Big bourbon heist in Kentucky!  190 bottles of rare Pappy Van Winkle whisky go missing.  A $10 000 reward is offered for its safe return:

Apparently, the stolen bottles could be worth several hundred thousand dollars on the black market.  Several hundred thousand dollars!  How good IS this bourbon?!

Just in time for the holidays.  Presenting, Yahoo’s Weirdest Holiday Specials:–the-weirdest-holiday-specials-we-ve-ever-seen-004407568.html

What the hell is Chewbacca wearing?
What the hell is Chewbacca wearing?

“Any discussion of weird Christmas specials begins and ends with this notorious misfire; George Lucas himself has said he’d like to track down every remaining copy and smash it with a sledgehammer. (And this is a man who still defends Jar Jar Binks!) It’s basically a bad acid trip that combines “Star Wars” with every terrible variety show you had to sit through in the ’70s because there was nothing else on.”  Ah, good old PETA: “#3. Animal Advocates Wanted to Euthanize All of Michael Vick’s Dogs (and Campaigned for Him to Get New Ones)…one year after stating that both of those animals could never possibly be rehabilitated, the Humane Society argued in favor of Vick being allowed to keep dogs again, despite his conviction banning him from ever owning another pet (they claim their support had absolutely nothing to do with the $50,000 grant that Vick’s Philadelphia Eagles gave them).”

This – Hong Kong Food Critic Says Local Michelin Guide Gets It Wrong, lead me to this:  “In his book Van Cranenbroeck lifts the veil of mystery of Michelin. He writes that the Benelux guides with more than 3,000 hotels and restaurants are made by only 3 inspectors. They are so well-known that Michelin’s famous anonymity is a fairytale, Van Cranenbroeck says. [..] Inspectors have so little time that they visit most restaurants only once every 2 years. They have no time whatsoever for discovering new restaurants. According to Van Cranenbroeck falling sales of the red guides put inspectors under pressure to create news. “Add a star, take one away, create excitement”.  Need a restaurant recommendation?  Ditch the tire company book and ask a local or check out an online food forum.


Pepper writes: “What about Westerns?”

Answer: Given the choice, I’d go with this one…

JeffW writes: “And Joe, did you watch the Ravens – Viking game? Wow, a cliffhanger right to the end!”

Answer: I did.  My Snow Monkeys got the first round bye in my league’s fantasy football playoffs so I was able to just sit back and enjoy the games this weekend.  A crazy finish.  I thought the game was over three different times.

2cats writes: “How are the furry kids these days? Are you still considering adopting another pup?”

Answer: They’re great – but, lately, greatly embarrassed by Akemi’s affinity for dressing them up in advance of the holidays.

11And, yes, still thinking about adopting a senior dog.  It’s something we’ll look into in the new year.

dasndanger writes: “EVERYONE knows that the Hawaii 5-O theme is the best theme song of all time.”

Answer: Ah, but the list wasn’t The Top 10 Best T.V. Theme Songs of All Time.  It was My Top 10 Favorite T.V. Themes!

glowyzoey writes: “…and Star Trek: Voyager because it’s sweepingly dramatic.”

Answer: Voyager would make my Top 20.  As would SGA.

glowyzoey also writes: “Didn’t you do a post on this once before or is this deja vu all over again?”

Answer: Close, but not quite.  I once did  a post listing my favorite “natsukashii” t.v. themes (those t.v. themes that make me nostalgic for days gone by): March 22, 2012: Top 10 Natsukashii T.V. Themes!

RichS writes: “Ah, the Stargate theme, but can you still sing the lyrics ? :)

Answer: As a matter of fact…Yes!

arctic goddess writes: “Aw Joe, how could you forget the Theme from MacGyver?”

Answer: Believe it or not, I’ve never watched a single episode.  Don’t tell Rick!

29 thoughts on “December 8, 2013: News of note! A mailbag!

  1. The bourbon disappeared in October, but the reward is more recent. I’m wondering if it’s that the disappearance was discovered in October. Who knows when the last physical inventory happened?

  2. Re: tv theme songs–yes, I know it was just ‘themes’ but while we’re on the subject–Voyager and SGA are in my top five. Was saddened to recently learn of Joel Goldsmith’s passing last year. What a tremendous loss. His music for SGA was amazing and contributed so much to the storytelling.

  3. Thank you for singing of the Stargate lyrics. I’m crying right now but in a a good way. 😀

  4. I believe the complete MacG dvd set is still available at Costco. – However, ownership thereof *and* your Screenwriters membership could very possibly put you onto a NO-FLY List!

  5. Ahh, the good ol “Star Wars Holiday Special”…I watched it live when I was a kid, and was very excited to do so. Until about 3 minutes in, when I, even at 9 years old, I realized what a huge pile of crap it was. Absolute garbage. But painfully funny to watch now.

    I’m thoroughly hooked on the Game of Thrones theme song. I even have it as a ring tone.


    Ha, a local restaurant got into some fancy list. My brother-in-law, who has had steak worldwide, including tons in Japan, says The Pine Club has the best steak in the world. He also says his dentist is the best in the world, so hmm…

    Anyway, my father-in-law still has a way old Pine Club Card (they don’t take credit cards). I think it’s from 1947, or was it 1951? They don’t bat an eye when they take it from him.

