Radioactive Japanese wave nears USA…

“The nuclear reactor continues to leak radioactive water due to poor management, while Japanese subcontractors at the plant have admitted they intentionally under-reported radiation and that dozens of farms around Fukushima that were initially deemed safe by the government actually had unsafe levels of radioactive caesium”.  Oh, and also: “the Japanese government is covering up the scale of the problem.”

Yep.  Those waves should be hitting us sometime around 2014, so enjoy that seafood while you can.  No, wait.  Everything’s going to be okay:  “There should be no concern among Americans, of any age or location,” Gilbert Ross, executive director of the American Council on Science and Health, told“If you want to list health concerns that Americans should worry about, start with the real killers — drunk driving and smoking.”

REPORT: Man Throws Away Hard Drive With 7,500 Bitcoins, Now Worth Over $7.5 Million…

“He says he likely threw out the hard drive sometime over the summer, and only recently remembered what was on it.”

Oh, yeah.  Now I remember what was on that hard drive.  My 1998 income tax return.  And $7.5 million dollars!!!

Makes you wonder if YOU have any hidden treasure lying around the house.  Quick!  Go get that old soup ladle appraised!

Watch 11 Explosive Deep-Fried Turkey Disaster Videos

Better late than never I suppose.  Please, kids – but more likely, grown-ups – don’t try this at home.

Damn, and I thought traffic today was annoying: HOLIDAY SPIRIT: SHOOTINGS, STABBINGS, BRAWLS 

A reporter reprimands an Indian actress for speaking up for women’s rights and thereby embarrassing India: Watch This Indian Actress Shut Down A Reporter For Telling Her To Keep Quiet About Women’s Rights  Presumably because if she hadn’t said anything, no one would have noticed.

File this one under “She’ll just bring everybody down”: Canadian woman denied entry into the U.S. due to depression. Not certain if she was depressed going to the States or depressed from having to deal with U.S. customs officials

For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000  Well, I suppose it’s better than “LAUNCH CODE”.

What is the worst episode of your favorite TV show?  We got a shout-out for Emancipation!  High-five!


18 thoughts on “November 29, 2013: Well, THIS is annoying…

  1. Plus the clip shows..Wormhole Xtreme was mentioned…but yeah Emancipation was pretty bad..but it did show that Carter could hold her own..and the costume was beautiful……

  2. 1. Dude. I’m totally convinced now that you don’t read any of my posts because I told you about that radioactive crap before you went to Japan!

    2. What’s a bitcoin?

    3. I also posted videos of exploding deep-fried turkeys…

    4. Bad episode of a favorite tv show? There are many – too many – but one that comes to mind is that clip show at the end of SGA‘s run…

    5. Hey…don’t knock it – remembering all those zeros isn’t easy!! Just imagine the scene…

    “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he enter six zeros, or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a nuclear missile, the most powerful weapon in the world and would blow your country clean off the map, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”



  3. @ gforce – Ewwwww! Fromunda cheese!!! 😛 😛 😛

    That reminds me – where did I first hear that word? For some reason I’m thinking it was a Mel Brooks skit (mebbe the 2000-year-old man?)…I might have to ask my mom, she has a better memory than I do. I know I was pretty young when I first heard the term, and it was from one of the old classic comedians (from a pretty early age I was a Tonight Show/Carson junkie, so I probably heard it there).


  4. Not surprising, as it seems I am consistently out of the loop when it comes to the normal bloggers following Joe, I have no idea what is going on with this post. So here I am, in my devotion to Joe’s blog, attempting to make sense of this post,. I was a little mad at Joe for not offering up a decent custard eggnog recipe. I had to eventually deal with Martha Stewart. Her recipe was excellent and I made some phenomenal custard eggnog..

    Anyway, I am unsure what is going on here. I need someone to tell me. Please fill me in on whatever it is I’m missing in comparison to the other usual followers. I just have to find out. It’s messing with me!

  5. I wouldn’t mind owning Carter’s headpiece for my Queen of Everything moments.

  6. Thought I’d say hi while waiting for a connection at the Vancouver airport!

  7. Emancipation was probably the worst episode of all time lol. It’s a pity you weren’t involved with SG1 sooner Joe, I’m sure you and Paul would of done your bit to make sure that episode never made the light of day.

