I never sleep well the night before I travel.  Even though I set my alarm clock, and the back-up alarm on my cell phone just to be sure, I always sleep fitfully and awaken at least an hour early.  Such was the case on Wednesday when I was out of bed two full hours before the taxi was scheduled to pick me up and take me to the airport.  Plenty of time to shower, shave, have some breakfast and, most importantly, upload an extra early blog entry.  The dogs sensed something was up, especially my eldest pug, Jelly, who followed me around, from room to room, despite her hip dysplasia and arthritic shoulders.  As I dropped by carry-on bag next to the front door, she stood in the hall giving me that “You’re not leaving without me, are you?” look.  

Yep, that's the look.
Yep, that’s the look.

Alas, on this day, my traveling companion would not be Jelly but my writing partner Paul.  We were headed cross-country to pitch our take on a scifi novel were hired to develop for television, essentially our plan for a potential t.v. series that included a series overview, character synopses, and story arcs for the first season and beyond. Science fiction is tricky to pitch, especially when you’re talking Hard SF.  Sadly, most broadcasters shy away from ship-based shows on the grounds that their appeal is too narrow, preferring instead what they see as more accessible scifi.  In other words, more Revolution and Under the Dome and less, well, Stargate.  Fortunately for all involved, the project we were pitching, with its near future setting and topical themes, falls into the latter category.  Scifi fans – and, apparently, viewers who run screaming at the mere mention of hyperspace and warp engines.  

The flight was relatively uneventful.  I was wedged in between a heavy set fellow in the aisle seat and septuagenerian by the window who insisted on flossing his teeth at take-off and landing.  At one point, he indicated a desire to use the bathroom so my neighbor and I got up to let him through.  Some five minutes later, he returned and, rather than wait for us to get up, attempted to squeeze in between us.  At one point, he was practically sitting in my lap as he scrambled to negotiate the three inches of space between my knees and the seat in front of us.  He eventually got there, but it was touch and go.  For a while there, I thought we’d be sharing a seat for the remainder our trip.

Once he’d finally settled back in, I was free to check out the lunch menu.  This is what I ordered:

Mmm.  Looks tasty, doesn't it?
Mmm. Looks tasty, doesn’t it?

And this is what I received:

Mmmm.  Chilly AND soggy.
Mmmm. Chilly AND soggy.

We touched down in Toronto some three hours later at approximately 5:30 p.m. local time.  I figured the timing was perfect.  We’d catch a cab back to the hotel, relax, and then catch a cab to Buca, my favorite restaurant in  – well, North America, where we’d be meeting someone for dinner.  Two hours.  Plenty of time, right?  

We waited twenty minutes for a cab and, by the time it wound its way through the congested highway and street, we were checking into our hotel and hour and forty-five minutes later.  We hurried up to our rooms, dropped off our luggage, and caught a taxi to Buca where we finally arrived, only ten minutes.

Dinner was fantastic.  You’ll have to take my word for it because, sadly, my cell phone battery died as we were seated so I have no photographic proof.  We had home made bread with rosemary, olive oil, and sea salt, crispy pig ear, duck egg yolk and truffle bruschetta, two kinds pasta, two types of pizza, and a duck sausage plate. And a tiramisu for dessert – split three ways because, at that point, we were past done.  Oh, and I had a couple of Manhattans.  By the time I staggered back to my hotel room at just after 11:00 p.m., I was thoroughly exhausted and looking forward to a good night’s rest.  Unfortunately, I was still on west coast time so I lay awake in bed for another three hours before finally falling sleep.

I was hoping to sleep in, but no amount of blanket burrowing would shield me from the sunlight that made its way through and around the window blinds, so I was up at 7:30 a.m.  But really tired.  So I lay in bed for another three hours.  I decided to skip breakfast and just help myself to an orange juice from the mini-bar.  Well, there was no orange juice in the mini-bar.  Or grapefruit juice.  Or bottled water.  Instead, these were my choices:

I think I'll go the absolutely nothing.
I think I’ll go with the absolutely nothing.

We had two pitch meetings, back to back, and both went very well.  Or, at least they seemed to go very well.  In both meetings, the people we were pitching to took assiduous notes throughout, presumably on the presentation but, in all fairness, they could well have been jotting together their shopping list or seizing the opportunity to work on their novel.  

