DS posterDr. Strange?  More like Dr. Creep!  Apparently, dis guy not familiar wit de Hypocritical Oath, but he all sorts of familiar wit “doctor-patient confidentiality”…if you know what me mean.  No?  Well, let monster put it dis way.  When he around de ladies at work, he like Cookie Monster at a bake sale.  Or Grover at a topless bake sale.

We introduced to Dr. Stephen Strange who be a psykiaktric resident at local hospital  – and major player.  And not necessarily in dat order.  Dis guy more unprofessional den Dr. Bunsen Honeydew at a Science World “History of Lube” exhibit.  He sexy talk wit head nurse and den kiss her – in middle of hallway in front of everyone – which lead monster to assume dey be in a relationship.  But when good-looking mental patient end up in his care, he not have any problem hooking up wit her either.  At one point, another female patient visit him complaining about painful ulcer.  He say to her: “I’ve got an extra bed and I can give you something to help you sleep.”  Sure you can, doc.  Sure you can.

Today’s hospital special: Free Temperatures Taken!

Meanwhile, a sorceress who worships a demon puppet is given tree days (Why tree days?  Why not!) to kill an old wizard before he can pass down his power to worthy successor – or, barring worthy successor, creepy doctor who happen to own a weird ring.

Old guy, it turn out, live in downtown brownstone dat renovated to resemble Fred Flintstone’s digs.  He be shacked up wit younger man, Wu, who look after his needs and refer to him as master.  Er.  Yeah.  Old man show him drawing of sorceress and tell him to remember her face.  Really?  How de hell he supposed to do dat?  It be like police putting out APB on actor who played Archie Andrews in de live action movie and distributing comic book for identification purposes.

It turn out old man be on to sorceress and head out to confront her.  She pull de old bait and switch, showing up, den disappearing, den mind controlling innocent woman into pushing him off bridge down to street below.

Old guy get up and limp away.  “Hey, buddy!”somebody call.  “You sure you’re alright?”  Of course he alright!  He only plummeted 20 feet onto concrete and get hit by a car.  You’ll have to do better den dat if you want to kill a wizard!

Cue weird synth music!  Cue inexorable extended guitar solo!  Cue trippy dream sekwence!  Cue astral travel!

Hey!  Who took away my keyboard?!

Dr. Strange “treat” young woman mind-controlled by sorceress.  He shake hands wit old wizard and get power – also, possible cold.

But sorceress gain entrance to old guy’s bedrock pad and string him up on astral plane where he lose his powers and resemble Alice Cooper’s dad.  Dr. Strange follow and battle sorceress who, it turn out, really just looking for someone to love and have a baby wit.

Dazzling visual effekts!

Overwhelmed by Dr. Strange’s manly moustache, she try to hook up wit him – but he rejekt her and den blast her wit energy bolt just in case she not get de message.

De End.

Except movie goes on for another half an hour.  Strange goes thru lame ritual.  He become official apprentice sorcerer.  He screw with street performer.  Puppet demon punish sorceress by making her really old.  And, mysteriously, a couple of scenes later, she back to her old self, on Earth, and now a self-help guru.

Now really De End.

Verdikt:  Cheesy and lame but unintentionally hilarious and mercifully short.

Rating: 3 chocolate chippee cookies.

31 thoughts on “August 26, 2013: The Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes! Cookie Monster reviews Dr. Strange (1978)!

  1. Sorry I didn’t get to screen this movie, Cookie. I had every intention of at least trying to find it (I think I did on YouTube) but I got home late last night and today my step-mom had to go into the hospital again.

    Not sure what’s wrong this time, but she’s very weak and having difficulty speaking properly. They did do a CT scan but as far as I know didn’t find anything major. She also has a hard time staying awake. I’m heading back in to the hospital now to see how she’s doing. I had to take a bit of a break – I don’t to end up like I did early this year when I was doing 10-12 hour days there and wound up ill myself.

  2. @gforce

    I hope your step mom gets better soon. It’s good that they didn’t find anything major on the CT scan, they’re very detailed so they should be able to pinpoint any major issues. I’m sure she’ll make a full recovery in time 🙂

  3. @gforce:

    I’m praying your step mom recovers quickly and that the doctors find the root cause. Take care of yourself too, and don’t burn yourself out. It’s easy to over-commit your time, so try to take breaks when you can. I’m hoping for good news soon.


