He can soar like an eagle, swim like a shark, run like leopard, and eat like a pug! Awesome!


A hero who comes from the future, not in search of bad guys, but personal fame and fortune.  Delightfully anti-heroic.


The ghost of a murder victim is permitted to temporarily inhabit the bodies of the living in order to track down his killer – and run various equally important errands.


A fatally injured soldier is reanimated in a cybernetic body.  Haunted by memories of his past life and loved ones, he soon finds himself on the run from his evil creators.


Pretty much what the title implies.  Our protagonist is an Irish  contract killer with a gift for violence – and some very colorful buddies.


There are actually two equally terrific versions of the character.  The first is a human addicted to Miraclo, a drug that grants him temporary superheroes.  The second is an android from the 853rd century.  Take your pick.


Yes, I know he already had his shot, but hear me out.  Howard the Duck is a fantastic character and deserved much, much better than that George Lucas turkey. Come on.  Give the duck a break.


Martial arts and superheroics.  The vest of both worlds.


An interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter that Jason Momoa was born to play.


Possessing the abilities of telepathy, x-ray vision, flight, super strength, super speed, shape and phase-shifting, and density control ( to name a few), he is Mars’s answer to superman.

34 thoughts on “September 5, 2013: Underappreciated comic book characters who need their own t.v. shows!

  1. According to Wikipedia:

    SyFy ordered a live action Booster Gold series with Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg as executive producers with Berlanti production company Berlanti Productions.[66] Kreisberg was reported as being expected to deliver the script to SyFy in early June 2013.[67][68]

  2. I’m kinda tired of superheroes and villains and killing, killing, killing. Honestly, I’m ready for a show about cats.


  3. I always thought Martian Man Hunter would make a great series…similar in vein to Buffy or Angel in its “last/only of their kind hero/heroine” trying to do the right thing. Smallville didn’t do enough with his character

    On the Ravens game tonight…uggh, what a messy game. It looks like the rebuilding will take a little while.

  4. Didn’t Animal Man sort of get his own show, Manimal, back in the 80s or was that his cousin?

  5. ~I could watch Jason M without his shirt, hmmm.
    And at least Howard the duck wears pants, not like Donald. silly duck.
    ~Glad to see you still on line after Harley man visit, beware strangers for sure. The lady we bought our house from 9 yrs ago, stopped by yesterday, she was in town from Dallas, and wanted to see what we had done with it, maybe or she wanted it back,, so the stranger thing, when she drove slowly by the house and pulled in the driveway with a car exactly like mine, a little leary, til she told us who she was. whew! Not a fan of, what did Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith show call them, interlopers, that was a funny show. Hope you got your skylight fixed and got a party wagon for the weekend, Maybe Refuel can fix you a few dishes. Or Akemi, she is a good cook, but then it might not be so relaxing. Have a great day!!

  6. I don’t know about their own TV show…but I’d love to see Iron Fist maybe on Shield. There’s a character in the previews of Shield that seems very similar to Luke Cage but he isn’t named yet and it seems they may actually be on the path to make a Cage movie (which would be AWESOME). And according to rumors, hey, Matt Damon may be J’onn in a movie. :/ (I do enjoy J’onn in the Justice League, though. I like that he’s actually more ~alien than Superman.)

    Actually, just last night I was thinking about this in light of the CW going ahead with The Flash. While I actually do enjoy their gritty, non-special powers version of Green Arrow (one of my favorite characters), I am annoyed with the idea of The Flash being produced and suspect it will flop (he’s harder to do gritty like Oliver Queen and his power is mainly running fast and he doesn’t have a major weakness like kryptonite that can inspire hundreds of MOTW eps like they did for Smallville). My list of great DC characters good for a TV show include: Birds of Prey team, Starfire, Batgirl (solo, with appearances from the other ladies), Raven, Donna Troy OR Cassandra Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), or John Stewart.

    As for Marvel characters I’d love to see, I could go on for DAYS.

  7. I would give all of them a try except for Deadman (too creepy) and Howard the Duck (too hard to forget the movie).

    We saw Despicable Me 2 last weekend. It was good but the first one was just as good. Did Cookie see the first one?

    I’m heading to Chattanooga with hubby on his business trip next week. We are staying downtown, so I’m hoping there are lots of shops within walking distance to the hotel. They have an aquarium with a fantastic display of seahorses I would like to see again.

