I HATE Sundays.  I really do.  I used to love them back in the day when I would get those ice cream deliveries and – oh yeah – my Snow Monkeys were competitive.  Alas, those days are long gone and now, instead of enjoying home made ice cream while watching football, I’m reduced to raiding my chocolate drawer for forgotten pink peppercorn bars and cursing Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas.  Since the day couldn’t get any worse, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity for me to catch up on my quarterly tax installment payments.  And address some notes to a pitch document we’ll be going out with later this week.

On the other hand, the day was not without its highlights.  There was this –

1And this –


And these –

"You're kidding."
“You’re kidding.”
"Get outta here!"
“Get outta here!”

And, of course, this.  Jelly modeling her new outfit from Akemi Designs Inc.:

30 thoughts on “October 20, 2013: I Hate Sundays!

  1. Ugh. You’re telling me. Nothing really wrong other than (some) people bug.

    How come you don’t get the ice cream anymore? Also, I figured you guys would be down to Beta5 today. Weren’t they having birthday specials there? I would have been all over that action.

    Wow, Jelly is really moving around well!!

  2. Ah, so a bad day then Joe?

    Recently on South Park they covered George Zimmerman and World War Z(Movie) and had Cartman as Brad Pitt, absolutely amazing episode that easily makes me smile. They called it World War Zimmerman.

    I love the way they ended it too, they copied the scene from the World War Z film with Cartman as Brad Pitt on the boat lol.

    It’s a shame I couldn’t find the scene in question on Youtube but someone put the song Cartman does for 20 seconds on a static image.

  3. My Sunday was great! Why? Because I don’t like football, AND I have loads of chocolate. And wine. AND single malt.

    I am a happy camper. 🙂

    Nice day, won’t bore you with the details, but it ended up with a few friends sitting out in my back yard, FINALLY able to find the time to entertain on my new-this-year patio. Mostly because our hectic schedules have finally wound down, but also because the pesky West Nile-infected mosquitoes have finally gone away, too.

    Earlier hubby and I relocated our tomato plants (still full of wee tomatoes!) to an area along the fence where they could be supported, and returned our fire pit ringy thingy to its place on the patio (where the tomatoes had spent the summer). We called a few friends, they came over, and we just sat around the fire and chatted. It was very pleasant, especially considering it was the first time I was able to enjoy my smoky peat triple wood Laphroaig around an actual smoky wood fire. 🙂

    It was just so simple – no fuss, no nothing. Just good friends talking about good things. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best. 🙂

    Now I’m off to cuddle up with Hamish Macbeth, and sip a bit of wine, and eat some chocolate, and try to decide who I’m sleeping with tonight. 😉 (Joey, you understand, right?)


  4. I thought (foolishly it seems) that last year when you declared you were DONE, you were DONE. I didn’t know you just meant for last season. Hope either your Snow Monkeys improve, or you find another hobby that really makes you happy.

  5. Great pictures of Lulu and Bubba. I’m wondering if Jelly would walk so fast over to you if you didn’t have food a treat in your hand. :p She is too cute.

  6. Wow, Joe. Your day is just packed! As for me, it snowed last night. Fortunately, later in the day, it melted, but the die has been cast, or as Julius Caesar said in the Obelix comics, ” Alea iacta est”.

  7. You need to join a church so you can skip church on Sundays like we do. It makes chilling out in the morning more deliberate because you need to convince yourself you’re really tired to have a good excuse. The taxes and addressing pitch notes have less of a tinge of resentment to them when they become your pass to get out of church because you just had to conserve your energy to address them.

  8. @ DP!!! – Bad girl! Stop giving away our church skipping secrets. The guilt! The shame! The fun!…

  9. @Das:

    I signed up for John Picacio’s 2013 calendar last year and really enjoyed it. So, when I saw his email come through a couple of days ago, I signed up for his 2014 calendar. I’m looking forward to it.

