My girlfriend, Akemi, is a firm believer in cosmic balance.  Basically, it holds that if you run into a spate of bad luck, then a run of good luck should be just around the corner (and vice-versa).  Maybe, but this philosophy begs two big questions: 1. How do you know when that bad luck series has run its course? and 2. How far away is that corner?

So, as many of you blog regulars know, I ran into a spot of trouble yesterday.  Actually, several spots of trouble in the form of ominous water stains that suddenly appeared on the ceilings of two floors of my home.  I assumed it was a plumbing issue but the plumber who came over to investigate informed me it was actually an air conditioner issue.  I wondered aloud what the next step should be and he effectively shrugged his shoulders and answered: “Beats me.  I’m a plumber.”

I made an appointment for an AC expert to swing by the next day and put it out of my head.  UNTIL – the water stain started to spread. Clearly, I would have to go up into the attic crawlspace and deal with the leak myself.

This is not me.  This is actually a still from the movie Ju-on.
This is not me. This is actually a still from the movie Ju-on.

I mean, the plumber said it was the air conditioner but who knows what was actually causing the problem.  A few other possibilities for the source of the mysterious moisture instantly came to mind:

At the top of the list: Evil Spirit Urine!
At the top of the list: Evil Spirit Urine!

Well, something had to be done – but it wouldn’t be easy.  The attic crawlspace is only accessible through a small, narrow opening in the ceiling located in a tiny closet.  In order to get up, I would have to climb up onto the top of the ladder, then step up onto the shelving unit (hoping it would support my 165 lbs…of pure muscle), then hoist myself up and in.  The bigger problem would be getting down (I could just imagine having that shelving unit collapse under my weight).  Or worse!  Getting stuck up there and waiting to be rescued…


I was preparing to make my way up the ladder when Akemi started to argue that it would be a better idea if she went up.  After all, she was significantly lighter.  We debated, decided to rock, papers, scissors for it (best two out of three, natch) and, then next thing I knew, she was heading up the ladder.

“Just look around,”I said.  “And be careful.”

“Sure!”she said sunnily and disappeared into the shadows.  I waited.  A few seconds later, she called down: “It’s hard to see!”

“Use the flashlight!”

“I am, but the floor is covered…with THIS!”

I looked up as her hand shot out of the opening clutching a fistful of pink fiberglass.

“Don’t touch that!”I said, instantly regretting my decision to go paper over rock.  “Come down.”

“No,”she said, defiant.  I could hear her walking around.  And then…nothing.  I waited.  “Hello?”

“I don’t see anything!”she called.  “Can you tap on the spot so I know I’m close.”

“Oh, you’re close!”I yelled, my certitude based on the fact that, in an instant, that pesky water stain had transformed from this:


1“Time to come down!”I yelled.  Preferably, the way she went up and not through the ceiling.

Akemi came down and we called it a night.  “Something good thing happen to you!”she insisted.  Presumably once we’d put this whole mess behind us.

Things should have turned around today but, alas, I’m still on the other side of the cosmic ledger.

First, the Balkan House restaurant I wanted to go to for lunch today was closed.  It’s actually closed for the entire month of August.  I found this out NOT by reading an update on the restaurant’s website (because there WAS no update on the restaurant’s website) but by driving all the way down to Burnaby, parking, walking up to the place and reading the news on the sign posted on the front door.

Then, I returned home to discover some significant damage to the sidewall of my front right tire that will require immediate attention. First thing tomorrow morning because…

This afternoon, I’ve got someone up in my roof dealing with the AC problem.  Then, on Friday, someone is going to come by to take a look at addressing this:

1And once that’s done…dare I say it?….Something good thing will happen to me!

31 thoughts on “August 14, 2013: Something good thing happen to you! Eventually.

  1. these are the kind of things about that people say “years from now we’ll look back on this & laugh.” except i never have. 😕
    i hope you get a bunch of good things happening soon. in the meantime have some chocolate and/or booze.

  2. You know it will! Seriously, these things will pass soon and things will be back to normal. Or at least better!! (I hope!)

  3. Joe and Akemi, I am hoping good things start happening sooner rather than later for you all. Maybe if we all send you some good vibrations, wait wasn’t that a song or a musical group, well anyway maybe its really some good luck and you are in need. Maybe you can make this newest hole in the ceiling a new entrance to the attic, while its already open, and it could be larger that the other….and ~~Better Days Ahead!!~~

  4. Aw, poor Joe and Akemi! At least Akemi didn’t fall through the ceiling. That’s good! Would stalker-ish fan art help you feel better? … No? … Oh … *iz disappointed* Tomorrow’s another day (and other cliches that are supposed to be cheerful but sound strangely menacing)!

    ~ LJ

  5. I wish I could travel back in time to my younger self who steadfastly believed that owning one’s home was something to be desired. I would rectify that self’s misconception with the use of a baseball bat and, perhaps, a spear gun…

  6. Well, I think that’s it. I count 3 in the “bad things come in three’s”.
    1. A/C
    2. Drywall repair
    3. Tire
    Oh, wait a minute…there is also:
    4. Oven
    5. Vomiting/peeing dogs
    6. Closed restaurants
    Maybe they mean 3 groups of three. In that case, if I where Akemi, I would not be standing beside you during a thunderstorm.

    Just take it one thing at a time and deal with it. Don’t let it get you down. Refuse to call it a bad day…or week…or month.

  7. May as well have the contractor enlarge that area and install pull-down attic stairs.

    I can’t imagine having a home without them–the current house has stairs in the garage and a small ceiling-access door in a bedroom closet.

  8. So no more leaks?

    Just the drywall work to do?