    Seahorses are one of the first memories I have as a child. I was born with an eye condition and the pediatric ophthalmologist we went to had a fish tank with seashores in the waiting room. I have no recollection of the dr but I’m still fascinated by seahorses. Memories are strange.

    Anyway, I’ll be on my own through the day. Plus, my 18 year old will be on his own for a couple of days. (all those who can pray, please do 😉 ) I’m sure the house will be a mess and my plants will be dead when we return. At least, the critters will be feed though.

    Any cool plans this weekend Anyone?

    Fill us in on the Stargate project when you can please. I hope you and Mr. Binder will be in the project.

  8. @Tam Dixon:</b?

    Well, tonight I may be taking my kids to a Drive-In. It's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one), followed by Grease. My wife is bowing out, but I suspect it's because she'll get some peace and quiet while we're gone. 😉

    After that, we'll be in Nashville for a week for my yearly GPS navigation conference and my kids have demanded that we go back to the Loveless Cafe; I suspect that it was the sugar buzz from the sweet tea that is motivating them!

    Let us know if you find any interesting places (foodie places?) in Chattanooga; I'll be going through there next year on my way to Savannah and then later on to the 2014 navigation conference in Tampa.

  9. I’ve decompressed from Burning Man enough to begin reading your blog again. Maybe not.
    I may coherent later. Stay tuned.

  10. JeffW: Yes, I’m coding cursed and it’s contagious. 😉 I messed up the italic once and it changed everyone’s post to italic. One must be good at something…
    Careful at the drive in. The last time we went to one I was eaten by mosquitos. I mean seriously “doctor’s visit” eaten. Bugs love me for some reason. I realize you live up North but take bug spray.
    Have a safe trip to Nashville. I hope it’s not too hot when you go. BTW, your kids know they can make sweet tea at home right? 😉

  11. @ Joe: I need more pics for my stalker-ish fan art!

    Also, no women on the list?


  12. LJ’s stalker-ish fan art is very nice, so please post pictures for her. 🙂

  13. @Tam Dixon:

    On the sweet tea: I grew up on sweet tea, but I make a decaffeinated diet (trevia) sweet tea at home (which the kids don’t like), and apparently it is too inconvenient for them to make their own 😉

  14. You’ve done it now Mr. M! You’ve passed your bad mojo onto me. My 18 yr old had someone slam into our car on his way home from school. He’s fine (and the other driver to) but the car is in bad shape. Back to auto shuffling for a few weeks. 🙁

    On a good note, YOU should have good luck again.

    JeffW: Have you tried pineapple juice in tea? Just add a small can to a gallon of tea and you don’t have to use as much sweetener. I can’t tell the difference between regular and unleaded (decaff) myself.

  15. Joe, so sorry to hear that MGM chose to go with a different group of people to bring back Stargate. Whatever they come up with, it won’t seem like canon. The earth-based mythology angle didn’t appeal to me as much as the Pegasus galaxy, or wherever Destiny dropped out of FTL. It may take a “minute,” but shake this off, hitch up your pants, and throw down that career-best script with Paul. You have 17 series years’ worth of fans who’d love to fund what you’d do. 🙂

  16. Tam — I saw Despicable Me 2 on the holiday weekend also. Sweet movie! And they gave Gru a stronger character to play opposite. It was a different chapter in Gru’s life, and well-told with comic turns. Loved it, as expected. And guess what else? I did make that cheesecake. 🙂 P.S. Glad to hear your son and the other person were not hurt!

    JeffWThere’s been a “cheese-quake” here in Indy. 😀 You’ve earned respect among my family and friends for your recipe(s). My new springform pan and I first attempted a plain, lower fat cheesecake, adapted from your white chocolate recipe. To spare the consequences of a really dense dessert, I used two bricks of zero-fat cream cheese and two of neufchatel (1/3 reduced fat). Oh, heaven! The flavor was light and lemony, with the right touch of richness. It turned out beautifully, looking like it was made in a restaurant, no cracks, slicing perfectly. I drizzled mine with blackberry preserves. Mom said it was as good as the Cheesecake factory’s, high praise for this occasional cook. The 10-inch pan yielded 16 narrow slices, so we sent some home and still had encores. *swoon*

    Labor Day weekend, I made an all-chocolate cheesecake from your blog in April. Since I can’t eat chocolate, I wasn’t worried about making another one so soon. And because it was for a friend’s birthday, this time used two bricks full fat cream cheese and two of neufchatel. Another huge success. This one also separated nicely from the pan, thanks to the neufchatel? Note: the neufchatel did still leave tiny, pin-point “curds,” though I did not use lemon juice in this recipe. Because of the chocolate, Mom had to be the taste tester. Her response was raised eyebrows and a big smile; she was too busy savoring. The birthday girl was very glad to have a few slices to take home from the party.