  10. I am really apathetic about Sundays. Some are good, some suck and still others find me and my husband doing nothing but lying in bed all die having sex off and on throughout the day – those are excellent. This Sunday unfortunately found me sitting on an interstate for a few hours. There was an enormous wreck that included one of the cars catching on fire, the wife and baby were rescued from the burning vehicle by some good samaritans who stopped to help immediately but the father was unable to be rescued and died in the vehicle. The interstate was shut down for 3 hours while they cleared the accident safely.
    Fortunately for me, I had a couple of books with me that I read while waiting. The first was Dean Koontz’s Phantoms which was only mildly entertaining. The next was one of Richard Branson’s books, I can’t recall the name. Then I painted my nails since I had an odd random bottle of fingernail polish in my cupholder. Next I got out of my vehicle and walked a few cars back to talk to a Semi-Truck driver. They have CB’s and thus can talk to the truckers who are right next to the accident. So I knocked on his window and asked him if he knew what was delaying all of us fine people on this Sunday afternoon. He asked someone on the CB and we found out about the terrible crash and its results. On my way back to my vehicle other people in theirs stopped me for my info. I had a few conversations with strangers and found out that sharing my stranded position on this interstate were a doctor, an engineer for Ford, an office manager, a few truckers, a small yappy Yorkie who hates people, a waitress, a family on their way home from what sounded like a not so great family reunion and plenty of others that I did not speak with. All in all – it wasn’t the worst Sunday ever because at least I wasn’t involved in the fatal crash.

  11. @ JeffW – His work is so beautiful! I really wish he’d do an all Elric calendar…just ’cause. 😉

    @ DP & Ponytail – Remind me to never stand too close to either of you during a lightning storm. 😉


  12. My Sundays are pretty much like any other day, except the bus isn’t running and the gym isn’t open. Hubby is still halfway across the country, although getting closer. Hope he comes home soon, with the cooler weather, the lawn looks like a meadow.

  13. Joe,

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry I’m late. I’ll make up for it next year by being early.

  14. Go Jelly Go! Love her new outfit 🙂 .

    I like Sundays. Sleeping late, church, lunch and then, possibly a nap. How can life get any better?

  15. Okay…things seem to be settling down in the das household so I will share my news…

    Thursday we adopted a new kitty from a neighbor who was moving away and couldn’t take the cat. His name is Jules (named for King Julien from Madagascar because he has faint rings around his tail, and he’s a bit of a clown). I found out yesterday that his kitten name had been Panther, but I am a bit partial to calling him Julien. He’s about two years old, just a few months older than BOO!, and extremely friendly and playful. At first my baby BOO! kitty was not happy! He walked around all puffed up for three days, like a big black dandelion. 😛 But over the past two days things have settled down, and they’re even attempting to play with one another (though they still engage in a bit of ‘dirty talk’ when one gets too aggressive). Hopefully in a couple/few weeks they’ll be best buddies…hopefully.

    Here’s Julien:


    And here’s double trouble (Boo on the left, Julien on the right):


    (BTW, I slept with Julien last night. King Boo! refuses to leave his kitty tower. 🙂 )


  16. @das – He looks exactly like King Julian! Lovely kitty, congrats on the addtion to your family.

    I love Jelly’s ensemble, that powder blue is perfect for fall. The chilly weather kept me lazying about all weekend, so I’m running about today squeezing errands and shopping into my lunch hour. The cashier packed my bag with her patented “gag bags” that kept twisting, ripping and ejecting my paper goods into traffic all the way back to the office.

  17. I posted a long post and then it said it couldn’t post and then it disappeared. Sort of like my day. Nothing is going right.

    Let me see if this posts and then I will repost the other very bad news.

  18. Okay so that posted so here is the good: My Sunday was good. I had one client (a golden retriever and a yorkie). Love being with those girls. A beautiful cold front blew through and the temperatures were beautiful and the humidity almost nothing. It was a very good day.

  19. Crap. Also meant to say I love the outfit on Jelly. Your videos and pictures almost make me smile. I’m sorry about the Snow Monkeys. I’m finding myself in need of chocolate at the moment, too.

  20. So whatcha doin’ today, Joey? In between work stuff, I’ve been discussing binding in the scrum with my rugby pals. What’s that, you ask? Well, currently we’ve been discussing the binding of the locks (second row) to the props and hooker (front row). Sounds like fun, no? Here’s the basics:


    Now, onto the flankers and the number 8! 😀 (This is all Greek to you, innit? )


