cookie!) because she is saving the rest for our Christmas Open House next Saturday. We’ll have cheesecakes, cookies, various hors d’oeuvres and we’ll be open from 4 to 10pm; feel free to drop by.

  5. I’ve been really sick for the past 2 weeks, so nothing exciting this weekend for me.

    Well, unless you consider marathon online poker sessions…

    Poker isn’t quite as exciting as it seems on TV. It’s mostly a bunch of clicking the ‘fold’ button while waiting for a playable hand.

  6. Wow Ponytail, that was some great cussing there. My condolences to Robert Cooper, Ponytail and me.

    My exciting weekend; I shopped, I shopped again, I got my hair cut, I picked up glasses, which don’t work right. I didn’t watch football. Pretty boring over in this direction. :p

    Good luck to the Snow Monkeys tomorrow night. 🙂

  7. @Ponytail:

    Eloquent! 😀

    That last Green Bay pick was pretty artful and Romo’s timing was off, so it just wasn’t coming together. Sorry to Rob Cooper and Ponytail.

    We’ll see how my Ravens do tomorrow against the Lions. Both teams are 7-6, 2nd place in their conferences, and desperate…that should make for an interesting game.

  8. I’m watching the games, baking Christmas cookiees, and sewing a couple of baby blankets for a some co-workers who are expecting. Both are having boys and both nurseries are Seattle Seahawks themed.

  9. I assembled a desk. I disassembled a laptop only to find the CPU fan wasn’t as dusty as I thought it would be so that was kind of a waste.

    While I was getting the girls bundled to leave a birthday party at the arcade, my son couldn’t take the noise anymore and bolted. I assumed he was in a corner somewhere melting down, but, when I was scanning for him, I saw him run by a window. He was running through puddles in the parking lot! I dressed down the door guard for letting an autistic kid out alone and he said he let him out with other people he thought he was with.

    I wore myself out shoveling compacted slush from the driveway so that about wiped out the rest of my weekend.

    I read The Princess and the Pauper – a Barbie Junior Novelization to the girls. They liked it and it didn’t bore me out of my skull.

    I’m trying to get my son through Farmer Boy but his literal thinking and stories don’t mesh well. I chose Farmer Boy because he argued it was pointless to read fiction stories because it never happened so you couldn’t learn anything. Fine. Biographies are story-ish at least and he can learn about how people used to live, too. I tried to get him to read along with a CD, but he stormed off on the part that says, “they burst the door open with a shout and swaggered in”. He called over his shoulder, “it’s still lies!” Apparently, a shout can’t open a door unless it is loud enough to make it explode and the author was lying to claim the door exploded. I’ll try again by reading it to him myself so I can talk him through such things.

    It’s no wonder he has transition issues when it’s time for reading class. They make him leave his desk and sit in a room facing a bunch of other kids and they are all forced to tell each other lies.

  10. Most exciting thing this weekend? If we can count Friday, it was my physical therapy evaluation. My shoulder has slowly gotten better; PT will be for strengthening & stabilizing.

  11. @ponytail: Tell us how you REALLY feel, dear. 😉

    @jeffw: Losing one’s mobility, even if only temporarily, really cramps one’s style.

    Oh, one other exciting thing: The “Once Upon a Time” season finale.

    I had started to worry. The first half of the season, set in Neverland, had dragged a little, and several recurring characters were missing due to the setting.

    The mid-season twist, however, was quite dramatic. I suspect it was written as a potential series ending, but I could be very wrong.

  12. @gforce:

    @JeffW: One cookie? That’s mean! You should at least get two. Or 10.

    I was hoping for two or three, but all manor of begging and cajoling failed (she’s on to all my tricks 😉 ). She has an eagle eye as well, so sneaking one is pretty well impossible, not that I’d be all that stealthy on crutches.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until Saturday.

  13. This weekend I cleaned out the shed and made pork katsu curry. A rare attempt at cooking Japanese cuisine. It tasted pretty good too!