    Sorry I missed this one (but not really). As for the next movie, I have seen The Toxic Avenger, but I’ve repressed the memory. I may need to seek therapy to view it again 😉

  4. @gforce. thinking good thoughts towards your mom, hope something shows the cause of her distress, and that her hospital stay is a short one.
    Tried to find the movie, unsuccessfully. I think I may have seen it when it was released, but the memories are too vague. Perhaps my brain protecting itself. Cookie Monster’s review was entertaining as always. Looking forward to his next review as well.

  5. Prayers @gforce!

    Poor Cookie……is this considered puppet or monster abuse?

  6. I think Joey’s purposely getting us to watch shitty movies so that when his movie finally comes out we’ll all swear it’s a masterpiece.



  7. I watched snippets of this on you tube to get the gist of it,and believe me that was way more than enough, Gotta go with Cookie,, maybe 3 cookies..minus a few chips. This guy looked like(well not sure how I guess this) a 70’s porn star. and kinda acted like it. The girl had nice bouncy hair, must use suave or pert plus. and I was really glad when it was done, not sure a full time show would have made it..

  8. G’day all

    Well almost a year after my daughter broke BOTH her arms, she a hurt it today at school. Whacked her elbow against a post, do not think it is broken but very sore elbow. Waiting to see what develops before I take her to hospital.

    @ gforce – Wishing your step Mum a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself.

  9. What the hell did I just watch? At times it feels like a St. Elsewhere Halloween special except when the synth and guitars start up and I think maybe I was watching some ’70s porn.

    Evil Devil Puppet Thing: “I’ve been waiting 500 years to kill the sorcerer so go forth now and try again . . . Oh, and you’ve only got 3 days to do it. We’re on a schedule here!”

    This movie has “failed pilot” written all over it. I can imagine them planning a whole TV series but when they saw the finished product there was no way it could have gone on so they just released it as a made for TV movie. In fact, done properly I think the premise would make a good TV series.

    It’s times like these that I am glad I have such a bad memory. Hopefully I’ll forget I ever watched this thing.

    @gforce: Hope your step-mum is OK.

    @Joseph Mallozzi: Urgh! Driving the porcelain bus is never good.

  10. Food poisoning? I pray you aren’t talking about yourself and Akemi. Good luck and good health!

  11. !!Oh no, food poisoning, ack!! dang! hope the worst is over by now. That stuff is bad. rest,gingerale,saltine crackers.(when u can) Hope you all feel better.{{}}
    ~@gforce hope mom is feeling better also.{{}}

  12. Oh no, Joe, food poisoning? Whadja eat? Akemi too? Early start here today with Anakin; I’m half asleep and covered in oatmeal and bananas. I’m waaay too old for this shit. 🙂

    Well, we did our best to adopt Stewey, the dog my daughter and I picked up in Savannah for a rescue group here. I fell in love with the big guy and would stop at Petsmart on Saturdays to check up on him, take him for a walk, that sort of thing, but seeing how we got him in April and nobody had adopted him, we figured we’d give it our best shot. Stewey has a problem with most other dogs, and way back I decided that the last thing I needed was more stress/work with dogs trying to rip each other’s heads off, especially around my grandson. Still, we tried slow introductions and long walks with the 3 dogs for the past month (they did great after a while), even got to the point that we let them go in the back yard together and they were ok. Until last week. Stewey came over with the young lady that was helping us do all this, and the minute he saw Cody he lost it. Good thing these dogs were dumb enough to think the screen on the patio was enough to separate them or we would have had a huge mess on our hands. Cody finally got pushed too far and was ready to tell Stewey all about his ass, and poor Riley was just scared, sitting off to the side. So, we had to call it a day and I’m very sad. Stewey is a wonderful dog, as long as he’s the only dog in the household or he’s in a home with small dogs (which he has no problem with). Luckily, the volunteer who had been bringing him over did not take him back to the kennels at the rescue (not the best place) and he’s home with her for now. I hope he finds a good home. Meanwhile, my two are sleeping happily in my bed right now, so I think they’re ok after their “ordeal”. 🙂

  13. Thanks for your support, everyone. I was at the hospital again last night and was talking to them this morning and everything is pretty stable. Not sure what the problem is still, other than some fluid build up. One day at a time, I guess. This downturn will likely mean that she will have to move from the special care home that she’s in to the nursing home, the idea of which I don’t think she will like at all.

    das said: “I think Joey’s purposely getting us to watch shitty movies so that when his movie finally comes out we’ll all swear it’s a masterpiece.”

    Well, it’s a GIVEN that it would be a masterpiece! 🙂

  14. @gforce: I hope your step mom gets well soon. And, as others have said, take care of yourself. too!

