continuing where I just left off…

14. With nothing to lose, I enter one of the continuously changing authentication codes on my cell phone where I am prompted under the “disable double authentication” section.  It works!

15. I’m brought back to the beginning and repeat the process until I am, once again, instructed to print the list of back-up codes.

16. I hit the “print” button and nothing happens.

17. I hit print on my laptop.  And still nothing happens.

18. I resort to taking a screen grab of the numbers and print up the image.

19. I enter one of the back-up codes when prompted and type “printed” in the space provided.

20. I am informed that I have been “double authenticated”!

21. I proceed to update this blog with a double entry, the second in which I discuss the fact that the majority of my dreams always seem to take place in one of three locations…

I was talking to Akemi about a recent dream I’d had when I realized that an awful lot of my dreams take place in one of three locations.  And one of the three is NOT Vancouver where I’ve lived for the past fourteen years.  Perhaps most shocking is the dream destination sitting in first place.  In ascending order, my dream locations are…

13. Tokyo

Not all that surprising given my affinity for the city which I visit every year.  A little surprising that it beat out Vancouver.

12. Montreal

Not all that surprising that my hometown would make the list.  It’s where I grew up and another city I visit at least once a year.

And, the #1 location in which most of my dreams take place…

11. Las Vegas?!

In the number #1 spot?  It’s true.  For some strange reason, the majority of my dreams take place in Las Vegas!

22. I ask you about your dream locations, unique or otherwise.

23. I post pics of Akemi’s latest artistic creations:

Doggy bento box for their day at doggy daycare.
Doggy bento box for their day at doggy daycare.
Chocolate reindeer pop
Chocolate reindeer pop

38 thoughts on “December 10, 2013 (Part II): Double authenticated! Dream destinations!

  1. How could someone not love Akemi – enchanting Akemisms, great cooking, doggy clothes and now doggy bento boxes. Good thing my dogs can’t read. They would wonder why I didn’t do that for them.

  2. My most interesting dream locations are always associated with levitation,,,they’re also extremely real… I have such, a couple of times a year.

  3. Hi Joe

    Do the dreams have different tones, and any repeat characters/locales, that cluster in each of the three cities – miserable Montreal, laughing Las Vegas and vocal Vancouver?

    Have aspects of any of these dreams, or dream-worlds, found their way into your writing?

    best, PJR

  4. Double blog? Double bonus for us.

    Most of my dreams (and nightmares) occurs right here in The Woodlands because I just don’t get to travel that much and when I do, I don’t sleep very well (or at all).

    The dogs are so lucky to get someone to make them sweet bento boxes.

  5. 22. I ask you about your dream locations, unique or otherwise.

    the vast majority of me dreams date place in anonymous locations, but several have taken place in;

    my maternal grandparents house (or one with a similar layout) probably because we spent nearly 9 years looking after the place.

    high school, junior high or grade school. but they are rarely recognizable as the schools i attended.

  6. Joe is this really you? 😕 Prove it! Need doggie pictures.

    What I dream usually coincides with whatever is on my mind or I last saw/ate before going to bed. Obviously you are still thinking about moving. To your beloved Tokyo, going home closer to la familia in Montreal, or your job possibly taking you to your city of choice – Las Vegas. Am I right?

    Who is this, really?!! 😐

  7. Dreams that don’t take place in a version of the house I grew up in tend to take place in a place I’ve come to call “Bizzaro-Sydney”. It’s an amalgamation of Sydney Harbour, and two suburbs north of Sydney city. The strange thing about it is that everything is bigger, usually 2-3 times the size, and not in the sense that I’m tiny and everything else is giant, more in the sense that rather than being a 6-lane bridge across the harbour and about 160m long it’s 30 lanes across and well over 500m long.

    There’s a shopping mall that always features, and I know its layout. I know the two major car-park entrances (one of which is, of course, several stories high and features a twisting network of in- and out-ramps that spread out in all directions for about 1km). And there’s also a residential area that matches the one near the house I grew up, but again rather than being 10 blocks it’s closer to 100 blocks.

    Really strange, and I’m always getting into car accidents on these massive confusing roads. My breaks never work.

  8. Complicated houses of many rooms, one of which (if someone is chasing me) is the attic of the house in which I grew up. Sadly, I have no clue where any of them are.

    The only dream location of which I am really sure is the Lakeshore Campus of Loyola University of Chicago where I went to college.

  9. #1: Childhood home, New Jersey (USA) farmhouse built early 20th century

    #2: NJ elementary or high school

    #3: Airports in various cities /countries, often at immigration /customs checkpoints.