    I know where you can get the same quality of steak locally, though (same founders). And we don’t have to wait in such crowded conditions as the Pine Club.

  7. I forgot about The Wild Wild West, that was a good one. I may be the only one but I liked Star Trek’s Enterprise theme song (“It’s been a long road”). I had friends make a big stink about the song. 🙄

    I believe the pups like the attention (doggie outfits). Jelly looks very fetching, albeit a little confused.

    Did we take all Canada’s cold weather? You can have it back anytime.

  8. Ah, but the list wasn’t The Top 10 Best T.V. Theme Songs of All Time. It was My Top 10 Favorite T.V. Themes!

    You really don’t read my posts, do you? Or…is it that you’re reading comprehension skills really, really suck? Or mebbe you were a little tipsy…or not wearing your glasses…or distracted by an otherworldly thump in the attic…or by Akemi in a flimsy nighty holding a tray of fresh bonbons filled with dark chocolate ganache because, right after I went on my little best theme rant, I added this:

    (And yes, I know you asked for our favorites, and not ‘The Best’, but I’m feeling a bit frisky this morn and wanted to pick a fight. 😀 )

    So, had you fully read my comment it just goes to reason that you would either 1. pick apart one of my selections, or 2. get all defensive and tell me why The Sopranos theme ranked #1 on your list.

    But you didn’t! Instead, you just said what I had already acknowledged!!

    I am….disappointed. 🙁 *Said in my best Don Massaredo voice * – see video from about 3:00 to 4:20.

    And if you don’t watch the video, I’ll be doubly disappointed!!!! 🙁 🙁


  9. Voyager and SGA, I never fast forward through a good TV theme.

    Here is a create-a-trailer contest for the creatives out there, deadline in Jan 6:

    The holidays are all about funky sweaters and the pups are rocking that faux fur. I’m recovered from the Steeler’s loss, but how do you lose at Heinz Field in the snow to the Dolphins?!

  10. Nice singing, I like the way you worked up to it 🙂

    I always enjoyed the dvd commentaries, lots of interesting tidbits and info…

  11. Maybe the Stargate Atlantis theme music doesn’t make the top ten, but the visuals for the intro are my all time number one. Simply breathtaking!

  12. Akemi should dress up one dog as Santa, and the other two as elves! (with little green and red hats with jingle bells on the pointy tips) I’m sorry, am I giving her bad ideas? =-P

  13. I saw that horrid Star Wars Christmas Special in law school. Someone had a many-times-bootlegged VHS copy of it, and put it in during a party. You wouldn’t believe how quiet an apartment full of inebriated lawyers can get. We were transfixed by the stunning awfulness. That is, until we got over our shock and it turned into a hilarious live version of Mystery Science Theatre.

  14. I remember actually seeing the Star Wars Christmas Special on its original airing! I also remember thinking, “how dare they corrupt such a beautiful thing as that movie like that!” Of course, many years later we had the new trilogy and, well… yeah.

    Anyway, poor Das! I always read all of your posts, everytime! Well, mostly. Or maybe, usually. 😉

    I never really got all the “Enterprise” theme song hate either, other than it was just *different*, and I know some SF fans don’t handle that well. (Case in point, SGU.)

  15. the sg-1 lyrics thing reminded me that the theme to the original star trek had lyrics too; (they were written by roddenberry just so he could grab half the royalties. for more info, look here; )

    The rim of the star-light
    My love
    Is wand’ring in star-flight
    I know
    He’ll find in star-clustered reaches
    Strange love a star woman teaches.
    I know
    His journey ends never
    His star trek
    Will go on forever.
    But tell him
    While he wanders his starry sea
    Remember, remember me.

  16. @ gforce – Awww…thanks. Well, mostly. 😉 I don’t expect other posters to always read my comments, but I thought Joey would, ya know…just in case I slip in the formula for an atomic bomb, or something.

    (BTW, there are many formulas for an atomic bomb, but the one I find most intriguing is as follows: 1 part Sambuca, 1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1 dash Grenadine. Add the Irish cream and sambuca to a chilled shot glass.
    Pour a dash of grenadine over the back of a chilled spoon to give the impression of a mushroom cloud. ~ Sounds cool, no?)


  17. @skua2013 – Oh yeah, 3rd Rock. How could I forget to mention a theme song I dance to?

  18. Ah…the Stargate SG-1 lyrics! Why, yes, I HAVE used it as a ringtone before! And NO, I didn’t just spend several minutes making the little digital snowflakes on your blog go different directions! (Shifty eyes)

    *goes back to lurking*


  19. I’m going to let the three year old direct the snowflakes on your blog page now. I’ll be walking away so if you see more gibberish from me on today’s entry, know it’s probably her. I’ll save any gibberish from me for the next entry.

  20. It was snowing in The Woodlands on Dec 8. I have video. But you’d laugh.

    I liked the theme song to Enterprise too, but I didn’t like it when they changed it to a faster tempo in season 3 or 4.

  21. If I were in school I’d probably get beat up for admitting this:

    My favourite theme song from a show is now the anime Nisemonogari, episodes 8 through 11, Tsukihi Phoenix. The song title is Platinum Disco, I don’t know what it’s about, all I know is I get a kick out of watching and listening to it. It starts at 1:02

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