  8. Oh and on the radioactive water thing, that’s pretty much a non issue for anyone living outside of Japan, though seriously, the ocean is like a dumping ground for waste generated by society, almost makes you feel sorry for the fish and stuff living in it.

    I’m sure we’ll probably hear news of some random monstrosity coming from the ocean as the result of all the stuff dumped in it at some point lol

  9. @Randomness:

    I’m sure we’ll probably hear news of some random monstrosity coming from the ocean as the result of all the stuff dumped in it at some point lol


  10. i liked ’emancipation’!! really! :p

    i find ‘hathor’ more cringeworthy and cliche.

    but with ’emancipation’, we got to see that sam could take care of herself, and with this being only the 3rd episode of the whole series, it was a pretty good way of showing it, to me at least. sure there were some cliche things in it, but the good stuff made up for it. as a sam fan, i enjoyed watching early sam kick some misogynist’s butt. :p

    i don’t really understand why you hate this episode so much. :p

  11. G’day

    Your blog is snowing.
    It is FINALLY warming up here, lovely sunny days. Glorious.

  12. @JeffW: It truly would be like life imitating art!

    @Das: Bitcoins are some kind of alternate virtual currency that is supposedly quite popular. Although I suspect if you take your 7.5m in bitcoins down to the local market they would quite rightly look at you funny.

    I see that the “I think I’m having a stroke” effect snowflakes are back on WordPress. I must be (almost) December!

  13. I see a storm coming in the northwest, looks hairy, will that affect you all Joe> I am not a fan of snow, pretty to look at, but cold and a pita to drive in. Hope your many projects are coming along. Have a good evening.

  14. I suppose everyone’s shopping, eh?

    OOOOH!!!! SNOW!!

    I have dropped soooo much money the past two days, and I was NOT Black Friday shopping. I did take advantage of a 20% off deal yesterday at the local hardware store to buy birdseed and potting soil. Somehow I managed to spend nearly $100 on birdseed and dirt. 😛 I did pick up a couple other things, like a hose nozzle, and a flower pot, and house numbers because we just got a notice from the township that all houses need numbers on them for emergency responders….but still…$100?! Ugh.

    Then I had to run 80 miles up the road to rescue Mr. Das and a friend (who is a professional chef). They had volunteered to cook breakfast for a missionary class, and at 5:30 am they had an accident. There was road construction, and the lane narrowed right as they crossed an overpass and the lane was too narrow for our friend’s big 4-door truck. Blew out two new tires and scrapped all along the side of the truck so that his passenger doors won’t open. The state trooper said there have been many accidents there, exactly the same, and yet the construction company hasn’t done anything to prevent it or to warn drivers that the guardrail – once separated from the traffic lane by a shoulder – is now practically in the traffic lane and a danger for wider vehicles.

    Anyway – they were not hurt (thank goodness!), but I had to drive up and get them and bring them home (which took nearly a 3 hour chunk out of my day). When we got home we decided to stop at Walmart for toiletries and vitamins, totally forgetting it was Black Friday. The place was a madhouse! And somehow – buying just vitamins and smelly-goods for the body…and some cat food…we managed to drop $150. At ‘cheap’ Walmart. And not a single toy in the cart (if you don’t count the stuffed skitter mice I bought for the kitties 😀 ).

    Still, it was a good thing we stopped because I found out they were having a tire sale, and so today went back and got two new tires which (another $150 later) I badly needed.

    So, in two days – during the big ‘holiday’ shopping weekend – I managed to drop $400 not on wants, but on necessities.

    Thank god for credit cards!! 😀

    😛 😛 😛

    Notice that I didn’t mention my side trip to the candy shop for three bags of dark chocolate rum balls, and to the bookstore where I picked up the last 5 Hamish Macbeth books. 😉 I also picked up The Reason I Jump – a beautiful book and a must-read for anyone who knows or works with an autistic child or adult. This book has had me in tears several times over the past 24 – it’s just that touching.

    Oh well, at least I have enough books, toiletries, and birdseed to get me through the winter!! 😀 Woo!

    Now…to sell the house. 😛


  15. The “We’ll Always Have Paris” episode of ST:TNG is so, so awful and boring. I love me some TNG, but that ep’s just painful.

  16. I was working a lot this week so no shopping for me. In fact, I tried to avoid any road that had any stores people would be shopping at. Now I have 250 Christmas cards to work on.

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