  10. Interestingly, my mother says she never dreams of the home she’s lived in for the past 50+ years, but only the house she grew up in.

    I am very much like that – I never dream about the house I’m in (though once I did dream about my street and standing outside my house and Pendergast drove up in his Rolls and took me for a drive – if only that one was real!).

    When I dream about ‘home’ it’s always my childhood home, and recently for some reason when I dream about it I’m usually outside watching planes crash to the ground (at least two dreams like that).

    I sometimes dream of my grandmother’s house in Audubon, NJ, or variations of that house. Loved that place.

    Most often, however, I dream of my ‘other’ houses. I usually don’t live in these houses but instead when they show up in my dreams I’m often in the process of looking to buy a house. These are not houses I’ve ever lived in or even visited, but houses my mind makes up. One recurring house is rather stark – sort of ‘All in the Family’ on the outside and inside all linoleum tile and that Jetsons style of furniture and decor so popular during the Atomic Age back in the 50s and 60s. It’s near the beach but on high ground and it has a big finished basement with a bar and everything. Whenever I’m in this house I’m always redecorating it in my mind and planning parties. 🙂 This house is located in a community that looks much like where I live now.

    My other house is a rambling house, all one floor, sort of bunker-like on the outside with what seems like dozens of rooms on the inside. When I’m in this house I’m also redecorating it in my mind, but also planning on what part of the house I want to live in if I move there. This is a communal house in my head, with all the rest of my family living in different parts of it. I usually pick a remote wing of the house for hubby and me, happy with just a bedroom, bath, and small living area, and VERY happy leaving the cooking to my mom and sister in the large kitchen located elsewhere – I’ve actually never seen the kitchen so not sure where it is. Once I dreamt that a killer was chasing me through this house and I escaped through the wing that – in another dream – I had selected as my living space. This house is located in a rural area that looks much like where I grew up.

    I’ve dreamt of living in other places, too, but these were (as far as I can remember) just one shot deals. One was a sprawling, open penthouse sort of place (all the family lived there, too), and another was a small house that’s somewhere between a migrant farmer’s house and a houseboat – narrow and long, with just a couple simple rooms. Just hubby and me in that one.

    No matter what or where these imaginary houses are, in my dreams I am usually redecorating them in my brain and thinking how nice they’d be with the right furniture and a little paint. I probably missed my calling or something.

    I don’t really dream of towns or cities or anything like that – in my dreams I’m usually in some smaller, confined space such as a building in an unknown location. The dream I have most often is a recurring nightmare involving public toilets that are either extremely dirty, or lack any sort of privacy. Usually they are a bit of both, but when you have to go you have to go – and just when I decide to go a whole horde of people come in to watch!!! AAACCCCKKKK!!!! That’s usually when I wake up. 😛

    A head shrink would have a field day with me, no?



  11. Also, Joe…you must have had a VERY good time in Vegas. Either that, or you’ve just got gangster in your blood. 😉


  12. Double authenticated – MUST mean you are the REAL DEAL!
    And, of course Akemi is the Charmer!

  13. Maybe I travel too much, but I usually dream that I’m in one place (that I’ve visited) and that I need to urgently to get somewhere else (that I’ve also visited). Most of the time there is something in the way of me getting there (a broken down car, a closed road, a closed airport), or I’m temporarily lost and can’t find the direction to go in.

    Sometimes it’s like those TV sitcoms where one character wants to trade something but needs to barter though a whole group of people to get what he wants (and thus makes everyone happy in return). As an example, I would have to get a part for a car to get it back on the road to my destination, but the person who has the part wants a boat-cleat in exchange. It’s like a puzzle that needs to be solved before I can make progress on my goal of getting to my destination.

    Reading all that now, I can see that my brain is doing in sleep pretty much what I do in my daily life while awake…travel to customers and fix problems. Go figure! 😉

    And Joe, glad to hear the blog security is sorted out! Whew! You had us worried there!

    Also, great Bento boxes Akemi! I’m going to show the pictures to Barb to see if I could get her to make one of those for me in my non-mobile state! 😀

  14. When you say Vegas all I can think of is Stargate Atlantis, John laying in the dirt.

    1) random places that don’t exist

    2) Amsterdam, and every time I wake up sad that it wasn’t real. I went right after college. It was The first time I was on a plane, off North America, and I had a blast! It was for a Glass Arts Society Conference so lots of cool people too. Great culture, amazing coffee, fantastic pancakes.

    3) walking to middle/high school. During school I would have the same dream every night. I would get up, get ready for school & half way there I would step off the curb near Lawson’s convenient store & wake up. Then I had to do it for real. Total downer. Still have it on occasion.