  21. So here is the horrible news: My golden retriever, Maddie, woke up and was having trouble breathing. She was fine at midnight when she went outside. We had a wonderful 2-mile walk yesterday. She was fine. This morning when she was going outside we noticed she was having trouble breathing. Very shallow, erratic, noisy. She went to a corner of the yard and would not come when called. She would not walk over to me by the pool with her favorite treat available. Took her to the vet and dropped her off. I was hoping it was just an allergic reaction to something. Vet called. He feels pretty sure it is lymphoma. She has a mass in her chest that is the size of her heart. All her lymph nodes are engorged. The vet said all her labs 2 months ago at her well check were normal. She is a pure-breed and this is not in her family line–she has a very good pedigree (not hating on me people–she was a discount puppy from the breeder because she had a crooked tooth). She is only 6. I’m just devastated. The radiologist pretty much agreed with the findings, but did have less likely diagnoses in the differential. So the vet did a needle aspirate to send off to the lab. She was on 5 mg of prednisone every other day for her skin problems, but now she’ll be on 20 mg every day. She is laying under the table right now exhausted from her day. I’ve been reading that chemotherapy, just the first round, is a couple of thousand dollars. We don’t have it. And lymphoma isn’t something that can be cured in dogs. So I’ve made a decision that we aren’t going to let her suffer. It is something we need to accept. I’ll see how much better she is on the increase in prednisone. However, she is going to live it up. No measuring her food so she doesn’t eat too much and gain weight. She is going to have real chicken and real turkey and real beef and real salmon (and she won’t care how I cook it either)! I may even make scrambled eggs for her tomorrow morning. If these may be the last 2 weeks she lives (and she loves the kids at Halloween, so Nov 1 would be the first we would consider it), she is going to live WELL. I just don’t know how much my heart can handle though. October has really sucked.

  22. @ Das – “Remind me to never stand too close to either of you during a lightning storm.” Oh sure, like you’ve never skipped church because you were “tired”… 😉

  23. to dasndanger;

    it was good of you to take Julien in. i suppose Boo will adjust eventually.
    i’ve always heard that it’s good to have at least two house cats, because that gives them something to think about when you’re not there.

  24. Way behind here, been in Miami since Friday and just got in. Food poisoning was the theme of the weekend. 🙁 Will catch up tomorrow!

  25. @ Ponytail – Nope…only when I’m sick or really worn out after a long day (if it’s in the evening). No excuses for missing in the morning, though I have been known to run a bit late (I have absolutely no concept of time 😛 ). My faith keeps me grounded and sane – imagine how wacko I’d be without it! 😛

    @ archersangel – That’s exactly why we got another cat. Boo! is a very smart kitty and he gets bored easily, and then starts eating things he shouldn’t – like the ties that fasten the cushions on the kitchen chairs, or the ribbon markers in books, or the fringe on lap throws. I’m hoping that having a housemate will give him something to do when we’re not home, or when we’re just too tired to amuse him.

    The two are already attempting to play tag, though every now and then one or the other takes it a bit too serious and starts with the dirty talk. My biggest concern isn’t that they won’t get along (since it seems they are starting to), but that Jules has a little too much weight on him. I want to slim him down a bit to hopefully avoid diabetes, such a problem with cats these days. So, less food and more exercise!

    Now…if only I could do the same. 😛


  26. Joe, didn’t you draft Andrew Luck as a QB in one of your fantasy football leagues? Wouldn’t you score some points from his wins? (Am clueless about FF.)

    That game between the Colts and Broncos in Indy last night was a big deal for the city. So many were so glad to see Peyton again. Loved the folks who wore hybrid #18 jerseys, half Broncos orange, half Colts white. Seeing him tear up during the video tribute to him, and take off his helmet and touch his heart just about made me tear up. *sniffle* We really miss Peyton Manning here. But anyone who heard the fans get jet-engine-loud while he was calling plays for the Broncos knows that this city loves their Colts team, too. (That analogy courtesy of Bob Kravitz, a great sports columnist.) Was very glad that they won, but golly it wasn’t pretty. So many left the field with injuries. Hope they heal up during the bye week!

    The game coverage did a great job telling the story of Peyton in Indy, and I especially loved hearing from Tony Dungy at the NY anchors’ desk. He’s another class act and an asset to football. I hope opening wide the roof and the side window to Lucas Oil stadium was not just “gamesmanship,” but a way to get some spectacular aerial shots of the stadium and the city. This was a huge game for Indy, and we were glad to welcome home a favorite “son.” We know that part of his heart has never left us. They said he still pays his clubhouse dues here, and calls in at least once a week.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Love the pix of the puppy kidz. Jelly’s outfit is cute, Akemi!

  27. PBMom/Hilda — Am so sorry to hear about Maddie. 🙁 You’ve already moved past denial, where I would still be. You are the best mom, and have been through so much. Bless your heart for loving her up, feeding her all her favorite meals, and getting to see the kids at Halloween. Take lots o’ pictures? Ruffle her ears for me. Sending love and hugs and prayers.
    {{{{{Hilda & Maddie}}}}}

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