Following a quick post-mortem and late lunch, I caught a cab to the airport where I arrived three hours early for my flight.  Akemi texted to inform me that Jelly had, as usual, been acting strangely since I’d left: quiet, moping about, not eating.  When I got home, she was back to her old self,  barking, bouncing around and begging for treats.  According to Akemi, she was completely changed dog.  Which is touching, but a little worrisome given that I’ll be going away to Tokyo for two weeks in November.    

So, that’s that.  Hopefully, we’ll hear good news back from the broadcasters in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, it’s full steam ahead on that other project we have in development (big conference call on Monday) and preparations for that Tokyo trip.    

What have you all been up to while I was away?

57 thoughts on “October 25, 2013: My trip!

  1. That is some trip. The sandwich looks absolutely disgusting and that is saying something based on the things I eat. I hope whatever you are pitching goes well.

    That is so sweet about Jelly. She loves her dad very much. I can understand the concern about your Japan trip but at least she won’t be with a new pet sitter but rather in the very loving and capable hands of your sister. That definitely has to give you enormous piece of mind from that perspective.

    As far as things around here, grieving, working, grieving, celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary on the 24th, grieving, working, grieving, catching up on some TV, grieving, taking Patrick to the doctor, trying to find the paperwork I had from that doctor’s office visit to share with relevant people, going to a seminar tomorrow about autism and sexuality, scheduling an MRI and MRA of the brain with & without contrast with sedation for Patrick for Nov 19, the first appointment that was available (see, even with all the MRI machines in the United States there is STILL a wait).

    How is your back doing?

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of happenin’s! I’m the same way regarding the night before a trip. I set two back up alarms and STILL worry about oversleeping, and thus hardly get any sleep.

    That sandwich looks too familiar. Air Canada special? I find the veggie wrap that they have is usually not TOO bad.

    After a meal like that and a poor sleep, I don’t think I could put myself together well enough to do a series pitch. (Of course, I couldn’t do it period, really.) I’ll be looking forward to hearing more news about it, hopefully in the near future! I’m still waiting for Dark Matter, though!!

    As far as what’s been going on with me… nothing new. Oh, wait – I did actually quit the choir that I had belonged to, because of, well let’s just say stupid politics and leave it at that. I don’t need the aggravation right now. Otherwise, step-mom still in the hospital, doing okay, but still in holding pattern. Birds are their normal active, crazy selves. May go help do some trail maintenance tomorrow on a section of a trail called the Fundy Footpath, which goes along the coast here in N.B.

    The pictures on the gallery on that page are from Fundy Nat. Park, not the Footpath, though.

    1. @Gforce I think I’d last about 5 minutes on that trail! What a challenge. Sorry to hear you quit choir. I hate politics. They are exhausting and sucks the fun right out of things. Sending good thoughts for your stepmom.

  3. Are your friends ok in Japan?

    Your plane trip sounds like hubby’s business trips. He usually sits with someone too large for the seat and has them spill over into his seat. I’ve read airlines are going to decrease seating room. That should make flights fun, right?

    Poor little Jelly. I’m sure Sis will spoil her rotten. Jelly will always be your gal though.

    @Deni: I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    @PBmom: how was your anniversary?

  4. @ In other words, more Revolution

    No No Joe. Absolutely No. The ratings for this show are collapsing, and it will likely be canceled before seasons end. It’s not a bad show but not one for longevity all things considered lol

    @ Sadly, most broadcasters shy away from ship-based shows on the grounds that their appeal is too narrow

    Star Trek was mostly ship based though? Though I see what you mean, you need to appeal to a more mainstream audience on TV to be successful as a Scifi show.