    It shouldn’t’ be a big deal after that (a ceiling repaint), unless you end up using this as an excuse to redo your kitchen, then there is no end to the fun. But you could then argue yourself into replacing your troublesome oven (the new colors just won’t match, will they?)


    So sorry to hear about the death of your well loved kitty. You are a great cat mom; 17 years is a long life.

  9. Actually, you might want to check the roof – especially the sealings around any pipes or structural corners where rainwater [or squirrels] could get into… Oh, and any wayward meteorites..? [just saying… there was that “storm” earlier in the week]
    ALL of that fiberglass needs to be replaced – probably MOST of the ceiling around those spots! Think giant SPONGES! — I see an episode of Mike Holmes ahead…

    when something GOOD happens…
    Something BAD happens.
    Something BAD happens.
    Something probably really not THAT terrible, but really annoying nevertheless and you really could have done without happens…
    Something *BAD* HAPPENS!!

  10. Personally, I think you really must have pissed off a gypsy. Have you been spending time with any gypsies of late? If/when the bad stuff stops, buy lottery tickets. Then if/when you win, you can finance that Stargate movie you wrote.

  11. In all seriousness, I am working on a sci-fi TV series concept and shall be shooting the webseries prequel starting next Thursday. I would like to keep the TV series in Winnipeg, so if you are looking for something to co-pro on, I would be willing to talk with you about it as I have nothing but respect for your work. Just thought I’d toss that in there in case that helps change the whole luck-thing with you!

  12. Of course it will – think positive! If nothing else, you can use this material at some point in your future!

  13. Well, that doesn’t look too bad. Nope, can’t do it, that looks like it sucks. Fingers crossed for no other damage.

    Our attic access is also through a tiny hatch, in the hall closet. I will never go up there. Hubby says we need new/more pink stuff, but I haven’t got a clue how he’ll get it in. And it turns out the kitchen fan vents directly into the attic, not through the roof. Has to be a grease trap up there. I told hubby we’d deal with it in the fall, not when the outside temps are running triple digit. Watch it snow in October. At least the paper wasps will have died off. I know they get into the facia.


  14. G’day

    Sending good vibes your way. Something GOOD has to happen soon. Lets hope for the go ahead for one of your projects 🙂

  15. JeffW: That’s what my hubby calls “The Cascade Effect”.

    Chev: How you doing today?

    Mr. M.: Glad the leak is fixed! Good thing you were in town when this happened.

  16. Yep, Akemi was close alright.

    A few years ago my wife decided to help me in the attic while I was installing a ceiling fan. As she stepped from the pull down ladder into the attic, I just managed to get the words out of my mouth as she stepped onto the drywall…and promptly plunged her leg through the living room ceiling. Fun.

  17. Joe, with all this bad luck, did you perhaps piss off an old gypsy woman by shattering all her mirrors underneath her ladder collection?

  18. Joe, sorry about your ceiling! Had to smile at Akemi, the Intrepid Explorer. She showed no fear. Hope you find a good A/C guy and dry wall guy. I don’t know much about houses, beyond some basics. But you have my moral support. Why don’t they lay plywood or MDF in attics to cover the joists, just so people don’t fall through? Or is that the condensation issue again?

    Chev, so sad to hear about your kitty! If she lived to 17, it means you were a terrific mom and gave her lots of love and care. They are always our babies, no matter how old they grow to be. She looks sweet, like my black feral kitty. *Big hugs.*

  19. So, what was the bottom line on the AC problem? An easy (and hopefully inexpensive) fix, or something a bit more…painful?

    @ arcticgoddess – Pretty sure Joey’s only pissed off tramps and teamsters, and maybe Ashleigh. 😉


  20. @ gforce – Why, thank you! 😀

    @ Ponytail – I think Joey is too optimistic and said ‘smooooooth sailing’ one too many times. Pretty sure if he switches it up to ‘batten down the hatches and keep a weather eye on the horizon!’ his fortunes just may reverse themselves. 😉


  21. Also, have them check to make sure no mold has developed. Not just in your insulation, but on the wood of the rafters that the water has been dripping from. Of course, them finding any mold is a potential can of worms. i.e. holes in walls for testing, walls and ceilings being removed, being evicted from your property while work is being done…. On second thought, just have them fix the hole and the leak. 🙂

  22. My money says that the drain line for the condensation in your A/C unit is clogged. Here in hot, humid Florida that is a common issue, and easily fixed.

  23. Yes looks like one pesky problem. The joys of home ownership. But you can at least call and get a response the next day. My renters lost power from a storm the other week and I called to have an electrician replaced the mast and had power back in a day. My leaking roof in my apartment took months to resolve after I sent pictures and a letter with my rent check. Perhaps one of those projects you and Paul have been working on will pop. Me, when something good happens I start to cringe waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Perhaps things are on the up-swing. Ameki was able to crawl in the attic and returned unscathed (Brave Selfless Ameki) and the problem was caught before it really became an issue (Wait for the Wheel).

    Speaking of bad days, near Rogers Arena there is the head barracks of the local military regiment. Out side stands a tank in memorial of a battle that took pace 69 year ago last week. When looking at the side of the tank, it made be feel less self-absorbed with my problems.

    Tomorrow when you are having that morning beverage, hope your first act is to smile.

  24. Don’t just wait, make good things happen; take yourselves out to dinner or to the beach. Yeah, I like to throw money at problems, but I do keep my retail therapy down to movies and dark chocolate and sea salt Kind bars.

    I have been suffering with ghost waters and pesky plumbers for months. My apt is so bad I’m considering shelling out a grand for those cheap houses their giving away in Manitoba.

  25. Oh my. I was going to hit “like” to this post, but there is nothing to like except for the fact that Akemi was not seriously injured in the process.

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