  15. My dreamscape is vast and rambling, although I can recognize different elements from different dreams. Last night it was the new Burning Man headquarters in San Francisco… I knew they weren’t in the same place I lived at in the 70s, but I kept telling people that my old place was down the street.

    I dream about Burning Man a lot, but it is always being held somewhere besides the desert. On boats, in enclosed malls, and so on.

    Anonymous cities, large houses, schools, mountainsides, anywhere; I’m usually searching for something. However, even if the location is new, it still connects into old dream location. If I can relax

    If I dream about my current home, it will be a lucid dream, and I’m walking around thinking I’m awake. Last time I did that was when I lived next door (we bought the house next to the one we had rented), and I ended up speaking to my Aunt Kay in my dream. I thought it was odd she was in my bedroom and tried to look at my clock. That’s one of my lucid dream checks, I try to tell time or look at my hands. I can’t when I am dreaming. Can’t tell the time, woke me up. Creepy coincidence, Mom called to say Kay had passed that morning. At the time it was on the clock when I woke up. Yeah, too weird.

  16. Mostly my dreams take place around a not completely accurate version of my hometown, I also remember flying above a city that looked like a supersized version of New York. And to top it all off, I’ve had several dreams where I was wandering around Atlantis, One of the times, It looked like I was at one of the piers cause I could see the control tower in the background. Needless to say, The Atlantis dreams are always my favorite. 😀

  17. I do not dream. I make as Jeffw transfer me to a parallel universe, where I work on something similar and go to similar places but a little different than this and then I wake up. 😆

  18. Poor Joe! That sounds like a terribly complicated process.

    Hmm, places where my *dreams* take place? Usually it’s where I live now, “home” (aka, somewhere in the state I grew up), or some random magical/apocalyptic/whatever place that doesn’t exist. I think I might have dreamed I was NYC once…

    This list is much different from my actual ~dream

  19. Mr. M.: One of my cousins is a computer programmer. She’s teaching at a university in Georgia now. Anyway, she loves 1password. She is a big apple fan and uses it on her phone, iPad, and desktop. She said she’d rather have her arm chewed off than do without 1password but that has never been tested. 😉
    Anyway, my hubby is a programmer too and is geared more towards Microsoft products (since he works for them) and he put us on “LastPass” instead of 1password. I’ve been using it for a week and really like it.
    Internet companies are always in the news for getting hacked and this way you can butch up all your passwords and get a program to remember it for you. Check them out but if you have mainly Apple products, I’d go with 1password for you. I don’t know about the authentication code. I believe 1password can handle two passwords per account. Not sure, though, check it out.

    JeffW: Great description of the therapy session (SS# given) but I hope it gets easier for you.

    I love Akemi’s creations!

    I don’t think my dreams are tied to locations. I can’t remember any but maybe a few nightmares about school.

    Dentist today. 🙁

  20. @ JeffW – OOOOOO! Physical therapy torture videos!! That would be sooo cool! 😀

    Of course, you must wear a long white wig and WoW-esque leather togs – so not sure the missus…or the therapists…would be down wit dat. 😉


  21. My two biggest places are the Ocean and mountain trails. The Ocean I get as my family vacations there every year. The mountain trails not so much. While I enjoy hiking, my idea of camping is renting a beach house.
    I don’t really dream about any specific places. Even with my Ocean or mountain trail dreams there are usually non-descript places.

  22. I dream about my parent’s house overseas and we are always under attack. In my dreams I’ve fought lions, dinosaurs, giant iguanas, zombies, and it one truly weird dream I hid in my childhood closet from the Tonton Macoute. I didn’t grow up in Haiti or running from death squads but my dreams are like John Carpenter movie. .

  23. to JimFromJersey;

    it seems that unless they’re really well known for a sc-fi or fantasy role (like star trek or lord of the rings) few of the writes ups mention the role.
    anthony quinn was zeus in a couple of the hercules TV movies in the 1990s & i didn’t hear it mentioned when he passed.

  24. Fascinating to see how many folks dream about the home they grew up in. When I’m actually at my parent’s house I sleep like a baby, usually never have bad dreams. Even the one time I was shaken up at midnight by 4.6 earthquake I still slept well.

  25. That sounds like a ridiculously complicated process for authentication. Although it’s now clear where they’ve been spending all their time instead of working on editable comments. *grumps* If they’re going to go that far, they should have just gone all the way and went with a full PKI key. Sheesh.