  5. That sandwich looks like something to make me sick all over again, ugh! While you were gone, we went to Miami for 3 days, and other than getting food poisoning, I had a blast. We did manage to eat at Burger and Beer Joint, deciding to go early because we were all hungry and then found out they would be closing super early for remodeling. What a meal! I really hope that if you ever make it down this way, you’ll try it, Joey. They didn’t have the duck fat fries that night, but otherwise, it was delish. Wagyu beef, blue cheese, red onion marmalade on brioche. Damn, that was good. I love their doggie menu, too. One of these days, maybe I’ll take the Boxers. Took Anakin/Michael to see lots of sights, my daughter won but lost at her jiu jitsu tournament (one of those things…) and was totally pissed most of Saturday, with good reason. Mr. Deni and I managed to eat at the Guatemalan restaurant as well and it was fantastic. Sunday I was in trouble with a beef empanada and that ended my foodie tour of Miami. Spent most of the day in my room, but managed to go to the mall to buy Mikey some toys and clothes. There’s a cool spot right next to runway 9R at MIA where you can sit to watch airplanes, so we took him there and he loved it. All in all, a good weekend and wonderful to be back in Miami, but geez, just getting over the food poisoning today.

    Glad to hear all is going well for you and Paul, can’t wait to see what comes of all of it. With Sis taking care of the pups, I wouldn’t worry, they’ll get all the love and attention in the world and probably will forget you exist. 😉 Well, steaks are ready and I’m hungry, so have a great weekend, all! xo

  6. We (the audience) only sees the finished product, but it’s quite obvious that the process is maddeningly slow. I understand your frustration a little better now. My fingers are crossed for your success. And I hope that the project that’s chosen is your favourite and the most enjoyable for you to be involved in.
    I have just turned a page in my life and am now starting my retirement. this o course has given me the time to watch STN, STV, SG1 and SGA… every day. I was in tears yet again when Janet Fraser died and I’ve come to the conclusion that while the episode was sad and extremely well done and acted, the tears flowed a little easier and faster because of how my life is changing, people left behind, people gone, even pets gone. I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Odd to say, but it’s a total surprise to me. Here I’ve been going to work every day, minding my business and then it comes to a screeching halt…. very traumatic. But I have to say that I’m also very relieved. So what am I going to do now?

  7. Well, crap. Just got a call from the doctor who wants to see me about those x-ray results.

  8. Look on the bright side Joe, the news from the doctor just might give you some hope for future healing. 😛

    In the meantime, have another Manhattan!


  9. Joe–Don’t worry yet and have problems sleeping. Maybe he/she just wants you to come in to reassure you before your trip.

    @TamDixon All in all it was uneventful. We’ve been doing a lot of crying. Hopefully Nov 1 when Jeff has off and we can either have a nice lunch or go to a movie, a little bit of time from Maddie’s death will allow us to have more fun. I will have to say I am eternally grateful for my fur-kid-clients. Today, when I went to see my puppy client, we went out back for a quick pee before our walk and I was sitting on the steps of the deck and he walked over and crawled in my lap. He allowed me to wrap my arms around him (without feeling the need to wiggle free like he usually does) and I just burst out crying for a minute or two. He kissed my face, I regained my composure and told him how awesome he was and said, okay–let’s go for a walk! I needed that. It was a beautiful day outside and the exercise and fresh air did me good.

  10. Think positive Joe, maybe the doctor knows how worried you were about the results and he just wants to tell you good news?!? fingers crossed. and think Star Bar in Tokyo and Moscow Mules.(kinda like clicking heels together 3 times)

  11. Don’t freak out, Joe, you’ll see it’s no big deal. They’ve done that crap to me (and left me wondering all weekend) for nothing.

  12. They asked me to come in tonight. I did. I rushed over. A hundred scenarios ran through my head as I waited for the doctor to see me. Finally, my name was called. I went into the room. The doctor came in. Checked my file. “What can I do for you?”she asked. “Uh, you asked me to come in,”I said. “For my x-ray results?” She checked them. “Oh, these look great. You’re fine.”


    1. Poor Joe, but glad it was good news. Good thing you weren’t in the US. They would have charged you $120 for the visit if you didn’t have insurance if it was a general practitioner. $175 and up for a specialist. Unless you had insurance, then you pay whatever the co-pay is ($20-50 depending on insurance carrier/employer, etc.). I went back to see my nephrologist on Tuesday for a check-in. Still a few issues. But it was a 6-month followup. He says to me at the end, “So…see you in 4 months.” I said, “FOUR months?” Him: “You don’t want to come back in 4 months?” Me: “Why do I have to come back in 4 months instead of 6?” Him: “Because… I love you?” Me: “I like you, too, but…” Him: “So split the difference and come back in 5?” Me: Deal. LOL.