    I need pointers on the crust, though. It turned out thick and sticky, instead of light and crumbly. What could I do differently next time? Reduce the butter to one stick / half a cup? Next, I want to try your cherry cheesecake, west coast vs. east coast recipes, and the mini 4-inch cake recipes that you posted in your Easter & Passover blog. Genius to make smaller cakes to send home with people, and so you can have it more often in smaller amounts! And Mom’s and my aunt’s birthdays are in Oct. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  17. @ Tam Dixon – I hope bad thing number 2 of 3 doesn’t happen to your 18 year old while your gone. Who knows what it would be. I’ll say a prayer for him… and you. 😉

  18. @for the love of Beckett

    Probably worth noting that nothing regarding a new Stargate movie has been set in stone, it’s all talk.

  19. the only one i’ve heard of is the martian manhunter and that’s because he’s shown up in some justice league animated movies i’ve seen.

  20. @Tam Dixon:

    I haven’t tried pineapple; I’ll give that a go. Thanks!

    @for the love of Beckett:

    That’s how it starts, you make one cheesecake and everyone loves it, so you make another, then another, and pretty soon they’re calling you the “Cheesecake Lady” (or the “Cheesecake Guy” in my case) 😉

    I haven’t tried neufchatel cheese; I may give that a go. On the crust, you might try less butter, but the graham cracker crumbs tend to try to turn themselves back into graham crackers whenever possible. I think the problem could also be too much heat on the bottom of the pan. You can try moving the rack up higher in the oven, or if you have a ceramic or stoneware baking pan, you could put that under cheesecake pan at the same time you put the cake in the oven. That would keep direct heat off of the bottom of the pan. I’ve also had good luck with almond meal (flour) crust (nice and soft), but almond meal’s a little pricey.

    For my own recent cheesecake adventures, I made a “Stargate Cheesecake” which went over well at the Chicago Stargate convention. You can read about it here:


    My retelling of the convention is a little hurried and dry, but there are pictures!

  21. Ponytail: A prayer would be greatly appreciated! The neighbor and a friend said they would keep an eye on him. However, this made me rethink leaving but I can’t roll him in bubble wrap, as much I would like to.
    I hoping the 2nd and 3rd bad thing will be the week or two with three people and 1 car. 🙁
    Although, my hubby went to the accident site and between the two of them, they didn’t get the other driver’s name/insurance info!!!! I pray it’s on the police report. Hubby was upset and forgot. Son is clueless. 🙄

    for the love of Beckett: Wow! I’ll be asking you for cheesecake advice next. Two things I learned from JeffW and Mr. M. is 1. You don’t need a spring form pan and 2. Cheesecake can be easy.

  22. @Tam Dixon:

    Sorry to hear about you son’s accident, but I’m glad to hear he wasn’t hurt.

    Oh and the drive-in was cancelled due to my daughter’s rescheduling time with her friends.

  23. Anyway Joe, it’s kinda amazing the amount of websites jumping the gun over something that hasn’t even been greenlit or seriously thought about. They all seem to be quoting the same source too.

    It’s just one man wanting to do a few movies and nothing more. He can want all he likes, it doesn’t matter, what matters is if he ‘can’ do it.

    I personally wouldn’t give this another thought, it’s non news, for now. If ever.

  24. First Jason Momoa is a bit puny to be the Main Man IMO. The 52 rebooted Lobo is DC attempting to impress the LGBT crowd. Terrible idea. Actually reminds me of Michael Moorcock’s Elric anti-hero.

    @fsmn36 There was a Birds of of Prey live action TV series on the WB in the fall of 2002. It lasted 13 episodes. It’s got little resemblance to the comics version.

    Finally @Mr M I am not surprise that MGM is rebooting the Stargate franchise now. Did I not predict something like this after original series creative team gets disburse just after SGU finish it’s run?

  25. @tamDixon Sorry to hear about the accident but SO glad he is okay.

    About Matt Damon, I wonder if because Ben Affleck is going to be Superman he felt it was necessary to become a superhero, too?

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