    For dreamscapes, I frequently do not recognize where I’m dreaming. The only time it’s at home is where I’m clearly late for something, and yet can’t seem to get myself together to get going. It’s like a panic to get things done, or get somewhere, but I don’t have time to do what I need to do. So… kind of like my current life, then. 🙂 My most recent disturbing dreams have been about being chased by dinosaurs, the first being chased by velociraptors, but not QUITE getting caught. They’re literally nipping at my heels though. The next was more of the “Jurassic Park” scenario where I’m being stalked by a T-Rex. The last was actually getting chomped by velociraptors. What do they mean?? I always wake up exhausted from them, though.

  26. @Das:

    I had a new Interrogator Physical Therapist today who was harder on the exercises, but easier on the electronic interrogation. She only set the Cattle Prod Stimulation Machine to the “Stun” setting, not “turn subject into Jello” setting like yesterday.

    Alas, no video allowed, but I did manage to snap a picture of the electrodes while her back was turned:

    Sorry, no white-hair wigs, only white-legs with hair 😉

    @Tam Dixon

    Today was easier, but the real test will be Friday when I go back to my original therapist. Then I’ll be able to tell if the pain is actually less or if it’s just a matter of which style of therapy.

  27. I don’t really have nightmares anymore, I mean, I don’t remember having them. Usually when I think I’m about to have one, I automatically wake myself up(When I’m aware I’m dreaming, its usually just a case of seeing or experiencing something out of place and I’m aware and wake myself up).

    I’ve also dreamed of random places I’ve never seen before, and other such things.

  28. @ JeffW – 😆 And that leg?

    Looks like mine in the winter…hair and all. 😛

    (Was that TMI?)


  29. @ Das: It’s funny, you and I seem to have similar dreamscapes. I, too, have been chased by a killer through a house, only for me it was a recurring dream, and the house was the house I grew up in, in Detroit. Only whenever I had this dream, there would be some new, secret room behind a wall of one of the rooms on the third floor (where the attic rooms are), and I’d slip in there to escape the evil pursuer coming up the stairs.

    I’ve also had those dreams where I’m living in some house I’ve never seen or been in before. One recurring one is a house that’s very ski-lodge-like, with pine beams and floors and stair rails, and it feels very warm and homey.

    AND, I’ve had the public toilet-with-no-privacy dream TOO! That one’s been happening more recently. Like there are no doors on any of the stalls, or else there are a ton of available toilets, but they’re just out in the middle of this gargantuan washroom, with no stalls at all. And there’s a lot of people around. And I really have to go #2. I hate that dream!

    Even worse are the dreams where I’ve died. Sometimes the aforementioned killer catches up to me in the house, and shoots me dead. Another time I dreamed I was in my house in Los Angeles, sitting on the floor with my roommate Dave, and we were playing with my dog. Suddenly, I heard a noise and my vision went black, and I slumped over. I felt something warm running down my face, and in the last moments before I died, I realized I’d been shot in the head by a stray bullet coming through the wall of the house from outside. Another time, I dreamed I was walking down the corridor of one of the upper floors of some giant apartment building, doing I-don’t-know-what, and out of nowhere, my vision went black, and I collapsed, and this time I had no idea what was happening to me. My brain guessed that an aneurism or something burst in my brain, but that was all I had time to think before I died.

  30. What a cute bento box. Those are some lucky dogs.

    @JeffW: I like the color coordination of your sock and shorts. 😀

  31. @DAS – TMI and TYFS….ROFL!
    @Jeffw – is that supposed to be beefcake? LOL
    I’d rather have macarons please…LOL
    Can’t stop laughing…..

  32. since a couple of people have mentioned public restroom dreams, i might as well too. in the dreams either “the facilities” are extremely dirty, messed up in some way or have little privacy. (no doors or curtains that don’t cover the doorway)
    once i had a dream of an endless public restroom. the stalls were like a maze & when i opened the door to leave, i just ended up in another restroom.

  33. @Das, ArchersAngel & Kathode:

    Wow! I’ve had similar dreams to yours.

    Das, you didn’t grow up in Hunterdon County, did you? That’s where I was raised and where most of my dreams of crash landings are set.

    Non-private toilets? Check. Stalls that are mazes or missing doors? Check.

    How about dormitory or apartment showers that are dirty, poorly designed, and/or have malfunctioning plumbing?

  34. I’m not one to remember my dreams, but those I do remember often seem to take place in some variation of the house I grew up in. The house always seems to be completely disconnected from the outside world – that is, everything takes place inside, and I’m pretty sure if I stepped out of that house, I would not see the street or the town of my childhood.

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