  13. @Joe: Well, at least you might soon have some answers…

    While you were gone, I decided to get back on the fitness wagon again. My hubbin and I started doing CrossFit back in Spring, but the numerous injuries it inflicted upon me (examples: ulnar nerve irritation that made my left forearm and last 2 fingers pins-and-needlesy for a couple days; and my right wrist STILL cracks loudly every time I rotate it) made me call it quits. Then over the summer I had two accelerated UBC courses to attend and study for, so I was pretty much a bookish slug for several months.

    As a result, my metabolism has reverted back to its normal “hibernating bear” level of activity. I need to get moving and build back those muscles I’ve lost since CrossFit. I have a Y membership, and I generally will choose a group class as my workout. Tuesday it was Zumba: a good cardio workout, but not a stretch for me, ability-wise.

    Wednesday I picked a class I hadn’t tried before, called “Functional Fitness.” As a result of that class, I have come to the sad conclusion that I am not all that functional. Perhaps DYSfunctional is more like it. Even the instructor said to me afterward, “That looked painful.”

    Holy hell, did that class kill me! Here it is Friday and I’m still walking around like a stick with legs. My quads hurt. My inner thighs hurt. My obliques hurt. My shoulders hurt. My ass hurts. Last night I couldn’t even get my own bra off without my husband undoing the clasp for me. (TMI? Too bad. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. My fitness level is PATHETIC!)

    But I’m taking the aches as a sign that the class is good for me. I’ll go again. It’s the stuff I liked about CrossFit, without any of the stuff I didn’t like, such as the injury potential and the overemphasis on competition and doing as many reps as physically possible.

    Now I’m off to Mumbai Masala for dinner. Yummy!

  14. I’m so glad, but I knew you were fine. 🙂 They did something like this to my ex son-in-law, called him and told him they were sending him over to the cancer center. After waiting for an hour to see the oncologist (and totally freaking out), the doctor came out and apologized, saying he had no idea why they’d sent him. Poor Matthew was pale and quite shaken!

  15. @Joe: I’m glad the x-rays were good. Now will they give you an MRI order to find out the cause of your back pain or at least to rule out disc problems?

    @PBMom: I’m so glad you have your dog clients! Especially the puppy.

    @deni: I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    @das: I think Houdini is a perfect name for the new kitty,

    What have I been doing? Working my buns off. Saying goodbye to a friend who isssss retiring. Finding out that a co-worker has been “let go” as departments are consolidated. Not a happy week.

  16. What I’ve been doing:

    Taking daytime naps & otherwise indulging low energy levels.

    Nursing apparent sinus infection (see above). *

    Had lovely visit today with high school classmate. She came to San Antonio with husband for a conference but had the afternoon free.

    Also visited my sister briefly, met the new dog in the family and his pet parent. (Long story short, both are rooming with my sis and her domestic partner.)

    Going to 90th-birthday celebration for one of Husband’s relatives tomorrow.

    Remember the mouthwash commercial that equated morning breath to boots slogging through mud? That’s what my mouth tastes like during sinus infections. Need to lose the infection, or I’ll gain weight from counteracting that taste with stronger flavors.

  17. It irritates me when I have to trudge into the doctor’s office just to hear “Your test results look good – see you in three months”. Just send me a text and save BC/BS and me a few bucks. Got my cousin visiting on her way to her home in the Smokies. Four dogs in the house, including two Westies, a chiweenie, and a Carolina Dog.

  18. The picture of your airplane sandwich looks awesome. The actual sandwich looks awful. Your home made Buca bread with rosemary, olive oil, and sea salt sounded heavenly. I could just picture it… 🙂 I almost drooled some. I would have choosen what you chose out of your mini-bar. Good choice. Good luck with your pitching. Hope you make it back into the big leagues real soon. I’ve gotten into watching Shark Tank on TV. Maybe you and Paul could pitch an idea to them to help fund a movie or something. Ask for 3 million and in exchange they get paid back plus a small royalty plus their name on the screen. Maybe Mark Cuban would go for it. Sorry your doctor’s office scared you like that. The x-rays showed nothing? Told you so…. 😉

  19. Bonus points for use of the word: septuagenarian

    …extra bonus points for letting a septuagenarian sit on your lap during the flight!

  20. “Uh, you asked me to come in,”I said. “For my x-ray results?” She checked them. “Oh, these look great. You’re fine.”