  14. What did I do this weekend? You want the PG version, or the XXX? 😉

    Okay, full disclosure:

    Friday night went out to dinner with the folks after work. Had a rather nice Chianti with said dinner. Came home, fell asleep, woke up and didn’t get back to sleep until 3 or 4ish. I think I watched some tv and read, too. Not sure – by now Friday is a bit of a blur (with my memory anything beyond 24 hours starts to get a bit fuzzy 😛 ).

    Saturday I paid bills, did some banking, ran to the store for a few things, took a nap, woke up and cleaned the house, made dinner (lemon dijon chicken thingy), watched a little tv (caught up on a rugby match, NCIS, and Bones), read a bit, went to bed.

    Sunday went to services, visited a couple people, taught a friend how to make snowflakes, took a nap, woke up and watched more rugby, started a new jigsaw puzzle, watched the Psych musical, ate some ice cream, watched more rugby.

    Exciting, no? (Actually it was a rather relaxing and yet somewhat productive weekend – I can’t complain.)

    Now I’m going to pop in a Charlie Chan movie (Castle in the Desert to be exact), and crawl into bed with a cat, and Mr. Das…if that’s okay with you. 🙂


  15. I baked some cookies, experimented with non-chocolate fudge. I’m near giving up my dream of good homemade maple fudge. Hubby was home for a day, so we ran a few errands I might not have roof lights this year, but I do have a twinkly LED star now, which politely turns itself on and off.

  16. This weekend, I waited with my sister in the emergency department of our local hospital (sis wasn’t feeling well and is pregnant) and got home at midnight. Saturday was spent at a goodbye party for a friend moving back to New Zealand and being ignored by most of his other friends, but got along ok with the family. Then I waited up until 2am for my relatives to arrive from the airport. Sunday was woken to crying babies and then I was helping my kids practice for their Christmas presentation. Home to more screaming babies and my brother’s super spicy beef stir fry. Today, work and more screaming babies upon my return home. Eventful weekend. Kinda exhausting.

  17. I spent my weekend in the company of Mr Gastric Flu Virus…trust me, you don’t want to join us…

    But I did take time to wish Michael Shanks a very happy 43rd birthday yesterday..darn that man is wearing age well..:)

  18. @baterista, good news on the shoulder,
    @JeffW, she is doing it all for you, not just for Saturday, too many cookies and less exercise, no,no,no, its bad for your hips, not more weight on knee, Do you believe all that?!?..take care..
    Go SNow MOnkeys!! Rah Rah Rah!!
    My weekend, ok Friday, dinner out, and Saturday, lunch out, and Sunday,breakfast out, hmm I see a pattern here.. Sunday, grocery to finish getting more cookie ingredients, tried a new shortbread, ick,scratch that one off, made a jello cookie,better than it sounds, and pecan squares,and peanut butter fudge, I do keep a couple pieces, but mostly give-away, alot of baking this time of year. HAve a great day! 😀

  19. I went to see The Hobbit (part 2): The Desolation of Smaug. A good movie. Not as close to the book as I would like, but a good movie nonetheless.

    I won’t bore you all with my furniture delivery fiasco. I’m hoping that at least the mattress with a metal frame and bunky board will arrive as scheduled on Thursday. Or my mother will be sleeping in my room for the holidays and I’ll be sleeping on an inflatable mattress on the floor!

  20. I hate when I add a comment and it disappears without sending… Where does it go…

    Anyhoo this weekend I played taxi for my nephew…. While I was driving home dropping him at a party I discovered Ivon Street (no joke check the photo)….

    I also followed the football. Coincidentally I need 42.45 points to win my game. My opponent has a 12-2 record. I only have Joe Flacco to do it though… Can he put in a blinder? Hope so

    Hope you’re all well

    cheers Chev

  21. @gforce – yeah I’ve watched Naked and afraid… Interesting concept but I prefer survivor. Although I do want to cheer on Aussie stunt woman Ky Furneaux in it…. Haven’t seen he episode yet.