    @das: I think you’ve uncovered Joe’s fiendish plot!

  15. @Joe:

    Food poisoning? Uh oh. I hope and pray that you and Akemi recover quickly!

    Sipping cola always seemed to help me at times like this. Take care of yourselves!

  16. Youch, I’ll just be putting off that foodie question I was going to ask for another time, then. Get better.

  17. Yikes Joe, you meant you have food poisoning? That’s awful. You need to take care of yourself, too!

    Just got back from the hospital. There’s little change, except for the hospital dementia, which is starting. For better or worse, she’s so weak there’s little than she can do physically about it though. I couldn’t really get much sense out of her except for a few seconds at a time, and I basically had to eventually just leave, which made me feel terrible. Ugh.

    1. Well, you shouldn’t feel terrible because you know you’ve gone above and beyond the call on this one. There’s only so much you can do.

  18. @ Sparrowhawk – We should start making Joey read shitty books so that when he reads our first novels he’ll think they’re…ya know…



    Shitty books. 😛

    @ Joey – Speaking of shitty things…

    How’re ya feeling this morning? Hope you’re okay. So, whatcha eat that didn’t sit so well? Knowing you, it was probably something vegan, heh. 🙂


  19. Are you sure it was food poisoning? I got a bad case of the stomach flu after visiting the dr once. It makes me leery to going to the dr now, without wearing a mask and gloves. Anyway, I hope you both are feeling better!

  20. Ah Joe that sucks. I had Food poisoning a few months ago, unsure what from but needless to say the cramping pains were agony at the time. The whole experience in general was horrible. I suggest drinking water and eating light food, to clear your system if anything.

    Water generally is good for flushing your system.

  21. @Josh

    Interesting thread that. I always viewed the Satedans as highly trained warriors, not Super human but highly experienced. People like Ronon likely worked out a lot, trained a lot and had a lot of combat experience to get to where they are now.

  22. Glurrgh! So sorry, Joe. Hope Akemi didn’t get it! 🙁

    There has been a stomach bug traveling the U.S. this summer. Wonder if it wandered north of the border? I got it from the older baby nephew (now 3). Didn’t want to be further than 2 rooms away from the bathroom. Didn’t eat a regular meal for 48 hours. Seven up and saltines got me through. And replaced all the lost fluids with Gatorade. Just taste the gator juice. If it tastes good, your body really needs it. Only take a couple swallows at a time, though, until the nausea is under control. It will help you feel less dizzy and more human.

    I was going to wax prosaic about JeffW & Barb’s cheesecake. (I finally had a springform pan and got it made!) Will refrain for now, except to say I’m making the chocolate version this weekend for a friend’s birthday.

    gforce — Adding prayers here to the others, for your step-mom’s health, clarity, and substantial improvement. Also for your health and peace of mind. My “Sassy Dad” was in the hospital three times one year, with close calls. I tried to live at the hospital, but that wasn’t good. The nurse sent me (and Mom) home! Consider that your permission, too.

    Deni — Sorry that the Stewie adoption didn’t work out. At least know that you tried, did the right thing, and so avoided a potential disaster. *Hugs*

    Gilder / baterista9 — Prayers for you, too. I had a friend who talked me through an ultrasound situation, saying they kept wanting to do a biopsy for her almost every year. It’s never less scary, but it helps to know that they err on the side of caution.

  23. Joe you’re falling apart. Hope you and Akemi, or just you, or just Akemi, whoever’s got it, is better today.

    @ gforce – hope your Step-Mom improves quickly.

    Prayers for all.

  24. das! das! Are you writing a book?!

    I hope whoever was sick is feeling better today, Joe.

    @gforce: Sending positive thoughts your way.

    @Deni: Aw, darn. Some dogs just don’t play well with others. I have one like that. Sorry it didn’t work out with Stewey.

  25. Finally got a chance to watch “Dr. Strange” tonight. Well, that was stupid. I realize that it’s based on a Marvel character, but as that was a pilot for a potential series, I just don’t see the content there for 20+ episodes a year. I mean, it was boring already. I did get a few well needed chuckles, though! Two points – that music was um, pretty freaky. Also, the character of Morgan LeFay was played by Arrested Development’s Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter)! It has to get a few cool points just for that.

    What was interesting was that as I was watching this movie on YouTube, one of the suggested side links was for “Superman and the Mole Men”. Is that symmetry, or what? Also, it seems like so long ago.

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