    Yep…it might be time for an MRI.

    As for things going on in my neck of the woods; I just got back from a business trip late last night to Peachtree City Georgia (about 45 minutes south of Atlanta). This was a short trip (I flew in Wednesday night and then out last night), so I didn’t get a chance to visit my relatives.

    Next week it’s Calgary and Vancouver (with a connection in Dallas). After that, Detroit (again), then Dallas, and then maybe Boca Raton, Florida (although that one is still a “maybe” at the moment). At least I’m getting a good cache of air miles (that Barb is taking advantage of).

    The knee is still acting up, (airplane seating does NOT make it feel good), but I have two more weeks of Physical Therapy before I go back to the doctor for the next stage of treatment (cortisone and/or surgery). I’m thankful that walking does not aggravate it much; it’s stairs and running that are killing me, so those I can mostly avoid for now.

    At least we’re making good progress on the Corvette project.


    Happy Anniversary! And I read your post…a very moving and nice tribute to Maddie. I know she was loved!

    1. @JeffW Thank you for the kind words. Good grief you travel a lot. If you ever have a stopover in Houston for any length of time, let me know. Dallas is about a 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive so it is hard to accomplish with my pet sitting business. Sorry to hear about your knee. Option 3 sounds like a good way to respond.

      When I fly, 95% of the time I seem to be in the direct line of sight of a man who is disgustingly digging into his nose and more often than not EATING IT. And I think to myself — what is it with GUYS???? Or, people who give me their babies or toddlers to hold for most of the flight. While I don’t mind helping out for a short while so the parent can go to the bathroom or get settled in their seat, the entire 3 hours flight seems to be excessive (and in one case flirt with the male flight attendant). In that case I felt sorry for the toddler.

  21. what you get almost never looks like the picture.

    apparently the hotel didn’t think you were the one who cleaned out that mini-fridge & charge accordingly or you would’ve put it in the blog.

    and i don’t know whey the doctor couldn’t have told you that on the phone. the skeptic in me says just so they could charge for an office visit.
    at least it was good news. are you still doing the MRI?

  22. Seconding Sparrow_hawk re MRI…but you probably guessed that I would.

    @bluewatercop: My physician would agree with you, but I was better relieved by seeing him in person for my recent biopsy results.

  23. I’m so glad that you’re okay! I was worried that your story wasn’t going to have a happy ending. One more thing off your plate to worry about before your trip.

    Egads! Talk about a whirlwind trip! But very happy to hear you might be back in the sci-fi saddle. Keeping fingers crossed that they move forward quickly.

    I couldn’t help noticing all the production going on around Vancouver. Then yesterday I had an interesting chat with an older fellow at the motel I’m staying at. He mentioned that he works in the entertainment industry here, and is now working on “Almost Human”, and that he had worked on many shows over the years. I asked if he had worked on Stargate, and he said he had. He was in transportation and his name is Martin Walker. He mentioned that the Atlantis cast was a lot of fun, and he seemed to have enjoyed his time on the show. He’s a nice guy.

    Unlike certain border guards that I ran into yesterday. I love doing a little shopping in Tsawassen and walk along the beach at Boundary Bay. And I always go into Pt. Roberts to get cheap gas ($1.08 vs. $1.30 locally). Usually it’s the American border guards that are cranky. But this time the Canadian guard was downright mean. He evidently didn’t believe what I told him, so he wrote me up and I had to go into the office. I’ve been coming to Canada since 2006, and I couldn’t believe there was a problem. After waiting 20 minutes, and freaking out, I was told that it was “just my turn” to have my background checked. Thankfully, I was able to control my mouth and didn’t blurt out “bullshit”. But I was pissed.

    Anyway, I’m finally beginning to relax. I saw “Gravity” today, and will be visiting with friends over the weekend, then another entire week of freedom!

  24. @Joe:

    Similar to your flight to Toronto, after 25 years of flying on business trips, I’ve had some truly awkward and embarrassing airlines experiences myself.

    On one overnight flight to London, I ended up in the middle seat of the middle row on a 777, flanked by a 300lb man on my right (a Cockney) and an equally large lady on my left. They both literally overflowed their seats and I felt like a zit about to pop between two very large fingers.