    Cheers Chev

  22. @ Alexis – Yes, yes I would’ve. Then I would blame y’all for feelin’ like crap today. 😉


  23. Ponytail: 😳

    Das: Beautiful puzzle!

    I worked on Cookie gifts this weekend. Most kids love a batch of Christmas colored M & M cookies. Today, I’m mixing up a batch of Lemon Raspberry Thumbprint cookies for the older ladies. I’ll mix the cookies up today and bake them tomorrow. The dough will be nicely chilled and easy to work with then.

    JeffW: Only one cookie…that’s so sad. 🙁

    I saw this cookie recipe on Food network. I haven’t made them yet but I might soon. They look like small pecan pies. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/trisha-yearwood/bess-londons-pecan-tassies-recipe/index.html

  24. I underestimated the snow Saturday and ending up slilp sliding all over, but I managed to snag some of the gifts I need. I rewatched ST Into Darkness and I just don’t get why the writers made the choices they made.

    I’m reposting the link for Nickelodeon’s screenwriting fellowship for the aspiring writers on the blog, entries are due Feb 28, 2014; Nickelodeon has upcoming fellowships in screenwriting, directing and animation.


    1. To shinyhula: I think they made the changes to Into Darkness because, frankly, there’s no replacing Ricardo Montoban and doing anything Original Series STAR TREK without Khan is equally frankly unfathomable.

  25. Joe, I came across an article today that made me very angry and it’s a topic I’m ever fascinated/angered by: female audiences and TV. I know that, statistically, it is harder to get men to watch TV and thus, many shows and advertisers will do things (i.e. beer commercials with half naked women) to try to get men to watch the show and thus the ads. I also understand that, in recent years, it’s the female audience that keeps shows running (for example, Supernatural is absolutely dominated by female viewers and the execs acknowledge this), particularly sci-fi shows. And, it seems, superhero shows.


    This article states that shows have even been canceled – not because there weren’t enough people watching them – but because GIRLS were watching them and in action figure comparisons, girls don’t buy/ask for superhero toys (one of my arguments is – make more figures/characters who are female then – Barbie sells way more *Barbies* than they do Kens) as much as boys do.

    So I’m curious – as a producer and a writer and someone who knows ratings generally – have you seen similar mindsets in the adult shows? Do execs not care about female audiences? Have you heard complaints about females not being as easy to market additional products to? Have you heard anyone actually say they don’t want females watching (or something close to that sentiment)? Or if not in the adult arena, what are your thoughts on this article in particular? Thanks for any thoughts on this.

    (Some days, I really regret not getting a sociology PhD so I could research this stuff myself.)

    1. To fsmn36: My regards to this article is that I and my massive house engulfing collection of all things Star Wars, STAR TREK, and Stargate (INCLUDING ACTION FIGURES) beg to differ that girls don’t buy these things.

  26. @Airelle:

    Yep…exercise is off the table for now (I need to get approval from the surgeon sometime in late January). But only one cookie? Come on! It’s Christmas! Besides, the snacking is way down since I can’t carry chips on the crutches. 😉

    @Tam Dixon:

    Yes, it’s so Sad! 🙁 So, so very sad! 🙁 (Sniff).

    Too much? 😉

  27. Oh and Tam Dixon, those pecan mini-pies look great! I may try to do a few this week for the Open House on Saturday. I’m also thinking of trying a cream-cheese and bacon sausage balls recipe my aunt Mary sent me (yes she’s Southern…why do you ask 😉 )

  28. I had a rotten weekend! Kids were grouchy, and I picked up too many shifts at work, not allowing myself enough sleep and thus making MYSELF grouchy, too. Good news, though! I got a promotion! Yippee! No more picking up odd shifts for more hours! Full time, baby!


  29. @BoltBait Feel better.

    Jeff and I went to see The Hobbit on Friday. Then came out to the terrible news of another school shooting (what is it about seeing this movie on opening day connected with a school shooting???) On Saturday Jeff and I got into a majorly huge argument. Fortunately apologies occurred by the evening. I was taking care of Christmas stuff this weekend.

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