    Well, I finally got into to a restless sleep about an hour into the flight, and in that fitful state I dreamed I was stuck in a noisy, dark, clammy and wet cave. Something woke me up about two hours later (turbulence maybe?), and I discovered that the clammy and wet feeling I had on my right side was real; the sleeping heavy guy on my right had his head on my shoulder and was drooling on my chest!

    I gently pushed his head over, thinking if he woke up I’d immediately point to my wet shirt and start protesting, but he remained asleep and slumped over to his right. I then spent the rest of the flight gently pushing his head back whenever it rolled my way, paranoid that I’d fall asleep and end up with him drooling on some other part of my body.

    About an hour out from London he woke up for breakfast, completely oblivious that he had been drooling on my chest, and we continued the rest of the flight in abject silence.

    I’ve wondered since then how Ms. Manners would have handled this scenario.

    Option 1: Slap his cheeks and when he wakes ask, “Sir, do you have a serviette that I could use for your drool?”

    Option 2: Push his head over, rest my head on his shoulder and start drooling on his chest (this is sort of the reverse golden rule).

    Option 3: Jump up and scream “It burns! It burns! My God man! What have you been eating!”

    Any advice?

  25. Are you a fan of Steampunk, Joe?
    Martin Wood’s just been named show runner in a Sci-Fi/fantasy show Bruce Boxleitner’s been shopping around.
    It looks great!
    Details at LanternCityTV.com.

  26. Joe, so glad to hear the x-ray came out fine, the scare they put into you notwithstanding. I hate it when they jerk you around like that.

    Happy anniversary, PBMom!

    JeffW – that drooling fellow passenger would be the end for me – I’d have to stand up some where for the rest of the flight!

  27. My son tells me that our dog does the same thing for a day or two when I’m travelling. Then she accepts the fact that he’s the one who’s taking care of her and settles in just fine for the duration.

  28. That sandwich is a crime against nature. Oooky.

    Good luck on the show. Woohoo? Not yet?

    Yeah, I hate having to make a trek to the doc for good news. On the other hand, when I had a positive biopsy, they told me over the phone I had breast cancer. Seriously? I couldn’t get an appointment for two weeks, I nearly lost my freaking mind with speculation and worry.

    Extra hugs and pets for Jelly. Maybe you should record some messages for her for your sister to play during your trip? Skype?

  29. @gforce:

    I have three kids (that when they were toddlers would fall asleep on me and drool) and a dog that likes to lick the sheets on my side of the bed (a sort of drool bed sheet human-burrito wrap). Dealing with the drool of others seem to be a recurring occurrence in my life! 😉

    1. @JeffW Dog drool on the bed. Maddie used to create spots so bad and it would be so late in the evening that washing the sheets was not an option and I would put a towel down. 🙂

  30. Speaking of “Almost Human”, it’s original air date was scheduled for Nov 4, but it was pushed to Sunday, Nov 17 with a second new episode on Nov 18. I’m not sure if the World Series was the reason or not. Does that count for the scoring of Lawren’s game?

    Also “Ironside” and “Welcome to the Family” on NBC were both cancelled. Just for everyone keeping score. And so far, my record is 100% accurate. 😀

  31. To get more specific about Ironside and Welcome to the Family, they “‘Welcome to the Family’ and ‘Ironside’ Will Be Taken Off the Schedule” so according to the rules — +1 for a correct choice. -1 for a wrong choice. -2 if you bet against a show that get’s an early pickup. +2 if your correctly choose a show will get cancelled and has it’s airing cut short — which means I get +2 for both as I bet they would both be cancelled.

  32. And Lucky 7 was pulled from the schedule from ABC so I get a +2 on that one, too. We Are Men was pulled from the schedule from CBS, so +2 on that one, too.

    How is everyone else doing?

  33. @ JeffW
    Iwas in similar experience. 👿 I try option 2. 😈

    Happy anniversary Hilda & nice words for Maddie

    Im relieved you are fine. But if i was in this room i take care of your doc with my bat….. :mrgreen:

  34. i just found the entry (sep. 24, 2013) where i commented for lawren’s TV game.

    i went against all of those. however someone (Mr. M?) said sleepy hollow got picked up already 😯 & i went against that, so i lost a couple of points. 😮 🙁 but i bookmarked the page with my list for future reference. 😀

  35. Sounds like an interesting project. I don’t get why humans shell out billions for movies about sci fi with space ships, but when you put it on TV it’s considered risky or niche.

    Jelly may miss you guys but she’s gonna love the presents you will bring home. I’m catching up on the new Dracula. I see they are rebooting Charmed, is that the one of the projects you and Paul are in talks for? I would love to see you guys take on the Charmed ones; renamed Lulu, Jelly and Brie, of course.

  36. Ugh, I was thinking fast-growing spinal tumor when they said they wanted to see you tonight. I’m at a loss for snark.

  37. @JeffW: I can top that…an idiot businessman dropped his carry on on my head and knocked me out for about a minute. He was then irate when the crew were looking after me and ignoring him. We were flying from Frankfurt back to TO and since I figured I was ok, I opted to stay on the flight and get home. The idiot whined and complained the whole trip. At the other end when we were picking up luggage, he kept banging his cart against my ankles and I kept moving away. Finally, I casually kicked the cart back at him and walked a bit away. He started screaming and carrying on until security came and took him away…best, unintended payback!

  38. Hey been a while since I have swung by your blog so it’s a great question to answer!

    I have been knitting a lot have to get my sister’s blanket done. Trying to think of topics to write about for my column and blog! And most importantly getting the house ready for my mom’s return!

    I’ve been away because on September 8th I found my mom on the floor of our living room having suffered a stroke! She had just celebrated her 69th birthday the day before. I spent my birthday with her in the hospital!

    She is recovering and gets to come home on November 4th! I spend all my time with her at the rehab place in Guelph. When I’m here she doesn’t let the nurses do anything that I can do its funny! As a result I had to cancel my upcoming trip to California my sister and her boyfriend are still going…

    Life hasn’t been easy these last few months but going to spend sometime this weekend and catch up with reading your blog!


    1. God bless! Been there myself. Found that a family member at bedside provides an extra pair of eyes and ears to monitor sudden changes in condition. Remember, the patient is under stress and may not be thinking as clearly as possible.

  39. That sounds like my trips. I wake up every hour on the hour and then fall into a good sleep about 15 minutes before I have to leave. If the cats haven’t already figured out that I’m leaving, they do when I get up in the middle of the night and start gathering things by the door. I get glares from across the room but goodbye hugs or scritches are not allowed.

    I haven’t flown an airline that lets you order food in so long that I don’t even know what to say about that, except Ick.

    Glad your xrays were okay! I got one of those doctor calls once, except it was “make an appointment to come in and talk about your lab results.” Just tell me, geeze!

  40. In both meetings, the people we were pitching to took assiduous notes throughout, presumably on the presentation but, in all fairness, they could well have been jotting together their shopping list or seizing the opportunity to work on their novel.

    There were many times in college when I used class discussion time to work on screenplays I was writing. It worked great because it looked like I was taking lots of notes, so I wasn’t even expected to say much. I’d pay just enough attention to BS something in the event that I was expected to say something.

    @PBMom — I know, guys can be really gross. I have a clear memory of the moment when I realized that eating boogers was gross and decided never to do it again. I was in kindergarten. (And it was because I saw some boy doing it and I was like, ew.) I think women just have a more highly-tuned grossometer than men do.

  41. I keep writing on my Stargate Atlantis Season Six fan-fiction blog. And working my other job at a daycare. It was fun, Saturday was our Halloween event for the kids since Halloween is on a weekday this year. In lieu of all the hideous shootings inwhich the crazy murderers are wearing clothes pretty close to what I wear for Halloween (Stargate Atlantis Garrison uniform from Seasons 4-5) when they commit their attrocities, I was Abby from NCIS this year. Fun and different, but I really miss being part of the Atlantis Expedition or one of the Cheyenne Mountain crew for Halloween. I did get my ticket to the last of the Creation Entertainment Stargate Conventions. Missed out on Gold and had to go Silver, but I’m going and that’s fine with me. Hope to see a lot of you there! 🙂

  42. Such an exhausting but surely eventful trip. I bet you had so much fun when you think about it now. Lack of sleep is the funniest thing about it all. You can´t even hear yourself think without a good night sleep. And for the record, I hope you didn´t give that hamburger a chance!

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